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938e0a56 No.3588663

I dont know who is necroing these pol threads but it's annoying. I've been secret agent 3B for the past few months. I'd delete all the pol threads but it would just make it look like mods cleaned up.

The delete password is 1. One thread per person please,.

938e0a56 No.3588664

File: 1600235366232.gif (1.97 MB, 400x414, 9e02149ebd75dca2ee7aa5b15b….gif)

Try the delete password on any prior Steam post. It's all just 1 as proof.

5c2e51d5 No.3588667

doesn't matter, there's no moderation on this site

there's no userbase on this site

pol-shitters have ruined so much

938e0a56 No.3588669

File: 1600235955893.png (127.37 KB, 860x748, 449-4490879_image-thorax-p….png)

I'm not the real 3B, but you guys like pol threads so much. I just wanted to keep the traffic going. Other than Netflix and hulu, this has been my only entertainment since the lockdowns, and I have other hobbies now.

This pol thread flood I accidentally caused is just a little too much. It's not even entertaining anymore.

938e0a56 No.3588670

I was trying to be a parody, but I dont think that exists anymore.

743787e8 No.3588672

File: 1600237846116.jpg (337.48 KB, 974x1716, 15BOXOFFICE-superJumbo.jpg)

This just in. Steam is an antihero.

05ae691f No.3588673

File: 1600238031232.png (24.96 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

e8a79f32 No.3588676

>It's not even entertaining anymore.
I really liked the 3B rap. That shit had me rollin'.

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