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f8865a70 No.3581513

It would have some damaging affect on society. It would also affect human laws and animal rights activists. The furries will come in great variety of sex, age, shapes, and sizes. How will humans and these beasts interact with each other?

You are likely to trip on their huge tails. Stink really bad depending on the environment they live 3rd world countries in hot and humid areas will make it worse. Fleas will infest their fur and vets and groomers will flood the markets unless you are a scalie. Diseases will increase in poor area mainly in brothels. If you are rich furry that could afford to have access to 1st world products to buy cheaply. Humans will have a combat advantage because they will not suffer from heatstroke in summer this will make mammal furries pant and pant for breath till they collapse on the floor unresponsive.

If there were an disease outbreak for furries that live in our world chances are they would be carrying zoonotic disease that spread easily on humans. Racism and discrimination will made things a lot worse it would cause a civil war.
Simping would not even help for example you found someone who is attractive a anthropomorphic cat girl who wants your money for cat products but she still needs you and you have the urge to drug her with some catnip drugs so that you could plunge your human penis in her pussy.

Different species like a fox and rabbit that has black furs will join forces among the white furs killing and spreading the disease. Humans will make more news about them and this site will make a lot of interesting suggestions on these real furs.

f8865a70 No.3581514

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Dandruff allergies will also affect human health, some humans cant tolerate the smell and dust of furries. Another group of furries will form called skinnies…
These are furries that want to be human so some of these freaks want to shave their own fur to know how it feels like to be human. It aint gonna be pretty because furries will have wrinkles unless they have enough body muscle and fat from human training and smelling good they will be accepted.

f8865a70 No.3581516

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f8865a70 No.3581517

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Normfurs would spend their human cash on soap and grooming products than on fursuits which makes them more accepted to the norms.

f8865a70 No.3581519

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The real furries are likely to act more normal than humans. due to their habits and humanity's situation. Instead of acting all cute and dumb it the opposite of becoming more hygienic.

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ef894532 No.3584053

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>If there were an disease outbreak for furries that live in our world chances are they would be carrying zoonotic disease that spread easily on humans.

Humans would try to make vaccines against furronavirus. Then they would play this up to create a huge market. Even the religious people will want them. They would eventually genetically manipulate us away even without anyone knowing.

We'd be better off if we were reincarnated from animals so nobody would know who we used to be, but how do you remember? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kucGEjGLeY . You'd need a mark…

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