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You know what to do.
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312bff2e No.3602286

I don't find it repulsive. I find it objectionable. These kids are victims and it's sad ; they are probably fed progressive propaganda by their parents and ended up doing something sexual in a movie. They certainly know it's sexual, and it's not outside the realm of possibility that their mind has been so warped by their parents' teaching that some find it exiting that they could arouse some adults, just like that other kid Desmond.
It'll follow them all their life ; for their classmates these girl will be "the ho that shook her ass in that movie", etc.

Tl;dr. That's child abuse.

b7d5ecf3 No.3602386

File: 1612069607417.jpg (1.92 MB, 3840x2160, 1607999575.ivorylagiacrus_….jpg)

>By your logic, being turned off by shit means you really really really want to eat shit.

Your analogy is flawed because everyone does have an instinct to eat. If you leave a dirty diaper next to a baby they will 100% shove shit in their mouth. There is no instinct to prevent it. We learn that it's bad. We learn not to do it.

Pedophiles do want to fuck kids and some of them have been conditioned by society to see that as so abhorrent they are repulsed by it, but the instinct is there for them.

They want to fuck kids, they have learned it's better not to and that is why they are repulsed but that repulsion is a response to the desire they know is unacceptable. If there was no desire, there would be no repulsion.

Kids just wouldn't register as anything sexual - positive, or negative.

0965cfb2 No.3602408

Yeah no matter how many times you explain it still doesn't make it true.

50b384d1 No.3602434

>If you leave a dirty diaper next to a baby they will 100% shove shit in their mouth.

That's because babies try to experience the world by shoving things in their mouth - the hands and the lips are the most sensitive touch organs. It has nothing to do with eating: babies can't see well, their brains aren't yet processing sounds well, so their interaction with the world happens by touching things.

And shit tastes like shit - it even smells like shit. The baby will instantly learn that and avoid it in the future. They don't need to be taught by parents or society not to eat shit.

50b384d1 No.3602440

Case in point:


The toddler's reaction is natural: shit smells and it makes you gag. Likewise, normal people seeing child abuse get repulsed and upset because it goes against your instincts as a human being.

50b384d1 No.3602442

If anything, YOUR lack of natural aversion towards sexualizing children shows that either you are a pedophile or a sociopath, and you seem to be generalizing your own lack of reaction to be normal, which leads to the rationalization that it must be the society that brainwashes people into hating pedophilia - which is a general feature of autism: the lack of awareness of other minds besides your own.

50b384d1 No.3602443

Plus, there's one person on this board who keeps consistently adding irrelevant images and memes to go along with their posts, who is a self-admitted autist, who used to post child-sexual imagery during the russian porn spam on the excuse that if you black-bar the genitalia it's "no longer child porn", and who is known for their reverse or nonsensical logic regarding anything.

Hi 3B

b7d5ecf3 No.3602445

File: 1612094742071.gif (7.03 MB, 854x480, 1610408981.ivorylagiacrus_….gif)

>The baby will instantly learn that and avoid it in the future.

And the same is true for pedophiles. They might try sticking their dick in a child and see it freak-out and stop but they are learning that it's bad behavior. They still want to stick their dick in the child. They learn not to.

50b384d1 No.3602459

See that toddler retch over the smell of shit?

It works like that. You don't even need to try and stick your dick in a child - the first time you even get the idea and the thoughts and emotions that arise from considering, "hmm.. what if I had sex with a child", gives rise to negative thoughts of disgust and shame. That's the smell test for pedophilia - that's how we have evolved to respond to the very concept of it, the same as how we naturally gag at the smell of excrement, or feel nauseous at the sight of someone else vomiting.

Only pedophiles and other retards without functioning brains have to try and learn the hard way why it is wrong.

3fd74199 No.3602537

Nailed it.

aaf20807 No.3602558

>negative thoughts of disgust and shame
It's a taught behavior and purely socio-cultural, not natural. Visit any countries that haven't been brainwashed by the western's stigma on sexuality.
These kids would go out fucking donkeys without anyone forcing them to https://youtu.be/4Ah0eb8fkPM?t=44
And this is valid for almost every country who haven't been tainted by the white man.

876bbec9 No.3602559

>fucking donkeys

But donkeys are not children, or people - not the same instincts apply. You're switching goalposts.

312bff2e No.3602564


Devil's advocate here. I've read about a tribe where they believed that the sperm is given from adult to kid. So they had anal sex with the male kids as they approached puberty.

There was no inherent disgust there. And since it's perfectly acceptable and normal in their culture nobody is mentally of emotionally harmed by it

Related link : https://hybridtechcar.com/2014/02/06/10-shocking-sexual-traditions-tribes-peoples-world-10-photos/

52f53b40 No.3602584

And kids in those countries still grow up to fuck kids.

2f9947d4 No.3602608


d5d869ca No.3602610

File: 1612226876189.jpg (83.11 KB, 340x263, superadventures.jpg)

4e5f53b4 No.3602704

File: 1612318719291.jpg (47.43 KB, 800x450, 1608335484222.jpg)

f99af82a No.3602723

File: 1612332482540.jpg (1.19 MB, 4000x3000, mykky4blq5f61.jpg)


How desperate and sad your low self-esteem must be that you have to depend on your culture or skin color to give you any value as a person. Pathetic.

