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Gonna need a bigger tougher gag ring design to withstand croc or gator bites.
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Now kiss

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He has a navel. I wonder if that means his species doesn't lay eggs.

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Whatever happened to SoBe? I used to drink it all the time but I haven't had one in years.

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I want to fuck the dragon from Luck.

Movie just came out

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I'm writing a story about a wizard fucking a silver dragon. I currently have three different drafts. What do you think I should do with it?

1st draft: Wizard is waay overprepared and planned out the ass before he shows up to the dragon's lair. He tricks the dragon into accepting a duel, and the dragon has to swear an oath of servitude. Wizard uses the oath to bind the dragon as an arcane battery, and basically uses her as a magic source/fuckpet as he wants. She does not like this, but is bound by her oath and wizard's binding. He's kind of cruel. Has an elecrostim scene where he gets her off by shocking the shit out of her weird dragon puss while she's a full on 50 foot dragon. Both are surprised at the outcome, tho she still hates it.

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File: 1661490867408.jpg (217.32 KB, 1280x1028, 8f778bc4a741ee246c8db8b84b….jpg)

Draft 2: Wizard is also a sorcerer. He's prepared, but less impossibly so. He barely wins the duel through a clever application of the suggestion spell and subtle magic, "It'd would be best if you surrender" as the casting for the spell "suggestion", but disguised as in-conversation taunts after he's blasted her with actually dangerous spells that she's resisted/fought off. He still magically binds her, but is wrecked from the fight/binding. She nurses him back to health for a few days while he recovers. they get to know each other a little. She's not super happy about it, but she's compelled to from her oath. Once he recovers, he sets about turning her lair into a wizard tower so she doesn't have to leave her territory, and starts having sex with her in the evenings. In this one, she shape changes into a half-dragon scaly, and is grumpy about the sex but not overly so. There is still a rapey scene, but she gets into it before it's over and figures if this is her life for a while she should embrace it.

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File: 1661491076210.jpg (6.74 MB, 6000x4265, 71eb169734c7145cb2d7bff162….jpg)

Draft 3. Wizard is completely under prepared. He planned on committing suicide by dragon, but things went terribly wrong and somehow he won. In a panic, he demands that she be his sex slave. She thinks this absolutely fucking hilarious once she realizes what's going on, and that he has no clue what he's doing. The sex scene is a lot more friendly, but he doesn't realize he's getting into dragon politics and she freaks out when she realizes that he's cursed to end the world… Which is why he can't die just yet. He's functionally immortal until he ends the world, as prophesized. This one starts out friendly ish, but gets dark as fuck as they spiral out of control trying to challenge fate itself.

I've written about 10k for each draft. Some of it has similar dialoge and observations, but most of it is different, as the wizard is vastly different personality wise in each one. We have the competent and cruel master; the cunning but lecherous gambler; or the Noble but cursed to fall victim.

Thoughts on which one I should pursue?

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Finally, a normal female dragon with no obnoxious mammal titties and a single cloaca, *looks closer* fine!

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File: 1661515900710.png (1.34 MB, 1197x1300, 8dc57ce58848bce7d5a430669a….png)

I prefer consensual sex between two individuals that love each other

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File: 1661524544475.png (1.57 MB, 1806x1576, Perma_Virgin.png)

While it seems this whole "dragon" thing is yet another trend that's being pushed by influential globalists/satanists, etc. to screw with Christian childrens' minds, I do like seeing creativity in people.

The first two drafts are mostly going to appeal to "violent kink fetishists" and if you want to try and reach some "normies" to help convert them to "the dark side" of non-human dragon intercourse and prevent them from ever reproducing with a human woman, then you should consider focusing more energy on the third draft.

What I don't quite understand is the "cursed to fall" story, and how that would come about. Also - how would a wizard not know what he's doing? There's a "danger" of strolling into trope-territory with this particular version (kind of like geeky teenage Spiderman gets bitten by radioactive spider and becomes reluctant hero that saves the world).

