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File: 1591135832421.jpg (167.62 KB, 440x360, Defending_Portland_(349394….jpg)

6b124530 No.3577685[View All]

Where were they when 12 transgender people were being killed? Also where were they when autistic/aspergers people in group homes are being victimized and being told to do things against their will?

How come they are not protesting stuff like this?



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1f5bcb92 No.3579474

be a crypto racist/chauvinist elsewhere, BBB

>they start a war
>We have guns too
>a reminder

5fff3b47 No.3579503


He's not slave whipping, he's driving them into the 'showers.' I for one want to be at the arrival point saying, "Left" or "Right," as they are marched up single-file.

09af54af No.3579506


No better than a Stalinist, chump

10d9b327 No.3579512

File: 1592666915533.png (343.22 KB, 598x512, Judge rules Trump cant blo….png)


Update to the story: Barr tried to fire this guy but the Prosecutor refused to step down because Barr can't legally fire him and Trump tried to appoint a lawyer for Goldman Sachs who has never worked in criminal law of any kind to replace him but again, not legal. He needs to be approved by the Senate before Trump can force him into the office.

So you have to wonder why is Trump in such a panic to get rid of this guy? Why are republicans threatening to send the police down and remove him from the building?

The move to oust Berman also comes days after allegations surfaced from former Trump national security adviser John Bolton that the president sought to interfere in a Southern District of New York investigation into the state-owned Turkish bank in an effort to cut deals with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

His same office is also handling the Epstein case which Trump is mad didn't die when Epstein "killed himself" Funny enough, the people who are being investigated as being clients of the pedophile ring are also the people being investigated for criminal dealings with Trump's business.

a1751e9b No.3579533

File: 1592683004167.jpg (148.39 KB, 708x1024, mediafakeprotest.jpg)


Leftists/Communists fake stuff *all the time*. Never trust one to tell you anything truthful.

ed6e95a1 No.3579536


So you're saying armed neo-Nazis HAVEN'T been active? I trust all of you as far as I can throw you.

ed6e95a1 No.3579537

I don't understand how someone can see a bunch of racist fucks storm a capital building armed to the teeth and our president tells us that there are 'many fine people' among them.

It's not a dogwhistle anymore. It's a tornado siren.

c975b8c6 No.3579547

File: 1592696171245.jpg (484.49 KB, 1600x1055, li-zhensheng.jpg)

No, not in the numbers you imagine, nor the klan. The klan is a joke, there's probably 20 members living in trailer parks that aren't undercover agents or undercover news reporters. The klan was busted up in the 60's.

There's far more left wing terrorists going on, with the usual leftist distraction technique of "OH YEAH?? Well there's JUST as much as us! Probably MORE!"

c975b8c6 No.3579548

File: 1592696244345.jpg (97.16 KB, 1566x880, 131219-beheading-tease_wdw….jpg)

What in god's name are you talking about?

"Storming a capital building?" you mean Michigan? Where Gov. Stretchin' Gretchen went on an illegal, Hitleresque, fascist state?

Or are you just trying to make things up like a usual leftist?

09af54af No.3579550

File: 1592699723439.jpg (72.41 KB, 599x770, half-life-2-black-mesa-duk….jpg)

Not trying, I [b]am[/b] making this up.

I'm a 20something burnout posting in a toilet bowl without citing any sources. What did you expect?

09af54af No.3579551

File: 1592700320647.jpg (191.08 KB, 2048x1775, EXCmcCgWoAUBkQF.jpg)

The only time I talk serious politics is with my friends. They're all over the political spectrum. It's not us vs them, its reasonable to keep things neutral and friendly, and cease discussion when things get heated.

Do any of you actually sit down with people and discuss this stuff offline? Maybe you should.

b84abfd8 No.3579564

File: 1592706052125.jpg (23.31 KB, 500x483, pathetic.jpg)

The left is not capable of handling a real enemy. That is why they fight a made-up enemy. There are no nazis. Have not been any since 1945. LARPers certainly use the symbols. There are even actual fascist states in the ME and Asia, and dictatorships in Africa but they would get BTFO if they tried to do anything about them. Instead, they beat old men and children, burn and loot stores, here in the safety of the US and the White civilization that created it, all while claiming to be victims of it.

