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File: 1596131006819.jpg (41.29 KB, 500x378, SaiBsDh.jpg)

b167721e No.3583402


LIterally zero sympathy. You fucking retarded Trump worshipping idiots. PLease continue to be patriots and not wear masks so your fetid kind thins out. THANKS

1694abb9 No.3583404

But tearing down cities in large groups & throwing bricks, projectiles at the police and trying to blind them with lazors is fine.

86eb28f5 No.3583405

Bricks? They've upgraded to fireworks, then upgraded again to pipe bombs.

da6a3c86 No.3583408

1694abb9 No.3583410

Yeah REAL peaceful. Riiiiiiiiiiight

86eb28f5 No.3583411

How much property damage and injuries were caused in 2014? How can anyone be this retarded?

The fact that more people are crying about fascism now when the response is to fires and explosives and cities being burned down, compared to back then when it was a bunch of dudes peacefully standing aorund, that is very very telling of the media's bias.

86eb28f5 No.3583415

A single section of broken drywall, 2 messy rooms, and a pile of garbage outside. That is your evidence?

"Occupation’s overall costs running at least $6m" OVERALL COST. Not property damage. Not injury. I'd guess 99% of that is having officers standing around waiting for the perfect time to assassinate LaVoy Finicum.

Meanwhile, how many murders, rapes, assaults, looting, and vandalism took place in the CHAZ? There were at least two murders, one was a kid doing nothing more than joyriding, several muggings and assaults that took place on camera. If it were a country, it would be, by an order of magnitude, the most dangerous place in the world.

da6a3c86 No.3583445

>That is your evidence?
It's not my evidence. I'm just bringing your dumb ass to the facts.

Unless you are suggesting the Federal Government isn't telling the truth.

86eb28f5 No.3583447

I asked how much harm they did, and what you presented does not answer that beyond a light mess that would cost maybe a few hundred dollars to clean up, if even that. The government spent $6m targeting them, but they didn't do $6m in damage.

5e621683 No.3583453

>The fact that more people are crying about fascism now when the response is to fires and explosives and cities being burned down…

Don't worry, that's about to stop. Remember that guy who everyone, including his own family, said was a cop setting the fires? "Umbrella Man"?

Well, the police released a low quality video of cops in a parking lot and said one of the unidentifiable figures was that cop so he couldn't have possibly been the arsonist!

Well, that didn't work. Everyone still blamed the cop so now they are chasing an anonymous tip that it was actually a white supremacist/Hells Angel who was the one breaking windows and starting fires.

Of course, if a white-supremacist sends in people to start shit, that isn't news worthy so I'm sure all the stories of looting and violence will dry up very soon. Wouldn't want people to think white people are problamatic after all!

86eb28f5 No.3583454

We have plenty of videos of the terrorist marxists setting fires, throwing rocks, and throwing explosives. They don't even denounce the violence. They cheer for the violence.

Why are you even focusing on this one case as if it negates everything else happening? Do you honestly think every act of violence, even the ones against cops, are done by cops?

5e621683 No.3583456

File: 1596168655215.png (317.05 KB, 990x508, There_Are_No_Good_Cops.png)

>Do you honestly think every act of violence, even the ones against cops, are done by cops?

Of course not. There are lots of heroes out there putting the pigs in their place and more rise up every day.

Anyone who is still working as a cop after seeing what the cops are doing, deserves what they get.

86eb28f5 No.3583459

So what possible motive could the cops have to start fires themselves? Why would they false flag terrorism when there is terrorism all around?

da6a3c86 No.3583461

86eb28f5 No.3583465

That doesn't explain a motive, nor does it excuse the nation wide chimpout.

da6a3c86 No.3583467

5e621683 No.3583468

File: 1596174597112.jpg (28.92 KB, 602x383, main-qimg-e27e66dee211152b….jpg)

>Why would the cops fake crimes…

Because shooting/beating/kidnapping and terrorizing people who don't commit crimes is still illegal, even if you're a cop.

They wanted the protestors to look violent. Then they were surprised when the protestors realized the destruction was getting more media than the protests so they kept doing it.

Look at you, you spend, what, 4-5 hours a day thinking about it? If the media just ignored them you wouldn't even know about it. Breaking shit works and murdering cops, that works even better.

You think this is bad? Wait till one of your right-wingnuts tries to drive his car into a crowd and they turn his car into a shooting gallery.

86eb28f5 No.3583470

But the rioters are violent. They don't try to hide it. They will openly tell you they are enacting a revolution. The cops don't need to fake shit.

