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12d75552 No.3581893

Mail in voting was said to be incorruptible. Apparently the UPS has been tossing out ballets from houses with Trump flags or stickers, and cats and dogs are apparently overwhelmingly democrat.

Welcome to a world where the communist cat lady has 30 votes to your -1, repubufag fascists.

12d75552 No.3581894

I love that animals are now given the right to vote. This will be a ritchous blue wave.

1680bc00 No.3581897

File: 1594474152658-0.jpg (141.02 KB, 942x628, UPS.jpg)

File: 1594474152658-1.jpg (3.12 MB, 2808x1872, ballet.jpg)

>Apparently the UPS has been tossing out ballets
how can someone this stupid even breathe?

311e1aa9 No.3581977

File: 1594535450701.jpg (75.23 KB, 960x950, JCq824i.jpg)

welcome to america, luckily a lot of retards are in the process of dying from stupidity at the moment so maybe it will get better eventually

7fb0e858 No.3581980


Pure bullshit.
(Unless you have a credible source…)

Right now, a mail carrier was caught changing peoples' requests for mail-in ballots from democrat to republican.

7fb0e858 No.3581983

Cats vs Dogs

7fb0e858 No.3581984

File: 1594538452502.jpg (122.54 KB, 397x474, ctasdogs.jpg)

9c6d5d1a No.3588655

>OP, here:
You seem annoyed about seeing your own thread again. Maybe you shouldn't have created it in the first place. Ha ha!

a19a1a52 No.3588656

OP of this thread here. Why are you replying to other people in other threads in this thread?

43e2d980 No.3588693

>a mail carrier was caught changing peoples' requests…
>a mail carrier was caught…

So, the fraud prevention systems are working and the election is perfectly fine. Great news!

9ba48b71 No.3588718




a19a1a52 No.3588722

cringe and oof-pilled

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