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In other news…

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noooooo not him

stupid corona-chan, why couldn't you take someone more deserving like mitch or nancy

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and yet , while posting this, DJOW is down only -225 points.

The markets have no attachment to reality anymore. they make no rational sense.

USA should go bankrupt in an blaze of inflation , while commodities should skyrocket into space.

89ddcf30 No.3583443

Not just USA, the whole world should go bankrupt. Because everyone printed fake money that didn't correspond to an actual increase of wealth.

Covid will be a convenient scapegoat to blame the complete fubaring of the global economy on.

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File: 1596160822257.png (35.49 KB, 787x581, 1592375071041.png)

The number is from Q2 2020, a.k.a 1-4 months ago. It's not like the markets didn't know what happened back then.

>The markets have no attachment to reality anymore

A trillion here, a trillion there. Pretty soon you're talking real money.

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1990-1991 was NOT the dot com bust.

77e737f6 No.3583488

So it's a fake graphic then. Must be a 3B post.

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File: 1596216706812.png (121.92 KB, 1266x478, How_Fucked_Are_We_2.png)

>Fake post.

No, it's real. Just made a mistake. The economy really is this screwed.

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I was literally right. It's now entirely confirmed to be less deadly than the flu unless you are a person who is specifically immunoccompromised and the overwhelming majority of those dying would have died from the flu in the same way or just haven't taken any care of themselves.. I honestly think I had covid. I lost my taste of smell for 3 days and slept a lot and then it was over.

c3089b8d No.3583511

>I was literally right. It's now entirely confirmed to be less deadly than the flu
Wouldn't the potential of your 151 IQ prowess be more fully realized if you were in the trump administration instead of on a furry porn imageboard? You could save the world!

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File: 1596230565955.png (173.38 KB, 414x414, hands.png)

>if i insult you it makes you wrong
buried me there

417e9ea0 No.3583525

> Just made a mistake.
Made a mistake by posting a fake graphic?

e549647e No.3583559


Smart people in the Trump admin.

Something in this sentence / concept is wrong…

Can anyone SMART point it out ?

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File: 1596273667533.jpg (125.14 KB, 1280x720, lowresdefault.jpg)

>Can anyone SMRT point it out ?

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File: 1596295664074.png (442.41 KB, 826x793, Free_Speech.png)

Conservatives: Liberals are always trying to destroy free speech! Liberals want to silence anyone who disagrees with them!!

Also conservatives:

0721625c No.3583569

TikTok is a Chinese owned app & it's a major security risk.

0721625c No.3583570

& to be fair Liberals do seem to have a vendetta against free speech.

17534cff No.3583587

How is that a free speech issue? Who's speech is TikTok? Winnie the Pooh's, I guess.

I'm not too worried about stifling the speech of Chinese propaganda.

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File: 1596315880263.jpg (85.64 KB, 680x524, Ed78ITkUMAEY6q4.jpg)

>TikTok is a Chinese owned app…

Thanks for proving my point. You want freedom and equality under the constitution but only for people like you.

Anyone who is different or even remotely associated with anything different, those are trash people you want to toss away the rights of, isn't that right?

17534cff No.3583590

The constitution doesn't protect foreign states, retard. It protects American citizens.

But okay, lets say this is about the principle of freedom of speech, not the constitution, two things that the left doesn't give a single fuck about, but whatever.

Are you actually complaining that the fascist Chinese government is being muzzled, that you want to hear their message? I wouldn't worry too much about that. They spend quite a bit on propagandizing the west. You won't be missing anything.

9dab67a1 No.3583595

File: 1596321038374.jpg (57.86 KB, 550x550, 1595893229112.jpg)

Lookit this guy. He thinks anything in China, especially internet related, is "freely controlled" by "caring foreigners" and not, in reality, controlled by the Chinese communist government.

Point and laugh at him.

90e7009a No.3583597

This just in, wolf finds pinecone and becomes emporer of canines. Overthrowing flamboyant dictator who found big stick.

b4a5c6f1 No.3583598

>It protects American citizens.

Yeah, like the American citizens who work for TicTok in America who will lose their jobs when Trump does this.

He's destroying the lives of American citizens because they work for a Chinese company and you're perfectly OK with it because you're a fucking white-nationalist to your core and you don't want to think beyond "Not-us-bad"

9b03a243 No.3583600


you dumb

9dab67a1 No.3583612

They literally work for the Chinese government. Stop being stupid.

17534cff No.3583614

You don't like when governments meddle in and regulate businesses, let alone foreign owned businesses? Boy, you're a bit too libertarian for me. I like when governments regulate against openly malicious companies such as the CCP, at least. Speaking of which, you think a foreign government spying on your citizens would be allowed in any communist or non-capitalist state? I'm sure that the government you want would not tolerate this shit for a second.

But because orange man bad, and orange man is in favour of regulation in this instance, now regulation bad. You're awfully libertarian when it suits your narrative. Try being at least a little morally consistent.

15853f0f No.3583630

Simping for Trump's "destroy TikTok because zoomers humiliated me" bullshit is peak rightwinger. xD

b4a5c6f1 No.3583633

File: 1596340301575.gif (4.27 MB, 480x270, 9gK.gif)

>They literally work for the Chinese government.

Ok, conspiracy-nut! Tell us, what is the big end-game plan for the Chinese government where they secretly are working with a internet media company to create a platform for people making catchy, video-memes? What agenda do you think they hope to accomplish by creating another platform that lets people do the same thing facebook, Twitter, and youtube all do, but slightly differently?

Please, regale us with the BRILLIANT MASTER PLAN that you think the Chinese government has to take over the world using TikTok.

17534cff No.3583634

Yeah, and installing Chinese spyware to own the rightwingers is peak something too.

Same as youtube, they get to promote content they approve of, e.g., pro-China content. They also harvest all kinds of user data from your phone, everything they're able to, I assume, and with all the ethics you can expect from a nation that is actively engaged in slavery and genocide at this very moment.

b4a5c6f1 No.3583637

>installing Chinese spyware…

Wait, you think Tiktok is spyware?

What information do you think they are staling from the people who are publicly posting videos of themselves on social media?

17534cff No.3583640

Looks like it listens to your microphone from the background. It also sends back the contents of your clipboard periodically.

lol I didn't even know it was that bad. Yep, that's spyware alright.

89ddcf30 No.3583645


The USA have Echelon, it's just as bad.

Your clipboard is sent to the chaiman regularly? That's a very small price to pay to help bring about communist utopia into the USA.