>they turn his car into a shooting gallery.

They will turn their own crowd in to a shooting gallery too. It's already happened once. A car is driving through a crowd and someone just shoots through the crowd at him. You idiot Marxists shoot more of your own people than you do the horrible "fascists". Remember that negligent discharge at that "Not fucking around coalition" rally where 3 people were shot?

Oh, and then there were those teenagers who were joyriding in CHAZ. They weren't even trying to hurt anyone, but their car was turned in to a shooting gallery by "security" and one of them died. "Security" was rather proud about unloading excessively on the car as well.

f3b5de13 No.3583472

I've been watching livestreams of these riots for weeks, and the biggest mystery is how the police disguise themselves as anemic eighteen-year-olds when setting the fires.
Our media pushes this BS and some people are buying into it.

The left is using force constantly to 'FORCE ' the whole West to adopt it's religion…..A godless one …a God hating one with ONLY the 'morals' they conjure up in their minds that day . It is a de facto pseudo religious cult of dogmas ..and if you cross it you are a heretic and must be punished …So far they have NOT started chopping off heads but they do dream of doing it ..Remember the French REvolution (these are their descendants ) and I see comments all the time from leftists…well known ones at that to kill all of us .

09b7519d No.3583474


There's already excommunication (cancel culture) and heresy (problematic speech).

It'll be interesting to watch the clusterfuck anyway if they win. As they gain power, more and more insanity can be enforced and former tolerable allies will become problematic. How long will Biden last before they use the "he's white but told some blacks that they aren't really black" excuse to push him out?

The french revolutionnary killed each-others. One step in the wrong direction and you are enemy of the people, then it's off with the head.

02acb0dd No.3583482

File: 1596192036612.jpg (120.16 KB, 870x1087, 1593751305307.jpg)

>How long will Biden last before they use the "he's white but told some blacks that they aren't really black" excuse to push him out?

This is why Biden is chosing some approved Woman of Color(TM) for his running mate. Sadly it looks like Harris, the ancestor of slave owners, and someone who has a bigger history of locking up black men than Biden has.

The gist will be, sixty days into a Biden presidency, "Health Issues(TM)" will finally come up and Biden will drop out.

Say hello to Madam President!

Modern day democrats: Segregationist/Slave Owner 2020

That'll beat Trump!

da6a3c86 No.3583486

File: 1596208500994.jpg (590.37 KB, 1399x2048, trump-calls-for-the-execut….jpg)

>"I don't want my children to grow up in a jungle, a racial jungle"
Funny thing is that Biden never said that. trump did buy this ad in the NYT though.

02acb0dd No.3583495

Chris, even Snopes says he did.


Biden's was an anti-bussing segregationist. Well we don't know if he ever stopped, he still could be.

He sure didn't deny it or apologize when Harris brought it up.

da6a3c86 No.3583496

>ctrl+f "I don't want"
0 results found


It's almost like he didn't say that.

02acb0dd No.3583500

You always carry this much water for racists?

>In a 1977 Senate Judiciary hearing, Biden did talk about busing policies and how “unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point.”

da6a3c86 No.3583501

Still not seeing the "I don't want". Perhaps you could point it out to me.

09b7519d No.3583502

Oh fuck! The quote was modified! You're right.

Biden actually loved the prospect of having his white kids mixed with blacks.
And he didn't use the term "jungle" to compare blacks to monkeys.
We are so wrong.

b6b001ea No.3583504


on a unrelated note :

Remember to say NO to free money!.

The 600$ support a week during the corona virus is expiring today! Anyone accepting any sort of hand-out again and forever from the government are pure , evil, COMMUNIST and should leave USA immediately!

NO free money, NO free food, NO free rent, NO handouts!!

Only Pro-China vile terrorist accept this !

Your God-Emperor Trump commands you to say no!!

And his apostle Pompeo, Barr and McConnell

86eb28f5 No.3583508

It's not communist to accept free shit. It's communist to forcefully collect shit for the purpose of redistribution.

The violation of rights happens at the point where you forcefully TAKE from someone, idiot. If you want to willingly give charity to someone, that's 100% within your rights to do. Fucking go for it.

25e6d107 No.3583519



A TRUE patriot would refuse handouts!

end of story go suck democratic party dick you Pro-china cuck/manlet

86eb28f5 No.3583520

>We're stealing your money and redistributing it already, and if you think you're entitled to a cent of it, then you're as bad as us.

How about you just don't steal people's money to begin with, nigger?

