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1d1f7a52 No.3581123

It’s funny because I used to hate them them, then like them, and now I guess I fall somewhere in the ranks of “furry”.

The way I see it, is that for the longest time, the complete majority of furries were very much so the stereotype everyone sees them as. Literally creepy, mostly male, basement dwellers who lived on shitty archaic chat rooms collecting perverse erotic babs bunny fancomics well through the 80s and 90s. Pretty much this in every way:

But then DeviantArt launched in 2002, and like much of the internet at the time, opened the “furry fandom” to legions of annoying 12 year olds who now finally made it onto the internet. Really being part of that generation where high technical knowledge wasn’t a prequesite to use the internet and when cable broadband was proliferating like mad. Instead of stomping around in a backyard sandbox pretending to be a monster, they were doing so online - with other kids.

Those 12 year olds made dog characters with shitty scene accesories and conversed with other 12 year olds who did the same. They grew up building huge networks of friends, in and off line, and discovered there was a name for this PLAY PRETEND they were doing.

Now all those 12 year olds have grown up and are in their late teens and early to mid 20s. They are otherwise normal, attractive, sociable people, but CONCEAL THEIR POWER LEVEL until they goto cons. At cons (read: furry, anime, comic conventions) they go apeshit because here’s where they see all the other likeminded people they’ve known forever. So cons transformed into an awkward place for caricatures like the above to pick up perverted comics and otherwise duck out of the public eye, to becoming a sort of indoor burning man or whatever.

Parties and creepers have been and are still present at cons, but the emphasis has shifted in favour of the newer generation. Cons now feature shit like floor wars (street dance fighting competitions) and hotel party floors where the carpets are lined with plastic for the weekend as every suite on that floor opens up to being separate themed parties with free booze. Essentially bar hopping for free but travel’s been reduced to crossing over to the next room over.

1d1f7a52 No.3581124

But what’s truly interesting is that the shift was and still is pretty nasty. The older furries, those aforementioned perverted caricatures, the old guard if you will - resisted this change. The fandom has always been a lifestyle or some sort of hugbox for a lot of them. So around 2006, those 12 years started to get into their later teens and began being huge shit disturbing assholes (like most late teens), becoming huge “trolls”, especially as imageboard culture was exploding around this time too. The older people felt a need to reign in the younger shit lords because they had a tendency to single out and troll the fuck out of the creepier, older furries online and at cons to a point of sending people to literal jail.

Older grosser furries, who indeed hid in plain site in online furry communities with really fucked up shit like beastiality, ended up being reported to the police and getting harrassed off the internet. Essentially the hugbox was ending for them and they fought back hard. So there was a giant diarrhea firestorm lasting from then and until fairly recently. I was caught up in this shit storm because I ended up being permanently banned from the largest furry con in the world, Anthrocon, for several stunts I did to piss off the older peeps including finding local reporters to share stories of encountering pedophiles at Anthrocon. As a result, the creepier, old guard either got their shit together or went into hiding. When the dust settled, you got this exuberant youth majority, “I don’t give a fuck” self-referencing group of people who poke more insulting fun at eachother than I see people outside of the fandom who genuinely hate furries do. Incidentally they also go hard in the motherfucking paint.

When you are part of the most maligned group on the internet, you really stop caring about how the outside world sees you. It was like a carte blanche for us to do all the things we wanted to do after growing up with shit like Jackass and various other intense stunt shows as inspiration.


Coming to a documentary lifestyle MTV show and Hot Topic special interest section near you.


Kids are ruining furry and making it about themselves.

Damn kids, get off my Lawn!

1d1f7a52 No.3581127

Plus too. The kids are coming in the furry fandom and are acting like they own the place. When they are 16 or so and weren't even around when the fandom was first being formed. We should be telling the kids to sit down and shut up. We were in furry before those kids were a gleam in their mother's eye. Plus they calling us nazis and pushing us out with their body politics. We should say "fuck you, you can't tell me what to do."

e957d43f No.3581134

Well… I don't know what to tell you, with that rant the very loser teens and young twenty somethings will say. Along the lines of "TL;DR" and various insults to follow.

I was a "Furry" from 1997 till 2017 or so when patreon started making artist I like become gated out of no where. Money is nice but forgetting your original fan-base and throwing them under the bus ruined it for me.

The childish insults, the special circle jerking snow flakes who ONLY interact with people they know often times by cash and little else. Are the very reason you described is happening.

WE ( the older funny animal / furries ) … We're perceived the same way by many older furries back then. Except. I never acted like an ass to the writers/artist. I avoided "RP" shit and didn't know of much drama, until around 2002 or 2003. When "popular artist" started being jack asses to their fans or people who were fans of other artist who didn't get along.

