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No fluff edition.

Ask for feedback, or don't. Make requests, or just post your drawings. This is like 5 years old but it's all I had on my PC

65df9849 No.3576410

I guess when your dick is that pencil thin you have no choice but to bumfuck dogs lol

d3e6063f No.3576412

worms on live in that mans balls.

why is there so many bestiality people now a days ?

6b503613 No.3576413


They're probably aren't in the sense that there are more now, it's just that society allows it more so you see it more.

It's like kiddy diddlers, that used to be a condemn you to hell thing, now you have people pushing it towards legality. There aren't more of them, it's just more "acceptable."

857dcca8 No.3576414

This sort of shit is why the idea of an unmoderated image board is a failure. Just people shitting up worthwhile threads because they can.

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File: 1590083022466.jpg (164.36 KB, 1024x1024, mug full of smug .jpg)



Hijacking this thread for all off-topic discussion from the regular art thread.

Original thread https://lulz.net/furi/res/1544.html

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File: 1590554677666.jpg (79.64 KB, 760x1045, Drippy Sharkhole.jpg)

48a52481 No.3576853

You ever heard of taxidermy?

dbd7e43a No.3576872


Yes, and it's disgusting. There is a reason it's the stereotypical past time of serial killers and back woods hicks. If you do it, you are human trash.

48a52481 No.3576880

How about leatherworking? How about cooking meat? I hope you're a vegetarian.

You sound like a contemporary middle class bitch.

be12c861 No.3576891

Can you pose the fox like this except facing the other direction so that his now-useless sexual organs are fully exposed for all the universe to see? Some say aliens have technology so advanced they can see us from out there, so why not give them something interesting to look at.

646965df No.3577010

It's a female. Turning her around would not produce the desired effect.

f8f032d2 No.3577046

File: 1590788184567.png (769.9 KB, 720x1069, rabbit_promo_sfm.png)

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File: 1590788525370.jpg (47.75 KB, 570x428, il_570xN.1716671654_e280.jpg)

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File: 1591195268446-0.jpg (50.16 KB, 438x583, dead fox stuffed.jpg)

File: 1591195268446-1.jpg (37.06 KB, 375x500, dead fox stuffed closeup.jpg)

> Sculptures aren't made from disgusting rotting corpses.
Taxidermists would disagree.

bafda58f No.3577844

Clayton used to collect the skulls of animals. Whether he killed them or salvaged roadkill was determined to be inconclusive since he went into hiding.


09c620e7 No.3577909

How's come the actual hole in a dog's anus and many other mammals is a horizontal slit and in humans it's vertical?

09c620e7 No.3577910

File: 1591264699642.png (2.54 MB, 3600x1747, 2bcf542a1424a97d1820723168….png)

Ok, presenting all together the 3 most popular non-humans on Lulz right now… Fox, Raccoon, and Opossum.

c3bf9db5 No.3577928


Fox is ok, and raccoon is nice. But my vote is for opossum pie!

Creampie, that is.

c5ac6ce1 No.3577935

Isn't that raccoon in the middle Nurse CoCo, from Doctor Lollipop?

45cf7ad1 No.3577950

File: 1591307725441-0.jpg (659.96 KB, 2200x1984, de2cf6d167b257d1b902e7a021….jpg)

File: 1591307725441-1.jpg (2.69 MB, 4000x4000, 7eccc169f1906b4d86bc7a89f9….jpg)

smitty has made a bunch of CoCo art

the mans a hero

f22796c9 No.3578355

File: 1591667907429.jpg (150.88 KB, 2005x1197, Annotation 2020-06-08 2056….jpg)

Jeeze, all the way on page five.

65df9849 No.3578357

because humans stand vertically and dogs (and almost all mammals) stand horizontally you absolute retard

65df9849 No.3578359

human anuses also aren't vertical theyu are perfecly round

f22796c9 No.3578443

File: 1591756997525-0.jpg (59.59 KB, 1153x943, Annotation 2020-06-09 1957….jpg)

File: 1591756997525-1.jpg (175.86 KB, 1552x972, Annotation 2020-06-09 2137….jpg)

Day 2.

