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Trump dominated the COVID virus in less than a week.

Now dems are furious
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474da562 No.3591830

It's all about precedent.
If Democrats win and pack the court with more judges,
then when Republicans take power again they will do the same thing, and on and on.
You could potentially end up with hundreds of Supreme Court Judges, that's why it's a bad idea to even start it.
On a side note, why do you think WE haven't tried to pack the court with extra judges the last four years instead of just filling vacated seats?
It's Constitutional!!

0ca21fdc No.3591831

>On a side note, why do you think WE haven't tried to pack the court with extra judges the last four years instead of just filling vacated seats?
If by "we" you mean Republicans, it's because you know it's unpopular with Americans in general, which is why Democrats almost certainly won't do it. Your side is throwing a tantrum over a nothingburger.

9f1f7139 No.3591835

File: 1602780122167.png (579.73 KB, 1280x1280, 69193210b52369fb0a0bd10a12….png)

>They don't care about the rules

Funny you should say that. Are you aware that the Democrats changed the rules so that the senate could approve a judge with just 51% of the vote, when previously it was 2/3? They wanted to nominate more activist judges with less bipartisan support.

Now, call McConnel a hypocrite all you want, but he's one person. The Republicans could have just voted no on Obama's nomination, in fact I thought they did, didn't they?

It is the Democrats who vote to change the rules when it benefiets them. To give themselves more power while they have it, then they bitch and moan when the Republicans get in office and control the power they created.

Tell me, what powers does the fascist Trump have now that he didn't have when he first entered office. Fascists like to extend their powers, so what has Trump done?

If it's so unpopular, why wouldn't they take the obvious popular answer and commit to not doing it? What is the plan for Biden to condemn it right before the election and say "Haha, I was only pretending to be retarded!"

b49388e0 No.3591841

>What is the plan for Biden to condemn it right before the election and say "Haha, I was only pretending to be retarded!"

It's the Republicans who are "pretending" to be retarded. Biden has stated in the past that he is against packing the SCOTUS. In fact, he said again on Monday that he's "not a fan".


"I would not get into court packing," Biden during a Democratic primary debate. "We add three justices. Next time around, we lose control, they add three justices. We begin to lose any credibility the court has at all."

This is all Republican bullshitting in an attempt to muddy the waters right before an election.

282d8403 No.3591844

>in fact I thought they did, didn't they?
You'd be wrong, but that's nothing new.

b49388e0 No.3591846

>The Republicans could have just voted no on Obama's nomination, in fact I thought they did, didn't they?

No, they didn't. Moscow Mitch refused to even hold a hearing. He knew some of the Republicans would have voted for Garland, because Garland is a moderate. So he blocked them.

9f1f7139 No.3591869

File: 1602800945174.png (514.67 KB, 904x800, 7ce751c7fefa79faeaa6065b68….png)

Well if that's the case, then why is it "the Republicans" who are hypocrites? Surely it is just McConnel who's the hypocrite, then.

Biden's platform is one of non-commitment. It is schrodinger's platform. He implicitly supports the things you want and implicitly opposes things you dislike.

>I support the Green New Deal, wait no I don't. I want to ban fracking, wait no I don't. Packing the supreme court would be ridiculous, but I won't say I'm not going to.

He's a demented old man with literally no policy, who has how many decades in government that he avoids talking about because he tries to pretend he opposes everything he spent his life doing. It boggles my mind that anyone is voting for him.

bf34af6f No.3591879

File: 1602809859516.jpg (37.26 KB, 620x214, Capture.JPG)

0d811bf5 No.3591880

>Biden's platform is one of non-commitment. It is schrodinger's platform. He implicitly supports the things you want and implicitly opposes things you dislike.

That's because Biden is a Republican pretending to be a Democrat.

That's why Trump kept goading him into talking about left issues and when Biden said things like, "I beat Bernie Sanders" Trump thought he had won some big victory but no one on the left is voting for Biden because they like him. They are just voting to stop the fascist.

c8fca11e No.3591897

>>they are just voting to stop the fascist

Hillary isn't running.

