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d48d0f42 No.3593399[Last 50 Posts]

Years are passing quick, technologies and political and economic stability will create new problems and solutions any poor country with inflated currency might have a revolutionary war. it will happen somewhere South America and suddenly a new "bogyman" is need to fear porn the United States Media Regardless if any politician wins It might affect your area. I do not know what crisis will there be by that year but I do know half of the country will be homeless and/or unemployed. Will this lulz site ever survive in 10 more years?

d48d0f42 No.3593400

I assume healthcare in the United States has gotten expensive. Keep raising the taxes till someone dies. it's good business for the funeral home services.

d48d0f42 No.3593403

File: 1604311820095.jpg (124.44 KB, 768x576, Internet_of_Things_2030_16….jpg)

Bright side of things, we may witness a marketing revolution of access on how to survive and support the homeless. All of United Nations including China and Russia supporting concerns for the people of the United States that are struggling to make a living. And of course the US media will spin it and will get ransacked. There might be a war with the media.

da68e411 No.3593406

File: 1604312636470.jpg (15.58 KB, 474x337, OIP.sQsK_hczaIeoswja-Hk-gA….jpg)

My thoughts?

Let's just say, 2030 is when our assignments are due.

70721c68 No.3593407

File: 1604313019464.jpg (16.08 KB, 477x268, MV5BNzcxMjJhZDEtODBmNS00Mj….jpg)

2030 is the year Alexander Hardigen went to first from 1899 in his Time Machine he built. If you can figure out which city that was he first appeared in, be there waiting, push him out of the seat and steal it. For all his genius, he never though to use the machine for anything but adventuring.
Even if it is impossible to change the past, as was shown in the movie as not being possible, it would still give you almost unlimited power. Make 100% accurate predictions about the future. Know what tomorrow's winning numbers are. Go 1,000 years into the future where they have perfected life extension and be immortal. Etc. etc.




e600c3b3 No.3593413

In 2030:
- Low wage workers will be obsoleted by AI and drones.
- But stuff will be cheaper.
- To avoid revolts free money will be given so people can live.
- Right to reproduce will be contested with the excuse of "the planet is dying, there need be less humans". Of course the poors will be the one targeted, as they'll serve no purpose.

In less rich countries, culling of the poor might happen with starvation or simply civil wars/genocides.

By the end of the century, less than 1 billion people living comfortably, assisted by robots in a recovering earth.

5555c86c No.3596169

Background checks of you and your family will be mandatory regardless if you are rich, poor, skin color, ethnicity, traits, political, and religion. black mirror.

64df375c No.3596170


it was a timemachine. Not a car.

the time machine was standing on the exact same spot all the time (ha!) while time zoomed back and forth outside its own little bubble of "slowtime" reality.

91578f6b No.3596173

>Right to reproduce will be contested with the excuse of "the planet is dying, there need be less humans".

This is a misconception. Birthrates have been on the decline for decades globally. We may have the opposite problem.

1746b6ad No.3596182

File: 1607095432148.jpg (311.67 KB, 728x970, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

According to Star Trek canon, a nuclear WW3 will begin in 2026, so 2030 will be kind of irrelevant.

During that time, look for this man. He is your friend.

ba24e709 No.3596188


Holy shit! Thats my neighbor!

Just kidding. That dude above drove the Taxi I flagged down yesterday.

a48c4d1b No.3596193

File: 1607104180625.jpg (158.38 KB, 748x996, 1605285294084.jpg)

It's just 10 years dude, think back on how the world was in 2010 and how little it has really changed since then.

The really extreme misery stuff won't happen until 50-100 years from now, and I'll be dead by then and will not have left any children behind so I don't give a fuck that the planet is driving off a cliff.
It wasn't worth saving anyway.

ffc771b7 No.3596207

Yeah.. the timeline projected was just too short for a lot of major changes.

From what I see the most likely thing that we'll see is the downfall of the 'gig economy' especially in delivery. Too many people are working on robot/drone delivery systems and while 95% of them are going to be major flops it's those remaining 5% that will likely take off and dominate the industry.

cf96cbf1 No.3596230

Some countries planning to ban petrol & diesel by 2030. I think it's stupid because automotive companies these days literally treat their vehicles product like cellphones that people keep switching everytime a new gen comes out instead of developing a true reliable car that last for generations. Considering most car buyers can manage to fully paid their car in 5 to 7 years, by the time they finally feel relief for freed of their car debt, a new law enforced them to switch vehicle that will put them back in debt.

As much as i agreed to going green, forcing them only to the consumers is dumb especially when it's affecting the low wager more.

ffc771b7 No.3596233

File: 1607157900037.jpg (61.22 KB, 720x871, 1958 car seat safety - a m….jpg)

The ban is only on NEW cars. Existing petrol/diesel cars would still be allowed … for a while at least.

It's hard to tell for how long. I'm trying to compare to 'leaded gas'. That was phased out over a couple decades depending on what country you were in.

cf96cbf1 No.3596238

True, the ban are for the new car I agree, but considering how car these days are prone to break because carmakers decided to cut cost on reliability and decided to point fingers to the consumers fault when it breaks down, those vehicles isn't going to last beyond 2030. And even today, the cost of changing those batteries is costly even for the early electric/hybrid model. Plus how user like to "push the pedal to the metal" habit, those batteries won't have a long life like any electronic device when used in maximum power.

Also, most user when charging their car they usually plug to the main source instead of relying on alternative renewable source like solar panel because its too darn expensive to install and costly maintenance. Believe it or not, even a modern countries still relying on petrol/diesel/coal just to keep up with the electricity demand.


c19f0ed2 No.3596240

More or less this. I've heard that the batteries are more destructive to the enviroment than what the electric cars actually help. A lot of people don't even think about the electric grid when they say they want to go to the point of making new internal combustion engines illegal. I'm not going to even get into the fact that you still need to produce pollution to create that magic electricity powering the car.

Right now we do pump a lot of power that gets lost, and most areas have a reliable enough infrastructure to support average use for their area, and peak times. The peak times thing is the problem. With a huge spike in electric car ownership, it will make for an increasingly large load around recharge time for the average shift change, and thus when EVERYONE will be recharging their vehicles at once.

A lot of older areas outside of cities and new construction suburbs are just recently getting around to updating infrastructure to support really fast and reliable high speed internet. With the increased draw on the current lines, I'm guessing the old lines will have to be replaced with larger gauge to avoid fires.

It'll be a clusterfuck of sunshine rainbow bleeding heart ideas, that will ultimately lead to a clusterfuck dumpsterfire, like all democrat plans really.

4805c2ee No.3596253

File: 1607172685552.jpg (67.4 KB, 1024x717, 1601544665561.jpg)

There are plenty of parts floating around to keep older cars running, rather than buying new, obviously and especially the already reliable Japanese ones. Then consider even if manufacturer's can't sell whole new cars, they could indefinitely sell new parts as long as its economically feasible. Look at the old ass cars in Cuba, for an extreme example of what circumstances can achieve. In addition, similar to leaded fuel bans, just a couple days ago Porsche announced investment into carbon-neutral synthetic fuels. While the fuel cost will be higher and some pollution will still occur, it allows for less impact than continuing to allow the use of natural fuel while still incentivizing switching to electric.

For electric cars, newer batteries will have a larger capacity, have a longer lifespan, be more easily reused or recycled, and contain less harmful chemicals like cobalt. The reliability of fewer moving parts is also a significant consideration. Overall, whether its immediately or after a year or two of usage, even with a dirty energy source, eventually electric cars do surpass the carbon emissions of equivalent ICE cars today. However, places are transitioning to renewable energy production, and hopefully better nuclear when needed as much as it gets shit on, so even when only displacing ICE cars in populated areas like California, instead of colder rural regions where electric cars suck, it is a huge improvement. To maintain the grid you will charge those cars and reused-battery storage systems primarily at night while demand is low, and later sell electricity back during peak demand. You can bet there will be growing pains here and there but in the end it's not a concern.

Not to mention public and on-demand transit are becoming more popular as they are improved, and more people are working remotely from home, reducing the need for individual cars anyways.

This all extends far beyond 10 years, however. By 2030 things will look largely the same, but based on the current trend you can bet the internet will become even more insufferable, be it by retarded misinformation regulations, or even worse corporate control of the public.

a48c4d1b No.3596254

pretty much all of these points have been debunked, i'm not going to bother looking up all the sources but here are some counterpoints

lithium batteries can be recycled and remanufactured, your electric car isn't running on standard AAs that end up in nature

petrol production pollutes at every step of the process. Oil spills, refinery pollution, shipping it around on oil tankers that burn crude oil and diesel fuel trucks and finally burning it in your car engine

electric production doesn't have to pollute at all if it's hydroelectric, solar or wind, and even if your country is 100% coal plants at least you can stick the power plant in a remote location where it doesn't smog up a city

recharging will regulate itself through pricing. Smart chargers will talk to the grid and adjust the charging speed. If you want to charge at high amps during peak hours you pay more, if you can wait until the grid has excess capacity you pay less. There's also ideas around letting charge stations siphon power from parked cars at peak times or during outages, allowing the owners to earn money from their car assisting the power grid.

subsidizing electrical vehicles makes perfect sense to speed up the adoption rate of better cars for city/suburban use

1746b6ad No.3596261

File: 1607185334585.png (510.49 KB, 3249x1887, Energy_US_2016.png)

>>3596240 is mostly correct. The current infrastructure is very wasteful of energy and adopting electric cars will be even more so. Much can be gained by simply increasing infrastructure efficiency. Around 90% of all energy is wasted, mostly in transportation. It takes 5 watts of electric energy to deliver 1 watt to a house.

