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File: 1596320232811.jpg (23.59 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

9b429f48 No.3583592

Just installed a bidet, and holy hell why have these never caught on in america. I had the Jaws attack theme going on in my head while slowly turning it on for the first time and then… BAM, cleanest asshole in the universe.

Toilet paper is a false prophet, and dead to me.

5a1e385c No.3583602

I think it's partly America's stuck up attitude towards sex. I was watching some documentary that stated that Americans saw bidets being in whorehouses. So that is what we're stuck with. Prudes who saw something that were in places were prostitute s frequented and can't get over their stuck up puritanical morals

faf25900 No.3583603

How do you handle the shit water splashing everywhere? Are you really clean, or just moist?

151c5dea No.3583604

File: 1596330462106.jpg (285.84 KB, 2048x1872, how gamers use the toilet ….jpg)

I thought there were a couple other factors in this.

1) American homes are built cheap … a bidet costs money and only rich upper crustians can afford that shit.

2) Toilet paper is MANLY and THE AMERICAN WAY and we don't need no sissies from France telling us how to clean our asses – and if you so obsessed with how clean and shiny your butthole is you have to be some kind of pussy-faggot.

Neither is a very good argument but heck.. who needs good arguments.

9b429f48 No.3583605

8df65c65 No.3583607

they're just not environmentally friendly, think of all the extra water wasted ,think of of the poo water mist flying around the bathroom and you thought the rona was all Atwater droplets

960cae3b No.3583635

File: 1596340933004.png (97.82 KB, 500x564, Ychan - s - anal sex - 138….png)

Buys toilet paper. never use them. wait till prices rise… profit?

960cae3b No.3583636

File: 1596341857626.png (7.26 KB, 500x564, shitcovereddick.png)

fa152cea No.3583646


Better than both paper and bidet is easilly reachable sink.
- Moisten paper with water.
- Suddenly 1000 time cleaning power.
- Eco friendly and clean.

927e421f No.3583650

Been doing this since I was a kid

9b429f48 No.3583659

That's one of the reasons I put in the bidet. Even after being clean with toilet paper, after using a wipe or wet paper I always got more. TP is obviously inferior to all but the Arab left hand.

cf270aab No.3583663

File: 1596380955977.jpg (80.9 KB, 680x543, BabyAssWipes.jpg)

59d4de07 No.3583669

File: 1596386435933.jpg (41.95 KB, 1013x1024, BB2000_Bidet_Seat_HERO_102….jpg)


Just ordered one of these on Friday.. can't wait for that sparkly asshole.

9b429f48 No.3583678

File: 1596388418182.jpg (36.74 KB, 600x395, my-man-bnlaml.jpg)

I got the dude wiper 1000, but honestly yours looks better.

69af85a2 No.3583690

File: 1596400404104.jpg (30.17 KB, 590x350, 1492066692451.jpg)

you need to change your diet,fatass. no more cheetos and shitty mountain dew,also tell your mom no more tendies.

21779fe7 No.3583699

File: 1596410489806.jpg (162.82 KB, 420x600, 1be3fb9b70aaadf580609edac9….jpg)

Never imagined doing this but now that I squirt coconut oil into my ass with a dog dildo every other day maybe this is for me? How strong is the jet compared to a detachable showerhead?

9b429f48 No.3583700

File: 1596410551532.png (761.77 KB, 1180x522, 20200802_190634.png)

I actually dont need to. I had 1/4 of my colon removed so I do t have the ends and curves most people have and thus have to shit a lot. Plus I think the time I drank anything more caffeinated than a cup of earl grey was about 10 years ago.

And both my parents are dead.

e3137e82 No.3583701

File: 1596411684982.png (279.64 KB, 748x468, 1571515405.khaleesikiyiyaw….png)

Bidet masterrace doesn't need justify its reasons to bluepill trolls.

151c5dea No.3583713

The problem with toilet paper is that instead of wiping it clean it tends to packs it in like Spackle.

3a904248 No.3583717

File: 1596421328668.jpg (108.97 KB, 850x1098, 1540510181.king-cheetah_20….jpg)

Recent bidet adopter, can confirm that it makes a huge difference. Some advice:

1) Be prepared to adjust the thing back and forth, if the installation hardware allows it. For best results you want the stream of water to "hit the bullseye" reliably.

2) Check your water pressure; if it's too high the device has a potential to sting. Make sure it's set low enough to be comfortable.

14ad1145 No.3583721

Bidets are literally filthy. Spraying your assholr with water just spreads shit Mucus around.
The ultimate regard test. If you have shit leftover on your asshole after shitting fix your diet, all that should be left is mucus which is best cleared with a wet wipe.

9b429f48 No.3583748

First thing, you only get "mucus" if you do anal enough to irritate your ass enough to make it try to protect itself.

Second, shitting whether its watery, soft or solid always leaves your ass in need of cleaning.

Third, your statement makes me think you smell like shit.

e3912f9d No.3583757

File: 1596464099426.jpg (134.14 KB, 1218x1440, x9v72og1e6q01.jpg)

The ultimate test is "will it fuck" so try to picture 2 asses finished shitting: the one with soaked fur or the rocky road? It's good to talk about this

aafb2d57 No.3583761

Bidets only clean you if you put your hand in there and scrub, which involves touching your own shit with your hands. Smell your fingers afterwards - the water won't make that go away… then again most of you are gay, so you're fingering your asses anyhow and constantly smell like rectum.

Toilet paper and wet wipes are the barrier that lets you keep hygiene while you clean yourself.

ca575eaf No.3583769

File: 1596470342842.jpg (36.45 KB, 474x474, 14b2e7fdd65262bd5ce3a4a203….jpg)

I get detachable showerhead to lower need for enemas, so it's a question of which does the better job, relative impacts on health. It's which lube you use, since nobody likes oil-base, but it's gentlest in my ass, so how do you get around soap?

So if you're going to need soap, the bidet increases fecal contact for non-masturbation use but the convenience factor might boost recreational use of facilities.

I was going to keep a bowl of disposable gloves to bleach once a week, but for paper eh how do you eliminate finally?

5374a668 No.3583784

I will need furry instructional posters https://e621.net/posts?tags=bidet

b54378fd No.3583853

>First thing, you only get "mucus" if you do anal enough to irritate your ass enough to make it try to protect itself.

mucus is present across every square inch of the intestines, colon and anus 24/7 unless you are seriously dehydrated.

Why post when you don't know basic biology?

bf8ce7c0 No.3583855

For someone with a 151 IQ, you make a lot of spelling mistakes.

Ooh, tell the one about how the anus is self-cleansing.

3656df3d No.3583860


>The anus is self cleaning

You really are dusting off the old memes aren't you?

a48076e7 No.3584924

File: 1597525416844.gif (27.59 KB, 752x978, jc-081.gif)

52f06c35 No.3584956

File: 1597541020629.png (121.8 KB, 952x528, The Anus Is Self-cleaning.png)

> >The anus is self cleaning

> You really are dusting off the old memes aren't you?

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