Anyway. ( Weird writing this but it needs to be said ) … "When I was younger" unlike past generations of boomers. I…Like many in my age group, grew up with the shit young idiots use now.

I know how to join the various channels/discords/twitter and all the useless trash they use to orbit each other and all them like them, orbiting the same idiots over-and-over. ( As I grew up with it, saw it before they got off the bottle and their neglectful parents handed them an iphone. )

That is part of the reason these newer generation of 'trolling' useless garbage IS the fandom.

It's not going to return to what made you or me happy.

Let it become the 'Wal-Mart' everyone and their mother knows about.

Let it become ruined.

Let it be a lesson, that IF its new or enjoyable to you and small. ( Whatever the next 'thing' might be ) … Remember, what happened to this so called: "Community" and you can avoid it and be happier for it.

1d1f7a52 No.3581137


Yeah. I remember when furry was about yiff,art and yiffing plushies and such.


But these kiddos have made it about stuff like sjw stuff and such.

I think it's partly because of the invention of phones and tablets that can access the internet. I remember back in the 90's when you needed to know how a computer worked before you could get on the internet. But now any idiot with a smartphone can just turn on their blackberry,iphone,android and chat and the maturity of the average internet user has also seemed to go down as well.

Nowadays, i you mention you are into strange things like plushophilia, you get trolled by these kids who call you a fake furry.

1d1f7a52 No.3581191

I think it's because the youth in our country are not taught respect for those who are older than them and that nowadays that people can't kick their asses. I remember when i was growing up that my parents and parents of my friends had permission to kick my ass. But now CPS will be called for it.

fafdb276 No.3581192

File: 1593801447149.png (538.16 KB, 735x516, Screenshot_2020-07-03 mcdo….png)

1d1f7a52 No.3581195

1d1f7a52 No.3581208

plus these kids have made furry into being popular, it was never like this back in the good old days. We should be fightin back agains thte kids who are ruining furry .

1d1f7a52 No.3581223


1d1f7a52 No.3581225

Like in star wars, were the rebels giving up when the empire was beating them? No, they fought back. In LOTR did the hero's just give up? No they didn't.

164892ca No.3581247

Meh, face it were what they called "greymuzzles" now. You cant stop time.

46191df9 No.3581251

File: 1593859428982.jpg (283.49 KB, 900x1280, 67b1ea4c6fdf9e39e9ae8705ea….jpg)

Even at my age, things are changing in the fandom and I can't keep up very well anymore. I'm a bit shy of 30.

"Don't stick your dick in crazy" more like don't fuck a hornets nest. Some of these kids are like powder kegs.

I've found it hard to trust people like I used to. Just assuming that people are good has burned me so many times in the past, so yeah, you could say I'm a jaded, bitter asshole, and you'd be right.

1d1f7a52 No.3581431

File: 1594010243358.jpg (555.53 KB, 2404x1260, 1471795668359.jpg)


You may not have heard about this. BUt on twitter there are kids who are trying to bring about a sfw side of furry and calling themselves "fluffies" This image related.

a60e1991 No.3581487

The issue with the current generation, vs early furry, is that early furry was more content driven, so there were comics, stories, characters that artists would share around in a nebulous plot.

These days though, it's the complete opposite.

e957d43f No.3581494


Good point.

I'm >>3581134 so I don't get mixed up with the other.

I. Did not have any writing or drawing skills when I first found this "Funny Animals turned Furry Community" … It inspired me to learn to draw/write and 3D model and more. All with the idea of eventually creating my own universe I could share with the community as a whole. ( Even if not all would care or like it )

Sadly; as I stated before. Patreon and circle jerking orbiters started to happen before it became what it is today. So. I asked myself. Why would I share interesting stories/comics/drawings/animations, if people will expect something stupid like "pay walling" ( so they can get special treatment because they spend the most 'cash' to get their fursonas and other such things included )

I didn't like how things started to go this direction, nor where it ended up. I keep drawing/animating/3D modeling and writing. But. I do it for me and me alone now. I certainly considered sharing but what's the point? I'd be ridiculed if it doesn't meet one type of ( insert skill/fetish [Some stuff I do it erotica or XXX sure but not ALL of what I do] or whatever twitter type trash is popular for the moment, soon forgotten and replaced with more spur 'fad' shit. )

It is what it is. The pick from >>3581431 REALLY is true. Not just for Furries but many and its been posted numerous times before. Sucks how honest that stick figure drawing is on the reality of it all…

1d1f7a52 No.3581498


Yeah,i have seen in other other things like comic books,fantasy/scifi and such.