If you want to reduce waste, encourage on site energy production (eg solar cells). Only then would electric cars make any sense.

6f07cfa4 No.3596264

File: 1607185882043.jpg (91.59 KB, 598x459, ScienceVSBullshit.jpg)

China will be the dominant power as the Western world completely denies science, turns into some pseudo medieval feudal type lifestyle of "Nazi Hunts" and identity politics.

1746b6ad No.3596266

File: 1607186495300.png (140.98 KB, 755x786, 1606522742755.png)

>medieval feudal type lifestyle

Thats an interesting note. A feudal system has a privileged class where the rest pay homage to it. It sounds like how blacks are that privileged class that cant commit hate crimes, say anything they want and get money from the government simply for their skin color.

Duly noted.

6f07cfa4 No.3596267

Blacks won't be in charge. White people still pull the strings now and they won't let that go. However blacks will be put onto some sort of pedestal to become even more annoying.

aafcdf70 No.3596270

All good points and true. However, a 5:1 ratio for logistical energy is rather quite good for most countries: That's about on-par with petrol fuels processing. Doesn't mean we don't NEED better, tho! This is one of those things that if you improve, very nearly almost always means more money, more work, less pollution, and cheaper for everyone. Except OPEC.
Coal is awful and will become more relied on, despite it's fluctuating and draining economic payoff, only because it can be efficiently converted to energy, but not so true for car 'fuel' as batteries are not very efficient (most only hold ~50% or less of the power in), and infrastructural losses accrue over greater grid distances.
Solar, wind, and hydroelectric are all far, far more efficient, but still suffer from the major battery and grid losses.
Natural Gas is relatively easy to pipe around to reduce logistics costs, and in the case of CNG/LNG it is, currently, the most energy-efficient fuel system for vehicles, with the lowest carbon footprint. (Yes, even lower than prototype solar cars. Solar panels and batteries are alarmingly toxic to manufacture.)

What I want to see is large-scale rollout of electric mass-transit vehicles, such as busses, monorails and light rails, ferries, and moving sidewalks.
Busses and trains, in particular, can utilize ultracapacitors to achieve a >98% charging efficiency (and at hundreds to thousands of amps, not just a dozen tops), and graphene-composite UCs are extremely low-toxicity, easy* to source and produce, very low carbon emissions, and since they don't use toxic-to-process or rare metals like Nickel, Cobalt, Cadmium, etc. It can be safely disposed of with little more risk than posed by the plastic it's wrapped in!
The downside is they hold about 1/200th the power. So only busses and light-rails would be able to benefit, where they can connect and charge (such as via overhead line-cable) at each powered bus-stop. Essentially using 10-30% of the battery between each stop, and topping off in the <30 seconds required.

* = But still labor intensive.

aafcdf70 No.3596271


There's also Hybrid batteries coming. I have a prototype from Apollo Elecjet. Uses graphene-silicon-lattice (which is NOT CO2/toxic friendly) to charge around 5-8x faster than CoMn Lion batteries, with around 40% higher capacity.
These things are the size and weight of an iPhone 5, but hold enough charge to run an iPhone 12 for 9-12 hours depending on use. (It's a 9,000mAh 45v battery)
Zero to full charge takes 20 minutes precisely.
Since it's Gra-Si-L it cannot catch fire on it's own, doesn't heat up, ~87% energy efficieny, and requires a specialized controller with a buck/boost converter so it can convert 5v <-> 45v. As a capacitor, there's no damage or worry from over-discharge or undervolting- The boost converter works from 4.5v to 45v so it can access around 80% of it's electron capacity vs. Lithium's 30%. This trick is part of how it squeezes that more-than-lithium capacity out.
It can take 45w of power in via USB-C/PD and simultaneously output 5w, or vise versa.

They STILL aren't on the market, but some other smaller, simpler, shittier, similar products are.

13589f5b No.3596272

File: 1607189032844.jpeg (160.45 KB, 2000x1080, EobIV4UXIAY7I_R.jpeg)

Here's the solution to the energy crisis.


aafcdf70 No.3596273


The political term for these are 'Useful Idiots'
Please see also:
Rural voters
Post-2010 Republicans

aafcdf70 No.3596274


So, a 300lb gator can spin with around 2500lbf of force, so that's around 12,500 ft-lb of torque.

So, assuming an ideal system on a 5-foot shaft, with a 5 foot diameter flywheel, blah blah

Around 11.1161 kW peak, assuming no resistance beyond the electrical load.

Realistically, using a 5:1 gear ratio efficiency efficiency (still ideal) and a 15% systemic loss, you'd get
7.56kW, roughly. About 10 horsepower.

13589f5b No.3596275

File: 1607189604656.jpg (51.18 KB, 1132x1097, heridag_reddit-f652414kh6s….jpg)


This is why I love /furi/

aafcdf70 No.3596277


Love aderall instead

13589f5b No.3596278

File: 1607190722112.jpg (85.72 KB, 781x861, photo_2020-04-10_10-56-01.jpg)


I'll pass on the kiddie meth.

aafcdf70 No.3596280


It's either kiddie meth and long office hours, or shitty beer and long factory hours.

a48c4d1b No.3596282


watch the video about your own chart, almost all that rejected energy is waste heat from combustion. More than anything it shows that cars are really shitty at extracting useful work from petroleum, nearly 80% of the energy escapes as heat

and high voltage transmission lines do NOT lose a ton of power, most of the loss happens at the power plant, again because it's hard to capture all the energy from fuel combustion


d66333ef No.3596284

Are there even factories outside of China?

aafcdf70 No.3596285


Said like a true redneck

1746b6ad No.3596306


I amend my post to say 'it takes 5 watts of fuel to deliver 1 watt to a house'

aa21a64f No.3596318


In 10 years? Less trannies and niggers, furry subculture will melt into the obscurity anime subculture, someone Trump related will kick off again. Celebrity Suicides on a rise, more public shootings and such because people need a fix similar to FaceTube stunts.

7072598c No.3596359

> 'it takes 5 watts of fuel to deliver 1 watt to a house'
That's not true either. Even the diagram you posted says the ratio is very close to 3:1 rather than 5:1

7072598c No.3596361

Mind, if you hook up a stationary generator to your house, the efficiency is considerably better than the efficiency of an average car because the generator is optimized for the purpose.

Especially diesel generator sets can reach 50% efficiency, although the average is usually around 35%.


aafcdf70 No.3596369


Cars are just inherently inefficient. Static power production is actually pretty good.

If we went all electric, it would create a much higher draw on electricity, potentially leading to more fossil fuel use from coal and natural gas.
But it would still be a dramatic improvement of efficiency in utilization of the resources.
Gasoline is not that unviable for power generation. If we stopped using it for locomotive combustion, it could be easily made cheap enough to power small rural zones where grids are unfeasible.
But OPEC would never, ever allow this.

aafcdf70 No.3596370

The Durostar DS7000Q is generally found to be the best commercially available generator in terms of efficiency.
How it's rated is rather hotly debated, as it varied from 38 to 54% efficiency depending on the model used. But it is consistantly better than it's competition, excepting industrial-scale power generation.

d4d14b05 No.3596371

>5 watts of fuel
please cease any and all further discussion of STEM topics

cf96cbf1 No.3596382

A lot of consideration and factors should be taken first to find a truly effective & cost efficient vehicle for everyone needs. Different people drive differently depending on their environment whether mostly driving on highway or city.

Electric vehicles today are better for short city driving while gas/diesel are reliable for long highway distance drive. Each has pros & cons but most of the cons can be avoided by the user habit (car maintenance & driving). A fast charge mode for an electric car should only be used in emergency only and the user should have a habit of charging their car overnight everytime when arrive at home. An improvement electric car company could do is adding a super capacitor where it can quickly store electricity for quick charge without straining the batteries. Also the capacitor can be used to store energy from 'regenerative braking' allowing slightly more mileage.

It's is still understandable that while the electric motor had improved in recent years and more reliable likely due to "Moore's law", the aspect of energy storage itself is still lacking because we still rely on chemical based energy. Some issues with electric vehicles:

cf96cbf1 No.3596383

As for petrol/diesel, its up to the user to maintain it properly, remember to check the oil, fluid & warning light (there is a reason why the early key twist lights up the warning light before the final twist to start - to check if the warning light can show up if something wrong, which sadly most user today didn't even know). Today engine vehicles in order to following the demand of lighter smaller engine, car company had decided to adopt turbo system which is great if properly maintain. Do not turn off engine instantly after a rough/fast driving to avoid turbo damage. A turbo timer shut off is a great investment if the car didn't have it. Some people decide to install 'oil catch can' to prevent turbo deposit buildup and even a 'centrifuge engine oil filter' as secondary filter to allow longer engine life.

