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9f62a573 No.3583319

our we normal, how long is this going to last ?

696d098c No.3583565

File: 1596292228133.png (537.76 KB, 2500x2000, 1557051829.frankoon_abc_ha….png)

I had a dream, in which cho0b had nuked the board and made the site have only 5 pages. The post numbers reset. That's all I remember.

f35a93e0 No.3583572

File: 1596300214285.png (102.88 KB, 1024x434, Evil Moderator at work.png)

And all five pages filled with 3B's insane /leftypol/ threads, no doubt.

Actually, that's not far from what really happened on the old lulz. Someone became enraged that the first page was filled by pol threads so he bumped a lot of furry related threads. A moderator then deleted every one of those threads. Those were all of the popular threads, the Patachu one, Startrek Transformers crossover thread, and on and on. All that remained was a wasteland of pol threads.

What is the name of that moderator, anyway?

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