0a73824c No.3578453

File: 1591772321293.jpg (295.97 KB, 2048x1536, 1583239724290.jpg)

I have a question…
Say there's a pic I really like and want to animate it and post it somewhere. It's a commissioned pic, so I ask the artist and commissioners permission to post.
The artist gave me the ok, but the commissioner for some reason told me no. The commissioners male character is a basic black rabbit with some sparkledog coloring and no other features that make him unique. He dosn't own rabbits.
Would I be the asshole if I just recolored the male rabbit and posted it anyway?

65df9849 No.3578455

The commissioner doesn't own the art if it's posted publicly. If they wanted people to see it so badly, it's free to use if not for profit.

48a52481 No.3578456

Who owns the art is determined by the agreement between the artist and the commissioner, so you'd only need the permission from whichever one owns it from a legal standpoint.

From a moral standpoint, I'd call you a bit of a dick if either of them asked you not to, but whether you care about their feelings is up to you.

0a73824c No.3578459

I'm not being paid for it. I did it entirely out of love for the piece. The artist gave me the ok but said I should ask commissioner too.
The female character is owned by Disney. It's self-insert rule34.

3edea602 No.3578471

Guys you're posting in the off-topic thread.

f22796c9 No.3578504

File: 1591839293772.jpg (197.93 KB, 1552x977, Annotation 2020-06-10 2025….jpg)


f22796c9 No.3578509

I sunk the other one.

bb03740b No.3578511

File: 1591845805800.png (66 KB, 800x1200, 9dreadfulslumber.png)


>What do you like/dislike?

>What do you understand from the early parts? Do they compel you to keep reading or do you lose interest? Why?

f22796c9 No.3578578

File: 1591927242746.jpg (238.31 KB, 1550x973, Annotation 2020-06-11 2057….jpg)


f22796c9 No.3579058

File: 1592273255180.jpg (91.17 KB, 1167x878, Annotation 2020-06-15 2103….jpg)

I'm probably going to have to redo her head. :(

703c7e6e No.3579068

File: 1592283299764.jpg (190.9 KB, 1428x1100, Balloon Impmon flip-checke….jpg)

yes, you'd be a dick to at least the commissioner who doesn't feel comfortably having his character get animated in ways he may not want toe to act or move.

Why would you not flip the canvas to detect the error before you go on to coloring? If you are prone to drawing lopsided characters and anatomy, you got to make the horizontal flipping a part of your progress.
As long as it is scribbly sketchlines, you are free to lasso-select whatever seems of and then resize, squish and rotate until it looks passable both flipped and unflipped.

I check it every time, sometimes catch some real bad tilted sketches. (getting less frequent thankfully \o/ )

a371e3db No.3579069

File: 1592287063817.jpg (472.11 KB, 2732x2048, 56ubpkhnle451.jpg)

ah yes me and my girlfriend meme

0a73824c No.3579072

That's why I'm going to draw my own bunny in his place. If the faggot dosn't like it, too bad. I offered him free art first.

f22796c9 No.3579145

File: 1592360344330.jpg (122 KB, 1165x875, Annotation 2020-06-16 2113….jpg)

Not a good day today.

f22796c9 No.3579146

>detect the error before you do coloring
Ah, that's one of my many problems. I can't really see what I'm drawing until it's been drawn. Besides, at that point it was about four or five hours of drawing, but only twenty or so minutes of coloring. Also all of the colors are on different layers, so it's not that big of a deal.

11a409e6 No.3579153

I like the arts you do. Maybe take time to co.promise between old arts and new arts you are doing to find error detection? Learn from mistakes you are already have?

f22796c9 No.3579657

File: 1592784275994.jpg (149.1 KB, 1551x971, Annotation 2020-06-21 1844….jpg)

I really don't feel like I'm *learning* anything.

a371e3db No.3579665

File: 1592805274395.png (64.85 KB, 482x322, bawleated.png)

a23fad4b No.3579669

Your anatomy continues to improve. You are scaling the heads and bodies better. The legs are the same length and you are creating the illusion of volume with the light properly.

