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File: 1594069221629.jpg (2.16 MB, 2000x1414, 7184f3748e598144a898cf85ee….jpg)

c9599e13 No.3581468

So. Who got the goods before the cat got out of the bag?

2091662e No.3581500

hi cyrakhis. cheat on your wife again?

4d1da492 No.3581508

File: 1594124997607.jpg (1.61 MB, 1500x1125, 6679ae43159f3eaa2312b44123….jpg)

I never really thought about it before… but Jackrow has rapidly become my favourite paw artist. ♥

c8ec36f5 No.3581640

Where did he even post the stuff anyways? Was there a telegram full or something?

544d6945 No.3581704

I wonder if someone will post them

2fffc579 No.3581711

Better collect them now, before they all disappear forever.

25161265 No.3581713

what happen to jackrow D:

2fffc579 No.3581714

He got cancelled by SJWs.

544d6945 No.3581731

People who he drew without their consent found out he drew them

2fffc579 No.3581733

Privately. Without any proof. Just statements. And everyone wants him dead. Good job Twitter.

544d6945 No.3581740

I mean he admitted it, so not much to "prove" anymore

2fffc579 No.3581744

But under pressure.

544d6945 No.3581745

Dude, when your friends or people you're with show your own drawings, or even screens of them you're gonna believe them, the art style is his, he admitted it, multiple times, privately and publicly, just drop it.

2fffc579 No.3581750

I haven't seen any screenshots, just the callout, the angry stupid mob, and he's trying his best with damage control.

544d6945 No.3581751

He posted about it before deleting and coming back, and a friend of his also started talking in the comments, you can probably find them easily on twitter. You're just being obtuse on purpose. The question isn't if it happened or not, just if people will post the pictures here.

2fffc579 No.3581752

They will more likely not, because of drama.

544d6945 No.3581754

Probably not, but we'll see

2fffc579 No.3581764

See? Nobody.

544d6945 No.3581774

It's been a few days already, I'm not at the edge of my seat, I dunno what you're trying to prove

d5f1101d No.3581776

File: 1594332493408.jpg (461.66 KB, 906x1250, 760afa6d7954954439a6a271cd….jpg)


Hidden anus and penis… Now I die in peace!

d5f1101d No.3581777

File: 1594333321034.jpg (815.74 KB, 906x1250, pozimi_penis_request.jpg)

Gentlemen, I present to you Pozimi's peepee!

d5f1101d No.3581778

File: 1594333595644.png (1.2 MB, 1406x1029, pozimibutt.png)

10efb5da No.3581997


d5f1101d No.3581999

File: 1594586933082.jpg (101.01 KB, 1150x766, toptigress_u18chan.jpg)

This guy makes so much money its insane for an artist. Not only does he get a minimum of $6,210 USD from his patreon (Assuming all of those 1,242 patreons are only paying the 5 dollar minimum). He up and charges 6 thousand for a single picture… Ive heard of double dipping but man, thats some crazy shit.

I get how people are willing to pay those prices, and how he takes advantage of the stupidity of others but, what gets me is this: How do those people continue to buy his works at those prices? Its thousands of dollars that one could use for any number of things, and yet people somehow have enough disposable income to buy a single piece of digital art. Meanwhile the majority of the furry community constantly complains (as i currently am) about being broke, so just who is buying these?

(Last thoughts): Just from his patreon thats 74K a year, more than livable in most places in the world. Double that and its 140k easily…. assuming hes only doing 1 extra 6k piece a month…

Hes playing the system and has so many people defending him its insane. I get it all artists want that kind of success, but lets face it, that ain't gonna happen for the majority, only a select few who are either: 1. Lucky, or 2. Greedy and unscrupulous.

Besides there are a million better artists who charge decently for their works. Why he became the industry standard is beyond me.

d5f1101d No.3582000

File: 1594587185735.jpg (660.25 KB, 1000x766, Elora121_u18chan.jpg)

i agree with you here tbh but im sure in some days some white knight will mkae jokes about that, which is just sad bcourse you pretty much hitted the nail on the head.

Gotta love the community of a site thats entire purpose is essentially art "theft" trying to act high and mighty about someone charging too much. Lmao
Arts a luxury and 99% of artists charge way too low to begin with, tip for your commissions so the person drawing your double knotted horse cock gets to eat more than once a day.

That's the thing though, in order to charge more one thing above all else must change. Supply and Demand. Its the basis for all economies period.

I get it, you don't want to work for pennies, who does? But to try and justify prices that FAR exceed demand is economically not viable. If a few "prestigious" individuals pull it off, like the case here. There clients are more paying for the artists exclusivity. Meaning a perceived DEMAND for said works has increased from specific artists with a limited SUPPLY. If every artist in the community raised their prices to even remotely close to Miles here then the demand would dwindle, and the majority of commissioners would move elsewhere, if not dry up completely.