0d811bf5 No.3591898

File: 1602833027413.jpg (120.41 KB, 720x548, If_Biden_Wins.jpg)

If the Democrats get control of the Senate and the WH you better believe Hillary is on the ticket. She'll be one of the first judges appointed to the SCOTUS. She was a lawyer, remember.

e24ddc34 No.3591923

The fact of the matter is someone had to give Moscow Mitch his power. Who do you think that was? His fellow Republican senators elected him to Senate Majority Leader. But I get what you're saying. Just because you elect someone and they later do something undeniably hypocritical, that doesn't make you yourself a hypocrite. Except we can compare what the Republican senators said then with what they are saying now:


Clearly most of them are hypocrites.

As for your Biden bashing, he's still a better candidate than Trump if only for the shear fact that he actually listens to experts. That's a big fucking deal. It's a big deal that Trump sides with Putin over what his own national security advisors tell him. It's a big deal that Trump downplayed the threat of the coronavirus and refused to wear a mask or social distance. It's a big deal that he kept holding big rallies, knowing people would die as a result. It's a big deal that he's so scientifically illiterate (actually anti science) that he thinks even for a second that nuking a hurricane is a good idea or injecting disinfectants might cure Covid-19.

37d71157 No.3591925

Make-Up of the OLD USSR
Armenia / Azerbaijan / Belarus / Estonia / Georgia
Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan / Latvia / Lithuania / Moldova
Russia/ Tajikistan / Turkmenistan / Ukraine / Uzbekistan

NEW USSR is the UnitedSocialistDemoncratPropagandist

DNC / HOLLYWIERD / 80% Colleges/ 80% K-12 / YAHOO

37d71157 No.3591926

You're just parroting a bunch of rumors that have already been debunked many times.
Go educate yourself, on something besides MSM.

e24ddc34 No.3591927

Which of my statements has been debunked? I can back up all my claims.

c8fca11e No.3591928

Nearly all of them,
and no, you cannot.

ea16b98e No.3591930

Saying nuh-uh is not an argument. You got nothing.

282d8403 No.3591931


1d6f24c4 No.3591933

File: 1602869273910.jpg (169.95 KB, 1278x671, -G_ooD_KV_xXkC5aCk9Im0JLIX….jpg)

Oh no! Red text, my only weakness!

282d8403 No.3591948

File: 1602881618786.jpg (97.79 KB, 693x960, 1549100362416-1.jpg)

shoulda been supporting the dairy industry, my friend

4e2a1cf0 No.3591956

File: 1602888031143.jpg (32.4 KB, 345x345, the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim….jpg)

Come at me brah, I dairy you.

282d8403 No.3591967

282d8403 No.3591968

4e2a1cf0 No.3592005

Technically if Biden had 14.1 million views, and Trump had 13.5 million views, on cable/satelite, not including youtube or internet streaming views, Trump still won.

Remember that Biden supporters are largely concentrated in dense urban areas, while Trump supporters are largely suburban and rural. Thanks to the electoral vote pure numbers don't matter. Since if was a pure numbers voting system even if the entire country voted for Trump, and only NYC, and LA voted purely for Biden, Biden would win.

Trump policies appeal more to agricultural and manufacturing communities, which Biden's policies would totally fuck over. Biden's policies appeal more to the service, unemployed, and education industries, which are generally in cities. Biden's stance on wanting to raise minimum wage, provide universal to everyone in the country, have mandatory 0 net emissions, and significantly increase taxes on livestock ownership, would destroy the agricultural and especially the manufacturing industries. Both the companies and the workers would suffer, manufacturing companies tend to hire higher skilled blue collar workers who get paid more than minimum wage since they need to have education, experience, and perform more hazardous tasks than say a cashier or waiter. Biden's policies on wages and taxes would force to either take those skilled laborers and reduce their pay, or lay some off thus increasing their work load and making their total pay be worth less on a task by task basis.