There are even a diesel owner decided to used waste vegetable oil as fuel. Surprisingly enough, the emissions itself is better than fossil diesel fuel:

But to use the waste vegetable oil, the car needed to be modified, a two separate tank with oil heater is recommended & the fuel needed to be fully filtered (centrifuge filter etc). It's not recommended that the waste vegetable oil is mixed with different oil/solvent just to dilute it so it can flow better because when such mixtures reach the hot injector, a blockage can occur because of the fuel reaction.

Sadly, in some states, such conversion is considered illegal because the 'usage of illegal fuel' and some red tape birocracy:

So the only likely a better option for a brand new car for countries that are planning for petrol/diesel ban are probably a phev (plug in hybrid). A phev is expensive of course when compared to other. But if the fuel no longer available, the electric motor still can keep the car going, and of course for me I still believe the petrol car ban is still a trial and likely they will reintroduce back petrol/diesel because of reliability reason.

cf96cbf1 No.3596384

I also heard some companies that provided a hybrid conversion from petrol/diesel car. But it seems it didn't get much the attention.

b7cd1cc5 No.3596400

>But it would still be a dramatic improvement of efficiency in utilization of the resources.

No it wouldn't, because of the embedded energy cost of the batteries.

When you build the battery, it costs you all sorts of resources and money, which inevitably translates to energy use. The energy ratio of using the battery is called the Energy Stored on Energy Invested (ESOEI), which for lithium batteries is around 10:1 which assumes an optimum use of the battery. You have to recharge the battery as many times as possible within its calendar life, but not so much that you over-stress.

To make that happen with modern lithium batteries, the optimum size of the battery for an EV is tiny. Basically, it has to be just enough to get you through the day (<40 miles average) and then you scrap it 10 years later for another. As it is, consumer demand dictates batteries that are at least 5 times too large to be optimal (>200 miles), which means they use 5 times as much energy to make for the same outcome, and the actual ESOEI is about 2:1. When you store 2 units of energy with a cost of 1 unit, your actual "efficiency" accounting for the indirect energy use is around 66%. Couple that to the net efficiency of your generator and you can calculate 50% x 66% = 33%

Whoops. Your electric car isn't anywhere near as efficient as you'd think if you count only by the direct electro-mechanical effects.

b7cd1cc5 No.3596401

File: 1607370697392.png (9.21 KB, 747x547, batteryexample.png)

How the calculation goes, if you could drive a million miles on day 1, you could reach the theoretical ESOEI of the battery and spend only 10% of the energy you used on making the battery.

But since you can't do that in real life, having a huge battery is like having too much milk in the fridge: most of it will go sour before you can drink it. Every year the battery sits "on the shelf" so to speak, reduces the maximum number of charge cycles you can draw out of it.

That's why the talk about Tesla's "million mile batteries" is just fucking dumb. Nobody's gonna drive them a million miles. The average person drives 15,000 miles a year, and by the time the battery hits the end of its calendar life they will have done only 150-200,000 miles.

5fe88375 No.3596402

File: 1607373014212-0.jpg (415.5 KB, 2048x1152, AfXiBRb[1].jpg)

File: 1607373014212-1.png (5 MB, 2048x1152, jiLYngY[1].png)

File: 1607373014212-2.jpg (917.11 KB, 2048x1152, Cb5xgjL[1].jpg)

File: 1607373014212-3.jpg (283.92 KB, 1152x2048, Zos0fF5[1].jpg)

File: 1607373014212-4.jpg (1.02 MB, 2048x1152, ZfjZtu0[1].jpg)

I'm not changing cars any time soon.

d66333ef No.3596403

Old cars are death traps

New cars have to much useless electronic shit in them that will break and cost out the ass to fix. Only a retard would trust features like proximity sensors or cameras for their safety

Why can't I have a safe simple reliable car without all the unnecessary bullshit?

4d09c514 No.3596404

File: 1607377414328.jpg (33.82 KB, 550x413, 1605616913070.jpg)


>Why can't I have a safe simple reliable car without all the unnecessary bullshit?

1. People are stupidly lazy
2. People do not like to be responsible for their own actions (See 1)

4d09c514 No.3596408

File: 1607378306354.jpg (225.03 KB, 1600x1150, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>please cease any and all further discussion of STEM topics

>No one measures fuel as energy potential (watts/BTU)

>No one measures food as energy potential (kilocalories)
>No one measures anything as energy potential

By all the Elder Gods, you are fucking stupid. Your ancestors weep in embarrassment for you but at least you are a genetic dead end. Small favors at least.

e6edc262 No.3596414


buy a volvo 240 model

there you go. Also it can be repaired with a bowl of soggy cornflakes and a can opener.

d4d14b05 No.3596419

Watts aren't a unit of energy you absolute fucking moron. I told you to stop already.

ffc771b7 No.3596431

File: 1607390411789.jpg (250.31 KB, 1280x939, han-and-chewie-storyboard-….jpg)

Yeah.. Watts are a unit of power not energy. It's like doing the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs … well, actually the opposite. More like being asked 'how far is Chicago to New York City?' and answering '75 mph'.

91578f6b No.3596438


I miss cars like that. My father had one of those classic cars. He called it a road-boat. He used to brag that it was made of tank parts or something. It always smelled like cigars and leather. Riding in that thing was like driving on marble the ride was so smooth.

5555c86c No.3596440


let us look back and summarize how far we have got.

aafcdf70 No.3596458


Precisely, I wanted to clarify that by 'electric is more efficient' that was with regards to the cost to convert and deliver fuels vs. electricity, it does NOT include batteries, as you pointed out.

Graphene-based supercapacitors are our most viable answer for efficient electric vehicles. Easily exceeding 95% efficiency, and average 500 to 10,000 times as many charge cycles, super-fast charge/discharge, etc.
Plus a low-energy (but labor intensive) production and materials makes a lot of plusses.
But then we're on the other end of the spectrum-
Who drives a million miles, spoiled milk?
But same, most folks want to get between cities on a charge, too.

Ultracapacitors are coming along fast, but we'll see if anyone makes them mass-manufactureable enough for civilian use.

24e07f38 No.3596463

File: 1607425678151.jpg (24.3 KB, 630x420, 180328-optorat-630x420.jpg)

One Kelvin Second/BTU is equal to 0.00094781712031332 Kelvin/Watt.
It is somewhat helpful to have in measuring for Absolute Zero.

The kelvin is the base unit of temperature in the International System of Units (SI)
The British thermal unit (BTU or Btu) is a unit of heat

A kelvin per watt (K/W) is the derived SI unit of thermal resistance.
So K/BTU is unit of thermal resistance.

Thermal resistance is a heat property and a measurement of a temperature difference by which an object or material resists a heat flow.

Absolute zero is the lowest limit of the thermodynamic temperature scale, a state at which the enthalpy and entropy of a cooled ideal gas reach their minimum value, taken as zero kelvins.

Temperature is a physical quantity that expresses hot and cold. It is the manifestation of thermal energy, present in all matter, which is the source of the occurrence of heat, a flow of energy, when a body is in contact with another that is colder.

Thermal energy refers to several distinct physical concepts, such as the internal energy of a system; heat or sensible heat, which are defined as types of energy transfer (as is work); or for the characteristic energy of a degree of freedom in a thermal system.

Take away the K's and It can be both. (but you might have to write it out as K per Meter or Second.

24e07f38 No.3596464

File: 1607426681537.jpg (182.91 KB, 1200x1037, NeptunianOverlord.jpg)

Me thinks this would be helpful for thermal nuclear dynamics. Sorry but I like the BoomBOOM its and 2020 so why there no BoomBOOM.

But also not to be confused with km/s
A kilometer per second (km/s) is a derived metric SI (System International) measurement unit of speed or velocity with which to measure how many kilometers traveled per one second.

d4d14b05 No.3596487

>A kelvin per watt (K/W) is the derived SI unit of thermal resistance.
>So K/BTU is unit of thermal resistance.
Watts and BTUs aren't equivalent units.

take your pills

b68043a2 No.3596496

db924341 No.3596514

File: 1607481527834.jpg (183.59 KB, 976x1138, xxx13.jpg)

At least there is one educated person here.

>Watts aren't a unit of energy
>Watts are a unit of power not energy

Absolutely moronic. Watts are energy over time. The inability to comprehend the most basic aspect of physics, and then feel capable of posting, is true clownworld stuff.

So much for the "left believing in science". Even that is stupid. Science is not a belief. It is knowledge and its application. You and SAUCY and blithering idiots.

d4d14b05 No.3596517

>Watts are energy over time.
Which is to say they aren't a unit of energy.

What you're trying to say is the equivalent of me claiming to be 10mph tall.

4bb0942c No.3596604

File: 1607553910120.jpg (11.55 KB, 474x262, doeverythingformesoidontha….jpg)

>What you're trying to say is the equivalent of me claiming to be 10mph tall.

Ok…. I will go over this very slowly and I will even use your example of 10mph tall.

Lets say I want to measure a height. Lets also say that height is 100ft. The equivalent, to make it more easily understood, of 10mph is about 15 ft/sec.

How long would it take to measure 100ft? It would take 7 seconds. However, if I am measuring a height and do not care about the time, I could measure it in one second or 10 seconds. It would still be 100ft.

Now lets look at 5 watts of fuel. That fuel, in watts, contains energy in joules. In fact, it is exactly 5 joules of energy. Now, like the above example, if I do not care about time, does it matter if it takes one second to burn the fuel or 100 seconds? No, it is the same 5 joules of energy. It simply changes the rate of release in watts, not the total energy in joules.