09af54af No.3579580


The terms "Nazi" and "neo-Nazi" are two sides of the same coin.

Bold of you to assume every single leftist is a violent looter criminal.

No, we know who the enemy is, and we're all taking notes voraciously.

10d9b327 No.3579582

>There is it. Flag flown during the Michigan protest in Lansing yesterday.

MORON, he wasn't saying that he *flew* the flag in Lansing, he is saying he *stole* the flag from Lansing and took it down.

He wasn't faking being a Nazi, you fucking idiot, he removed the flag and kept it.

10d9b327 No.3579583

>America doesn't have real Nazi.

So if they believe the things the Nazi believed, do the things the Nazi did, call themselves Nazis, wear the clothing and use the symbols of Nazis, who are you to tell them they aren't "real Nazis"? Who made you the international boss of who gets to be a Nazi?

09af54af No.3579585


The Nazis gave that Nazi the power to not see Nazis.

c63ffeeb No.3579589

File: 1592719788023.jpg (88.62 KB, 640x480, Trump-Rally-Supporters-Cha….jpg)

9:12 PM: Trump says rioters and looters will have more rights in “Joe Biden’s America” than “law-abiding citizens.” He’s speaking about MS-13 and the chaos in liberal cities. He says the chaos is coming to every city if he loses the White House. He says Joe Biden’s record can be summed up with four decades of betrayal and calamity. He says Biden supported every “globalist attack on America” and wanted to make every country rich except for America.

9:08 PM: Trump says 2020 is about whether you want to “bow before the left-wing mob or stand tall and proud as Americans.”

Trump says he will never kneel before the National Anthem. He says he thought the battle was on. Trump says it took the NFL a lot of time to “win you back.” Trump says Democrats want to punish thoughts but not violent crimes.

8:56 PM: Trump now talking about another NASDAQ record. And 401Ks. Trump says if the country doesn’t do anything stupid in November, the country will have the “greatest economic year” ever next year. He says if Democrats gain power, then the rioters will be in charge and “no one will be safe” and nobody will have control.

He says Biden is just a “helpless puppet” of the radical left.

Trump says Biden has never been “radical left” (he also doesn’t think Biden is on the “radical left”) but the radical left just controls him.

Trump says the left will do whatever it takes to stop his campaign. Trump claims a bunch of “maniacs” tried to disrupt the rally.

Trump, in Tulsa, says his supporters are not as violent but it won’t be pretty for the other side if something ever happened.

!! Trump says if his supporters ever got violent, "it would be a terrible, terrible day for the other side"

— Josh Lederman (@JoshNBCNews) June 21, 2020

8:51 PM: Trump now back to left-wing radicals tearing down Thomas Jefferson statues and beheading Columbus statues except for when Italians (“I love Italians) surrounded statues and saved them. He rips left-wing radicals for tearing down a George Washington statue and wrapping it in a burning American flag. Trump wants anyone who burns the flag to go to jail for one year.

"We ought to come up with legislation that if you burn the American flag you go to jail for one year … if somebody wants to burn the American flag and stomp on it, but just burn it, they go to jail for one year" — Trump pic.twitter.com/sbETQDwUkp

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) June 21, 2020

5ec12ca1 No.3579596

File: 1592734796932.jpg (309.68 KB, 750x751, 1591495273792.jpg)

The big issue here is that people have a choice and to vote he must allow them to choose. Forcing a choice is considered unamerican but this happens daily in America. When you have to choose if you would rather take it up the butt from the IRS or from a democratic gestoppo, there is not much different because it is the police who work for either party. The only real choice is to see beyond the charade and reserve your decisions for what matters, what doesn't matter, or what you think it is supposed to mean for you when they inevitably pass the 'collateral' tax law, where they can just take your shit if you don't pay the bills for them.