You're going to have to build up quite a "universe" to make things seem believable and relatable, being careful not to borrow too much from other famous stories, including ones that don't feature dragons as the main characters.

You can do an extra good job in screwing up young minds by going with the "reluctant partners" angle (also potentially tropey), where they end up working together not because they want an eternal life of hot dragon/wizard sex but because they're not keen on dying a horrible death or mass-murdering stuff.
Because they might just have a chance to fix things by working together, they'll give it a shot, because why not - it could just work.
That sex scene could be further explained by the fact that dire situations reduce inhibitions (kind of a survival instinct).

What will you do with this story - release it for free, publish it for purchase, keep it amongst friends?

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Christfags are fucking delusional.

I bet this retard doesn't even know he's a henotheist

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what if the dragon was just a bunch of playdough inside and the wizard crawled into it and started making wizard dildoes out of it and then the dragon had to layy them. fucke.

a867e15a No.3665197

>doesn't even know he's a henotheist.
I don't think that label applies to either me or Tailsopower, to be honest.

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I should have the dragon hook up with a demon to barter power for the wizard. Just to cement the satanist side.

Yeah, first two drafts are waay more fetishy out of the gate. Then again, this is a furry porn site. And I do like porn. So, hmm…

The cursed to fall bit I probably didn't explain well, which is funny in and of itself. In this version, he's prophesized to do something terrible (End the world, slaughter a country, something irredeemably bad). Until that thing comes to pass, he cannot die. It's a trope for sure, but it's a slightly different/less common take on it. Kinda like the bad luck character, but the luck here just barely keeps him alive no matter how crazy a scenario he puts himself in because dying early would be cheating. It also pushes him towards his destiny, which is where the cursed to fall bit shines hard.

He doesn't know what he's doing because his original plan ended with "Die in dragon fire" but it doesn't pan out like he planned at all.

I'm okay at world building, but most of my stuff is derivative in some way.

I'm not really intending to screw up young minds, but I'll think about the mechanics of their relationship. This 100% started as fetish porn, which is why I'm asking about it on this site and not my usual slew of writing sites.

I'll post it somewhere. Right now I mostly post MLP fan-fiction, but I have a bunch of other stuff I've written with nowhere to put it. I wrote something for Dan once, but I'm not sure he remembers, especially since I never posted it anywhere but pastebin. I have one Starbound story posted to sofurry, I might post it there. I hate the interface at Archive of our own. FimFiction has spoiled me rotten and literally that slick website is 95% of what's keeping me around the brony world.

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Now here's an idea!

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Judaism is polytheistic. Yhwh is just one of the jewish gods. Christfaggotry is just a Judaism expansion pack/fanfiction. You worship a priest of a polytheistic religion with a favored diety.

Here's the and hise wife/consort Asherah

6cbda3a9 No.3665279

The jews where strayed away from Yhwh every monday morning or so, inventing Gods or adopting those of neighboring nations.
Of course some did make picture of Yhwh and added a wife for good measure, it doesn't mean this fanfiction is canon.

a02b4019 No.3665281

File: 1661717979225.jpg (245.21 KB, 960x769, 1661685296291635.jpg)

The focus on yhwh came later. It was always polytheistic and based off other religious beliefs to begin with. You've got your own religion ass backwards or just deliberately lying to yourself as a cope.

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I mean, you can make shit up like that if you like, but the ongoing suppression of the Hebrews' polytheism is still present in the Tanach even after decades of editing and propagandizing by the priestly caste produced the narrative in its final form.

Too bad for them - their contemporaries were too familiar with the stories for them to be altered too much!

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Holy shit. Yeah, I can't find a whole lot of a reptilian/feral dragon with a clocoa and no boobs.

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Somebody just posted one!

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Far and away my favorite animal crossing character. He's totally banging the fisherman.

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The yellow coloring makes her asshole look all shitty, like she didn't bother to wipe after taking a shit or something.
Although I'm sure there is someone here who would like that too!

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