A houses consumption is not measured in joules. It is measured in watts. So for convenience, I used watt of fuel for the equivalency to show efficiency. In a power plant, I have no idea how fast the fuel releases energy without knowing something about the power plant. For the example of efficiency, it makes no difference.

Now, you should be able to comprehend what '5 watts of fuel' means.

d4d14b05 No.3596606

>A houses consumption is not measured in joules. It is measured in watts.
It's measured in kilowatt-hours, which is equal to 3.6×10⁶ Joules.

>I have no idea

the only correct part of that post

b68043a2 No.3596612

You would eventually need to describe the distance covered in speed, the rate of power covered in energy transfer. It would not be so simple as saying MPH or M/S it would be MPH over Sustained Distance for Sustained amount of Time,

A measurement that would require a use of acceleration or velocity of that number via special case or Function.

In complicated trajectories implying a curve or ellipse or falloff, again you would need an equation to summarize the flow of heat/power/speed. Such as in an ellipsoid pattern of earth orbit or the breaking of the sound barrier. Eventually you would need more than a simple answer.

And would write out as Mph per Distance Covered with a Velocity Of (ratio to a curve such as time, fuel, friction, gravity i.e. with Special Case increments)

On a chart it would look like a curve with checkpoints and in its most simple form maybe A CandleStick Pattern on a Trajectory.

b68043a2 No.3596613

The more detail applied in the answer the less data loss there is, because 5watts to power a house is the MINIMUM by the point to point, the utility of its values are marginalized, representing the minimum information before data loss.

a54398e3 No.3596659

>Now, you should be able to comprehend what '5 watts of fuel' means.

One cannot, because you have not specified the time duration and therefore not the amount of fuel. A Watt contains no energy in Joules if there is no time passing, and an unspecified number of Joules if no precise time is specified. A Watt is known as the rate of energy, not energy itself, just like the slope of a hill does not specify how high it will eventually rise.

A rate is not an amount, therefore the sentence is incomprehensible and meaningless. You are simply writing nonsense.

a48c4d1b No.3596662

File: 1607635708716.jpg (37.91 KB, 640x480, lv20_15.jpg)

just accept that furries are retarded and move on

a54398e3 No.3596663

But let us take your authoritative word on the matter, and calculate using the concept of "5 Watts of fuel". We agree to suppose that a Watt is not only a rate but also a quantity of energy since it contains within its definition the unit "Joule".

One may substitute "fuel" with any measurable quantity containing energy, such as "electricity". We may then ask, "How quickly is this quantity consumed?" So, supposing we have "5 Watts of electricity", we can ask how quickly it may be consumed by a regular 5 Watt electric light?

A quantity of something divided by the rate as quantity per time is by simple math the same as quantity multiplied by time per quantity, and as the quantities cancel out in division, the unit left over is simply, time. Therefore we calculate:

5 W / 5 W

The result is 1, but we now face a problem. Since a Watt divided by a Watt leaves no units behind, the result is not "1 seconds", but just "1". Hours? Minutes? That cannot be said. The answer to the question in its unquestionable mathematical and logical certainty is plainly "One". Nothing else.

In order to get a proper answer out of, one must then define an actual rate unit which contains the term for seconds in the denominator, in other words, to have the answer "1 seconds" as one presumes, the rate of electricity consumption of a "5 Watt" lamp must be "5 Watts per second". Therefore:

5 W / 5 W/s = 1 s

This returns the correct answer, but presents an additional difficulty. Since the definition of a Watt is already J/s, we see that the definition of our rate W/s is J/s*s or Joules per square seconds, which is actually a rate of a rate, or the acceleration of power. In other words, our 5 W/s light must be getting continuously brighter at the rate of 5 Watts per second until it eventually outshines the sun and evaporates the earth.

So, in order to assert that "5 Watts of fuel", has any meaning, one must also be extremely averse of flipping any light switches, or at least be ready to turn the lights back off very quickly.

c26cef71 No.3596664


You have to be at least 18 to be on this board.

d4d14b05 No.3596667

I'm not sure you meet that IQ requirement.

0fc5b026 No.3598092

File: 1608993605497.png (972.45 KB, 900x1200, Ychan - ot - funny picture….png)

9 more year to go bring it on!

d5e540a0 No.3598093

There's a reason why "horse face" is an insult

e2c74eda No.3598095

File: 1608995426585.jpg (4.3 KB, 225x225, CultImagery.jpg)

By 2030 we will all be relying on direct power obtained from Saturn's high frequency radio signals.

0fc5b026 No.3598097

File: 1608997100148.png (129.88 KB, 679x1716, Ychan - ot - funny picture….png)

9 years ago it's history!

f312c65f No.3598150


Some 30 years ago I had the (more or less) same discussion with my teachers at my STEM education.

the Consensus back then was that the correct measurements of watts (as a consumption/use NOT a production of energy) was 1 second or 1 hour .

So Ws (which I just made up I think) or kWh. most fathomable is kWh

Now bugger of back to school so you can become productive members of society and pay the taxes which I shall enjoy the benefit of when I retire. Thanks.

dafedab8 No.3598191

Watt-seconds is by definition a Joule. This is a perfectly valid way of expressing energy in physics. It's just a matter of scaling up to a useful size for your unit.

Similarly, an electron-Volt has the same quality as a Joule, or Newton-meter. If you do not understand why and how, then your STEM education was completely wasted.

248757b6 No.3598198

The good things:
More nature in total in developed countries due to rewilding and the abandonement of certain agricultural practices
Longer lifespans if you can afford it/your country can
I'd say mediun-dive VR will be commonplace, you won't be brain-interfaced, but haptic suits and stuff like that will be common and affordable
MOON BASE, either Chinese or American wooooooo
EU still existing, Britain will still be in negotiations over certain aspects of coorporation with the EU like fishery and subsidies
EU will gobble up another poor balkan country or three, maybe even get Belarus or Ukraine into their sphere depending on the shifting politics after Putin steps down in 2024

The bad
Climate instability will cause massive massive issues from the Mediterranian all the way down to South Africa. Will result in famines, civil wars and refugees in their millions. Think Syria was bad? Syria is a small nation compared to the giants in Africa.
On that note, meat will become more expensive. We WILL see insec-based alternatives in the coming decade
The USA is on a downwards spiral socially and economically, but will get it's regular return-from-decline moment as it rises up to the Cold War MKII with China. This also gives us Moon bases and other things related to big-power dickwaving. There will be more jobs again due to manufacturing and shit, but they won't be as good as people dream of when they talk about bringing back the jobs, nor as numerous because increased autimation.

53dc8264 No.3598226

It was wasted. Never worked a day in my life in the field.

Started restoring Antiques and trading instead.
I found that much more fun than "mental" pissing contest with clever little shits with 10 thumbs and photographic memory.

f5b1c497 No.3598264

I read that nanobots will finally be inside your body by 2030 so we can live forever & be young again. What we also need before 2030 is the Holodeck type of technology, having holographic pets, & transporters.

90dae76d No.3600187

File: 1610764775173.jpg (66.75 KB, 920x960, 2pn6v8fju5iz.jpg)

10 Years some of us will lose and gain a price to pay I guess?

90dae76d No.3600191

File: 1610765563291.png (51.47 KB, 300x140, imperial-300x140.png)

The imperial units will become useless, it should be replace.

c19f0ed2 No.3600201

I don't think anyone disagrees that was born before 1980, it would just be hard for the US. Not that we have an excuse, Europe did it, we can do it.

I have an electrical engineering degree, and I still tend to think of conventional weight in pounds, people's heights in feet, every other measurement of length in metric, I'm sure I have some other hangovers… but they could be snuffed in a generation.

Imperial really does need to die.

2c661e4a No.3600207

The US doesn't and has never used imperial units.

c19f0ed2 No.3600216

Hey, don't let me stop you. I already said that i practically use it. Just force the others to use it.

ffc771b7 No.3600217

File: 1610773472305.jpg (34.81 KB, 503x540, how to measure like a cana….jpg)

The US has a 'bad habit' of not forcing changes on everyone (which many are thankful for – one exception was the conversion to digital TV but there was a big money lobby pushing for that).

When there was the initial push toward metrification in the 1970s the hope was that people would 'realize metric was better and just adopt it voluntarily' – hah hah fuck no.

Perhaps the only thing that changed in daily life was that 2-quart soft drink bottles were replaced with 2-Liter soft drink bottles – the selling point being the 2L ones were a bit bigger. Liquor bottles also changed to metric as well.
The other lingering changes are minor such as how nearly all products are required to have both Metric and US Customary Units printed on the label.

If the USA does convert it'll probably be a weird hybrid system much like how Canada measures things for a long time. It would require a significant financial incentive (or significant financial DISINCENTIVE) to make it actually happen.

ef387643 No.3600232

Mankind fucks it all up as usual.

3e1fd6f4 No.3602468

File: 1612114564506.webm (1.04 MB, 1280x720, i-have-mastered-3D-animat….webm)

2030 mass exodus due to healthcare.

7fffb454 No.3602475

File: 1612118505971.png (309.17 KB, 700x497, metric vs imperial.png)

I love & envy my American buddies, land of the free and the home of the brave…

← but seriously, come on now, this shit right here here's completely retarded.

c57200d5 No.3602476

How else can you divide by 3?