Diamond hands make themselves magnificent.

1c4de194 No.3602727

If you think culture and skin colour are synonymous, you might be a racist.

Culture is who you are, an communal ethic you choose to follow. It is not an innate immutable trait.

d3dfe15f No.3602761

I'm still laughing at people getting offended over joked about jews claiming racism lol Jews are and never were a race a religion built on the foundations of the Palestinian people which are a race and not a religion.

f99af82a No.3602787

File: 1612393186526.png (10.15 KB, 300x126, smth_brn_boy.png)

>depend on your culture or skin color…

>If you think culture and skin colour are synonymous, you might be a racist.

84cbcd90 No.3602788

No one ever accused racists of being intelligent.

a85c1952 No.3602791

File: 1612394337910.jpg (19.2 KB, 339x382, Christopher Langan.jpg)

>>3602788 Some are smarter than others.

52f53b40 No.3602792

Correct. Look at Joe Biden.

84cbcd90 No.3602796

he is a moron that believes in intelligent design

but you're right, he is a racist

a85c1952 No.3602801

That moron has an IQ measured over 200.

0f98ce1d No.3602924


Hmmm….And Tesla (the original Tesla not the Musk "wannabe Tesla") was absolute certain speed of light was about 400000km/sec and Einstein was wrong.

Tesla had an presumed IQ of 235 or more. That did not make him right about everything. Despite leading the field in certain disciplines.

Sidis ? 275…..and published like 1 book about distribution of colors and numbers on tram tickets or so I have been told. have not looked this up so maybe I just did a Tesla =)

82925a74 No.3602959

Be that as it may, he's still by no measure, a moron.

312bff2e No.3602960

What's wrong with intelligent design?


400ish genes for a living organism that can reproduce.
A gene is a string of 400ish amino acids.

That's a string of amino acids 160000 long to get an organism that basically does nothing but living.

And it all assembled by chance in the primordial soup, and then - and this would be the most believable part - evolved to form all lifeforms.

9e488a3a No.3602961

>IQ between 195 and 210
>Occupation: Horse rancher

Either IQ means very little or this guy has wasted his intelligence.

84cbcd90 No.3602970

It's a little of both.

ee68d47c No.3602983


If there was a "designer," why'd he or she (or it) fuck up so badly?

99% of the plants and animals that were on Earth died out.

84cbcd90 No.3602984

please don't waste your time using logic/reason on people that refuse to play by those rules

ee68d47c No.3602988

File: 1612586263204.jpg (5.57 KB, 250x201, images.jpg)


Of course, just look at the "Pinnacle Of Creation," made in "God's Image," humans.

312bff2e No.3603042


The chances of life appearing from a chance combination of raw chemicals is so vanishingly tiny that if you use Ocam's razor, a God creating it is more probable.

9e804fa8 No.3603045

> that basically does nothing but living.

That's not the simplest possible organism, but the simplest possible bacterium that we know of.

It's still massively complicated compared to the simplest imaginable life forms, because it builds a cell wall and cilia for movement, and some basic information processing for searching for food etc.

If the food comes to you and the environment is pleasant enough that you don't need a protective cell wall, the actual simplest organism could be vastly simpler still. Down to the point of having just a simple bare strand of DNA that copies itself from amino acids floating by.

84cbcd90 No.3603094

File: 1612643962056.png (1.51 MB, 1199x1213, Screenshot_2021-02-06 2 li….png)

And yet, here we are and god isn't.

Meanwhile, while you morons were obsessing over 'Cuties'…

84cbcd90 No.3603095

File: 1612644141484-0.png (429.94 KB, 897x1101, Screenshot_2021-02-06 Jare….png)

File: 1612644141484-1.png (311.22 KB, 897x1337, Screenshot_2021-02-06 Jare….png)

>Of course, just look at the "Pinnacle Of Creation,"
senate republicans you say?

84cbcd90 No.3603111

File: 1612648150486.jpg (816.81 KB, 2160x3240, GhislaineMaxwell-GettyImag….jpg)

> Ghislaine Maxwell Claims It’s ‘Clear, Explicit, and Unambiguous’ That Jeffrey Epstein’s 2007 Plea Deal Protects Her to This Day

I wonder why trump nominated the author of that horrific epstein deal to be Secretary of Labor.
>In 2019, Acosta proposed cutting the funding of his department's International Labor Affairs Bureau from $68 million in 2018 to under $20 million in 2020. That agency combats human trafficking (including child sex trafficking), child labor and forced labor internationally.

8cc371be No.3603168

File: 1612658919332.png (85.43 KB, 660x681, awkward_situation.png)

>>a chance combination of raw chemicals
It's not entirely by chance. Lab experiments showed that carbon-based molecules can increase in complexity based on repeated cycles of something that causes chemical reactions (ex. irradiation by sun, irrigation with water, water drying out and repeat). And phospholipids automatically form membranes due to polarity.