There are too many artists, and by extension artworks, for prices to justifiably be raised to any meaningful degree right now.

But, go ahead and raise those prices. See what happens. Supply and Demand.

On a quick tangent. The art theft here is more to do with an inability to pay every last artist, say on patreon, that i would like too. At least in my case. Even if they were to only charge 1 dollar, it adds up quickly. 100 artists = 100 dollars… cant do it. And there are far more than 100 artist that use paywalls. Usually charging 5 dollars each for the actual works. Id like to be able to support everyone that i follow, heck id LOVE to be able to just blindly throw 6k at a single piece of art, but that's not possible.

Besides I wouldn't even know some of the artists in the community without sites like this one.

10efb5da No.3582001

Pretty sure you two aren't in the right thread

863bbd1d No.3582010

>so just who is buying these?

It's a common auctioning scam: you got your buddies driving up the price, but they don't actually pay it. They're just there to create fake demand, drive up the auction slot prices.

Miles doesn't pull off single payer commissions at $6k - it's usually the pictures with multiple slots. Some idiot pays the $800 and the other slots go to people who just pretend to pay.

d5f1101d No.3582013


So Miles create fake accounts to buy his own art for $200 while the other pays $800? Sounds interesting enough.

863bbd1d No.3582016

Doesn't need to be fake accounts. It can be simply his buddies and insiders who bid and win, and then just pay some token amount like $20 or nothing.

Think about it. As a popufur artist, you'll only want to do the minimum amount of work for the maximum pay. You do that by pushing the prices up so far that you'll make the money from one commission every now and then. How then do you push the prices up without immediately driving off your fanbase? By faking popularity.

You hire your own circlejerk of closest fans to "commission" you to draw whatever you want to draw, and then "pay" you for it to make it look like you're a superstar. 80% of the money can be fool's gold, but that's okay since Miles-DF is Russian and in that economy even poverty level income in dollars is pure jewgold: The median income in Russia is $550 per month.

863bbd1d No.3582017

Also, with the business culture in Russia, if someone was actually making $6k off of Patreon plus another $6k a month in commissions, the Russian Mafia would come around to make an offer they can't refuse.

Someone making 20 times the average income is sure to raise some attention.

d5f1101d No.3582019

File: 1594598472384.png (472.88 KB, 1360x774, 16-2.png)


Could we go deeper…

16dfcbf5 No.3582021

Wait why are people going on about Milesdf all of a sudden? Not what the thread was for

16dfcbf5 No.3582022

Also Wairu/Jackrow is from Hungary, not Russia

3cd0f327 No.3582250


7991faae No.3582406

File: 1594947191788.jpg (1.1 MB, 1061x1500, 931175622b691a7f525615841b….jpg)

I see this one was deleted recently. Glad I grabbed it. Back when it was first posted on E6, someone posted in the comments that the female charr was based off her character and that he made the art after she declined to ERP with him (or something along those lines)

2091662e No.3582426

sounds like she's an arrogant cunt to me. she wants to claim a generic looking siamese-style female charr is her character? they're a dime a dozen.

good art, nonetheless.

f7359dd5 No.3582431

Shes a fucking goddess compared to the RAPIST arist. Go upvote MALE ACTIVIST FUCKS, and accept that you're a sexist pig.

d22a5e00 No.3582436


Found the femmenazi.

99e2ad0d No.3582438

artist posting in their own thread

55547a77 No.3582521

the autistic screeching in this thread is deafening..

c6d79ed1 No.3583322


291080b3 No.3583825

File: 1596492619585.jpg (1.04 MB, 1500x1061, tartii.jpg)

7e9d0ef5 No.3583879

Oh nice!

7156bb86 No.3584107


844cbb86 No.3585694


801d1508 No.3588861

File: 1600368927693.jpg (707 KB, 1800x1273, 132.jpg)


anyone knows wairu's discord channel?

844cbb86 No.3590505

I'm kinda surprised that there are a bunch of his artwork floating around the interwebs which aren't released yet.

844cbb86 No.3590506

File: 1601752042727.jpg (276.58 KB, 895x1969, 6445566811.jpg)

I guess this was it. No more Kittycat. Time to archive.

a029ca15 No.3590925

Bumping for more of these drawings to get leaked

844cbb86 No.3591632


801d1508 No.3591716

File: 1602675441225.jpg (734.48 KB, 1800x1273, 186.jpg)

bump for more

80cf0ffc No.3591726


That's deep… I'm also starting to feel the same way. depression… you gotta manage it or it will manage you.

844cbb86 No.3592876


e8e70b31 No.3594211


3c0f159e No.3594212

Twitter is the worst ever to happen to the furry community.

844cbb86 No.3594228

Worse, the entire humanity

b29092cb No.3594301

File: 1605238071941.jpg (75.04 KB, 850x400, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


>Social media

>aids communication

844cbb86 No.3594993


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