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Beez Zabinski
6 hrs ·

>Calls out a pedo on Twitter with over 31k followers

Furries: *dead silence*

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e4ea3005 No.3583911

File: 1596567674944.png (107.75 KB, 384x718, SageFreehaven.png)

Here's a sage to counter your sage!

5f41f4cc No.3583961

File: 1596608741377.jpg (323.25 KB, 1742x1338, ped yes.jpg)

c1ebedc6 No.3583996

File: 1596627978319.png (941.16 KB, 1200x800, Gross.png)

Ever notice how liberals bitch about pedophilia & then put shows Big Mouth on the air & act like sexualization of children is fine.

c1ebedc6 No.3583997

File: 1596628250533.png (1.76 MB, 1024x990, 1589749829067.png)

7178ab06 No.3583998


Nice clout chasing attempt, btw thanks for giving me new artists to follow!! :3

c1ebedc6 No.3583999

File: 1596628700883.png (1.2 MB, 766x960, Kid.png)

2729472c No.3584007

File: 1596635017810.png (2.61 MB, 2000x1125, big_mouth_s03e02_25m50s371….png)

>sexualization of children

If you found the children in Big Mouth sexy in any way, that is a YOU thing. None of those children were drawn to be anywhere CLOSE to sexually appealing.

You're a freak.

2729472c No.3584008

File: 1596635427595.png (40.77 KB, 931x504, Screenshot_2020-08-05 Trai….png)


FYI: Child beauty pageants are almost exclusively a southern-conservative thing.

It's your people, country-boy, who have been trying to nationalizing pedophilia for decades.


68bbdfbf No.3584010

>If you criticize me being a pedo it really means that you are a pedo!

There you have your typical pedo delusion.

68bbdfbf No.3584012


Nice Try, Trumptard, but pedophilia in its core is a right-wing ideology.

ec03f9c6 No.3584081

Sexual attraction towards children is not a political ideology. Neither the left, nor the right, has a monopoly on it.

7a126f74 No.3584092

File: 1596741500503.png (31.28 KB, 1518x623, 3step_tweet.PNG)

Doesn't twitter have some ruleset against gathering mobs against people, or something?

c1ebedc6 No.3584161

File: 1596777073550.png (390.05 KB, 1068x580, LactaciaAndNackedGuy.png)

>>3584007 How can you not see what's going on?
I watched the first few episode we have this gross looking "Hormone monster" saying the most inappropriate things to children imaginable, at one point they even drew the kids dick, they're constantly putting these kids in sexually compromising situations & I'm the freak for pointing this out?

I'm the pedophile for pointing out that it's not okay to have kids on stage in strip clubs?

Lactacia is literally standing there next to a gay naked guy with his dick hanging out & I'm the pedophile for not being okay with that?

>>3584008 I'm on not board with child beauty pageants either, but at least they're not standing there on camera next to a naked guy. Does any remember the cross dresser who tried to start an LGBTQQIP2SAA no parents allowed pool party? You'll defend that, but act like I'm the Pedo for saying
"HuH! Hey this is not okay, I'm seeing a trend here & I really think we should do something about it."

c1ebedc6 No.3584163

File: 1596777200244.jpg (73.54 KB, 958x559, MG_2601-958x559.jpg)

Fucking look at this! How do you see this go "this is fine. NOPE nothing wrong here.". NO this is not okay & don't act like this was a "right-wing ideology" that made this happen.

c1ebedc6 No.3584165

File: 1596777419446.png (215.82 KB, 740x403, Screen-Shot-2018-06-18-at-….png)

Have seen Desmond? Why does this kid always look like he's strung the out on heroine or something?

c1ebedc6 No.3584256

File: 1596864191874.jpg (223.77 KB, 3306x934, 1596859496841.jpg)

3dbd4f70 No.3584272

What's wrong with it? Are your fefes hurt?

c790e823 No.3584274

>Does any remember the cross dresser who tried to start an LGBTQQIP2SAA no parents allowed pool party? You'll defend that…

No, we don't defend that. No one defends pedophiles. You keep acting like people on the left are okay with people fucking kids but no one is.

This whole evil plot that you think is happening is just in your head.

What is really happening is a few freaks are acting freaky and people on the right are pointing at it for shock value.
You are telling each other these grand conspiracy theories about satanic pedophile cabals and left-wing plots to brain wash children but it's just you, being crazy, like always.

There is no conspiracy.
There is no plot.
There is no cabal.
You are delusional.

c790e823 No.3584276

File: 1596893966358.png (230.56 KB, 826x422, pedo_Test.png)

Pedophiles like Poly see a picture of a fully clothed child with their legs spread and gets turned on so he assumes that it's just as arousing for everyone else. They think that everyone else is as turned on by children as they are.
They get upset that these "pornographic images" are being shown in public.