3e1fd6f4 No.3602478

File: 1612119640241.jpg (59.47 KB, 630x315, T2-M-975-Dividing-by-3-Spa….jpg)

8c46394b No.3602479

With our normal system, a ruler is a nice even 12 inches long. Easy to remember, right? But under the Metric System, now you'll have to remember that rulers are 30.48cm long.

But it gets worse…

If your local gas station is "a mile up the road", under the Metric System you'd now have to say it's "1.60934 kilometres up the road". Could you remember such a ridiculous number and multiply it in your head for distances greater than a mile?

If a recipe calls for baking something at 350 F, now you'll have to set your metric ovens to 176.667C. Do your car tires need to be inflated to 35psi? Good luck trying to inflate them to exactly 241.3165 kPa.

The Metric System is confusing, arbitrary, difficult to use, difficult to convert to, and it's fundamentally un-American.

That' why I oppose the Metric System. We must abolish it where it was already forced onto people who never asked for it. Demand your freedom to use the sane, traditional systems of measurement that our ancestors have used for centuries.

Did you know? Countries that use the Metric System include Russia, Cuba, China, and North Korea. The metric system is an insult to our freedom as Americans. It spits in the face of our liberty and our traditions.

7fffb454 No.3602484

File: 1612122451525.gif (926.08 KB, 500x284, 1412708829736.gif)

>>now you'll have to remember that rulers are 30.48cm long
Rulers made for metric are not point anything long dumbass. It's multiples of 10. 20cm. 30cm. 40cm. 50cm.

The advantage of centimeters and kilometers is that you just shift a decimal point to convert from one to the other.

I can tell you out of my own head kilometer has 1,000,000mm in it. 1000m = 1km. 1m = 100 cm. 1km = 100,000cm. 1cm = 10mm. And there you go.

Now you tell me how many 1/8 of an inch there are in a mile. No calculator or pencil allowed. Go. Yeah that's what I thought.

>>you'll have to set your metric ovens to 176.667C

Now you're being dense on purpose. Obviously no cooking recipe will demand point anything. This isn't the chemistry lab. It'll be 150 or 200 or whatever.

>>Good luck trying to inflate them to exactly 241.3165 kPa

Same bullshit. We're not inflating space shuttle tires here. Nobody cares if it's 240kPa or 242kPa. We use Bar (2.4) by the way, because it's that's roughly one Earth atmosphere at sea level, and the tire or spec sheet will say how much it needs.

>>We must abolish it where it was already forced onto people who never asked for it

Okay, I got this far into my comment before realizing I'm being trolled. Well done I guess.

b5d2b4dd No.3602488

File: 1612124830551.jpg (148.81 KB, 5000x5000, 1354395312093.jpg)

8c46394b No.3602494

Have my actual, serious criticism of the Metric systems then:

The fundamental units of metric are: Litre Metre Gram
(couldn't they have at least made the names consistent? Litre Metre and Getre?)

A gram is a very tiny mass; it's the mass of a few grains of rice.
A litre is much bigger in comparison; it's the amount in 3 large coffees.
A metre is even bigger; it's the distance of a very large step.

The inconsistency of the fundamental Metric units causes this nonsense:

1 litre of water contains 1000 grams. (they should've defined 1 gram as the mass of 1 litre)
1 litre of water is 0.001 cubic metre. (they should've defined 1 cubic metre to have the volume of 1 litre)
So when you're working with Metric you have to constantly divide or multiply by 1000 whenever you're converting between the base units. With Metric it's also "kilo" this and "milli" that. This is not efficient, and a problem that could have been avoided.

When working at the handiwork scale, inches are a very natural length to work with, whereas centimetres are too short (and metres are way too long). For example if you need to find a 7-inch piece of wood, then imagining 7 inch-long lengths stacked beside each other is quite easy. Whereas imagining 18 little centimeter-long lengths stacked beside each other is almost impossible. The small numbers that Imperial allows us to work with feels natural and human, whereas the metric system feels unhuman and sterile. Telling the deli clerk "give me a pound of salami" feels natural; saying "give me 450 grams of salami" or "45 decagrams of salami" is too scientific and cold.

8c46394b No.3602506

Addendum to above.

Realized the first argument could have been written more succinctly. Here you go:

1 cubic metre of water = 1,000 litres = 1,000,000 grams

How they should have defined it:
1 cubic metre of water = 1 litre = 1 gram

ffc771b7 No.3602509

Fundamental units in 'SI' (Système International) metric are:

m - meter (length)
kg - kilogram (mass) *
s - second (time)
A - ampere (electric current)
K - kelvin (temperature)
mol - mole (amount of substance)
cd - candela (luminus intensity)

* I find it really weird that the 'base' unit of mass is prefixed as 1000 of something smaller.

All other units (newtons, pascals, watts, liters, etc) are 'derived' units.

ffc771b7 No.3602510

File: 1612130458889.jpg (126.6 KB, 1280x960, boyofenigma gassy dragon f….jpg)

This is also known as the MKS system (Meters, Kilograms, Seconds) in physics and chemistry. Alternatively the CGS (centimeters, grams, seconds) system can still be found especially in older texts. When using physical constants such as the ideal gas constant 'R' you really have to pay attention to what units you're using.

e600c3b3 No.3602512

4dbf8877 No.3602560

>So when you're working with Metric you have to constantly divide or multiply by 1000

The metric system has centi-, deci, and then deka- and hecto- units which correspond to 0.01, 0.1, 10, 100 multipliers, but these are never used in English speaking countries because all the metric teachers have decided they simply don't exist (even though the SI says they do). The only thing they're used for is the decibel, because people don't realize that a Bel is the base unit of sound pressure.

A decimeter is about four inches or the width of your palm.

4dbf8877 No.3602561


>The grave is the unit of mass used in the first metric system which was implemented in France in 1793. In 1795, the grave was renamed as the kilogram.

The reason why the base unit was changed to a kilogram is because the natural constants have inconvenient differences in magnitude. The metric system derives everything mathematically out of the three base units: distance, time, mass. For example, force is kg^2*m/s^2 which is not a fundamental unit and so the label N for Newtons is simply shorthand for the definition. This means the base units have to be selected for size such that other units do not become unreasonably large or small - for example if the gram was 1000 times heavier, then we would be measuring cookie recipes in milligrams.

4dbf8877 No.3602562

The CGS (centimeter, gram, second) was another compromise between the base units, where they shifted the difference from the mass unit to the distance unit, and derived all the rest out of those.

This resulted in weird units like the Dyne which is 10 micronewtons, and the Erg which is 100 nano-Joules. These units were perfectly useless for doing physics, but they fixed the gram-kilogram issue.

One Erg is approximately the energy used by a common housefly doing one push-up.

89cb83f2 No.3602709

File: 1612320593377.jpg (32.35 KB, 468x286, article-1023318-017076B500….jpg)

>>you have to constantly divide or multiply by 1000 whenever you're converting between the base units. With Metric it's also "kilo" this and "milli" that
>>This is not efficient
Stop trolling.

You know damn well the alternative to [order of magnitude prefix t]+[unit] is arbitrary amounts to divide by or multiply by and each measuring unit having its own name to remember.

You couldn't come up with a simpler design if you fucking tried.

>>imagining 7 inch-long lengths stacked beside each other is quite easy

If you can imagine 2 inches, you can imagine 5 cm. And you build from there. And if it being off by 1.6% bothers you so much then just get a fucking ruler.

>>Whereas imagining 18 little centimeter-long lengths stacked beside each other is almost impossible

Headass scenario. Nobody thinks like that. Plus my display's 19 inches. I won't stand there adding inch by inch on top of each other, but I know how much 19 inches is cause I won't be confusing it for 17 inches or 21 inches any time soon.

Or even better, don't just imagine it, use your fingers and hands as a length measurement for whenever a ruler is not an option. Measure around until you find something that works.

In my case:
5cm = exactly last 2 bones of left pinky finger (+ the whole height of the joint they sit on top of, bend in L shape for easier reference) down to the end of the nail
6cm = same, but with index finger
5cm = exactly last 2 bones of left index finger but from center of joint to tip (visual reference bend in L and look where the 45 deg crease starts)
10cm = exactly all three index finger bones from center of joint
20cm = entire palm from wrist to middle finger tip, starting from 5mm below some thick line below the palm I have down there

So, 18 is two index fingers, split the last one in 5 and take 3/5. Easy.

But you don't want to use your brain, you just want to whine and come up with bullshit reasons why your obviously inferior system is actually not inferior.
Spoiler: it is

89cb83f2 No.3602710

File: 1612320791925.jpg (46.33 KB, 650x427, Can t wait to come back an….jpg)

Pointing to a minor flaw in this system does not excuse the gaping fucking holes everywhere in yours.

Yeah could have been, and the only consequence if it had been that way would be that we'd be using milliliters instead of liters and microliters instead of milliliters and milligrams instead of kilograms and micrograms instead of milligrams.

Your attempt at two wrongs make a who cares didn't work on me, buddy. It's metric vs imperial. Not metric vs "ideal" metric.

7fffb454 No.3602713

I made a small mistake, micrograms instead of grams, then nanograms instead of milligrams.