America is geared for an economic collapse because at the height of its celebrations its traditions are set to be market, the ideas of freedom and democracy are shit if you don't have money. If you can't afford a house, if you can't be admitted to a care program you are as good as a foreigner, the homeless who believe in liberty are infact the most oppressed people in the country. But whatever, its just another delusion we would have to rationalize out of our system.

Just like Covid somehow having type-o blood or being a kid suddenly your immune or you are magically invincible, that is pure bullshit but if we keep throwing fake outs like stimulus and putting faith in an unknown circumstance the country IS going to take its natural course to shitsville. Every president since Eisenhower has been a mess but all those in control want is to censor the good that has been done, in order to vye for more power and inevitable force a dependency on them, all for a vote point that only fuels a collapse.

On the other hand, Biden is more weaponized to derail everything that maybe an incredulous fluke would occur that fixes every single problem in one fell swoop.

Slim chance or fat chance seems to be the only factors in play here, the only smat move seems not to fall for it.

412527b0 No.3579630


The decline of good ol´ USA will not be slowly and with a whimper. It will be suddenly and with a BANG like a Supernova collapsing into a singularity.

It will be totally AWESOME !

I wonder if their Israeli kike friends will donate a few Shekels and help out ?

Fat chance because by then USA will have outlived its usefulness. Just a broken tool. Into the trash it will go.

09af54af No.3579648

A special thank you goes out to all those who turned the other way whilst all the politicians bent over for that sweet corporate dick, and now that they're getting assraped, are having second thoughts.

You have nobody to thank but yourselves.


8d701cec No.3579668

Absolute Eugenic.

51173a0f No.3579812

File: 1592883532198.png (52.15 KB, 350x350, ori.png)

1f5bcb92 No.3579817

I like how you didn't say anything about the Democratic party.
Anyway, that image is of a bernout from Idaho back in fall 2019. Curious how no one objected to his imagery.

>an illegal, Hitleresque, fascist state?
You could open a drive-in with that level of projection, which is good for social distancing. Be sure to bring your own snacks. Concessions are closed for your safety.

Enclose text with triple single-quotes (') for bold, double single-quotes for italics, and double equals signs for ==MAXIMUM TROLLING==

>Do any of you actually sit down with people and discuss this stuff offline?
Sounds like some hippie, kum bah yah bullshit.

The greatest trick the Fascist ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.

09af54af No.3579836

File: 1592913281256.jpeg (47.54 KB, 1041x631, Ea64CbcXQAAq4rK.jpeg)



Ya got me there, chief. Y'all wouldnt drink the Electric Kool-aid and it shows.

19001444 No.3579838

File: 1592913725528.png (19.94 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

51173a0f No.3580625

File: 1593470143177.png (901.48 KB, 742x1024, CHAZ shooting.png)

Peaceful protesters in Seattle cop-free zone have fifth shooting incident.

Funny, crime, shootings and murders seems to have gone up when White authority was removed. This does not fit the narrative.

c975b8c6 No.3580626

File: 1593470456109.jpg (179.58 KB, 1280x1280, photo_2020-06-28_17-03-15.jpg)

Notice how they went full fash in like two weeks?

Now they're executing black children whose only crime was stealing some property.

Does that warrant a death sentence? To leftist CHOP fascists, it most certainly does.

50e7075d No.3580640


Go ahead and call someone who self-identifies as fascist - someone who's read the pertinent literature, understands the economic (but especially the social & nationalist) aspects of that ideology, and is personally involved beyond the established imagery - a leftist to their face and see how long it takes for them to have you in a headlock.

2f7cec8b No.3580652

>Peaceful protesters in Seattle cop-free zone have fifth shooting incident.

Someone drove into the zone and shot at people then came back for round two and got killed. Why are you acting like this isn't exactly how the protestors should have responded to a mass shooter? It's certainly what the cops would have done.

c975b8c6 No.3580656

File: 1593484409922.jpg (76.37 KB, 610x900, 631F3016-0D6F-452B-B053-1C….JPG)

Nope sorry, it was two black kids who stole a jeep. They had no guns on them.