Maybe you just can't see the improvement because you are are looking at it every day as it incrementally happens? Compare a modern drawing to a year ago or two years ago, see how they have evolved?

f22796c9 No.3579941

File: 1592969745769.jpg (132.05 KB, 1546x970, Annotation 2020-06-23 2232….jpg)


51d6033c No.3580117

File: 1593070804832.jpg (28.09 KB, 605x592, pantherpegging.jpg)

Something I work on.

f22796c9 No.3580687

File: 1593502142406.jpg (167.51 KB, 1533x957, Annotation 2020-06-30 0214….jpg)

Welp, still don't know anything about colors.

f22796c9 No.3581794

File: 1594357289631.jpg (138.33 KB, 1540x961, Annotation 2020-07-09 2353….jpg)


d59012ef No.3581811

damn thats good. i'd buy a dozen of those

4b3ac3a4 No.3581821

File: 1594382967868.png (34.33 KB, 1000x1020, Threeb_Shakal.png)

7b798417 No.3581823

File: 1594384056414.jpg (37.59 KB, 876x620, db6b3ae4980c89969c19a9a7e7….jpg)


Worked on.

ef5eca45 No.3581825

File: 1594385219893.png (461.9 KB, 664x937, dragonite3.png)

first day of learning to paint this shit sucks

4b3ac3a4 No.3581826

File: 1594385757626.png (11.75 KB, 600x800, Ychan - r - what converted….png)

f22796c9 No.3581955

File: 1594509537729.jpg (149.07 KB, 1533x957, Annotation 2020-07-11 0656….jpg)

I think it looks pretty good.

ef5eca45 No.3581957

File: 1594512314853.png (175.18 KB, 859x357, ta dah.png)

12 hours of studying later

f22796c9 No.3582223

File: 1594780570691.jpg (80.71 KB, 1233x955, Annotation 2020-07-14 2039….jpg)


edd5d380 No.3582248

File: 1594794648620-0.jpg (23.42 KB, 1110x863, 69148a9b82bbf9584be855e314….jpg)

File: 1594794648620-1.png (137.49 KB, 851x755, 614478c1a31960163b19ecf75e….png)

d71500ad No.3582415

File: 1594950710114.gif (810.6 KB, 988x505, UhAODHB.gif)

Art is hard man…

e65ddbcc No.3582434

File: 1594985986406.jpg (38.59 KB, 876x620, 1594975741.cleothecat_lulu….jpg)


5615f2c5 No.3583272

File: 1595884015074.webm (5.06 MB, 1920x1080, mspaint_spray_and_prey.webm)

Well, I was playing around in Windows Paint just for the shits and giggles. I was going to do a dragon because everyone loves dragons but nature had other plans.

A storm knocked out my power so I only got to play with it for about 20 minutes. Captured a few frames using infraview and compiled them into a video for you.

I used the airbrush tool mostly to sketch things out, the paintbrush tool to fill in solids and the eraser to make harder edges but as painting programs go, windows paint kinda blows. It was still fun while it lasted.

5615f2c5 No.3583274

f22796c9 No.3584244

File: 1596854682990.jpg (150.43 KB, 1547x970, Annotation 2020-08-07 2138….jpg)

The artfag abandonment is a sad state of affairs.
I get it though. This place is pretty much a wasteland these days.

b214e5b4 No.3584248

File: 1596856140992.png (21.12 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Art is not hard, it's how time consuming it takes.

8a68adb5 No.3584250

File: 1596856727318.jpg (65.02 KB, 753x588, 1592968414324.jpg)

Did that one guy with the preserved fox corpses ever give an update? I haven't seen anything from him in months.

f22796c9 No.3584336

File: 1596938285044.jpg (66.77 KB, 1021x636, Annotation 2020-08-08 2056….jpg)

>loads of room between hips and ribcage

So why is it whenever I'm drawing from imagination, I somehow make the torso too long? I put roughly the same amount of distance, but it never looks right.

ef5eca45 No.3584337

File: 1596939746036.png (229.66 KB, 674x425, duh.png)

Your ribcage is too short but not by much. Go study the skeleton.. you're constantly trying to run before you can walk

f22796c9 No.3584340

File: 1596942820205.jpg (81.08 KB, 1532x953, Annotation 2020-08-08 2210….jpg)

Studying r hard

ef5eca45 No.3584353

File: 1596961284646.jpg (132.97 KB, 800x668, [email protected])

Okay honestly why even bother drawing when you're

1. Too dissatisfied with your art to enjoy it
2. Unwillinlg to do the things you need to improve it






















bc120d5d No.3584355

stop tracing zaush

he's never going to rape you

ef5eca45 No.3584359

feel free to post a single example of a zaush picture i traced

I don't even like zaush's art, I like Anhes almost exclusively

21124712 No.3584365

>i dont copy a semi-decent artist
>i stan a complete shit one


90f5f1ea No.3584372

>tfw you will never wake up to a wet raccoon cunt sliding onto your dick
Life is cruel.