Yeah, there's probably a good fucking reason why they picked the orders of magnitude that we have. And this wise ass thinks he can poke his nose in it and improve it. Yeah don't think so.

7ea3079f No.3603743

File: 1613062877130.jpg (86.14 KB, 700x394, http___com.ft.imagepublish….jpg)

2bd8e975 No.3604694

File: 1613735571094-0.jpg (239.65 KB, 853x1280, 8e78694b27e822f59c2b2886f2….jpg)

File: 1613735571094-1.jpg (234.95 KB, 640x960, 28e189f5a9635361b39336e4aa….jpg)

File: 1613735571094-2.jpg (252.7 KB, 640x960, 2710519298f46d8fc80aae62ca….jpg)

File: 1613735571094-3.jpg (231.53 KB, 640x960, 139014ee92bd1b45b2418ea022….jpg)

File: 1613735571094-4.jpg (236.61 KB, 640x960, ffd3b3e05ed1a9effd62057fa0….jpg)

AI 3D random body generator for a persona?

2bd8e975 No.3605146

File: 1613917923566.png (351.41 KB, 971x629, artplagurisms.png)

Art plagiarism that can generate random art for you. imaging using this for your furry art porn!
These Neural Networks Have Superpowers! 💪

8b3303ed No.3605896

File: 1614324790881-0.jpg (21.58 KB, 550x350, 5ac3f2ea9f5886dc51b3ad5944….jpg)

File: 1614324790881-1.jpg (18.44 KB, 634x403, edf3931f75a58e73b60ee259cb….jpg)

File: 1614324790881-2.jpg (47.55 KB, 1000x527, shutterstock_1158131695-1.jpg)

Image these contact lens get hacked and give people seizures, worse, it would malfunction with an expiration date without noticing it. That's cyberpunk for ya.

7cfdbfff No.3605902

File: 1614330846346.jpg (16.44 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.1413295138_a112.jpg)

We use both systems. We're not getting rid of the imperial units system and you know why?

That's why.
We will use whatever system we like and if you don't like it well that's tough shit. If you want measure in metric that's all and good and no one's saying you can't. But if some people continue to measure in Imperial units your just gonna have to suck it up. Don't fuck'n tell me what units to use.

8b3303ed No.3605905

File: 1614332038921-0.png (19.61 KB, 385x692, 886683e526a457d584617a0de0….png)

File: 1614332038921-1.jpg (29.54 KB, 600x328, image00928-1.jpg)

How many rich people uses the metric system that saved their life because of a correct dosage measurements they used? A foreign smart fuck uses metric instead of imperial in American hospitals ends up killing them and sue them? Welcome to America pal it's no use using metric!

7cfdbfff No.3605907

Well people need to be more careful.

8b3303ed No.3605908

File: 1614334285345.png (13.73 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

My greatest fear in the United States is that what if we run out of qualified doctors? And the ones that are desperately needed hasted into service that don't know which measurement of dosage of medicine is to keep the person alive accidently kills them? I sure this should not happen right? We will see some speculations if Second Thought uploads another video. Good news is we have access to all medical knowledge to eliminate all errors and illnesses. I watched some of Chubbyemu's videos that gave me a little faith in humanity.


8b3303ed No.3606109

File: 1614492309242-0.png (171.83 KB, 604x800, 134-Vaporeon.png)

File: 1614492309242-1.png (1.95 MB, 1748x2480, 147d63d961c5b5076e2c017719….png)

Lost some files by a ransomeware that encrypted them into .YGKZ these are the only images I saved. I'm attempting to decrypt them while searching a tutorial on youtube.

7e698308 No.3606145

File: 1614517188141.jpg (427.98 KB, 1200x673, hq720.jpg)

So what is this product, actually? My best guess is that it sends your pet's mind into a device that you can carry around so that you can leave him at home and still have him with you everywhere you go?

86d3a65f No.3611875

File: 1618708959482.png (894.89 KB, 1025x791, yiffofhell.png)

Rise of other cult factions :)

86d3a65f No.3611876

File: 1618709620414.png (14.25 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

c19f0ed2 No.3611917

I don't even bother going to the hospital anymore, they always think I have meningitis and want to do a spinal tap or give me a scan. I've been injected with so much radioactive material that the VA literally forbade me from getting another scan.

c19f0ed2 No.3611918

They only found something once, and they fucked it up so royally during the surgery that they forgot to drug me for, that they did a mercy kill via potassium boost, and they even fucked that up.

Since ya know, I'm not dead and missing a good deal of organs and pooped in a bag for a year… over a burst apendix.

86d3a65f No.3612176

File: 1619025274042.jpg (336.92 KB, 1280x854, bbab94055f15781856adc2e922….jpg)

Immortalizing artist in sentient AI that could draw porn for you. have enough computing power to create 3D porn of any character you desire.

86d3a65f No.3612177

File: 1619025895761.webm (1.55 MB, 1280x720, 8ea4474b73757e481d7ace6e8….webm)

86d3a65f No.3612443

File: 1619277132792.png (567.47 KB, 2600x3000, 2396668.png)

An adult toy industry that could create customizable sex doll choose any species on your phone give them your original character that they could print out and they will mail it next door made out of 3D silicone.

86d3a65f No.3612849

File: 1619607591947.png (651.18 KB, 1588x2246, usuxsd2ex5cy.png)

23de911f No.3612860

File: 1619615071476.jpg (536.33 KB, 1350x985, 1111Rd20e05370c39.jpg)

As long as most of those 100 Million are spook jiggaboos how is that a bad thing? They were doing that starving and dying shit en masse long before the white man ever arrived. Now, after decades of Trillions of dollars in generous donations of food and white-produced medicines, the black population now outnumbers whites globally by 3-to-1. Guess what? They are still starving, and not only that, they are migrating into white countries where the source of the honey was flowing from and trying to take them over. There is now a growing worldwide movement to simply STOP FEEDING THEM and let nature take its course as it did throughout history until whites came along. If blacks can't make it on their own NOW, then they are a failed race, as many suspect already.

c19f0ed2 No.3612862

You must be one of those "round earth" conspiracy nuts, next your stupid racist ass is going to start spouting nonsense about "invasive species destroying ecosystems" or "the bees are dying."

The bees aren't dying you nut job.

23de911f No.3612863

d660eb0c No.3612865

File: 1619616407569.jpg (42.04 KB, 474x960, 77ca1a83b3ec8ceb6f9ef7b848….jpg)

>>In the capitalist world
People dying of hunger and diseases is the default state of man. It's not "capitalism's" fault that some countries are full of people that can't help themselves even with all the technological knowledge one could ever want being at their fingertips. Some of those people have mobile phones and computers but don't fucking have toilets. Maybe they're just too dumb to live.

>>Easily. Preventable. Deaths.

Who's paying for it? Don't want my tax money being redistributed to some third world waste of space.

>>not because we lack the ability to solve these problems, but because it is not profitable to do so

Yes, helping some 60 IQ jungle dwelling trash not die isn't profitable and they should be left to their own fate. Not hindered, not helped, just left to it.

d660eb0c No.3612866

File: 1619616614482.jpeg (171.66 KB, 381x570, c5f58925-0542-4913-89ae-f….jpeg)

And besides, the alternative to people dying of natural causes seems to be people dying of man-made causes.

Morality isn't a zero sum game. Doing one very bad thing to achieve two good things doesn't make you a good person, it makes you a monster. The bad kind of monster.

86d3a65f No.3612868

File: 1619617322716.jpg (151.42 KB, 1024x768, thumb_img_1750_1024.jpg)

Today's modern world we have the technology and energy to mass produce goods and services but is it enough? What's the hold up? Is it profitable to just fund mycelium fungus farms to grow toilet paper?

0d786730 No.3612873


72% of the world's population lives in countries where there's not enough natural capacity to sustain their populations. These are predominantly the poor countries - only 14% of the rich countries live beyond their natural resources.

86d3a65f No.3613407

By that time Will China Allow Five Eyes And QUAD Use Its Space Station?

e59b4ef6 No.3613433

File: 1619940001142.jpg (63.17 KB, 482x690, 1529071679255.jpg)


Are these people even capable of civilization?

They drive off and murder White farmers and then you have famine.

People have been killed over and over in Africa trying to help.

Do you think these people can thrive in a technological sense when they are incapable of ceasing war?

Always blame the White man. Well if you want to murder the Whites they will help of course.
You communists will never cease to lie and assume authority.

86d3a65f No.3613436

File: 1619941661244-0.jpg (112.52 KB, 960x640, https___specials-images.fo….jpg)

File: 1619941661244-1.jpg (735.45 KB, 1920x1515, worlds-largest-bitcoin-min….jpg)

File: 1619941661244-2.jpg (7.06 KB, 272x185, download.jpg)

Well shucks, white man created bitcoin to solve our problems they just need more of these. There are things to see on our lifetime to witness the decentralization of paper and metal money because it is heavy in debt to move around countries.

86d3a65f No.3613441

86d3a65f No.3613456

File: 1619953045991.png (467.35 KB, 1012x619, prosteticscoool.png)

e59b4ef6 No.3613464

File: 1619955237827.jpg (69.53 KB, 584x468, useful-idiot_orig.jpg)

>>3613441 Oh wow 691 views….