It never even occurs to them that to the rest of us there is absolutely nothing sexual about a child.
They assume we all think and feel like they do and then further assume that we are all okay with people being turned on by these "pornographic images" because they keep seeing them in popular media.

They never even stop to consider that maybe, just maybe, it's them who are the freaks, not the rest of us.

c1ebedc6 No.3584287

And according to these people…

A Show where a "hormone monsters" says the most lewd stuff imaginable to children.

If you see anything wrong with teaching kids in elementary school how to use a strap on and insert a dildo into your ass.

If you see anything wrong with a no parents "youth all-bodies" adult pool party hosted by an adult drag queen…

*you're* the pedophile.

c1ebedc6 No.3584290

>>3584276 You're fucking making excuses to rationalize what you know is wrong.

This pretty far removed from kids in a bathing suite in a god damn sears catalog.

This why I don't listen liberals any more…
This Kind of shit right here. We fucking trust you people.
You see shit happening right in front of your faces and then fucking LIE.

And people are starting to wake up.

c790e823 No.3584292

File: 1596907171667.png (719.4 KB, 819x391, White_People_Are_Crazy_As_….png)

>teaching kids in elementary school how to use a strap on and insert a dildo into your ass.

Again you are living in a world of delusion. The nightmares you think are happening all around you aren't real. This is all in your head. No school is teaching this to elementary kids. Take your meds.

c1ebedc6 No.3584293

I just posted a picture of it!

794ed109 No.3584295


What in the fuck is wrong with you?

c790e823 No.3584296

File: 1596907705276.png (1.5 MB, 872x820, Screenshot_2020-08-08 elem….png)


No, you didn't, you fucking moron.
You posted images of high-school kids in high-school sex education class.

Fucking retard.

c790e823 No.3584297


I don't know why I expected you to know the difference between High school and elementary school. It's pretty obvious no one in your family ever made it past the fourth grade.

c1ebedc6 No.3584298

It's not something the should be taught in public schools.

The kids may not be in kindergarten, I'm not sure how old they are.

but they still kids & this is still a public school & you are still acting like all this is fine.

943a02f9 No.3584299

>It's not something the should be taught in public schools.

Where are they gonna learn it then? From you? Teenage pregnancy is a real thing because single-parent households are more often than not incapable of raising children properly, if at all. Teaching abstinence is a fool's failed dream because hormones gonna horm no matter what.

>but they still kids & this is still a public school & you are still acting like all this is fine.

It IS fine because consider the much costlier and unwanted baby alternatives to sex education for sexually mature public school students.

c790e823 No.3584300


Yes, everyone is acting like teaching high school kids to have safe sex is fine, you know why? Because if we don't they will screw around anyway and end up getting pregnant or hurt.

There is a reason that conservative states have the highest teen pregnancy and highest STD rates of any states in America. You don't train your kids to use their dicks responsibly.

You morons think we defiantly need to train kids how to use guns safely in school but GOD FUCKING FORBID they learn how to use a condom! You southern culture is stupid beyond words.

You and all your kind are dragging humanity down. You are the dead weight of humanity. It will be so nice when Covid19 wipes you all out because you refuse to wear masks.

c790e823 No.3584302

File: 1596909375340.png (457.63 KB, 901x845, TV-MA_Dumbass.png)

>A Show where a "hormone monsters" says the most lewd stuff imaginable to children.

Again, this is only a problem if you are such a fucking retard that you let your children watch a show which is CLEARLY and EXPLICITLY for adults.

It is not our job to parent your kids. If you look at a TV-MA show which is blocked from the kids access on Netflix who's first episode is entitled "Ejaculation" and expect it to be wholesome fun for the kids that is YOU BEING STUPID that's not society's problem. That's a YOU problem.

c1ebedc6 No.3584303

This isn't a "safe sex" lesson… this a teacher with a fucking strap on.

& we don't honestly know how old these kids are, only that their older kindergarten, first or second grade.

I learned about safe sex in high school & middle school myself. They taught us about the reproductive system, gestation, male and female genitalia, the birthing process, how STD's are contracted, how to practice safe sex, where to get tested if you'd had sex & concerned about it, birth control pills, condoms…. all of that…

Hell in high school we even had a cross dressing day.

At no point was it nessecary for the teacher to bring out a box of sex toys and show to put on a strap on or how to shove dildos in to our ass.

Okay so you can at least admit that is explicit & is for adults…

About kids in sexually explicit situations & this doesn't present any red flags to do you? Apparently not

c1ebedc6 No.3584304

File: 1596914030178.jpg (114.81 KB, 1280x720, portland.jpg)

Also … all this talk about "progress" … these policies don't seem very "progressive" in the since of advancing our civilization. In fact it seems like the opposite.

We're supposed to putting colonies on the moon, we should be aiming to become a galactic civilization.