9dab67a1 No.3583654

File: 1596371045190.jpg (67.58 KB, 1080x1063, photo_2020-08-01_23-43-22.jpg)

b4a5c6f1 No.3583657

>Looks like it listens to your microphone from the background. It also sends back the contents of your clipboard periodically.

Looks like? Source?

b4a5c6f1 No.3583658

File: 1596375101527.png (93.09 KB, 973x970, ReserchUpdate.6.3.2020.png)

Oh, wait, I found the source myself.


Looks TiKTok was one of many apps doing this. Guess who else did and still is?

That's right, your #1 home for conspiracy theories, FoxNews!

17534cff No.3583681

That doesn't make you any less retarded for using any of them. You think I read or watch Fox News? Nigger, I use as much open source software and block as much network traffic as I can manage.

That is just as bad, but at least the US isn't an actual fascist state actively engaged in slavery, genocide, and bloody empiralism right now. I expect the USA to be at least slightly less malicious with the data.

The US government at least has some duty to the American people, unlike China who is actively a hostile state.

11dbfc73 No.3583682


Above someone claims USA is a non fascist state not involved in global crimes…….

I think someone has not been watching news for like…20 years ?

Seriously ? Do you have ANY idea how USA is perceived outside the handpicked opinions people get spoon-fed with these days ?

17534cff No.3583683

I mean actually fascist, as in you disappear if you speak out against Winnie the Pooh. As in, they beat the shit out of pro-democracy protesters in the street of places they don't even own yet. As in they are actively engaged in genocide and slavery of their Muslim population.

The fact that the media has been allowed to slander Trump for the last several years, you think that's allowed under fascism? I tell ya, Trump is a terrible fascist.

But yeah, America has been too warlike, and you can thank Bush and Obama for that. Trump has been scaling back America's military involvement in the rest of the world, has he not? Do you remember the screeching from the media when he withdrew troops from Syria?

b4a5c6f1 No.3583693

File: 1596405000939.png (12.3 KB, 444x297, Screenshot_2020-08-02 Casu….png)

>but at least the US isn't an actual fascist state actively engaged in slavery, genocide, and bloody empiralism right now.

>slavery ✅


>genocide ✅

>bloody empiralism ✅

Heard of a little thing called the Iraq war?

>an actual fascist state ✅


17534cff No.3583694

Yeah, prisoners lose their rights. You want to keep your rights, then don't violate the rights of others first.

Who is currently being genocided by America?

You can thank Bush for that war. I agree he was awful. And then Obama for continuing it. Those kinds of needless wars are currently being scaled back under Trump. I hope you didn't vote for Hillary. She wanted war with Russia.

9dab67a1 No.3583705

>Do you have ANY idea how USA is perceived outside the handpicked opinions people get spoon-fed with these days ?

Do you have any idea how little most Americans care.

Do you know why you bring that up? Peer pressure.

>Hurrr you dummies are stupid! Someone in Sweden thinks you're dumb!

It's a common leftist tactic because it works on weak minded people.

67ddf55e No.3583709


Being on this board is enough to get convicted by many judges and juries in numerous countries and states, even regardless of the word and letter of the law.

The hypocrisy of what you say is deliciously idiotic. KYS. You are incapable of improving anything.

17534cff No.3583732

Meanwhile, in the UK, you can be investigated by the police for offending someone. Meanwhile in China, you will be abducted, threatened, and denied the right to travel, to various other service, etc if you speak ill of the government on social media.

Yeah, America's not perfect. We've still got to fix some things, but it's much better than most of the world. How do you propose we fix it, since you're such a smarty pants?

0721625c No.3583736

File: 1596443172668.jpg (39.37 KB, 768x768, 1595386196747.jpg)

Oh that's easy… Just tear the whole thing down and start all over, only this time we put communist, anarchist, hippies & drug lords in charge.

Because this country was founded by hetero cis white males, it must be destroyed…

& watch… the left will unironically agree.

0721625c No.3583738

File: 1596444029387.png (732.6 KB, 971x674, 1595387788078.png)

0721625c No.3583739

File: 1596444246895.jpg (168.25 KB, 1411x936, 1595386640886.jpg)

Oh no… they just want to other throw the government and destroy the country… nothing terrorist about that.

People who love America country & respect the constitution …. yeah THEIR THE REAL TERRORIST ….


0721625c No.3583740

File: 1596445186147.jpg (7.73 KB, 200x200, 1585269030695.jpg)


>You want freedom and equality under the constitution but only for people like you.

>Anyone who is different or even remotely associated with anything different, those are trash people you want to toss away the rights of, isn't that right?

It sounds like projecting.

e549647e No.3583755

The corgi is cute but please do not repost memes.

685f6125 No.3583758


> He's destroying the lives of American citizens because they work for a Chinese company and you're perfectly OK with it because you're a fucking white-nationalist to your core and you don't want to think beyond "Not-us-bad"

Or TT is a national security threat and your just blinded by trump rage. I mean totally rage on trump, but lets not debase ourselfs.

d020f458 No.3583759

> but it's much better than most of the world

>‘Geofence’: Google Has Become A Dragnet For The Police

>If you are close to a crime being committed, the chances are good that you could be wrapped up in the police investigation and you can only hope that they interpret the data correctly, otherwise you could be arrested based on data alone…

Do you believe that the alphabet agencies in the US are not using electronic tracking and surveillance to harass political dissidents and make people disappear?

d020f458 No.3583760

Besides, if you get a geofence warrant on you, and you fail to build your case against it within 7 days to get it voided (essentially prove yourself innocent), ALL your data is passed automatically to the police - your phone records, your search history, access to your email accounts, cloud storage…

b4a5c6f1 No.3583764

File: 1596467393520.jpg (98.63 KB, 1038x952, 1529667064.furryrevolution….jpg)

>People who love America country & respect the constitution …. yeah THEIR THE REAL TERRORIST ….

Well, the right are the ones who are literally committing acts of terrorism.

Kidnapping people and disappearing them for hours or even days with no charges filed, no records written, and no support from the state or city is, you know, terrorism by definition. They are doing it to create terror.

They are terrorists working for Trump, to spread terror, which is illegal, and unconstitutional.

You can call the left terrorists all day long but you're the ones DOING IT.

We see it. No matter how many times you repeat the lie, we believe out own eyes rather than you.

b4a5c6f1 No.3583765

>Or TT is a national security threat and your just blinded by trump rage.

If TicTok is a national security threat then so is every social media platform.

You know who else claims social media is a threat? China. They silence the voices of protest on social media by claiming it's a national threat.