Here in Ohio its basically just Columbus and Cincinnati that are blue, the cities, everywhere else is red. We've had a lot of economic expansion in the less densely populated areas. Since we're a swing state, the electorial here will almost certainly go to Trump, giving him a leg up. I'd say the same goes for Pennsylvania and Florida, since the polls rarely actually survey outside of the cities.

4e2a1cf0 No.3592007

I don't know what its like in other areas, but while on the subject Biden's campaign strategy really sucks. Theres always at least one caravan of 2-3 cars with biden flags driving around town honking their horns, or a BLM / Biden flag waving group of 3-5 kids waving flags and honking those annoying air horns. We aren't a very big town so you can hear it just about everywhere and its really driving people away from going to restaurants and bars.

I live across a river, and a few blocks away from the down town area, and I can almost always hear that shit. My house is directly on railroad tracks, and even the trains are less obnoxious than Biden campaigners.

0d811bf5 No.3592008

>Trump appeals to farmers…

Farms have been in total collapse since Trump took office and started his trade war with China. He has done nothing but hurt farmers.

0d811bf5 No.3592010

File: 1602946813511.jpg (617.93 KB, 2560x1709, GettyImages-1228873046-sca….jpg)


Its sad that you actually think this is true. You clearly are delusional if you think Biden is paying people to drive around your bumfuck town to honk their horns all day. That's Qanon level conspiracy non-sense.

4e2a1cf0 No.3592014

well considering that the democrat election office in town is actively calling people to volunteer to do it, yeah I believe it.

I got a call from them myself, since I volunteered with them when I was a democrat in my younger years, during Obama's first term.

4e2a1cf0 No.3592015

my browser has been acting all kinds of wonky lately. It keeps deleting my user name randomly.

050467ef No.3592017

I have a hard time believing people are driving around a bumfuck town honking their horns and waving Biden flags. That too is Qanon level conspiracy nonsense.

4e2a1cf0 No.3592020

We're technically a small city, but just barely. Its at least got it's name on the map. We've got around a 13k population.

Its not exactly bumbfuck nowhere, but its not like theres much to do here either. The town is basically owned by a hospital and several retirement homes.

0d811bf5 No.3592022

>I have a hard time believing people are driving around a bumfuck town honking their horns and waving Biden flags. That too is Qanon level conspiracy nonsense.

I suspect Steam saw one car with one flag or maybe a bumper sticker and that experience snowballed into a grand conspiracy in his mind that there is a team of professional horn honkers just going around annoying people.

4e2a1cf0 No.3592023

A lot of the democrat activity probably comes from the local private college. Its got 6 fair size dorms, and a lot of the students aren't from the area. Its way too pricey for most locals to go to without some sort of epic scholarship.

We also have a community college that I went to thats stupidly leftist. Engineering students are basically attacked the second they walk out the engineering wing, which is basically the only place you can say anything safely that isn't a buzz word.

Then theres the tech school that I also went to thats typical right wing tech schooly. I only mentioned it to paint a better picture of the area.

4e2a1cf0 No.3592024

No, its a thing. There probably aren't too many of them, they're just loud.

I put a new topper on my truck a few months ago that came with this weird american flag punisher skull sticker, and the tinting is on the outside for some reason, so to get rid of the sticker I'd have to replace all the tint… and I have a german shepherd.

Every time I go to the local dog park I have soccer moms and old hippyish guys try to start up arguments about why guns are bad, and I'm bad for apparently being a fascist nazi. Its annoying, I always lose the argument because I'm not really invested, I only own a small Reuger .22 revolver that I don't even have any ammo for, and my "huge vicious guard dog" rolls over in fear of chiwawas.

0d811bf5 No.3592039

File: 1602969079178.png (606.57 KB, 1640x779, Amazing_Technology.png)

>so to get rid of the sticker I'd have to replace all the tint…

Oh, if only there was some way to cover something that you don't want seen… some kind of advanced technology which lets you layer one image over another image and adhere it in place with a chemical bond.