45cb4042 No.3584382

I was about to post almost this exact thing.

b214e5b4 No.3584391

File: 1597020969976.png (42.93 KB, 1000x1600, whitetiptopless.png)


560cbdae No.3584394

the art was great, however..
the writing feels like you dream of getting tag-teamed by Andrew Hussie & Jhonen Vasquez
and wtf was the point of that fingerfucking exactly? some edgy rape scene just for the sake of a edgy rape scene?

what a weird mess

ef5eca45 No.3584444

File: 1597082166734.png (115.28 KB, 750x757, 1563287304459.png)

>pose takes more than 2 seconds to gesture out
>start haphazardly swooshing pencil around and then drop it in frustration after realizing attention span too short

>form shadow isn't finished after 4 brush strokes

>close painting application

b214e5b4 No.3584939

File: 1597534251705-0.jpg (633.64 KB, 1440x1080, resize-img-20190508-010454.jpg)

File: 1597534251705-1.jpg (1.07 MB, 3733x2065, fox-skulls-3d-printing-108….jpg)


You should start a private career, if animal skeleton collecting is your thing invest enough money to buy a 3 dimensional scanner to scan the bones and send in the 3 dimensional data models to the site so some people could 3 dimensional print out the bones for animal skeletal structural engineering. This could be the birth place for furry robotics.

b214e5b4 No.3584940

File: 1597534706639-0.png (20.22 KB, 600x800, foxlaysonback.png)

b214e5b4 No.3584941

File: 1597535332435-0.jpg (32 KB, 570x469, 453f1882dba752e1e24a95e1eb….jpg)

File: 1597535332435-1.jpg (54.26 KB, 570x428, il_570xN.855360331_q63n.jpg)

File: 1597535332435-2.jpg (98.58 KB, 570x798, il_570xN.1803283051_3jxi.jpg)

File: 1597535332435-3.png (279.05 KB, 500x945, the-forsworn-dont-kneel-wh….png)

b214e5b4 No.3585010

File: 1597561711130.jpg (4.76 MB, 2153x4200, f_1595681923997_Baley_blue….jpg)

f22796c9 No.3585075

If you want to complain about moderation, make a separate thread for it.
If you want to post your fox corpse, make a separate thread for it.
If you want to show off some taxidermy you did, feel free to post it here.

ef5eca45 No.3585085

File: 1597614512497.png (54.31 KB, 528x726, cummies.png)


b214e5b4 No.3585164

File: 1597727869211.png (470.88 KB, 1010x761, designdoll.png)

b214e5b4 No.3585165

File: 1597728302232.gif (3.64 MB, 297x637, posetest.gif)

6e9856e3 No.3585414

File: 1597971437104.png (93.5 KB, 541x671, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….PNG)

I'm pretty new to doing visual art but I'm trying my best

6e9856e3 No.3585415

File: 1597971479932.png (155.43 KB, 941x880, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….PNG)

6e9856e3 No.3585417

File: 1597971587201.png (148.29 KB, 1278x457, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….PNG)

>flood detected; post discarded
suck my fat fucking nuts

560cbdae No.3585435

neat stuff, bud. keep at it :)

b3be5b64 No.3585441

File: 1597995343181.jpg (45.78 KB, 733x619, attachment.jpg)


Is this yours?

cfc30224 No.3585461

maybe in a few months' time, but no that's not mine

thanks! I haven't ever drawn this much for this long (and improved this much), ever. I want to keep going and actually "make it" with something for once.

ef5eca45 No.3585467

File: 1598021741722.png (167.6 KB, 812x950, sketch sheet.png)

Here's a valuable tip: You're natural contour-type guy. This means you're drawn to capturing a picture with contours, so try not to fall into the trap of gettting too anatomical and stuff as you learn anatomy and form - I've fllen into that trap even though I'm a natural contour guy. I learned anatomy very well but ended up drawing my figure in a too "constructive" way and ended up losing the 'gesture and soul'. I'm re-learning to loosen up right now.

2e1bd6e5 No.3585537

I want to make sure I'm understanding right. Do you have any more examples of "capturing contours" so I can see what I'm doing?

