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6af52a6b No.3585266

>HD version!
>sub-VGA resolution

tell me more about how america is great again

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File: 1597832516319.png (6.89 KB, 600x400, racememethingfurz.png)

694b542e No.3585270

File: 1597833506091.png (6.17 KB, 600x400, skyrimxxx.png)

what if High Elves hired these Redguards to attack the Imperials?

The High elves are the elites, the Redguards are the blacks, the Imperials are the cops.

694b542e No.3585274

File: 1597837279210.png (7.14 KB, 600x400, scp-1471 memez.png)

02bc52d9 No.3585663

File: 1598152957796.png (359.65 KB, 598x407, Keep_Pushing_We_Can_Defeat….png)

Here is a fun thread of videos from a BLM protest where 50 BlueLivesMatter counter-protestors showed up armed, carrying shields, using bear spray, and throwing incendiaries at people.

At first Homeland and the cops came out to keep the peace because it was 50 white nationalists and 140 or so BLM activists forming two shield walls and yelling at each other…

Then word got out on twitter…

The BLM bicycle protestors showed up, the press showed up, more activist groups showed up, a pro-Trump biker-gang showed up when the Bootlickers started making their speech and just sat there with their bikes idling making it impossible to hear him.

With the bikers and the cops there they got brave and tried to flip a BLM snack van but… well… physics.

The fascists started to get nervous when the bikers left so they moved all their cars to a single parking garage and posted guards on it taking up sniping positions overlooking the crowd.

The BLM/Antifa crowd just kept growing and growing until a third of the bootlickers started to panic and ran for their cars then drove out of town as fast as they could.

The remaining fascists stood strong though. They shot people with paint guns and pepper-sprayed and tasered people.

They charged into the army of BLM activists and hit people with batons breaking some people's bones but they were sure they could handle the crowd because the cops had their back! After all, they were there to defend…

Wait.. why were the cops backing away… shit, the cops were falling back into the IRS building leaving them defenseless!

They decided at that point blue lives did not matter and it was time to go home ASAP!


6577a270 No.3585664

Basically BLM matters and you white freaks should get out of our towns. Blue lives need to be ended, white lives are evil, and those half colored things are toxic. Get woke.

02bc52d9 No.3585686

File: 1598170654289.webm (2.61 MB, 320x180, Tough_window.webm)

After the bootlickers tried to flip the fan and failed, they slashed the tires on the van then they figured out that on the other side of the van the people inside were handing out eggs to be thrown at the fascists so they tried to break in and beat up the people in the van.

It didn't go well for them.

02bc52d9 No.3585687

No one wants to kill cops. We just want them to not act like monsters but since that's apparently too much to ask of them, we want funding moved to other agencies who can deal with situations that don't require monsters.

You don't send a rabid dog to baby sit your kid. You don't send a cop to catch a stray dog or check on an elderly person. Rabid dogs only know how to bite. Cops only know how to be monsters. We're just saying that we should limit cops so they are the right tool for the right job.

If cops are busting drug cartels or stopping bank robbers then they can be as trigger happy as they want to be but they shouldn't be interacting with non-criminals because clearly, they can't be trusted to control themselves.

02bc52d9 No.3585750

File: 1598235775512.webm (4.18 MB, 180x320, Wacky_Cops.webm)

Unrelated to American protest but still hilarious.

3204ff8b No.3585755

File: 1598240845519.jpg (65.93 KB, 720x1280, photo_2020-08-10_22-56-40.jpg)

Funny how only police are available in the large democrat cities. Other services get "defunded" like mental health forcing the police to have to step up.

>If cops are busting drug cartels or stopping bank robbers

Or drug abusers, you know, like George Floyd. Looks like imported Chinese drugs killed Floyd, not the police.

6af52a6b No.3585756

File: 1598241508411.png (135.14 KB, 1200x628, trump-sudafed[1].png)

>Or drug abusers

694b542e No.3585758

Murica is that kind of kid who always acted like a spoiled brat in the past and everyone thought its just a phase but it wasnt and now its a grown ass narcissistic sociopath murderer :D

1ccc1d5f No.3585777

>> *Responds with some heroic image, claims he's to "humiliating bigots" "controlling you" into debunking his garbage cancer content, claims he has a fetish for "fighting bigots" that gives him "wood"

SJW levels of awareness in a nutshell.

64e44ffa No.3585786

File: 1598271206914.gif (700.96 KB, 500x278, pm3DRw2.gif)

A guy in his 70's has Decongestants & takes medication?


bc6b8156 No.3585817

Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) in larger doses works like speed and athletes use if for doping - it is in fact a derivative of amphetamine - and it is used for the synthesis of meth.