You are literally advocating for doing what China is doing. The government you claim to think are evil. So which is it? Do you support freedom of speech or do you want to let Trump silence social media? Are you a communist like China or an American?

17534cff No.3583772

Only those who have evidence against Clinton and Epstein.

But yeah, people who trust apple, or google, or facebook, or any other social media company is an idiot.

I can say with confidence that the US isn't as corrupt and malicious as China is, though.

The other social media companies are based in the US, and therefore answer to the US authorities. TikTok answers to China. Ultimately, American data being collected by America is preferable to American data being collected by China.

b4a5c6f1 No.3583778

> Ultimately, American data being collected by America is preferable to American data being collected by China.

So spying on Americans is cool if the CIA does it? Yikes, that's quite a take. I'm more of a fan of the idea that no one should be spying on Americans but I'm not a cuckservative.

1e440f6a No.3583782


1e440f6a No.3583783


17534cff No.3583798

Not AS bad, dumbass.

I literally just said the same thing you just did.

9b243599 No.3583799


Trump's just pissed because TikTok won't let him into their pedo-parties the way Twitch and Facebook did.

0721625c No.3583864

File: 1596516635525.jpg (51.97 KB, 1024x897, 1596483469424.jpg)

We're the ones? Bro I didn't do SHIT to these people. I wake up, got to work, I wank, I have some dinner, watch some videos on youtube, make some posts & go to bed.

You act like these people who got arrested we're just standing there minding their own business when all of a sudden storm troopers appear out of nowhere & hold these guys off.

I DO believe my own eye's and it's why I stopped listening to lefty communist hippie terrorists. Because they seem to do this thing where reality has no place in there world view & you get called a Nazi when you start thinking critically and going "wait a minute, something about this narrative seems wrong for some reason."

9dab67a1 No.3583875

File: 1596524879025.jpg (94.78 KB, 820x623, photo_2020-03-03_23-03-13.jpg)

Don't forget the multiple livestreams of these riots happening in real time in all the cities.

The usual left wing tactic of lying, then trying to project their crimes onto the "other side" doesn't work anymore now that there is so much video footage of these events.

Fuck, even these trust fund kiddies are getting ratted out by their gamgams to the feds.

2533415e No.3583887

File: 1596538247207.jpg (8.04 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Sort of looks like YandereDev

b4a5c6f1 No.3583894


The problem with your delusion is that police are letting violent white thugs assault people and burn down buildings while they are busy arresting non-violent protestors on bullshit charges.

In Portland, one of the biggest protest centers, 95% of arrests are locals with no criminal record. The vast majority of arrests have been misdemeanors like failing to comply with a lawful order.

Most people who have been arrested have been released with no further actions. Very few of them have faced any serious charges.

The cops are so busy arresting peaceful protestors the looters are having a grand old time robbing the city blind.

Cops are not there to protect you. They are there to protect the state. They are an arm of fascism. They started out as slave-hunters and the job has never changed. Their job is to keep you on the plantation doing your work.

b4a5c6f1 No.3583895

File: 1596545813176.png (343.19 KB, 598x671, ter67u56.png)

0721625c No.3583896

a random tweet does not count as a verified news source.

b4a5c6f1 No.3583897

b4a5c6f1 No.3583898

>a random tweet does not count as a verified news source.

I posted it because it's funny. Calm your rage Captain White-Supremacy. Not everything has to be battle. Some times cops just do stupid shit and we like to laugh at how terrible at their job they are.

11dbfc73 No.3583904


"Some times cops just do stupid shit and we like to laugh at how terrible at their job they are."

Yes, laughing all the way to the morgue after being knee-pressed on the neck, tasered or shot in the back while "fleeing".

Seriously : America is sooooo fucked these days.

eb045eed No.3583907

George Floyd had five times the lethal dose of fentanyl and methphetimine in his body when he was arrested by the police, according to the coroner. He was already a walking dead man, just minutes from death when the police had the misfortune to cross paths with him. The real victims here are the cops. You might also be interested in the unreleaded body cam footage that The Daily Mail made public today, it was leaked by someone who secretly filmed it while it was being shown in court, look it up.

eb045eed No.3583908


1cf75cbb No.3583910

File: 1596565170519.jpg (67.78 KB, 882x386, Captured.JPG)

52881cd4 No.3583918


They opened Pandora's box with the first riot. Now, it doesn't matter what they do, all gatherings are going to be given the riot stinkeye.

I've been part of protests. No bullet proof vests were needed.

b0a3136c No.3583919

>I've been part of protests. No bullet proof vests were needed.
So you'd support a policy prohibiting police from wearing them at protests, right?

90e7009a No.3583920

You are a white supremacist nutjob. Go fuck your face in a vat of acid dicklord.

52881cd4 No.3583924


I'd support police not even being needed at a protest.

However, what we've seen recently is riots. Police need to be there and dressed to dance.

I assume you'd support protestors setting your apartment building on fire and looting the stores around you, in protest?

1cf75cbb No.3583928

Recent riot at Brooklyn Bridge in NYC

Just prior to that riot, a video from a security camera near city hall of a shipment of baseball bats being distributed by protesters.

52881cd4 No.3583929


Would you rather they just demand 'tection money instead?


Or would you just rather just have them take over a block of a city at the expense of the residents while some rapper appoints himself warlord while the whole thing degrades into the exact thing they want to "protest" against?


No, you don't, because when the riots come to your door, the fun and games are over.


Just do what you're told, give your money and things away in the manner proscribed, and get down on your knees because you're just a filthy white incel that should be thankful the blacks don't kill you.

52881cd4 No.3583930


dis is rassis delet

52881cd4 No.3583932


And I do mean that if you're not sleeping on the street because you give all your things and money away in payment for the slaves your ancestors kept, then you need to just kill yourself because the world doesn't need more LARPers.

b4a5c6f1 No.3583936

File: 1596580295672.jpg (78.49 KB, 500x500, What_Is_Wrong_With_Yall.jpg)

>Floyd was already a walking dead man…

And then someone choked him to death with their knee. We don't excuse murder because the victim was in poor health.

Murder is still murder. Fuck you for making excuses, you bootlicking cuck.

b4a5c6f1 No.3583937

>too expensive to protest…

Hey, it's not a bad legal argument. If the court agrees and the case goes up the chain the cops could be required to stop shooting rubber bullets and using tear-gas on people without equipment.