But instead … apparently the lefts idea of progress has nothing to do with advancing technology & becoming a galactic civilization rather to push oppression points, expose kids to sexual concepts as early as possible, be as perverted as possible around kids, and burn down business, tear down cities, to fight for rights they already have.

c790e823 No.3584313

File: 1596927587856.png (19.32 KB, 591x223, GetWhatYouAlreadyHave.png)

>We're supposed to putting colonies on the moon, we should be aiming to become a galactic civilization.

How are we suppose to do that? Mitch McConnel won't even bring any bills to a vote.

He's just refusing to do his job. Even Trump is sick of it. Trump passed an executive order to forbid HUD and the other housing agencies from eviciting people. He's trying to order the IRS to not collect payroll taxes but the legality of that is questionable.

They have had 10 meetings, not with Democrats, but with other Republicans, and can't get anything done.
The GOP is actively refusing to do its job in the middle of a pandemic with a massive economic collapse happening and the only reason I can think of them just refusing to work at all is that they really, really, want Trump to lose.

The Democrats are BEGGING them to give voters money that would make Trump look like a national hero and they just won't do it. They are trying to sink Trump. It's the only logical explanation.

He's also ordering insurerers to cover pre-existing conditions which, you know, was already part of Obamacare but it's good to see that he at least realizes it's important.

64a6a72e No.3584315

File: 1596927752698.png (69.9 KB, 1600x700, hahaha.png)

c790e823 No.3584316

>About kids in sexually explicit situations

It's a show about puberty. If anything, it's gross and weird. At no point whatsoever is it sexual unless you are a deviant pedophile freak. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you've never actually watched it.

cbcc4b6c No.3584323


The show isnt really all that bad. Maybe for kids pre 12, but honestly it's better to learn about STDs and horrific porn through cartoons then that *one guy* we all knew in middle school.

I mean it's better than how I was brought up, where when you looked at someone attractive you got beaten and kept out of school until your eyes healed up.

c1ebedc6 No.3584347

File: 1596951903309.jpg (35.01 KB, 540x675, 3f0aa669582bf7beb34354e185….jpg)

>>3584316 No I watched a few episodes with some Furry friends awhile back.

They kept telling me,
"Oh don't be such a prude, It's a funny show. It's just a show about puberty I don't see what the big deal is. It gets better. Just give it a chance."

I gave it a chance. It didn't get better… it only got worse. Every episode seemed like it was worse than the one prior & I decided & Yyyyeaaaahhh…. I'm not watching this anymore.

95f0b01c No.3584420

File: 1597039826383.jpg (966.33 KB, 3024x3780, hrl5qrg30ob51.jpg)

Big Mouth is a great show and I'm really happy to hear it triggers retards like you

c1ebedc6 No.3584426

File: 1597042019291.jpg (43.43 KB, 800x533, bcad8c6641c0a48fce7bf1223e….jpg)

Christianity is a great religion and I'm really happy to hear my faith triggers retards like you.

8d0dc523 No.3585185

if you like cub/loli art then you are a phedophile, if thats right then:
If you like action/horro/slasher movies then you are a psicho and a murderer.
If you like Yiff then you are zoophile
good lord, if you like gangster movies/series then you are a criminal, makes a lot of sense to me, lets ban all that, movies, games, series, art, books, anything that show "illigal" acts in a fictional world or we gonna turn all the ppl in the world in criminals, hurry, lest BAN EVERYTHING!!!!

c0dc1035 No.3585188

False equivalences.
If you jerk off to the drawn picture of a child, chances are high that you might be a pedophile to some degree but hey, that's totally fine. Educated people know the difference between pedophilia and pedosexuality.

2688910a No.3585189

>If you like Yiff then you are zoophile

ok let's not pretend that this one isn't true though lol

224c03f7 No.3585208

File: 1597774034466.jpg (109.66 KB, 1257x700, This artist strikes again ….jpg)

Shhhhhhhh, we don't talk about that.

15520220 No.3585219

got any other interesting picks saved on your hd? something..*licks lips*..youngggeeerrrrr……?

7a8378f4 No.3585220

got any other interesting picks saved on your hd? something..*licks lips*..youngggeeerrrrr……?

a4a46c57 No.3586077

File: 1598482008565.jpg (132.43 KB, 920x1062, Simon shits in Jeanette's ….jpg)

Simon shits in Jeanette's pussy!

cbcc4b6c No.3586095

File: 1598484803207.gif (250.37 KB, 220x178, tenor.gif)

3116c19a No.3587375

File: 1599243617856.png (36.25 KB, 500x417, Screenshot_2020-09-04 (5) ….png)

9bd7e3a3 No.3587403

File: 1599266496405.png (1.08 MB, 920x1060, fixed.png)

d0c1740b No.3587419

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