Some kind of sticky paper that could be placed over the offensive, racist, image so no one knows it is there… if only such a thing existed…

4e2a1cf0 No.3592040

thats the thing, I don't see how its offensive or racist at all. The only reason anyone would take offense is because I have veteran plates, so they probably think I kill people or something, and anyone who actually knows me knows that I can hardly be be bothered to mow my yard, let alone put together a murder stockpile, or do any militia shit.

4e2a1cf0 No.3592041

inb4 2 lazy.

I pay some guy to mow my lawn once a week, but the only reason I don't do it myself is because I'm so bloody tall I have to hunch over to push the thing, and then I feel like shit until my back heals up when I have to mow it again.

017f68ec No.3592042

File: 1602970618636.jpg (414.09 KB, 1159x869, 4a695faf2a184e2c3759309c21….jpg)

As a furry who likes birds, this is kinda cool.

0d811bf5 No.3592049

File: 1602971634168.jpg (102.6 KB, 790x444, 58b0c1bfc36188e6568b4674.jpg)

>I don't see how it could be offensive…

You haven't been paying attention to the news. The Punisher Skull is being used by white supremacist groups and cops who are proudly saying they should execute criminals without trial because the justice system doesn't work.

Some police departments even put it on the hood of the cars but were then forced to remove it because it's basically a symbol of terrorism.

It was made popular among U.S. soldiers who enjoyed shooting brown people.
People in the military would tell you that only the most unstable types would wear it.

It's the symbol for mass murderers and psychopaths which is appropriate since the character of Frank Castle is a mass murderer who kills anyone he thinks deserves it, even corrupt cops.

When cops use that logo, they are saying to the world that they don't care about the law, they will shoot anyone they damn well please and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
That's who the police are in America. WhiteISIS.

bf34af6f No.3592057

File: 1602981961378.jpg (209.8 KB, 1000x750, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


You forgot to include the source for your post.

Here you go.

4e2a1cf0 No.3592071

im going to go out on a limb here and say thats bullshit. I see versions of the sticker with trump hair as bumper stickers for pro-trumpers all the time. If what you said was true, the media would eat it up.

I assumed and still assume that its along the lines of a "dont tread on me" thing. Really frowned upon, but mostly just a right to bear arms, and tree of liberty blood yada yada deal. Im not hard enough for all that to actually buy and place a sticker on the window, but not hard enough against it to go through the trouble of covering it with something bigger or re-tinting the entire thing.

The thing is going to look kinda white trashy one way or another, it came preloaded with a homemade welded allstrut roof rack (really well done), and the guy I bought it from lived in a trailer way out in the boonies and sold it to me and installed it for a whopping 50 dollars.

282d8403 No.3592082

>not including youtube or internet streaming views, Trump still won.
I saw the youtube viewcount yesterday morning. The Biden town hall had more views and likes.

>Trump policies appeal more to agricultural and manufacturing communities

his trade war got me laid off. I'm not exactly seeing the appeal of that.

6302f51a No.3592085

>>his trade war got me laid off. I'm not exactly seeing the appeal of that.

Think of it as being drafted to go fight the Chinese Commies while still staying at home.
You'e doing your part as a patriotic American, be proud of it.

19acda90 No.3592095

>his trade war got me laid off

And what was it that you do?

282d8403 No.3593022

79f1c64d No.3593027

Sorry to hear that Trump got you fired but where one door closes another door opens.

I walked through that door into a new $12/hour work at home data entry job processing applications for Renter relief during the crisis.

Trump's covid incompetence got me a sweet gig.

12c4e53f No.3593028

Your post is wonderful.

282d8403 No.3593029

>$12/hour work at home data entry job
>sweet gig


79f1c64d No.3593033


Some of us are not sociopaths and actually enjoy helping people stay in their homes with their utilities paid but I can see how, for you, that would be a nightmare job.

282d8403 No.3593035


some top-tier cringe right there, fam

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