Basically you have a primitive cell wall and a bunch of molecules that go in and out and have all kinds of reactions with each other.

At least one of the four building blocks of RNA has "spontaneously appeared" in trace amounts in lab experiments and we've only ran the experiment for less than a hundred years and in a very limited space.

Given a billion years and who knows how many trillions and trillions of square inches of surface to work with, getting that one molecule that assembled the first self-repeating RNA chain isn't that unlikely. And then it slowly spreads everywhere and gets more complex or more refined (whatever helps it survive) with each step along the way. First cells must have been virus-like (unable to maintain a stable internal environment on their own) and things progressed in the order one would expect them to. "Properly alive" single celled organisms, Prokaryotes (more bacteria-like) and Eukaryotes (more cell like). Then multicellular organisms. Then animals. Then mammals etc. And man is a mammal. So keep that in mind too.

This is like 5th grade biology, I shouldn't have to explain this.

So, basically the daft leftist >>3603094 happens to be right on this one, though he can probably not explain why without looking it up on wikipedia, because he in typical leftist fashion only learned that it is so, not why it is so. That's why you got a mocking "and yet…" instead of an actual explanation.

But don't argue this any further, you already lost.

5da5216d No.3603174

>>blocks of RNA has "spontaneously appeared" in trace amounts in lab experiments
Note for morons: during the reaction cycles, it didn't just stand there doing nothing

84cbcd90 No.3603176

>That's why you got a mocking
No, the reason is like you said
>I shouldn't have to explain this.
Because like I said >>3602984
>please don't waste your time using logic/reason on people that refuse to play by those rules


ur dum

8cc371be No.3603200

File: 1612664867791.jpg (7.51 KB, 233x120, 4062127 _ce1d9a75b7fa16af1….jpg)

You are only right because it's lulz.net and not youtube comments or some normie forum.

Just cause it's mindbendingly stupid doesn't mean people don't believe it with all honesty. I mean I was raised hardcore religious, there was a point where I had to compare what I was taught with some other things that I was taught and have a good think about it. Some folks, especially older ones never learned any better. Some of the younger ones never took that time to have a bit of a think.

But you're right. It's virtually impossible to go through this fandom without having a dozen fedoras tipped at you if you bring up god, so one should be familiar with the arguments. I know he knows better.

He's probably just trolling, but I'm using his comment as a vehicle to both refresh people's knowledge of abiogenesis and evolution, something that I love doing AND shit on you, also something that I love doing, so posting it works on both levels for me.

b224e7a3 No.3603203

File: 1612665270831.jpg (55.57 KB, 1371x612, FBC8BE30-5FDC-4FD2-83B8-2E….jpg)

The leader's death is a tragedy 6 million is statistics

5da5216d No.3603206

I was just being edgy with my reaction images, I don't actually support socialism of any kind. International or national. Cause they always end up with secret police, camps and gaudy parades for the dictator. No thanks.

5b255159 No.3603207

File: 1612667534597.jpg (100.48 KB, 600x460, ancestors.jpg)

>Given a billion years

This is correct. Basic statistics from college. A near impossible thing that is subjected to near infinite sample selection size becomes a certainty.

So life is actually quite easy to start. Whats difficult, and requires lots of energy and resources of a wide variety, is multi-cellular life forms.

Truly varied multi-cellular life forms requires a highly competitive environment - natural selection. Everything that exists today is the result of billions of generations of unrelenting violence.

5da5216d No.3603212

File: 1612671034433.jpg (73.63 KB, 960x720, slide_6.jpg)


Life, probably even sentient life given enough time is probably inevitable on planets that can sustain complex carbon-based molecules.

Humans themselves are kinda a bit of an accident though. Some ugly-ass primates got too smart for their own good cause it benefited them and here we are, their offspring.

And it's gotta be carbon because the only other molecule that is close enough to do the job, silicon, is too heavy and has a much limited ability to form useful molecules.

8cc371be No.3603214

File: 1612671571281.jpg (249.4 KB, 797x1280, ok but I want to huff your….jpg)

(also if I had designed people, I'd use a ringtailed lemur's body as a basis, not a fucking chimp-like proto-nigger, but that's just my personal taste)

b224e7a3 No.3603241

File: 1612693403034-0.png (14.24 KB, 60x60, PM_Starvation.png)

File: 1612693403034-1.png (238.03 KB, 1086x748, hungerstrike.png)

Imagine Stalin ask his gulag buddies let his people starve but they are all on hunger strike, wait that's illegal.

ab794a12 No.3609996

>muh trans
<lemme scream bigot cause that's an argument.
Nice of you to ignore the specific
"NO PARENTS OR GUARDIANS PERMITTED" included. This sounds like any fucking pedo cult ever.
>fat kids
People wear shirts for swimming regardless of fitness.
>muh males
Because men don't have breasts, which, on any kid not 10 or younger, is something that should be hidden for both public and self-modesty. There is a reason nudist beaches are specifically separate areas.

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