To do otherwise would be a violation of the first amendment. The 1st guarantees the right to protest. If the courts rule in their favor the cops would have to stop hurting them without having justifiable cause.

b4a5c6f1 No.3583939

File: 1596581580877-0.png (839.46 KB, 737x878, Screenshot_2020-08-04 Edit….png)

File: 1596581580877-1.png (56.69 KB, 679x679, Screenshot_2020-08-04 L E ….png)


Gee, I can't tell if this site might be a blog run by cops. What do you guys think?

Think a "Thin blue line" blog targeting union leaders for harassment because they have blond hair and a protester had blond hair might be problematic?

0721625c No.3583940

>>3583898 Not a white supremacist.

b4a5c6f1 No.3583948

File: 1596590407711.png (275.83 KB, 948x411, Im_Not_A_Racist.png)

>Not a white supremacist.

1cf75cbb No.3583958

File: 1596597506151.jpg (49.73 KB, 397x425, whenyourcountryissoracistm….jpg)


>Hordes of white antifa calling someone else a racist

a8a84f4e No.3583963

Except the police didn't kill him. The Coroner's report also states that Floyd had air in his lungs (otherwise how could he speak and say he couildn't breathe), it's because a massive overdose of fentanyl and methamphetimines make you feel as if you are suffocating. There also were no broken capillaries behind the eyes, which always happens during a suffocation. In addition, there was no brusing on the neck, the conclusion being that pressure applied there was not sufficient to cut off air. Google George Floyd Coroner's Report and be enlightened. Floyd killed himself. It didn't matter in this case if he died in police custody, he would have died on a boat or on a bus downtown, at the same exact moment anyway. Maybe if Floyd hadn't been a shitty street criminal all his life he would still be alive. Can't wait until a jury finds those cops innocent, and more democrat cities burn. Such fun!!

0721625c No.3583965

0721625c No.3583967

Ya pretty loose definition of what constitutes as

"dressing like a white supremacists"
"promoting their ideas"

b0a3136c No.3583970

>The Coroner's report also states that Floyd had air in his lungs
It doesn't, but having air in your lungs following cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (necessitated by cardiac arrest) isn't surprising. It's expected.
>how could he speak and say he couildn't breathe
People can talk before their dead. I'm surprised you didn't know this.
>it's because a massive overdose of fentanyl and methamphetimines
Assertion not supported by facts.
>There also were no broken capillaries behind the eyes, which always happens during a suffocation.
Petechial hemorrhaging doesn't occur if there is no strangulation (excess blood pressure exerted to the head)
>In addition, there was no brusing on the neck, the conclusion being that pressure applied there was not sufficient to cut off air.

b0a3136c No.3583971

I guess this means cops can execute non-whites at will now.

a8a84f4e No.3583974


Wikipedia is leftist, it is not a credible source.
They have been caught lying more than once, especially when it is something that pushes 'the agenda'

Your arguments are not valid, confirmed, or substantiated.
Post discarded.

a8a84f4e No.3583975

>>People can talk before their dead. I'm surprised you didn't know this.

Not when their windpipe is being crushed, as was alleged.

0721625c No.3583976

File: 1596619217220.jpg (89.68 KB, 1803x980, tatum.jpg)


Well lets see what a black ex-law enforcement has to say on the matter.

b4a5c6f1 No.3583978

File: 1596620732913.jpeg (101.34 KB, 995x803, 4fd04cc04c7356132388a12a5….jpeg)

>Except the police didn't kill him.

He was fine before the police, he was dead after the police. That means the police killed him.

The fact you are reaching THIS HARD to find an excuse for the murder of another human being just goes to show how much racist, boot-licking, fascist, scum you are.

b4a5c6f1 No.3583979

File: 1596621287569.png (580.37 KB, 1319x827, Screenshot_2020-08-05 Geor….png)

Funny how you went out of your way to post an image of the speaker which doesn't include the fact he's wearing Trump cult gear.

Also, "What were the police supposed to do, he was not complying?" because you know, choking someone to death is obviously the proper response for them not following your every command?

Let's remember, the original crime that was reported which lead to Floyd's death was that the store clerk thought that MAYBE he had given them a fake 20 dollar bill.

That was the crime they murdered him for. He used money that might have been fake. They didn't verify it. The cops didn't even go in the store.

They just immediately started treating him like a terrorist because that's how cops are trained to deal with every situation.

058c68bf No.3583980


And lemme guess, you think publications like Federalist, DailyWire and Breitbart are more factual sources?

Fucking retard.

0721625c No.3583983

File: 1596624808708.gif (1.57 MB, 320x240, iMPTSx.gif)

I didn't "Go out of my way" I just a posted an image of him I had on file. Yeah he wears trump gear all the time. What's your point? ANY WAYS!

Chris Rock covers himself covered this. People act like none of this matters. People act like you can just talk to the police any kind of way & and literally action they take is wrong. What the hell are they supposed to do when you're acting a fool? Chris rock covers this pretty thoroughly. I don't know about the second to the last, but the other guidelines are pretty solid & in most these cases, these guide lines were not being followed at all what so ever.


No one's saying "he deserved to die" what we're saying is when you act a fool around the police you're putting yourself in harms way & are drastically increasing your chances of the use of lethal force.

I mean… I don't understand how this doesn't register with people. It's like the

Rayshard Brooks case. We're not saying "He DESERVED TO DIE!" We're saying… when you attack an officer, you're reaching for his tazer & trying to fight the officers, you're putting your life at risk & while it's a pitty they died, we can't exactly act surprised.

058c68bf No.3583985


>Cops are not there to protect you. They are there to protect the state.

This. When you see an American police vehicle with "To protect and serve" written on it, it does not mean "to protect the innocent and serve the public". It actually means "to protect the rich and serve the elite."

0721625c No.3583987

File: 1596625620713.jpeg (141.65 KB, 1200x479, Floyd-Positive-Toxicology….jpeg)

>>3583978 George Floyd was fine before they showed up? Not according to his blood test.

Why do none this matter to you? Why do people act like the police should just use the power of caring & subdue criminals with magical tummy symbols?

It's like you have no concept of reality.

Like the guy who gets smashed drunk & drives into a tree. We're not saying "he deserved to die", what were saying is you get hammered ass drunk & try to drive, when you die in an accident, how can anyone be surprised?

Okay so like here's another example.

I had a black friend I knew in highschool, Great guy, really funny, not a thug, kind of a hippie stoner type…

I hadn't seen'em in awhile, so I ask his cousin what happened. He was stopped because he appeared to be smoking a joint. It wasn't a joint, it was a hand rolled cigarette. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and assaulting an officer… because when approached… he cocked an attitude, he wasn't polite, he rude and indignant & and tried to fight the officer.
Even his cousin was like… If he'd a just been chill about it, he wouldn't be in jail right now.