66a502d5 No.3583523

File: 1596238821636.jpg (226.41 KB, 1104x800, Schweitzer_on_Africans.jpg)

You asswipes posting fake quotes. Here, have a quote by a Nobel Prize winner.

4be2ba52 No.3583528

Did you know that racists have a lower IQ on average than normal people?

7203c970 No.3583530

File: 1596241895484.jpg (88.79 KB, 700x875, 0090.jpg)

4be2ba52 No.3583532

Why do you suppose black Nigerian immigrants are more wealthy, successful and intelligent on average than native white Americans?

86eb28f5 No.3583533

I assume that to be the case for most collectivists, commie. You have to be pretty dumb to prioritize group rights over individual rights.

2a081024 No.3583534

File: 1596243580873.jpg (15.94 KB, 400x213, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

da6a3c86 No.3583535

>You asswipes posting fake quotes. Here, have a quote by a Nobel Prize winner.


535be247 No.3583536

Yeah so? I never said it was a real quote did I?

4be2ba52 No.3583541

People on the left in general and socialists in particular tend to have very high average IQs.

2a081024 No.3583542

File: 1596249202323.jpg (39.89 KB, 527x182, Capture2.JPG)

0f5a9e0c No.3583544

I wonder what sort of neuropathy is at play for a person who - under no circumstances, however great or small the weight of their error - can never, ever admit to themselves or others that they were wrong or that they have done something stupid.

899999f0 No.3583547

Good, why don't YOU start first? Did you know this "misattribution" is not so far from what he was actually thinking? He really meant that, but did it much more politely.
Originally he said: "A word in conclusion about the relations between the whites and blacks. What must be the general character of the intercourse between them? Am I to treat the black man as my equal or my inferior? I must show him that I can respect the dignity of human personality in every one, and this attitude in me he must be able to see for himself; but the essential thing is that there shall be a real feeling of brotherliness. How far this is to find complete expression in the sayings and doings of daily life must be settled by circumstances. The negro is a child, and with children nothing can be done without the use of authority. We must, therefore, so arrange the circumstances of daily life that my natural authority can find expression. With regard to the negroes, then, I have coined the formula: "I am your brother, it is true, but your elder brother."
Source: https://archive.org/stream/ontheedgeofthepr007259mbp#page/n163/mode/2up

The funny thing you can't even call him racist or a white supremacist because he truly loved black people, he dedicated his life to help them, he could have lived a life of comfort but sacrificed all that for their sake.

86eb28f5 No.3583552

Maybe you should try acting like it then, and that doesn't mean acting all arrogant and superior.

Smart people don't talk about how smart they are.

da6a3c86 No.3583556

File: 1596260731432.webm (311.65 KB, 333x250, little-donnie.webm)

>Smart people don't talk about how smart they are.

2a081024 No.3583562


He never said he was smart. He was making a broad generalization about a group of people that may not be true…..you know…..that thing he accuses racists of doing?

4be2ba52 No.3583567

What's wrong with pointing out the fact that people on the left have a higher average IQ and racists have a lower average IQ than normal people? It's just fact.

c1feb191 No.3583571


4be2ba52 No.3583574

Unironically triggered by facts.

899999f0 No.3583577

File: 1596303987872.webm (7.54 MB, 640x360, Iq Tests Walt Bismarck Fr….webm)

That's always been a big problem with the left, they spend too much time reading books and on the internet, boasting about their intelligence, but they lack real life experience and end up being surpassed by dumber people but with experience, more skilled, that do a better job, intelligence only helps to gain XP faster, it cannot generate XP out of nothing.
That's why you never get anything done or fuck up things royally, remember all those donations in the past? Literally money down the drain. Look what the right did with much less money, they have already built 3 walls: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC30uFZsplYyA5oHjV__GJEA/videos and you can tell from these videos these people are dumb as fuck, but they get things done, instead of you who expect others to do stuff for you.
One last thing, make up your mind whatever IQ tests actually works or not, because everytime someone points out negroes and aborigines have the lowest IQs in the world, you say that IQ tests don't work and are pseudoscience/invalid tools, but when it's about left vs right suddenly it's a scientific fact? Make up your mind, right now you're implicitly admitting that negroes are dumber than whites if you play the IQ card.

1694abb9 No.3583582

Where's the stats to back up that claim?

da6a3c86 No.3583583

4be2ba52 No.3583584

You guys won't stfu about IQ so how come IQ doesn't matter when the well-known stats about racist IQ averages gets brought up?

da6a3c86 No.3583586

did you intend to post-quote someone else?

