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482059a8 No.3583750


How the hell could this deranged motherfucker consistently avoid punishment for all the shit he pulled?

Fucked and sexually abused his dog? A year in prison, banned from having pets. Due to this he breaks parole, flees to another state to live with his dogfucker friend. Authorities did not find out until *years* later.
Shot an innocent driver with intent to murder, claiming the man was DUI? A few months in jail.
Extradited back to his state due to above parole breaking? Sentenced to two years of prison but eventually got released for unknown reasons.
Facing 10 years of jailtime in Arizona due to attempted murder mentioned above? Charges dropped.

How can one despicable subhuman piece of shit like him have so much luck?

7b527edb No.3583752

File: 1596462090266.gif (1.34 MB, 360x448, 1593758369824.gif)

it's karma, op

every time you give a dog an orgasm lady luck will reward you handsomly for it

unlike the rest of the world that spend their entire lives making animals miserable

66096a6e No.3583754

Antifa is destroying the country and you're still on about one dogfucker, maybe the system has better things to do

447ba761 No.3583776


Greedy egotistical manipulative lying gaslighting pedophile rich white hedonists are destroying anyone and anything they even SUSPECT is deviating from their narrative, comitting everything from murder and torture to outright genocide and parracide without remorse or hesitation, spoon-feeding you multi-billion dollar lies through the media to keep you complacent slaves, and you're worried about a handful of disorganized anarchists?

Maybe the system needs to be burned to the ground and shit on.

5ea1724b No.3583779

Antifa is teenage rebellion manufactured by those people, all garbage no one needs

f7c43051 No.3583790

Beez Zabinski is a pedophile.

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