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File: 1596225175810.jpg (139.08 KB, 794x1636, il_794xN.2064088287_5vr2.jpg)

dfc0eb5c No.3583503

I need help her, if you buy one of those animal genital themed fuck toys, does this put you closer to fucking real animals? is it a slippery slope towards the real thing? I'm confused and so is my punishment. please help.

a916f978 No.3583509

File: 1596227367887.jpg (98.07 KB, 764x740, 1588176807165.jpg)

There is no correct, universal answer to this type of question when it comes to fetishes.. it varies too much by person. I think you can already answer it for yourself since no body knows you better than you.

I feel similarly about "drawn and/or 3D rendered CP"

Is it more harmful than good to let pedos just jerk off to fake pictures? I don't know. It probably varies drastically. It isn't fair to compare those two things though because I find it much more morally acceptable to (kindly and safely) diddle an animal than a child, which is never okay.

I think your question is painted in the light of moral issue on the bestiality topic but I just can't find anything "wrong" with it despite the fact that I gag at dogfuckers.

Overall? I'd wager most people would get closer to fucking an animal by using a toy like this. You're already appealing a specific desire and one not hard to act upon in reality, so.. Yeah

d806da11 No.3583512

That's gross, bro.

dfc0eb5c No.3583514

thats comparing apples to oranges. little kids to adult animals. stop bring up your pedo tendencies

a916f978 No.3583515

I literally stated in my post that it wasn't a fair comparison, I'm sorry that you're an illiterate brainlet. The comparison holds value in regards to discussing the 'slippery slope argument' in general, which I specified clearly.

Try to keep up, sweeetheart.

dfc0eb5c No.3583516

File: 1596233256392.jpg (43.8 KB, 461x820, 1583354925260.jpg)

sorry there,cupcake. do you want your own wolf vagoo toy? also why did you even bother replying about an off topic conversation? projecting much? guilty of something I don't want to know of? now talk about the fortune cookie or leave the thread, asshole.

a916f978 No.3583518

File: 1596234142222.png (130.26 KB, 215x405, heh.png)

76fc4564 No.3583524

File: 1596239408401.jpg (25.48 KB, 700x500, no u.jpg)

6073d9e8 No.3583539

You don't deserve help.

00e462a9 No.3583543

Don't do it, son

3526271b No.3583546

File: 1596254912890.jpg (571.02 KB, 2640x1980, 1594010914621.jpg)

furry is definitely a series of slippery slopes, but as long as you just end up fucking animals you were one of the lucky ones

you could have slid down the twitter sociopath, vore or gore slopes instead

3526271b No.3583548

File: 1596255018804.jpg (1.8 MB, 2223x1960, 1593946357787.jpg)

there were more of these but i forgot to save them :(

e7b57966 No.3583620

File: 1596337078955.jpg (18.99 KB, 300x300, TwoHoleToy.jpg)

010d8b91 No.3583628

Looks like an ice cream something

4457429e No.3583800

File: 1596480369848.jpg (101.74 KB, 720x668, FbPZlym.jpg)

They built a slippery slope in your mind, with your tax money. Find your sweet spot and the warmth of furry's hidden treasures will melt away the ice.

1e61385b No.3583802

File: 1596482119051.png (978.77 KB, 946x577, sextoyoutofcandymold.png)

The question is why not make your own?

Silicone candy mold was an example.

You just need to make your own custom fleshlight out of some drying clay and pour it in to let it settle down how difficult is it?

5b7b2d5b No.3588757

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