2a081024 No.3583631

File: 1596339053632.png (44.9 KB, 464x473, xxxxxxxx.png)


You mean………this? It shows half of US blacks as below average and a third as functionally retarded. Of course, native Africans are far worse off with an average IQ of 65. US blacks do better because they are not truly black….they are an admixture.

fa7a94ea No.3583768

Comparing average IQ scores doesn't work the same as comparing individual IQ scores. That's because the scores are normalized to produce the number.

When you compare country averages, the mean world score must always be 100 as per definition of the scoring system. Likewise, the standard deviation must be 15 points. Since the average scores in each country vary less than the scores of individuals, this has the effect of forcing the average IQ comparison into showing large differences where there aren't any.

For example, in a hypothetical IQ test, the individual participants may receive a score from 0 - 200. The variation seen in testing shows most people getting raw scores between 50 - 150. When you divide these people into groups, and measure the group average scores, you'll find that the average raw scores have a much narrower spread. Maybe 90 - 110. That's simply because in statistics, a sample mean tends to approach the population mean with larger samples, and deviate more with smaller samples. The average of two people varies much more than the average of 200 people, or the average of 2 million people, etc. Even if there were some genuinely stupid people in the group, the whole group average would still tend to be closer to the world average the larger the group is.

How the IQ score system works, take this spread of raw scores, and whatever standard deviation it has, that's 15 points. Thereby, getting a score of 65 in comparison between international averages doesn't actually mean the average person of a country would score 65 points when measured as an individual, because the deviation that the score measures is not the same. It would be like measuring in inches vs. centimeters and pretending that the numbers mean the same thing.

fa7a94ea No.3583774

As for the issue of comparing raw IQ scores together in a single pool before normalization, that too suffers from the fact that IQ tests aren't universal. They do not translate, because they test how well a person is able to assimilate information relative to a particular cultural context.

Human brains aren't evolved for any particular kind of logic or thinking. Small children for example don't perfectly grasp logical propositions and often confuse them. This is part of the reason why blacks in the US score much lower than whites, and for an important reason many don't consider: socialism. The left has historically been agitating the minorities against the majority through preaching Marxism on them. This is employing a different philosophy of THINKING than normal western culture.

fa7a94ea No.3583775


The difference in thinking is between what's called didactic and dialectical thought.

>those with Ph’d’s and other titles claiming to be knowledgeable, yet making basic errors in deduction, reason and logic. Many of those “scholars” make absurd errors, all while sounding scholarly. One reason for those errors stems from didactic versus dialectic thought. (…) Didactic analysis involves facts and deduction. It’s what most people understand to be logic. Dialectic analysis involves consensus and discussion to arrive at a conclusion.

You may read the article if you wish, but the gist of the story is: leftist dialectical thinking has a strong effect on IQ scores because the person's thought processes no longer follow the regular way. Answer to problems in leftist dialectical thinking are not logically deducible and shouldn't even be attempted - the answer is given by dogma. Things no longer have obvious answers, which means plain simple patterns like "1 1 2 _ 5" take longer to solve.

When a person is taught from childhood up without exposure to real academic standards, with Marxist ideas, they effectively become dumb. The left deliberately furnishes the minorities with gimped capacity for reasoned thinking in order to use them. The other factor in the equation is the lack of economic education directed at minorities, especially the black, again in favor of Marxist theories which hinge on a reliance of the state. This results in poverty and hopelessness, stress, within the black communities - which is another factor that is known to affect a person's IQ score and their thinking skills through a lack of motivation. What you're seeing with blacks and whites can be easily and plausibly explained by other than racial factors: the hypocritical left has ensured that the black population will remain poor and dumb in order to raise an army of it, all the while preaching how "the man" is keeping them down.

003c8d8b No.3583781

File: 1596474026854.jpg (112.79 KB, 1280x715, F2.large.jpg)

What's worse, this isn't just affecting the minorities. Even white people have started to exhibit lower IQ scores past the 1975 generation with the majority now losing about 3 points per generation thanks to the erosion of educational standards and the children of various counter-culture groups being brought up with confused and vague values without the ability to think clearly.

4be2ba52 No.3583785

Nigerian Immigrants to the US have higher average IQs and make more money on average than white people. So much for that theory!

003c8d8b No.3583787

In fact, many black African populations have perfectly normal IQ. The cultural and environmental factors weight more in this than any biological factor.

The deeper inland you go in Africa, the more the people start to suffer from iodine deficiencies from lack of access to seafood, which results in widespread mental retardation as well.

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