It also doesn't work as a decongestant if you take it regularly, because it loses effect in continued use. It just makes you tweaky and keeps you awake.

64e44ffa No.3585820

File: 1598306940065.png (302.36 KB, 640x480, 3fd3afc9491c7ad57f1192f247….png)

>>3585817 You're grasping at straws my man. WOW! 2 of the boxes. So what! 2 Boxes of Sudafed in a drawer & you're trying to act like it's some huge deal.

It's not even a prescription, it's over the counter. I could go out right now to my local Target & buy 2 boxes of Sudafed myself. Since, Ya know, local Target is still there & hasn't been smashed & looted.

Even if he was using it to keep him awake. So what? He was running for President. Guys got a lot of shit to do. You people will seriously look for any reason what so ever, anything at all, no matter how trivial to attack the president.

It's laughable how desperate you people can be some times.

6af52a6b No.3585823

>2 boxes
It's at least 4 that you can see. It's also in packaging only sold in the UK.

>it's over the counter. I could go out right now to my local Target & buy 2 boxes of Sudafed myself

Don't be so confident.

>So what?

When the President is a drug addict it's not illegal.

but when you're black, conservatives will use it as an excuse to murder you

a0c7d7d2 No.3585827

File: 1598317105174.jpg (142.41 KB, 706x576, negroblacklivesmatterhypoc….jpg)

>when you're black, conservatives will use it as an excuse to murder you


6af52a6b No.3585832

ece9c42c No.3585835

Trump is so old that if he was using it as speed his heart would probably give out. It's likely th as t he takes one before appearances so no one sees a pollen allergy and goes MY GOD ITS DA CORONA.

Hes a billionaire president, if he wanted speed he wouldnt do it like a jr high kid.

6af52a6b No.3585840

>It's likely that he takes one before appearances so no one sees a pollen allergy and goes MY GOD ITS DA CORONA.

are you sure?


ece9c42c No.3585841

File: 1598323189554.gif (3.23 MB, 1000x1000, 7eae4e6187917f63ec62ee12b6….gif)

I'm not going to even bother clicking that link, you are a faggot, and so is your mother.

6af52a6b No.3585843

somehow I get the feeling you already watched it

ece9c42c No.3585847

I watched it 4 years ago.

64e44ffa No.3585853

File: 1598343403451.jpg (152.64 KB, 1024x512, 1594172237471.jpg)


So? Guess what… No one cares anymore. You keep pushing eventually you get push back. Hell even the animals are getting sick of your shit.

Suck it nerds!

>>3585835 This was the before Covid. It was around Cinco De Mayo 2016. May is spring time & in many places allergy season.

bc6b8156 No.3585862

If he was using speed, his heart would give out. Pseudoephedrine is milder, and it doesn't have the problem of causing psychotic hallucinations.

694b542e No.3585863

File: 1598356819288.jpg (169.38 KB, 1300x1300, 04bf62261a5298b59a0804bd07….jpg)

send all the antifa, karens, black lives matter protesters to the land of Norks!

02bc52d9 No.3585864

File: 1598359616334.png (981.02 KB, 740x739, bootlickermeme.png)

>Looks like imported Chinese drugs killed Floyd, not the police.

02bc52d9 No.3585865

File: 1598360625364.png (18.78 KB, 854x293, Screenshot_2020-08-25 Tabl….png)

>53.94 per 1,000,000 black on black.
>0.77 per 1,000,000 white on black.
>per 1,000,000 members of the murder's race.

2013 black people were 12.3% of the population. Whites were 62.4%.

Your chart is designed to make a very small number look much larger because conservatives are too stupid to know how math works. Here is a more honest chart of murder in 2013.


White people murder at 3 times the rate of black people.

64e44ffa No.3586138

File: 1598512800937.jpg (32.15 KB, 639x692, 1595386318869.jpg)

64e44ffa No.3586142

File: 1598515723040.jpg (129.86 KB, 987x1024, 1584247183892.jpg)

Arean't white people the majority of the population in the country any ways though?

95f0b155 No.3586163

File: 1598528508779.jpg (48.66 KB, 640x480, Ty-victims-1-640x480.jpg)

A suspect has been charged for the murders of a 21-year-old aspiring school teacher and her stepfather after a car crash in Georgetown County, South Carolina.

Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters, III, a 23-year-old from Moncks Corner, South Carolina, was charged with two counts of murder after allegedly shooting and killing 21-year-old Laura Ashley Anderson and her stepfather, 45-year-old Charles Nicholas Wall.

Walters also allegedly shot a third person, Paul McConnell, before bludgeoning him in the face with his firearm. McConnell survived the attack while Anderson and Wall both died after being taken to a nearby hospital.

According to deputies with the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office, Walters was involved in an altercation with Walls and Anderson after a car crash. That was when Walters allegedly shot and killed Walls and Anderson, and injured McConnell.

Walls’ wife and Anderson’s mother, Kimberly Wall, said at a bond hearing on Wednesday that Walters should not be released on bail.

“He has taken two of my best friends three miles from my house,” Walls said. “I have other family and I’m just scared for all of us. It has destroyed my life and my family. I don’t want him to get out.”

Jenna Johnson, a relative, told WBTW that Walls and Anderson “meant so much to so many people.”

“Anyone who’s ever met or known Laura or Nick, they knew two of the most wonderful people,” Johnson said. “My niece was simply a gorgeous person inside and out. She had a very positive bubbly personality. She was starting school next week to become a teacher just like her mom.”

Walters is currently being held at the Georgetown County Detention Center.

95f0b155 No.3586164

CNN will not cover this story.

NYTimes will not cover this story.

They have a strict white-man-bad editorial policy.

It is their monomaniacal obsession.

If a black person does harm, they do not tell the story.

If a white person is the victim, it goes straight down the memory hole.

This is the narrative war.

(Leftist lies cause misery and death.)

Notice how when the perpetrator is Black and the victim is White there is no mention of Race anywhere in the article…but when the perpetrator is White and the victim is Black, race is constantly mentioned throughout the article and put right at the top of the headline. Race hustlers in the media gonna race hustle…

Gee, I’ll bet the South Carolina city will be burned, looted and destroyed over this. NOT!!!

wheres WHITE LIVES MATTER? when can i go looting?

i demand FREE STUFF!

aec36028 No.3586169

or maybe, just maybe, every road rage incident isn't national newsworthy

95f0b155 No.3586171

File: 1598535547967-0.jpg (106.56 KB, 1280x720, BLM.jpg)

File: 1598535547967-1.jpg (31.29 KB, 672x372, Ohio-Man-Facing-Felony-Cha….jpg)

NOPE. Because if this were a WHITE guy that killed a BLACK dad and daughter in this same way, it would be plastered all over CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and all the others and this city would be burning.

1 example of thousands:



Did you hear about this before now? No, you did not, because you only watch and listen to left-wing media.


95f0b155 No.3586172

File: 1598535949300.jpeg (9.91 KB, 225x225, WWindex.jpeg)

MSM deliberately encourages this type of behavior by supressing it.


The "pushback" has begun in earnest, and you won't like where it leads to.

3204ff8b No.3586175

File: 1598540500672.jpg (68.06 KB, 680x680, EgWbnpfWoAI4UQM.jpg)

Now for some good news:

A leftist terrorist riot group known as "Riot Kitchen", based in Seattle, had traveled to Kenosha to spread more leftwing terror, had just been disappeared by the feds, who were following them the entire time:


8c0b671f No.3586625

They're out. Also, giving out food is not "leftwing terror," although your calling it such sorta explains why your ilk tends to poo-poo direct actions of altruism. Every single one of you that I've met IRL has just given a fucking stupid stare as a response to being informed of the "General Welfare" clause in the Constitution; I've had to conclude that it's because you guys don't much actually give a fuck about that document, but you don't like being called out on that, either.
I expect that as the move to authoritarianism increases, this sensitivity will correspondingly decrease as it must.

You think this is clever because you tend to never analyze shit and WAY too often go for the copypasta route, but The Boot tends to represent authority. BLM doesn't have much of that. BLM isn't writing laws, isn't controlling the police or military, isn't dictating national or even regional policy - BLM is in fact an idea that runs contradictory to regional policy, and That's The Problem.

8c0b671f No.3586626

File: 1598731552071.jpg (289.62 KB, 953x772, 1482003342925.jpg)

I dunno, I think that the fact that when I look for this story, I unfailingly run into websites like "One America News Network," Bill O'Reilly's personal website, and "Chimpmania.com". Maybe the main media outlets have correctly concluded that the people who often to latch onto stories like these tend to be ethnonationalists? I don't know about them, but I've long-since concluded that you guys are better-off left to your hugboxes rather than dumping shit in with the general population.

