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77634dbd No.3583417

Delicious drama happened. On the bright side this time it wasn't a sparkledog complaining about loli art.


0df0c9f1 No.3583423

File: 1596143745885.png (259.74 KB, 463x586, EeFUrb9XsAAZigK.png)

Oh look, it's fucking nothing. If an accusation is brought to twitter instead of the police, it should be discarded with prejudice.

b15c0771 No.3583427

b15c0771 No.3583429

>a 17-year-old child!

America needs to be wiped off the map

0df0c9f1 No.3583430

File: 1596146616847.png (17.12 KB, 343x141, Snapshot_2020-07-30_180334….png)

Yup, that's about right.

e092c5e2 No.3583431

How ridiculous. I had already moved out and was living on my own by 16.

db292061 No.3583435

I was hooking up with strangers on dating websites when I was 16.

31fa3709 No.3583440

>You ever notice how people always bring up age of consent and ALWAYS get it wrong because they can't read basic English?
Is it not a fact that many parts of the world have an age of consent at 16? Even if it was illegal where this occurred, that doesn't automatically mean you have moral superiority.

ca837c06 No.3583441

Black lives don't matter

828e507b No.3583442

"Child molester"
"16 year old"

And it's not even illegal in Vietnam where that dude lives. Sounds like a case of, keep one:
- attention whoring
- personal revenge
- batshit insanity

db292061 No.3583475

Don't you understand?
Dave drew NSFW for an innocent 17-year-old CHILD at their own request. That makes him a child groomer and LITERALLY a child molester.
It doesn't matter if it's legal in his country, because AMERICAN MORALS trump law.

db292061 No.3583484

Beez Zabinski is a pedophile.

6e7693df No.3583507

That doesn't make much sense. I mean, wouldn't someone just use regular ol' furry porn, rather than cub porn, to "groom" an almost legal, ___seventeen-years-old___ teen? The fact of Dave being a cub pervert seems unrelated to the "grooming" in the case at hand.

8e18153e No.3583557

>I mean, wouldn't someone just use regular ol' furry porn, rather than cub porn, to "groom" an almost legal, ___seventeen-years-old___ teen?
If pornography is used at all (not even close to universal in grooming), it is nearly always 100% legal, adult, human, heterosexual porn. Online crusaders are hopelessly misguided. If you want to keep kids from being groomed, keep them off the internet.

be661231 No.3583573

>"groom" "grooming"
why the quotes?

a1ace1d5 No.3583575

I would think that is obvious. Anti-pedo fanatics constantly misuse that term. Simply having a conversation with a minor is "grooming" to them.

db292061 No.3583578

I remember when the term was used to refer to predatory child molesters who befriend young children at playgrounds with the purpose of later sexual abuse.
Nowadays, it's used in such contexts as 20-year-olds dating 17-year-olds or men in their late-20s dating young adults.

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