None of that would happened if he just would have remained calm and explained, this just tobacco, it's a hand rolled cigarette, it's not weed.

But NO! He's gotta make a big deal about it he's gotta make as much noise as possible and make it as difficult for the officer as possible. So … while it's regrettable he went jail, his family wasn't pissed off at the cops. There were upset because he was act'n a fool.

0721625c No.3583990

File: 1596626485197.png (5.21 MB, 1950x1460, YQD4BET4GFC3VGV4LHWV6QPCPQ.png)

It's like… when that kid at super market is screaming and carrying on and knocking shit off the shelves & his momma turns around slaps him across the face & tells'em to shut the hell up.

& looks around bewildered and looks at the people in the store hoping that some one will come to his defence… & they fuck'n don't.

I mean… it's to bad the kid got slapped, but … COMMON! He's fuck'n crying and knocking shit off the shelves, what the hell do you expect?

LOOK AT THIS! DO YOU WANT THIS TO BE YOUR CITY? What are you gonna do when your hope gets robbed and you call the 911 & there's no answer & You don't own a gun because that right's been taken away also?

I'm not a fascist for pointing this out. A LOT OF AMERICANS are starting to feel this way. We're supposed to progressing our technology, we're supposed to trying to build moon colonies & reaching for mars. But instead we're competting in these oppression Olympics & shoving LGBTQQIP2SAA BLM diversity narrative into every facet of society, tearing down cities and acting as if we should be able to live for free fucking around all the time, do all the drugs we want, and tear down our civilization because "Muh Oppression"

What the fuck is wrong with you?

0721625c No.3583991

File: 1596626854117.jpg (98.59 KB, 846x1024, 1594920085364.jpg)

0721625c No.3583992

File: 1596626971797.jpg (103.89 KB, 1032x464, 1594914751867.jpg)

0721625c No.3583993

File: 1596626994363.jpg (65.67 KB, 851x508, 1594438667053.jpg)

0721625c No.3583994

File: 1596627182168.jpg (61.78 KB, 711x797, 1592927827338.jpg)

b4a5c6f1 No.3584001

>like a guy who gets drunk then smashes into a tree…

You keep using these analogies as if MURDERING HIM was inevitable and the most natural thing in the world.

He didn't hit a tree. He did nothing to end his own life. He was fine. He was chilling next to his car doing no wrong and a cop MURDERED HIM.

This wasn't an accident. It wasn't a result of something he did. This was someone harming him. Get it through your racist, red-neck skull, he was not going to die that day until the cops murdered him.


b4a5c6f1 No.3584002

>I had a black friend I knew in highschool, Great guy, really funny, not a thug, kind of a hippie stoner type…

Translation: He acted white enough that he didn't feel threatening so I could tolerate him even though I'm a fucking racist.

b4a5c6f1 No.3584003

File: 1596633953354.png (168.85 KB, 1000x438, Only_Hammers_And_Nails.png)

>What are you gonna do when your hope gets robbed and you call the 911 & there's no answer…

No one is talking about removing all cops. We are talking about limiting the things they respond too. Situations which don't require an armed thug are being handled by armed thugs because the GOP and the Neo-Liberals like Biden cut the funding for everything else and just dumped it all on the cops.

Cops are not social workers. Cops are not truant officers. Cops are not dog catchers. Cops are not trained to respond to the elderly having a mental break down but they are called on to do these things all the time and they respond with brutality because that's all the are trained with.

b4a5c6f1 No.3584006

File: 1596634791150.png (105.3 KB, 500x425, Tenacity.png)

>males commit more crimes…

I wonder why that is? Could it be that women have access to social safety nets that men don't?
Women can pop out a crotch biscuit and get free food and housing for life.

It's almost like crime is directly related to the availability of resources.
It's almost like people would rather not do crime if they have a choice but since conservatives have been ripping away anything and everything that helps the poor, the poor are left with no choice but to turn to crime.

Once again proving that conservatism is always the worst idea.

b4a5c6f1 No.3584009

>If your white you get two knees on your neck.

Yes, you fucking moron, cops are being brutal monsters to everyone which is why we are trying to stop them. Why are you defending them?

de57eda0 No.3584011


Actually OP`s post is "Master-class" sarcasm :

notice the use of "smart" and "SMART" .

as in like "little" and "big" smart aka replace "smart" with brains. Really clever.

You, Good Sir, should be a play-write.

cd8cd908 No.3584020

File: 1596647466480.png (150.34 KB, 1024x358, LOL_niggers.png)

9dab67a1 No.3584021

Because when Neo-Hitler and his gang of white supremacists decide to go into black communities and cause hate crimes, you're going to be screaming for the police to stop them.

0721625c No.3584023

File: 1596649722986.jpg (90.89 KB, 640x274, DnYjl5O.jpg)

b4a5c6f1 No.3584030

No one is saying we shouldn't have cops to deal with crimes. That's not the argument being made. We are saying that cops should not be handling non-crime issues.

Take Floyd for example. In most cases when someone passes a 20 dollar bill the only thing that needs to happen is for someone to contact them and ask them if they remember where they got the bill from. That's it. Passing a fake 20 isn't a crime. They just want to know where it came from. If someone got it from a bank they can track it back through the bank. They can check the banks cash stock and see if any of those are fake as well. There was ZERO need for cops to harass him. A phone call could have handled it.

We could even have specialized cops who don't carry guns for situations where guns are not needed.

Atatiana Jefferson was instantly shot dead in her own home by cops because the neighbor was worried that her front door was left open late at night. the cops were called to investigate an open door and the first person they saw they shot dead instantly.

We don't need to respond to every issue with a gun. That's what de-funding the police is about. It's about taking the responsibility out of the cops hands and putting it into the hands of specialists who can then call the armed police if they are actually needed.


b4a5c6f1 No.3584031


In an ironic twist your nightmare scenario where you call 911 and there is no one there to pick up may be coming true soon but not because of anything the protestors are doing.

The GOP and especially Mitch McConnel are refusing to budget money for basic state services so if congress doesn't get their act together you'll get to kiss the cops, the fire department and 911 good bye simply because there won't be any money to pay them.

Mitch really does seem to be trying to destroy Trump by doing absolutely nothing including basic governance in the middle of a pandemic.

ee43edc0 No.3584038

File: 1596674532270.jpg (30.67 KB, 640x360, RFIv4cHjUrfoZACBkFpDkk3U_6….jpg)

Here is the George Floyd autopsy report.