Fascists have been circulating shit like this for decades. For real, decades. Go be me in 2004 and read David Duke's "My Awakening;" that fucker put then-current charts like these right in his pages. What these (typically highly edited) charts deliberately seek to obfuscate (by means of careful omission) are
1) regional data - informing one that arrests are severely disproportionately directed against blacks in the South where the maintenance of African slavery is in full command of the police (and frequently locally political) SOP and very interestingly also in areas where private prisons are located, and it becomes pretty transparent that crime is not dictating arrest rates - this shit is about maintaining profit and the fucking Confederate status-quo
and 2) the fact that this data examines *arrests* rather than *convictions* - an arrest has far too much potential to be a reflection of the arresting officer's personal biases or instructions from the chain of command than of a rightful cause to arrest i.e. see previous bullet point; convictions are a more-worthy metric by which to measure guilt in an age of sophisticated forensic analysis, although if you can't afford a legal team able to demand the inclusion of such, you might be fucked anyway no matter what your race is - though it is telling that 47% of wrongful convictions identified and reversed in the U.S. apply to black people, even in an environment where police, DAs, and judges tend to act in collusion to prevent such reversals from happening at all.
In a legally-impartial nation, who knows what the fuck those charts would look like.

86af71de No.3586635

>giving out food is not "leftwing terror,"
Hi, OP here.

giving away food for free absolutely is leftwing terror. if people think that basic human necessities don't need to be profitized then our whole consumer culture will collapse


3215ec8a No.3586637

A commies' idea of individual property rights and capitalism is hilarious.

A person can do what he wants with his own property, and that includes giving it freely to others. The problem they have with "free shit" is when it's taken forcefully from Person A to give to Person B. There is no problem when Person A chooses of his own volition to give his property to Person B.

The problem is the forcefully taking bit, i.e., theft. Not the giving part.

But communism is theft, so leave it to a commie to not understand that.

3204ff8b No.3586638

File: 1598734334478.jpg (76.72 KB, 718x460, photo_2020-08-26_14-03-41.jpg)

>They're out. Also, giving out food is not "leftwing terror,"

Literally called "riot kitchen". Know what their comrades were doing that led to the arrests? Filling up containers with gasoline and putting them into their Black Bloc Bus. Police also found these "chefs" with protective vests, drugs, helmets, fireworks and gas masks.

Wonder what they were cooking? Oh right, the leftist go to for when they get caught being violent is no, they were medics! No, they were feeding poor people, no poor MINORITIES! They're never evil, they're never wrong.

Remember, leftism is based 100% around lies.

86af71de No.3586639

>A commies' idea of individual property rights and capitalism is hilarious.


3204ff8b No.3586641

File: 1598734745800.jpg (125.6 KB, 905x1280, RiotKitchen.jpg)

And here's the police report detailing Riot Kitchen's culinary preparation.

You know, the same police department that overcharged the hero Kyle for getting rid of a pedophile, wife beater and felon burglar.

Ever thought about that? Somehow Kyle got three fucking felons, that's either a huge coincidence or these "protests" are full of the world human scum in this country.

But hey, leftists love pedophiles and wife beaters.

86af71de No.3586643

>filling up gas cans for your generators is terrorism

I don't think they serve boots, but I bet they'd be willing to boil up some vegan leather for you

8c0b671f No.3586646

Weird how you're trying to flip my response to being about Kyle; wonder why. Prolly 'cuz you haven't got a leg to stand on without deflection.
Oh well, I'll bite anyway: Kyle's case is interesting and I actually sympathize with his position somewhat, although the George-Zimmerman-Looking-For-A-Fight-And-Finding-One aspect is a bit fishy to me. The disposition of those shot is completely immaterial to me - we don't execute people who've served their time - but chasing down someone without just cause is pretty senseless.
Though I've heard that they pursued him on suspicion that he had shot someone beforehand; the survivors' statements may offer context.

What are you trying to spin? They're a moving mealtruck that bounce around where riots frequently kick off. It's taking the piss a little bit, but the name isn't even clever.
>Having protective equipment
This is illegal now? In an environment where escalation by cops has become a hallmark of the protests? Go fuck yourself, babyman.

>Wonder what they were cooking?

That the cops pretty immediately released them suggests to me that you're reaching for some shit that ain't there.

3215ec8a No.3586666

Nigger, why are you replying to my comment with something completely unrelated?

86af71de No.3586671

wow, rude

fuck off back to hell, satan

40962e39 No.3589117

c75341f0 No.3589223

File: 1600609445125.jpg (61.26 KB, 405x634, Capture4.JPG)

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