One's dead and now one's in the hospital.

Bet you haven't read Mussolini. He was a socialist and thought that the next stage of that was fascism.

Also, fascism is left wing. It's "right" in terms of leftwing political structures, and I know that leftists can't view politics unless it's in their tiny microcosm of the political landscape.

Yes, the National Socialists (AKA Fascists) were left wing. The only difference between them and the Bolsheviks was higher up political critters privately owning big businesses.

c975b8c6 No.3580672

File: 1593490329555.jpg (20.13 KB, 276x400, 8892b67c6a5a8cf74f1e9a3295….jpg)

Update! Apparently the owners of the Jeep were furries who make pup mask stuff.

Grrbear or something.

But now, thanks to "Anti-fascists", one black child is dead and another one is in intensive care. And no, the "thugs" didn't have guns either, just the "Anti-fascist" brownshirts.

50e7075d No.3580678

>socially conservative
>corporatist/pro-property by definition
>pretty much the antithesis of Marxist
Sounds left-wing to me!/s

c975b8c6 No.3580684

It is. If you're entire political sphere is based around socialism.

8ead7c3e No.3580688

"Jackson said he recognized the shooting victims; they had hung around the CHOP over previous nights. He also said the CHOP's security are the ones who fired on the SUV after it crashed into a concrete barrier."

To me it looks like the two teens (16 and 14) must have done too much drugs and hopped into a car to have some fun.
Did they fire from the car or did they not? We will never know since CHOP denizens are not cooperating with cops detectives.

What a nice summer of Love.

c975b8c6 No.3580744

>Did they fire from the car or did they not? We will never know since CHOP denizens are not cooperating with cops detectives.

CHOP anti police "security" just lit up a car with two underage black teens inside, killing one of them and sending the other to intensive care.

Ya know, just like they say the police do.

Of course there's going to be excuses. Of course they're going to pretend really tanned Hitler was inside. Of course they're going to circle the wagons like crooked cops do. Of course there's going to be no cooperation.

>We don't wear body cams ;) - CHOP security

2f7cec8b No.3580756

File: 1593545591467.png (222.12 KB, 581x676, Screenshot_2020-06-30 At l….png)

>two teens looking to have some fun.

By shooting into crowds of people. You keep leaving that part out.



Funny how all the local news papers recount it as a drive-by where the security forces ended the shooting but all the bootlicker media only tell the cop's version where they were just poor, unarmed black kids out for a joyride in a stolen car.

c975b8c6 No.3580761

File: 1593546662609.jpg (28.39 KB, 719x465, EbxYUK-XQAAtQu8.jpg)

>Funny how all the local news papers recount it as a drive-by where the security forces ended the shooting but all the bootlicker media only tell the cop's version where they were just poor, unarmed black kids out for a joyride in a stolen car.

Uh huh. Sure. CHOP just fucked up again, but no, they were wild and insane negroes, probably on cocaine, tearing around, shooting guns at people! They had to be put down like dogs!

No, we don't have any video. No, we don't have their alleged guns. No, we're right in what happened.

fdd66cd7 No.3580771

File: 1593549480918.jpg (376.25 KB, 2048x1193, eaafcka2xr531.jpg)

29738536 No.3580798

It's funny that even when the right tries to make a snidely racist meme which claims everyone is just a stereotype they still acknowledge we are better, happier, people who have bigger dicks and a more active love life.

Even when you try and insult us, you cuck yourselves.

e437211c No.3580802

Hi, 3B.
Why did you drop the '4B' name tag after you were outed yet again?

fdd66cd7 No.3580812

File: 1593569594007.png (15.36 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


My hands are French fries, your hunger is invalid for salad.

61a9dfd2 No.3580824

Video got released they weren't doing drive bys or any such bullshit.

Seems that they were doing donuts nearby in an open area and someone flipped out and shot at them causing them to flee which took them directly to the CHOP main area where they were gunned down.

There are only rifle reports as they are shot. Looks like a lot of the videos cut out right after the car hits the barricade.