He was not fine. He was loaded with all kinds of drugs. He did not asphyxiate. He was saying he could not breathe for eight minutes prior to be dropped to the ground. He was combative and resistive despite 'not being able to breathe'.

>He was fine before the police, he was dead after the police. That means the police killed him.

He would not have been approached at all by the police if he was not committing crimes. He would not have a system full of chemicals if he was not dealing drugs and had to eat his stash. Funny how that gets forgotten. He killed himself. The police are the victims here and I hope they sue the city, BLM, and the Floyd family.

b0a3136c No.3584039

>The police are the victims here

9dab67a1 No.3584040

9dab67a1 No.3584041

Don't forget, Floyd didn't die from the 7+ drugs in his system, but from a heart attack.

Being strangled with a knee on his neck was not the cause of death.

He was saying he "couldn't breathe" while not even handcuffed, even screaming it.

The transcript of the arrest says he had been "Hopping" drugs, which is shoving shit up your anus to get a quicker high.

b4a5c6f1 No.3584044

File: 1596677914837.png (46.88 KB, 1220x710, Screenshot_2020-08-05 How ….png)

>He was loaded with all kinds of drugs…

OMG, no, not {gasp!} DRUGS!?!?!

What are you seven years old? People get high all the time.

He was perfectly fine before the cops showed up and he was dead after the cops were done with him: The cops killed him.

>He did not asphyxiate. He was saying he could not breathe for eight minutes prior to be dropped to the ground.

I don't know if you've never seen the video or you are just so delusional that you are making up a version of what happened in your imagination to try and justify your bigotry but no, this is not what happened. The cop had his knee on Floyd's neck for 8 minutes then another two minutes after he blacked out. He kept his knee on the man's neck even after the other officer could not get a pulse from his wrist.

They killed him. The only people still arguing this point are racist assholes like you. It's over. the jury is in. The facts are known. They murdered him.

You're not winning this battle. We can see what happened with our own eyes.

b4a5c6f1 No.3584045

>Link to a page that talks about how the 911 system uses grants for funding that they have to send reports to congress about…

Yes, that. That's what's not being funded. You do know what the word "grant" means, right? It's money from the government. Money that isn't going to be there if Mitch doesn't bother doing his job.

16e9f7d5 No.3584047

>Translation: He acted white enough that he didn't feel threatening so I could tolerate him even though I'm a fucking racist.
Why is acting friendly and civilized equated to acting white? Is it because civilization as we know it wouldn't exist without whites? Conversely, what does it mean to act black?

ee43edc0 No.3584050

File: 1596681912360.jpg (32.34 KB, 666x392, stupid druggy.JPG)


>>Floyd: I cant breathe man!

>>Cop: I'll roll the windows down

This occurs well before the ground drop. You racists say you love science, but its knowledge you hate.

Combative and resisting throughout. He seems to have lots of breath to me.

Whats really funny is he says he cant get in the cop car or he will die. However, they pulled him from another car which was his own. He had no trouble being in that car.

He asks to get on the ground. The police did not force him to do so.

By all the Elder Gods, you are stupid.

b4a5c6f1 No.3584055

>Why is acting friendly and civilized equated to acting white?

Why is it that you think being friendly to you defines what is or is not civilized? That's your problem. You think white-culture is the only acceptable culture and everyone who doesn't follow it's standards is a barbarian but you're the barbarians who are murdering people.

You do the hate crimes.
You blow up the federal buildings.
You lynch people.
You are the terrorists.
You are WhiteISIS.

Be careful what you wish for because if you keep this shit up we'll start acting just as "civilized" as you do.

b4a5c6f1 No.3584056

File: 1596686124070.jpg (37.64 KB, 570x314, Stares_Motherfuckingly.jpg)

>Whats really funny is he says he cant get in the cop car or he will die.

You mean being arrested for no reason by white cops make black people have panic attacks and shortness of breath?


9dab67a1 No.3584057

File: 1596686198969.jpeg (73.92 KB, 650x788, ubTDzsRs.jpeg)

The use the term "acting white" enough because they're bigots, plain and simple.

They honestly believe that blacks are incapable of acting civilized, that Floyd was acting "the best he could" by completely losing his shit, making up insane things about his mammy dying, being perfectly able to breathe in his own car, but magically couldn't in the back of the police car.

To bigots that say Floyd couldn't have acted any different are basically saying that Floyd acted like a nigger, and that's the best a nigger can act.

b0a3136c No.3584059

no one's burning anything about trump's drug problem

lmao, where do you get your news?

16e9f7d5 No.3584060

I have done none of those things. You, however, said that not being a thug is "acting white". You're the fucking racist implying thug culture is black culture. That is the very definition of soft bigotry of low expectations. Go fuck yourself, threeb.

f0875903 No.3584066

File: 1596698193141.jpg (438.12 KB, 1024x1088, screenshot-2020.08.06-03_1….jpg)

>>And lemme guess, you think publications like Federalist, DailyWire and Breitbart are more factual sources?

They are.
When the MSM decides to stop lying thru their teeth or simply not publish any news story that makes Trump look good, I might read them again. And also quit pushing racist bullshit.


90e7009a No.3584067

File: 1596698634878.jpg (147.37 KB, 966x1280, 1596619840.ingi_flo.jpg)

Fun fact 6 out of 10 black people are born from unprotected anal sex leaking onto the vagina.

b0a3136c No.3584068

do you actually have brain damage, or are you just paid to pretend that you do?

f0875903 No.3584069

Hi, 3B.


4871d41e No.3584071


Breibart accuses Wikipedia of "spreading fake news?"
One of the worst "sources" of fake news on the Internet?

Then again, Breitbart is quite fond of repeating Trump's accusations of any criticisms as "fake news…"

2a3f34eb No.3584073

>Breitbart.com is totally a real news source and to prove it to you I'm going to link an article from Breitbart.com because I'm a god damn moron!

2a3f34eb No.3584074

File: 1596716457390.jpg (88.69 KB, 720x960, Hardpwn.jpg)

>I have done none of those things.

You have done none of those things personally but you sure as shit support the people who do!

What's the difference between ISIS and someone who spread ISIS message and recruit for ISIS? Nothing. They are all terrorists.

You are WhiteISIS for the same reason.
If you don't stand against evil, you support it and you are on here 24/7 trying to justify the cruelty of WhiteISIS.

