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2dbc080b No.3581741


This nigger moved in next to me, he's almost never home but keeps his rap hop music blasting all day. Fucking niggers can ruin everything even when they aren't around in person. Nothing I can do about it either since "quiet time" is only 10pm to 6am, and he turns it off then.

The fucking bass is so strong it rattles the walls, even my gun ear muffs cant make it less quiet. It's not even a good quality woofer, it just sounds like a fat aunt jemima farting into a megaphone. Wtf is wrong with jungle trash?

cdf10b65 No.3581742


This has nothing to do really with rap, the guy is simply one of those "I can do whatever I want" assholes.

I used to have a neighbor who would blast salsa music at all hours, my landlord told the guy to knock it off or else.
He told my landlord to fuck off and threatened him.
Next day some of his relatives were there, moving the guy out since he was in jail.

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard all sorts of "music" and music being blasted from cars, while I'm on my bicycle.

Sounds like the rap-blasting neighbor just wants to inflict his choices on everyone.
That's what the cops are for.

I'm typing this while listening to Mozart.

c8387c3d No.3581747

You need something that can put out a lot of EMI, that causes interference in stereo equipment. Something like a CB radio with a directional antenna pointed right at the amplifier.

If you can make the amplifier clip, it will burn out rather rapidly or high the temperature fuse and turn off.

7d17f817 No.3581749

You deserve each other

46f81788 No.3581753

It worked. I jammed my microwave's latch and ran it with the door open against the wall. Sweet muffled silence. Nigger deserved it, we"ll see how long it takes for him to steal a new one.

54c85cef No.3581757

I, too, support microwave radiation ensuring my sperm count dips to zero.

150e0e85 No.3581768

What about blasting death metal at them when they blast that nigger music?

e5a811d9 No.3581772

I didn't post that! I like nigger noise.

61c2824f No.3581790

Do you want to be just as big an asshole as your shitty cRap music neighbor?

aee394e8 No.3588551

File: 1600141186163.jpg (70.84 KB, 829x1200, C-nIr6YXsAAySM8.jpg)

are you trying to say that hyenas are niggers?

f1fbda7d No.3588554

good job replying to the necro spam

d0353cf5 No.3588650

> good job replying to the necro spam
Tell us more about your irrational fear of old threads. I enjoy hearing nutjobs like you trying to explain their lunatic phobias.

f1fbda7d No.3588652

>Tell us more about your irrational fear of old threads.
OP, here:

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