4b92bc73 No.3613466

File: 1619957266458.jpeg (1 MB, 3000x2120, Satoshi Nakamoto.jpeg)

Japanese citizen Satoshi Nakamoto is purported to be the inventor of Bitcoin. The smallest unit of Bitcoin, known as a satoshi, was named in his honor.

4b92bc73 No.3613467

File: 1619957583026.jpg (39.19 KB, 500x337, most-tragic-day-in-nigger-….jpg)

Whites seem to have no problem at all in acknowledging that Asians are generally more intelligent than they are.

Why do Blacks have a problem acknowledging this about whites, and lash out with jealously and hatred while muttering incomprehensible things like "Muh Dick"?

86d3a65f No.3613468

File: 1619958449581-0.png (147.76 KB, 976x700, _108151220_july_temps-nc.png)

File: 1619958449581-1.gif (4.12 MB, 640x360, not-vortex-small.gif)

File: 1619958449581-2.png (99.62 KB, 750x448, apsis.png)

File: 1619958449581-3.gif (6.91 KB, 744x255, howfast_earth_revolution.gif)

File: 1619958449581-4.gif (1.25 MB, 512x512, 665841main_cme_anim.gif)

During the 1990-2000 there were a lot of hurricanes events that happen because of a small solar flare that nearly hit earth.

14b80d6b No.3613530

>>3613467 Why do you have trouble acknowledging that you're a useless incel loser?

7e6a2cae No.3613590


Why do you have trouble acknowledging that you're 3B.

6aba5393 No.3613594

Advice for 3B, from /furi/
The mooing of cows is not fraught with meaning.

2401c3c6 No.3614187

File: 1620633562227.png (1.91 MB, 1895x931, noplantsgrowingoutofnotoil….png)

I wont be seeing plants growing out of no toilet.

11e3fa6e No.3620177

File: 1626480068994.png (11.02 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

43b32e4c No.3620191

Yeah I've often wondered that myself.

8cb7e06b No.3623571

File: 1629637884502.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x6084, Kardashev-Scale.jpg)


Communications are more transparent in the past decade and jobs are evolved and optimized for the appropriate work force 10 years healthcare and climate change will have a serious role in our data, with social media it could be used to improve the standards of living. Just an opinion.

1a71a98d No.3623646

File: 1629695387781.webm (5.86 MB, 640x480, Salvage 1 intro_480p.webm)

1a71a98d No.3623647

File: 1629695564098.jpg (109.71 KB, 800x800, vulturelogo2[1].jpg)

Episodes are on YouTube.

There is also a 2-hour MOVIE, "SALVAGE-1"

b8c93cd7 No.3625908

File: 1631586533584.png (663.16 KB, 1060x828, 10to15yearslaterdeal.png)

b68043a2 No.3625934

under the progression chain or the developmental phasing of the equipment, these measurements become less of an obstacle such that, their conditions are less taxing to the research, while the lack of the equipment makes for the monumental surmounting that it is, having the technology and using it, simply changes these scientific hurdles to appear as common footsteps. In the near future, having a space ship that can support an earth-like habitat is as simple as building a house. The willpower to build it is the only obstacle society is truly facing.

4382dd18 No.3626133


And Ironically the biggest investors into tech giants are the shadow-state as CIA, NSA etc. They are also the biggest reapers of Data.

So the elected Gov will disappear and the one never on the ballot will persist.

Just great

4b78d434 No.3626781

File: 1632401738724.jpg (85.25 KB, 1200x800, EeGUoQ3WsAALwOK.0.jpg)

What if there was some tech that could allow you to dream while playing video games or surf the net? what are the dangers?

162ff5f7 No.3626801

What if there was an Animal Crossing game that let you marry one of the village animals.

4b78d434 No.3626858

File: 1632466642684.jpg (31.19 KB, 750x500, hd-map-la-palmav21.jpg)

floods volcanic eruptions and loss of lands that are covered in ashes as fossils for future humans to dig.

4b78d434 No.3626868

An earthquake swarm started under Cumbre Vieja on 11 September 2021. It slowly migrated to the surface, with earthquakes up to around 3.5 on the Richter scale,[14] and over 25,000 recorded in the space of a 10 days.[15] On 19 September at 3.12 pm local time,[16] the volcano started erupting, in Cabeza de Vaca[15] in the Montaña Rajada mountains, in the Las Manchas section of El Paso municipality,[17][18] A yellow warning was issued, covering 35,000 people in the municipalities of Los Llanos de Aridane, Fuencaliente, El Paso and Villa de Mazo,[17] later raising to its highest level—red—due to the eruption. A total of around 10,000 people are expected to be evacuated from the area.[19]

4b78d434 No.3626874

File: 1632496587380-0.png (2.32 MB, 1389x941, la palmamapz.png)

File: 1632496587380-1.png (2.69 MB, 1389x941, fused.png)

File: 1632496587380-2.png (2.97 MB, 1389x941, lavaflowz.png)

4b78d434 No.3626906

File: 1632528383842-0.jpg (581.63 KB, 1600x2400, il_fullxfull.1906716421_l2….jpg)

File: 1632528383842-1.png (996.59 KB, 962x690, 48186741-10011921-image-a-….png)

File: 1632528383842-2.png (430.65 KB, 850x1189, Geological-map-of-La-Palma….png)

File: 1632528383842-3.png (547.93 KB, 962x641, 48181955-10011921-image-a-….png)

7ec9dc38 No.3626976

File: 1632586044680.jpg (110.86 KB, 430x242, A_Rickle_in_Time.jpg)

A theory where we be able to connect and access to alternative universe dimensions to see dead furry artist that are still alive.

0d8d19b1 No.3626985

File: 1632594842869.png (8.88 KB, 492x427, Hinotan10.png)

Absolutely relevant and also absolutely fascinating:

Exploring AI Generated Music

Computers are getting too smart for their own good.

7ec9dc38 No.3627237

File: 1632825343908-0.png (707.38 KB, 747x445, la_palma_mapz.png)

File: 1632825343908-1.png (542.91 KB, 747x445, la_palma_mapz2.png)

7ec9dc38 No.3627238

File: 1632825488296-0.png (1.32 MB, 1207x648, la_palma_mapz3.png)

7ec9dc38 No.3627603

File: 1633108581984.jpg (94.08 KB, 915x518, FutureCobalt.jpg)

near year 2022, 8 years left what is changing? China's coal power outage and winter will affect the US's economy which means things will get more expansive such as rent.

7ec9dc38 No.3627615

File: 1633110264203.jpg (360.78 KB, 1089x846, ada62bde3418f1d1a29071a928….jpg)

Pic related.

7ec9dc38 No.3627827

File: 1633199083541-0.jpg (116.83 KB, 640x320, galaxy-simulation-640x320.jpg)

File: 1633199083541-1.png (150.66 KB, 640x441, Screen-Shot-2015-07-06-at-….png)

7b5c850a No.3627984

File: 1633312380744.jpg (184.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefaultdxcfsdfsdfaf.jpg)

Destin from SmarterEveryDay made a very good video on the James Webb Space telescope

Btw that article is 6 years old at this point, but not much changed.

Also that thing is not gonna launch until 2039 assuming no delays… holy crap I'll be 50 years old when that thing's up and my dad will be like 80 :(

b19944cc No.3627985

should have left the renter's market and got a house dog. We told you to buy a house dog.

7b5c850a No.3627989

File: 1633313759336.jpg (21.01 KB, 640x391, nqk47m0jql811.jpg)

>"house dog"
A comma could have helped there.

cbe0df01 No.3628033

File: 1633329770978.jpg (711.74 KB, 1500x1125, 29f7c9e395a1ef47e8e4ca427c….jpg)

Nonsense, lots of people rent their house dogs.

19d7808a No.3628525

More people working from home.

34304fa9 No.3628542

File: 1633660881910.jpg (94.28 KB, 650x635, apBrEVB_700b.jpg)

AI, that leaks healthcare records and trade sensitive documents, not only it would give intel of the ultra rich lives of the elites it would expose a wealth gap large spenders.

new satellites that could update the map of Earth's magnetic field and geographical shape that plays a role on climate and weather forecast, improving food production.

34304fa9 No.3628543

File: 1633661068524.jpg (16.55 KB, 219x230, images.jpg)

34304fa9 No.3628759

File: 1633821229584.jpg (61.58 KB, 988x914, 61kq9brPsDL._AC_SL1001_.jpg)

prices of massaging chairs are expensive nearly a price of a car. and broken backs are costing more on healthcare.

34304fa9 No.3629141

File: 1634040641472.jpg (183.3 KB, 898x1270, tF4F_i6zV7-GUOyNYm3bna8ANM….jpg)

24cc49fd No.3629147

I got one for free about a year ago, found it setting out next to a trash can along the curb. It just had a power supply problem that I easily fixed (replaced a bad capacitor). Now you may ask why would anyone throw it away? Well I'm pretty sure that certain types of disabled people gets the Government to pay for these things for FREE so it's nothing to them. I've also found things like those motorized wheelchairs sitting out for the trash man with apparently nothing wrong with them except a bad or weak battery which I replaced myself.

b19944cc No.3629150

people throw out perfectly good expensive stuff all the time. I'm not really into salvaging anymore, but stupid simple fixes like replacing batteries, power cords, or clogged carburetors are pretty common.