2f7cec8b No.3580829

File: 1593575771952.jpg (13.02 KB, 300x168, Everything_Is_Awesome_Song.jpg)


~Everyone is 3B! Everything is cool when you're part of a meme! Everyone is 3B when we're cucking the dweebs!~

2f7cec8b No.3580832

>They were innocent kids.
>They were innocent kids in a stolen car.
>They were innocent kids in a stolen car high on crack.
>They were innocent kids high on crack, in a stolen car, doing donuts and driving through the chop at high speeds.

Keep going you've almost made it to the truth.

512d07c9 No.3580980

The more you deny it, the more we know it's you.

Hi, 3B.


512d07c9 No.3580984

File: 1593600677181.png (240.19 KB, 695x711, screenshot_2020.07.01-06_4….png)

The murder trial against an accused illegal alien serial killer in Texas is set to be delayed beyond its April 2021 scheduled date due to the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

Billy Chemirmir, 47 years old, is facing the death penalty for two elderly women he allegedly murdered, 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris in March 2018 and 91-year-old Phyllis Payne in 2016.

This week, Chemirmir’s attorney confirmed to the Dallas Morning News that the murder trial will likely be delayed due to the crisis — noting that most trials have been delayed.

The trial delay has also meant a delay in the ongoing investigations around Chemirmir’s alleged victims. Family members for five of the victims are still waiting for their loved ones’ death certificates to be relabeled from “natural causes” to “homicide.”

In criminal court, prosecutors say Chemirmir is responsible for at least 14 murders of elderly Americans in the Dallas area. In civil lawsuits, Chemirmir has been accused of an additional eight murders of elderly Americans. Prosecutors say Chemirmir would smother his victims to death and steal property from them.

Chermirmir’s alleged victims include:

83-year-old Leah Corken
82-year-old Juanita Purdy
88-year-old Mary Brooks
84-year-old Minnie Campbell
82-year-old Ann Conklin
75-year-old Rosemary Curtis
85-year-old Norma French
92-year-old Doris Gleason
81-year-old Lu Thi Harris
81-year-old Carolyn MacPhee
81-year-old Miriam Nelson
91-year-old Phyllis Payne
94-year-old Phoebe Perry
80-year-old Martha Williams
82-year-old Joyce Abramowitz
87-year-old Glenna Day
89-year-old Solomon Spring
90-year-old Doris Wasserman
86-year-old Margaret White
79-year-old Diana Delahunty
93-year-old Mamie Dell Miya
“Jane Doe”

Rather than being deported, Chemirmir was able to use a loophole in the nation’s legal immigration system, allowing him to obtain a green card after marrying an American citizen. In November 2007, Chemirmir was approved for a green card.

Chemirmir had a criminal record, Breitbart News exclusively learned, including convictions for drunk driving, trespassing, assault, and obstructing a police officer. Chemirmir is currently being held on an $11.6 million bail in the Dallas County Jail.

8ead7c3e No.3580985


They drove high speed at night in the empty CHOP streets, they were not running over a group of protesters.

If it turns out the kids didn't fire any gun then the people who gunned them down are no better than cops.
Worse than cops actually, because cops don't spray runaways inside their vehicles, they chase and then arrest.

e437211c No.3580995

He looks like a CHIMPANZEE.

why does he look like a CHIMPANZEE?

Oh, wait….

c975b8c6 No.3581001

File: 1593623102004.jpg (82.07 KB, 606x1280, photo_2020-06-30_18-24-08.jpg)


Looks like the BLACK father of the kid gunned down by leftists wants the national guard to go into CHOP.

Uh oh, sounds like another one of those Uncle Tom's and probably isn't even black. What a stupid negro, he doesn't even know that all those white crackers in CHOP were HELPING him because they put up a black lives matter fist!

0cb88599 No.3581008

File: 1593629103822.jpg (78.98 KB, 434x507, 39575b5c43f78b4fd6db958e98….jpg)

> He looks like a CHIMPANZEE

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