I remember when fantasy and showing up with a book with a dragon or wizard on the cover would get someone mocked and laughed out of existence. But now everyone is calling themselves nerds. I think the esé who picked on me for reading the hobbit in school now calls himself a nerd.

I seen it with comic book stores as well, comic stores one time used to be the very sort of people that normies used to stay away from, but now normies are calling themselves nerds. Same with the internet and computers.

abaf5511 No.3581504

File: 1594095451601-0.jpg (228.16 KB, 500x892, Hardi hyper.jpg)

File: 1594095451601-1.jpg (243.66 KB, 520x987, Hardi gay.jpg)

File: 1594095451601-2.jpg (228.36 KB, 540x730, Hardi degens.jpg)

File: 1594095451601-3.png (257.99 KB, 661x661, Furries can't draw this an….png)

Furry has been a young twink faggot thing and Logan's Run senilicide past the age of 35 for decades now. Mostly because it relies on the immature brain to fill in blanks where shitty art and wrongly wired "sexualities" exist. Then you get old and see that rotating FOTM furry slut with no personality and the same rote drawn hyper inflated tits and a symbol drawn "Y" labia for a puss and that no one can draw a proper breeding hole or even a good asshole that isn't a flat simplistic "fill in the blanks with your own mind" shit. The partialism infestation, artistic stagnation, all of it. It's just shit, so most of your generation leaves except the really fucking weird ones that don't mature mentally, then the younger generation comes in and dials up the partialism to 10 while finding even the simplified useless labia disgusting so they replace it with giant veiny cocks and start advocating for a communist revolution with no real plans other than raw emotion. Generation gap hits hard and fast in fur shit.

Then the art styles you liked vanish as the source material turns into fucking hideous low budget CalARTS garbage and simple shapes people were hand drawn cel animation used to be. Suddenly it becomes popular and now you have infinitely more artists and none of it looks good because they're only around to make money off of retards with no standards and it's all pandering and paywalled. Furry is fueled on conspicuous consumption of the young who don't realize the importance of a retirement fund or that they can't sit on their parents couch forever spending their R&B money on shitty commissions by immensely shit "people" aka artists. Penis inflates into a spike to stick it in a pussy hole or asshole and furfags aren't even unified in wanting that as a baseline, it's the complete opposite: they're unified in hating their roles as penetrators. How many retards can last jacking off to useless tit pinups when their genetics are screaming at them to have kids and get married past 35? The only good thing for anyone sticking around is the current garbage isn't permanent either. Except for thigger and cock worship shit because it is the lowest barrier of entry.


7583084b No.3581510


Wow. While I agree furry has changed, to me it seems to be more about muh pronoun and less about furry.

But do go on. Show us on the "giant veiny cock" where the furry touched you.

c45150fa No.3581511

How about YOU "do go on," 3B?
God, everything you write, it's so obvious it's YOU writi8ng it.
Now hit us with your usual string of denials.

Hi, 3B.


164892ca No.3581523

File: 1594140423200.png (191.99 KB, 340x444, Queen_Chrysalis_ID_S9E8.png)

Nothing about that posted hinted at 3B, I'd know. I was him for a while

That said the only change in the porny furry community is more realistically proportioned dick girls.

0dbb860d No.3581524

File: 1594142617097.png (376.56 KB, 1459x1182, rares.png)

What kind of generations of kids that ruin the fandom you say? Well that depends on standards I mean take a look at social media on how they used it. The good, bad and ugly. YCH here becomes spam business on furaffinity.

Trying to make money as a freelance artist

46191df9 No.3581546

File: 1594158619541.jpg (98.17 KB, 640x853, IMG_20200624_084828_286.jpg)


There was one particular YCH ad on FA. I kept seeing it in the "paws" category. I looked into it and it was being spammed by an account that specifically existed to promote other peoples YCH

I saw it probably every few days. Posted ad nauseum. I saw like one person actually get one and post it publically.

Like… Ffs buy some ad space if you want it that bad instead of spamming.

7583084b No.3581550


Sorry to break your worldview, semengobblin. Not 3B.

But you may go drown in semen.

b2749869 No.3581558

File: 1594171173875.jpg (35.14 KB, 510x375, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)


>>Kids are ruining furry

>>Cub thread to the left

>>MLP thread to the right

Right you are there ol' bean!

0dbb860d No.3581562

File: 1594171607044.jpg (200.18 KB, 1718x1874, 42944fbf573ac5002393ad3442….jpg)

Furaffinity relies on these "your character here" as ads to stay a float the site has become expensive to run nowadays.