You could choose to stop at any time but you don't because your hate and bigotry are all you have. It's all you are.

Without your hate, what are you?

9dab67a1 No.3584082

File: 1596733628485.jpg (56 KB, 931x524, image.jpg)

Decrepit ol' Bigot Biden's out there again, not even hiding his racism now.

>"unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things. "

Sorry blacks, you just aren't diverse in anything. Thankfully ol' Segregation Joe will be there to make sure you uppity negroes get what's coming to you.


3fc388d3 No.3584095

>>3584082 And to think Biden is the best the dems can do. And Trumpy is still losing to that senile old goat.

9dab67a1 No.3584097

File: 1596743179156.jpg (46.12 KB, 500x681, 1596663812568.jpg)

Hillary in a landslide!

Hillary's so far in the polls, she doesn't even think about Trump!

b4a5c6f1 No.3584099

File: 1596743278236.png (252.28 KB, 624x498, DNC_Killing_People1.png)


Biden wasn't the best the Democrats could do. The DNC literally held the lives of Americans hostage to get Bernie Sanders to drop out.

16e9f7d5 No.3584100

File: 1596745075967.jpg (152 KB, 900x1200, C3otTkPVMAEBiEb.jpg)

>You're either with me or you're the ENEMY! YOU ARE EVIL!!1! REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
See, this kind of thinking is why you're a prick with no candidate to vote for this November. This rabid, hive-mind mentality. If you ask Americans what they think of the policies Sanders supports, most will agree. Similar to Jesus, it's not the person, it's his fan club. It's people like you who drove the normies away. You drove them away when you supported mob violence and rioting in the streets. You drove them away when you started tearing down public property in a tantrum. You drove them away when you started attacking Western civilization and liberalism and rule of law. When you attacked those who uphold the law. You and your fellow Antifa goons are the real terrorists. You have no one to blame but yourself, threeb.

When you turn your back on liberalism, don't be surprised when liberals turn their backs on you.

b4a5c6f1 No.3584108

>Not being willing to let white-racists murder black people and rape women is a hive-mind of extremism…

Buy some standards, man. Your bar for what is acceptable is way, way, too low.

b4a5c6f1 No.3584109

File: 1596750533068.jpg (139.35 KB, 1068x1081, Centrists_Go_To_Hell.jpg)

>You drove them away when you started attacking Western civilization…

When you say "Western Civilization" the rest of the world hears, "White Nationalism" and that is why no one likes you. You're just the KKK with a better thesaurus.

b0a3136c No.3584110

sanders isn't (and never has been) a Democrat

he's also the reason trump is President

17534cff No.3584113

lol, out of context, I thought he was talking about commies, with the Useful Idiots being "White ISIS".

Useful Idiots get the bullet too once they've successfully destabilized the nation and the soviet invasion begins by the way.

Commie self awareness, what is it, eh?

9dab67a1 No.3584117

File: 1596754044689.jpg (76.26 KB, 538x392, 874e092aaf590ecc03df99fc69….jpg)

No one can explain what's wrong with white nationalism.

They don't bat at eye about feral African nations that eat each other and kill to make whatever current nation is there.

They don't care about the conquests of the Muslims.

But for some reason, white nations are bad. Probably because white nations have the most wealth.

Why Mutumbo was shoving berries up his ass and thinking about when he could eat the people in the tribe next door, white countries were building nations. White people are conquerors and we won. Want to see what a Native American vision of civilization, go to their autonomous reservations. Rich big chief Blackjack and the poor ones living in a drunken stupor.

George Orwell famously said: "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a mulatto woman twerking over the ashes of a city, forever."

ee43edc0 No.3584120

File: 1596756901906.jpg (58.43 KB, 736x405, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

>What's the difference between ISIS and someone who spread ISIS message and recruit for ISIS? Nothing. They are all terrorists.

Excellent! That means that any leftist, antifa, liberal and social democrat is guilty of everything BLM does - rioting, burning, looting, assaults, public disorder, and murder.

By your silence do you consent. By your support are you complicit.

17534cff No.3584134

If you believe in racial collectivism, then you get stuck with the majority of antifa and have to accept them as your own.

It's the individualist libertarian culture, not the genes that made our nations great.

0721625c No.3584172

Hasn't Antifa been called "WhiteISIS"?
I'm pretty sure that's a thing.

0721625c No.3584174

So now "Western Civilization" is also a "white supremacist dog whistle"?
What about all those other people I mentioned who died needlessly during the George Floyd riots… You were strangely silent about that.

Black teenagers, Little black girls, old black guy, a women. None them seemed to matter enough for you to speak on.

Funny how that works.

358522d8 No.3584180

File: 1596780681099.jpg (165.03 KB, 1296x1227, Chris-Robshaw.jpg)

>By your silence do you consent. By your support are you complicit.

The problem with that logic is that the BLM protestors are not silent about looting and violence. They are an anti-violent movement. They speak out and even try to prevent violence when it happens. They DO stand against the evil that you cower in fear of. They DO speak out against it. 99% of the protests are non-violent as much as you would like to pretend otherwise, there are videos of peaceful protestors doing nothing wrong every hour of every day.

Point of fact you posted a video of protestors opening cases of cement to throw at the literal bus full of white supremacists and in your video the other protestors told them not to throw it.

Those protestors are stupid, in my opinion, you piece of shit fascist wanna-be types deserve to get your faces punched until you look like a head of cauliflower.

For some reason, the majority of protestors don't agree with me, yet.
Keep doing the shit you do and they'll come around though.
It's only a matter of time before they stop demanding justice and start taking vengeance.
Keep poking the angry bear. See what happens.

0721625c No.3584182

But some how… it only matter when it happens to black people though.

0721625c No.3584183

Well judging from the what I've seen, they've been doing a piss poor job at preventing any violence at there demonstrations.

358522d8 No.3584185

File: 1596781260829.png (343.12 KB, 588x353, UFC245.png)

>So now "Western Civilization" is also a "white supremacist dog whistle"?

Now? The claim that "Western Civilization" is a white-invention and only they get to define it has been synonomous with white supremacy since the 50s.

It became part of the racist lingo around the same time that "States Rights" became the uphamism for keeping segregation and white-washing the fact the south went to war over slavery.

There is no "now" about it. You peice of shit red-necks have been using that line for generations as if you get to define what civilization is when you are a tiny, impotant, biggoted minority.

0721625c No.3584186

File: 1596781271533.jpg (83.94 KB, 935x1024, 1594914480307.jpg)

99%? really?