Im still running a few UPS' that the local hospital were tossing because the batteries died in them. Really expensive models at that, and all it took was some ebay generic batteries and they were good as new. They've been running for a solid 3 or 4 years now, so ill probably need to replace the batteries again soon.

I guess hospitals can afford to just trash stuff like that when they can charge you 9 grand just to look at you and be like "meh no idea, go home and sleep it off"

b19944cc No.3629153

I've been considering getting back into the scav business, I don't need the money, or the stuff, but it was fun just trying to figure out what was wrong with everything.

I've mainly stayed away cause there are a few guys around here who are like aggressively into it, and all their houses just turn into hoarder nightmares. I'm seriously considering just starting up a little tinker business and just fixing stuff to pass the time.

28f73d53 No.3629155


Nobrainer business idea : Start clearing hoarderhouses. You know the clientele and the people in the know

b19944cc No.3629156

hoarder houses almost never have anything, when you're a hoarder you have everything and nothing at the same time

91845751 No.3629177

File: 1634082346099.jpg (5.03 MB, 4656x3492, 20201001_175931_HDR.jpg)


The smell of a hoarder house sticks to anything in it. Good luck trying to sell anything you dig out, and have fun dealing with shit and piss buckets that normally take biohazard teams to remove.

b19944cc No.3629201

I remember reading a while back about this hoarder woman who's son went missing for years.

Turns out his mummified corpse was still in his bedroom, but burried behind just a shit ton of rotting cardboard boxes full of trash.

The only thing I ever got that was interesting from a hoarder house was from my neighbors in this apartment complex i lived in, they had one of those greenish lamps from the WWII era that had uranium in the glass. I ended up just tossing it, as cool as having a radioactive lamp was, i felt like if i was in the same room as it, it was actively attacking my testicles.

d49cd95d No.3629212


Let me elaborate : You can actually get PAID for emptying a messy of Hoarder house.

Yes, most if not all of it will have to be driven to the dump or burned on the spot if legal.

If you can scav , can stand the smell, then you have what it takes to make a living.

29976c3d No.3629230

>I guess hospitals can afford to just trash stuff like that

The replacement batteries cost more than the entire replacement device when you count in the labor to install them by qualified personnel who can legally sign off the work.

That, plus they can't just use cheap generic eBay batteries for the lawsuits that would follow should those batteries fail.

1a71a98d No.3629233

>>The replacement batteries cost more than the entire replacement device when you count in the labor to install them by qualified personnel who can legally sign off the work.

That has to be by deliberate design for profits then, there is no other reason for it to be that way. Hell, when I replaced the batteries in ones I found, I just got the proper connectors and bound the whole thing together into a module pack that I can snap in or out in about 2 seconds.

29976c3d No.3629234

It's all about passing blame.

If you buy random batteries off of eBay and install them yourself, then you're responsible for the patient that dies when the UPS fails. If you hire a company to service the UPS, they are responsible. The high price comes from A) insurance premiums and the army of lawyers the company pays to deal with the liability, B) upmarket parts which are guaranteed to work, as opposed to eBay specials which may or may not.

b19944cc No.3629272

Looked into the tinkering business idea for burning time, turns out its neither profitable or a good idea in general. Contacted the local "Habitat for Humanity" shop and they were interested in me showing up once a week to inspect used appliances and stuff, and maybe so some small repairs. Weirdly "Good Will" and "Salvation Army" was not interested in my volunteering at all.

b6de0ffe No.3629273

I'm sure they'll rescind the invitation once they see your crazy ass in person.

The other two exist on a business model of having people do their court ordered "community service" hours there as free slave labor

b19944cc No.3629274

Naw, I don't deny I'm pretty broken, physical brain damage does that. I even told them that, but I dress pretty high end, keep clean and slick, and I'm a pretty quiet "keep to myself" person irl, so its not like im disruptively crazy. Its more like my logic is slightly shy of north, I don't quite hit the beacon signal, but all the information and instructions are solid.

Plus the combo of being in the military for a time, and being a play actor kinda made me good at faking just about anything, including sanity, for at least a few hours.

b6de0ffe No.3629278


Of course you were…

b19944cc No.3629284

File: 1634161750640.jpg (23.98 KB, 225x350, 402505.jpg)

don't be salty that in your prime you couldn't memorize 45 minutes of dialogue, and pull it off like it was natural.

b6de0ffe No.3629286

You can't even remember the lies you tell about yourself

b19944cc No.3629290

File: 1634162595581.jpg (27.66 KB, 412x392, 55528ac6f70183c22e7888081e….jpg)

its why they tell you to never look in the mirror when you're doing hallucinogens, it messes people up. I looked in the mirror and it did nothing. I'm not even a person anymore, I'm a construct of messed up inflections from other people's false realities of who I should be.

I'm only free from the illusion when I drink.

4505afa4 No.3629324

File: 1634177671170-0.jpg (127.8 KB, 1450x916, fnins-13-00112-g002.jpg)

File: 1634177671170-1.gif (44.94 KB, 400x400, brain-computer-interface-3.gif)

File: 1634177671170-2.jpg (96.47 KB, 1253x708, fnins-13-00112-g001.jpg)

A sort of technocratic revolution having more intel on major causing issues on poverty, unemployment, crisis admittingly we are still under the thumb of politicians, it is vastly complicated why our fear is getting worse and more violent. The Taliban is becoming the new ISIS while China is preparing to invade Taiwan.

fb9d2321 No.3629325

>The Taliban is becoming the new ISIS
what kind of brain damage causes someone to say something like this?

b68043a2 No.3629328

Technology is great. When you have a "plastic interface" life that tells you specifically your thoughts before you even understand and can even pinpoint other's thoughts. Like an extra sensory middle man. Basically computer brains are more like a liquid composite that contours the surface of the brain and absorbs the "emp of the brain". Pretty sure it won't use chips and its as easy as spiking your martini because its chemically activated.

4505afa4 No.3629336


More data that could accurately predict a major depression crisis.

Negative Effects Social Media Has On People - AskReddit

d3897e20 No.3629340

i only need to remember on thing and its that decent people are tramautized by an unsightly wiener, and that is the one thing i have.

4505afa4 No.3629440

File: 1634308110394.png (208.67 KB, 1025x740, planetoftherobots.png)

f76557a9 No.3629447

You mean it's ….. UNCUT?

b6de0ffe No.3629448

File: 1634314898624.jpg (431.04 KB, 803x1280, 5e2d326485b52027b52b5aefb2….jpg)

Uncut penis is the opposite of unsightly

24cc49fd No.3629523

File: 1634347969143.webm (7.51 MB, 480x270, Suck own foreskin and cum….webm)

Here is a guy that can cum so easy just by applying a little stimulation to his foreskin tip.
I am wondering, have any of you cut guys here ever wondered what it would have been like to still have and enjoy a body part you are missing, through no fault of your own? one that you don't even remember having?
How do you feel about this?

b19944cc No.3629526

try having a botched circumcision, not being able to get off until your late teens, then developing a chastity fetish just to make up for it.

Circumcision should be a crime.

b6de0ffe No.3629527

>Circumcision should be a crime.

It really should. It's not just a cosmetic surgery. It's deliberate mutilation of a child where the entire purpose is to cripple an organ. There are no benefits to it and phimosis can be treated without mutilation.

The medical studies claiming any benefits of it were written by pedophilic circumcision fetishists that were involved in groups like the Cutting Club, Acorn Society, and Gilgal Society. Some people involved in those groups got busted for distribution of hurtcore CP featuring circumcisions.

09c6e86d No.3629528

File: 1634350768175.jpg (43.2 KB, 460x334, Alsosluts.jpg)

>>Circumcision should be a crime.
Yep. Agreed.

Can't just cut people's bodyparts off before they even had a chance to be sentient enough to make their own decision.

Also it modifies the mechanics of sex (why we Europeans generally don't get hand lotion jokes… cause we don't need extra lubrication )

Also there are zero health benefits provided you aren't a smelly hobo that bathes once a year, and the only reason it even does anything at all is because scar tissue is more tough than regular skin. By that logic though we could start lopping off a lot of bodyparts just to prevent potential annoyances that may result from the body working as nature intended.

0dd99ff3 No.3629540

File: 1634356411140.webm (1.59 MB, 480x360, typical-circumcision.webm)

>try having a botched circumcision

b6de0ffe No.3629542

Well at least he's choosing to have his dick mutilated as an adult as opposed to having it forced on him as a child. Still not anywhere near as grotesque as tranny surgery.

1a71a98d No.3629548

File: 1634364752376.webm (7.32 MB, 718x404, no hands cum eruption slo….webm)

Post CONEDICKS here, any species.

4e848d38 No.3629558

Listen. Understand. That Drillcock is out there. It can't be reasoned with, it can't be bargained with…it doesn't feel pity of remorse or fear…and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead.

206df7b6 No.3629564

File: 1634371632538.jpg (73.96 KB, 400x592, large_o3RVymJASCShWBK3Wya5….jpg)

4e848d38 No.3629567

File: 1634372434612.jpg (74.37 KB, 537x640, roll.jpg)


Choose the form of the Destructor!

3567f106 No.3629578

File: 1634381212538-0.png (534.98 KB, 706x583, Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at ….png)

>>3629567 *8, I swear. The last alien of her kind losing her virginity to chastity.

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