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04287d5f No.3584356

Two days of hard drinking, I've been having so much fun with my friends who are way too cool for school. I woke up this morning from the floor, one of the legs of my bed has disappeared. Busted lip, knees bloodied and i smell like sweat.

Now, pizza time and I might have a wank. There's this half japanese guy that i find really attractive. I want to do nasty things to him but for now I will settle for a hangover with some politics and porn.

how is your sunday going? end of blogpost.
Also i got some blue cheese and shorizo, but those are for later.

c673e04f No.3584357

take your pills

c372630e No.3584360

File: 1596969054100.jpg (2.05 MB, 2362x1772, Bleu_de_Gex.jpg)

OH I love a good blue cheese <3

Blue cheese is a great pro-biotic, promotes healthy digestion & is one of the healhier cheeses you could eat.

04287d5f No.3584361

File: 1596969896369.png (3.48 MB, 1040x3584, 8b8303_3393997.png)

blue cheese for the win
also, my pc chair broke down too. It is very uncomfortable to play with myself now :C
Almost lost my wallet too but that was fortunately recovered.

741badc8 No.3584367


You need a better Hobby me thinks.

Have you thought about…I dont know…..Knitting maybe ?

dd9632d5 No.3584375

>I've been having so much fun with my friends who are way too cool for school
Clean your plushes.

62e9562b No.3584377

thank u for sharing

314b8999 No.3584552


Why are there all Russians on the right side of the picture?

37db2eba No.3584576

Public drinking and drunkenness isn't illegal in Russia, and their cost of alcohol is equivalent to a can of beer costing $0.40 in the US

6b08a8fa No.3584578

> cost of alcohol is equivalent to a can of beer costing $0.40 in the US

That's not significantly cheaper, especially considering the average Russian makes five times less money per month.

6b176c88 No.3584588

That guy looks like a brit to you?

6b176c88 No.3584590

File: 1597230117252.webm (2.8 MB, 799x502, 1597179514407.webm)

54d78626 No.3584597

I don't understand

37db2eba No.3584635

The bald guy is uncomfortable in front of a camera and transphobes interpret the 11-second clip of him behaving strangely as him trying to pretend not to be disappointed and disapproving of his child's gender transition.

887a2f5c No.3584669

This is what happens when you dont beat your children.

6b08a8fa No.3584739

Children who are never beaten, no matter how badly they behave, grow up with the sense that there's no limit to what they can get away with.

Some children never behave badly enough that they'd deserve a beating - most children do so at least once. Then there are some who behave badly all the time and beating them will only make them worse. It's this last group that people use to argue that beating children is wrong.

7cd9be6a No.3584765

Thats alex spastic isnt it?

1ef86e96 No.3584780

File: 1597357833600.jpg (2.99 MB, 3888x2592, Cute_roborovski_hamster.jpg)

Touché, my parents never beat me

Once you figure out karma, heaven and hell are all bullshit and most corporations and politicians get away with murder, oh shit consequences are social constructs.

6b08a8fa No.3584785

Social constructs are consequences of natural facts.

a1148127 No.3584787

File: 1597359920929.jpg (109.91 KB, 777x1600, wgjx4vjme0p31.jpg)

Yes, facts about people you can learn… and have fun with

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