0dbb860d No.3581563

File: 1594171964338.png (532.88 KB, 645x413, reallyold.png)

Animaniacs - Please Please Pleese Get a Life Foundation

ade51bba No.3581564

File: 1594172213894.png (2.44 MB, 2507x3541, 74408990_p0.png)

>cubs to the left of me
>bronies to the right
here I am, stuck in the middle with you

46191df9 No.3581573

File: 1594176570823.jpg (1.49 MB, 2328x1744, 20200629_220821.jpg)

Well I don't know why I came here tonight.

164892ca No.3581608

File: 1594206230062.jpg (473.13 KB, 1500x2121, MV5BZTMxMjExZmMtNGYzZC00Yz….jpg)

0dbb860d No.3581609

File: 1594207463465.png (739.53 KB, 1523x1137, ec049aee62c583e9d60cebf325….png)

absurd water marks of your hated favorite artist.

ea1414db No.3584233

File: 1596841378197.jpg (1.45 MB, 2108x2108, a95737557dc6b09dfe7603a647….jpg)

c5c28cdd No.3584236


If that doesn't get the alliance pissed off at you on a personal level, nothing will.

46191df9 No.3584245

File: 1596855121419.jpg (2.96 MB, 4656x3492, 20200806_130022.jpg)

724e42a2 No.3584286


So enlighten me : Do those balloons gain height the normal old-school way : By cutting some (ball) sacks off ?

d6eacb25 No.3584301

they are tortured for their gas, would be the most economical answer.

50246fbb No.3584310

File: 1596919010298-0.png (1.36 MB, 825x1275, 1546474841.wickedstar_morn….png)

File: 1596919010298-1.jpg (172.63 KB, 1280x1084, 1575749820.loudchill_campe….jpg)

963c2fed No.3584326

File: 1596934324493.png (1.42 MB, 1298x785, Screenshot_2020-08-08 NEW ….png)

963c2fed No.3584327

File: 1596934376757.png (1.44 MB, 1299x786, Screenshot_2020-08-08 furR….png)

963c2fed No.3584328

File: 1596934600292.png (1.46 MB, 1299x786, Screenshot_2020-08-08 furR….png)

963c2fed No.3584329

File: 1596934624377-0.png (1.59 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 furR….png)

File: 1596934624377-1.png (1.65 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 furR….png)

963c2fed No.3584330

File: 1596934645252-0.png (1.5 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 furR….png)

File: 1596934645252-1.png (1.6 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 furR….png)

File: 1596934645252-2.png (1.72 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 furR….png)

963c2fed No.3584331

File: 1596934767538-0.png (1.53 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 furR….png)

File: 1596934767538-1.png (1.3 MB, 1299x785, Screenshot_2020-08-08 Furr….png)

File: 1596934767538-2.png (1.37 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 Furr….png)

963c2fed No.3584332

File: 1596934790240-0.png (1.28 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 Furr….png)

File: 1596934790240-1.png (1.2 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 Furr….png)

File: 1596934790240-2.png (1.35 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 Furr….png)

963c2fed No.3584333

File: 1596934835254-0.png (1.37 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 Furr….png)

File: 1596934835254-1.jpg (204.09 KB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 Furr….jpg)

File: 1596934835254-2.png (1.17 MB, 1299x730, Screenshot_2020-08-08 Furr….png)

ee7fe34e No.3584344

File: 1596950219343.png (829.48 KB, 960x600, ToyWolf-W-01-Dirty-Man-Act….png)


Wow… gross… I thought that was the whole point of having animatronic fake pets was they didn't poop or pee.

Well I guess it's not all bad. I suppose this way it prepares kids for what having an actual pet is like.

ba36bdea No.3584350

I thought the whole point of the fake rape, murder, incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and rape in the bible was to prevent all of that.

Well I guess it's not all bad. I suppose this way it prepares kids for what life is like.

ee7fe34e No.3584352

The fuck are you even on about? No one was even talking about the Bible.

087250cf No.3584358

File: 1596966529466.png (777.04 KB, 760x1000, c442a85d847ac6ef0dcfc841e7….png)

thanks i hate it

and fucking youtube turns off comments on kids videos so you can't even tell hasbro how retarded their scat fetish toys are

b7f80590 No.3584362

File: 1596969913627.jpg (7.96 KB, 297x169, download.jpg)

ba36bdea No.3584363

you must be new here

b7f80590 No.3584364

File: 1596971639424.png (1.74 MB, 1280x720, 1596485948.pxlfur_0014-sun….png)



3ae72c28 No.3584369

File: 1596982030219.jpg (343.9 KB, 1900x1425, c556bbea9fffa19ef6dd08851b….jpg)

vore death is one of those thing I can't get in to

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