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Hey Sergalicious/Jin, how many copies did you buy? I know you're too glued onto Hasbro's genitals to not but at least 1 copy of every product they make. It's the irony of a total faggot who shrieks "women shouldn't work, the bible said so" while his wife earns 99% of the household income, which he turns around and blows on novelty junk because he never grew the fuck up and became a man like most adults do. You're in your goddamn 40s and still crying about "offenses" from 10+ years ago, rather than admit it was all your fault, you chickenshit.

Go die of COVID-19, you waste of human flesh. Take a few other conservatives & pedos with you- sorry but you defending chomos doens't make that shit at all morally right. Why are all my enemies raging proponents of child molestation and too cowardly to really say shit to my face? I hope your friend in New Freedom enjoyed losing her job, Sowtoam!

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