I promise you are mistaken. If we were talking about Occupy Wallstreet? I'd agree.

Did things get violent? From time to time yeah… but the Occupy community as a whole came out against the violence and it was squashed. Because that wasn't our way.

But this not Occupy… These are the not the same breed of liberals I Protested with, this is different. This looks like a communist take over from within.

0721625c No.3584187

File: 1596781419828.jpg (142.56 KB, 737x737, 1596254687744.jpg)


LOL… still triggered by the south I see.

358522d8 No.3584189

>I promise you are mistaken.

How would you know? You get your news from Fox and Breitbart. You live on a constant diet of fearmongering, racist, propaganda and we know you do because you post it here all the time.

You have no clue what is happening in the real world because you're too big a pussy to go out and see it.

You watch news for white people, go to church for white people, watch only movies tailor made for white people, and sports for white people. You do nothing in your life which would challenge your racist perceptions in any way. You literally told us about your one black friend when you were young.

You live in a tiny, racist, safe-space, and you want the rest of us to play along as if your delusions are true but they aren't and we won't. Your religion of white-supremacy isn't real. It never was, and it's not acceptable to role play it any more.

17534cff No.3584191

Nigger, did you just pull a number out of your ass and then demand proof of the claim that it's bullshit?

A claim made with no evidence can be dismissed with no evidence.

0721625c No.3584192

File: 1596783763342.jpg (220.29 KB, 2000x1325, db7a3a3bd6ce4a422ded3bdb66….jpg)

>>3584189 OMG… This fucking line again… The line where you act like you know me based on your prejudice racist stereotypes.

Where do you think I GOT a lot of my more conservative values from? Why do think I GO TO CHURCH in the first place?

It's from talking to black people, living around them & listening to what they actually had to say & actually realizing they were human beings & not just some charity case to prop up to pat myself on the back over.

You don't fucking care about black people, all you fucking care about is it looking virtuous to your hippie communist peers.

You think it was white people that taught me the importance of keeping God in my life? The white people in my life are mostly liberals and many of them Godless atheists, or wiccans, Goth fetishist, punk rockers & dirty hippies.

I mentioned the rolled cigarette incident
because it was prime example of how NOT to behave around police. I've lived in black neighborhoods almost my entire life, the vast majority of my work places are predominantly black.

When I protested the take down of a local confederate monument, the only issue the black guys seemed to take was that I was indrag… they didn't seem to give a damn I had rebel flag, they we're mad because I was dressed as a woman.

0721625c No.3584193

File: 1596784235740.png (781.71 KB, 1059x620, nathanielthomas.png)

No Evidence? It's already here!
I already posted it & was duly ignored.

It's right here!

17534cff No.3584194

Whoopsie, responded to the wrong post. My mistake.

was meant for

0721625c No.3584195

It's right HERE I mean. Don't know how I screwd that up. But the instances I'm referring to I sited sources for.

0721625c No.3584196

File: 1596787115545.png (521.36 KB, 680x413, old women.png)

0721625c No.3584197


“On one night, for example, individuals screwed the doors of our North Precinct station shut, barricaded other entrances and lit the station on fire with people inside. Nearby businesses, owned by people of color, were damaged and looted.”

2bfbb99d No.3584216

>What about all those other people I mentioned who died needlessly during the George Floyd riots…

Do you mean the ones who the cops shot or the ones who bat-shit insane white people attacked? Which people are you referring to?

PS: Getting injured or killed while protesting isn't "needless". If protest wasn't needed, it wouldn't be happening.

2bfbb99d No.3584217

File: 1596823677794.png (940.1 KB, 876x768, Screenshot_2020-08-07 blac….png)

>I go to a black church and know lots of black people and as proof I'm going to post a random image from the internet of black people at church. cHeCkMaTe aThIeStS!

2bfbb99d No.3584218

Notice how he links youtube videos with no context? Well, let's get some contex shall we?

The two kids shot in the CHOP were joy riding in a stolen car through the streets after someone had been doing drive by shootings earlier that morning. They thought the shooters returned when a car sped through the streets so the people defended themselves.

The 8 year old girl who was shot to death in her mother's car was killed because her mother drove towards where protestors were gathered after the shooting of a black man by police in a Wendy's parking lot. She then turned into a parking lot where a group of armed men were standing and drove towards them. They shot her car. It's on video. The police have it.

The retired police chief who got shot by "looters" worked as private security and interrupted a robbery in progress to try and take down the robbers instead of calling the cops.

The poor white girl who got murdered for saying all lives matter? She was in a group of white-thugs who picked a fight with a group of protestors. Both groups pulled guns on each other and yelled racist slurs.

All of these people died of the same thing: Doing stupid shit.

They would all be alive is they didn't act like fucking retards around people with guns in an already tense situation.

0721625c No.3584220

Ohhhhhh but being completely strung out on drugs, passing out counterfeit money & completely acting a fool when the cops show up isn't doing stupid shit?

SOoooooooohhhh lying to the police & being drunk and not only stealing a cops tazer but also trying to use it on him?

That's not stupid shit?

0721625c No.3584221

Oh hohoho that one really pissed you off didn't it? You didn't like that. lol

The point I was making is that being around blacks and listening to black spiritual teachers & actually listening to blacks in my life is WHERE I got a lot of spirituality & conservative ideas from.

1e01d5eb No.3584228

None of us believe that. You are a red-neck racist, white supremacist who defends the confederate flag. There is ZERO percent chance you have black friends of any kind. None of them would tolerate your honky ass.

89ddcf30 No.3584235

Way the put all blacks in a box.
You should remember that they are people, not your pets.

16e9f7d5 No.3584238

File: 1596847185872.jpg (61.29 KB, 1086x724, white_guilt_virtue_signall….jpg)

You're living in a fantasy world. It's not "white-racists" who are responsible for the vast majority of violence and rape against the black community. It's blacks themselves. Directing the message "black lives matter" to whites is like preaching to the choir. BLM the movement is using white guilt to push a Marxist agenda. White guilt will only work for so long. You can surround yourself with people who shame and immiserate you for "the original sin of being white" for only so long until you wise up and realize that the black community's problems are not your fault and you are not responsible for the white sins of the past.

One day you might wake up and realize the world can't be so neatly divided into oppressor and victim. That victim culture , entitlement culture, and cancel culture are cancer. That strong work ethic, humility, and nonviolence are more important than you thought.

Western civilization is not about race. Our customs and values can and have been adopted and assimilated by many different races. Because good ideas just work. Read a fucking book or at least an encyclopedia article:


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