With those drawings, at least of the torso and the heads-on-gestures, I was just trying to combine two exercises in one
The torso one being basic anatomy practice of the upper body on top of a basic gesture drawing, and the heads was me trying to do muzzle studies on top of some gestures I did since I fucking suck at framing a muzzle on a head. So naturally some parts are a lot more contour-y than others.

ef5eca45 No.3585539

File: 1598055558003.png (96.31 KB, 614x639, mask.png)

"capturing contours" means when you are doing a figure drawing, you are putting the overall feeling of the pose/figure/whatever down with specific emphasis on the lines that fade off into space because that's what you're good at.

As to your 'practicing basic anatomy' wwith that pose, anyone can do that, don't even think about that right now. Anatomy is so easy and I'm seeing a contour sketch so much that I'm still categorizing it as such. Human anatomical proportions are so easy to remember. Humerus wwill reach down to the bottom of ribcage almost exactly, Femur will be slightly longer than ribcage, humerus and ulna will be appromately 1/1 etc blah blah. Anthro heads are 5x more challenging but my overall message was that your tendancy towards contours is a good thing and try not to lose it when you in evitably delve deeper into anatomy, ESPECIALLY with anthro heads which are extremely complex in comparison.

For example for the common dog, muzzle will be 1/3 the width of the frontal face. Don't think about this so hard that you forget to make a good silhouette when sketching a dog face and end up losing any sense of aesthetic or 'soul' to it. Get it? Contours are GOOD, they come BEFORE construction in most cases.

b398a728 No.3585540

ah, got it. I see what you're saying now. I wanted to make sure it wasn't something specific to the pictures I posted.
I'm very afraid of the OTHER kind of contour drawing - where you try and copy things one-for-one with 0 construction at all, and it looks terrible. I wasn't sure if that's what you meant, or if it was something else.

ef5eca45 No.3585573

File: 1598079188091.jpg (19.66 KB, 505x917, uhh.jpg)

I never copy my figures when I'm making a drawing unless it's specifically a study to learn from - this is a personal opinion but I don't consider people who copy poses in finished works as artists.. but again that's just me. You have potential and I hopep you keep at it!

ef5eca45 No.3585591

File: 1598096174926.gif (225.79 KB, 764x818, ezgif-7-c6ab3bf382a7.gif)

this is roughly how I do a ~7 min sketch

b3be5b64 No.3585592

File: 1598096784334.png (22.21 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Which comes first; stick figure, torso, or head?

b3be5b64 No.3585593

File: 1598097261769.png (20.68 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

The reason why I draw the torso first it's because it helps me figure how big or small the character will look like.

ef5eca45 No.3585594

Depends on the pose really. Experimenting will answer this for you but the advantage to the torso first is it allows you to anchor things pretty easily. Also stick figure never.

b3be5b64 No.3585596

File: 1598100233332.png (61.04 KB, 1401x931, ednadragon.png)


Use electrolysis, or some other form of splitting water (plants do this with chlorophyll and sunlight)–have the dragon have a specific organ (a fuel storage bladder), and then use the hydrogen gas as the explosive gas (it's highly flammable.) You could also use ammonia or methane, produced by digestion. You might add some sort of dust (ever heard of flour exploding? Pollen would work too, anything fine and combustible(perhaps undigested proteins?)) The uses? Defense, attacking. Perhaps some industrial uses (I wouldn't recommend smelting; the explosiveness and the tendency to have sudden high heat might damage the metal.) Perhaps as an energy generator.

9db20e02 No.3586055

Try Manycam, it does mp4 desktop capture, works better than screenshots.

PotPlayer (portable) also has a screen capture function. I'd recommend it over Manycam if you don't mind tinkering with settings, since it has better mp4 compression options (h264, more fps and resolution settings, buffering to prevent skips, auto split recording)

f22796c9 No.3586126

File: 1598499270315.jpg (34.68 KB, 568x612, Annotation 2020-08-26 2232….jpg)

Oh nice, awesome chatter.

Just a quick doodle before bed.

ef5eca45 No.3586214

This is better than most if not all of your other sketches. You seem to have focusued more on gesture and simple forms than tried to "run before you can walk" with too much anatomy.

d9c1dd8c No.3586912

File: 1598877608853.png (109.98 KB, 760x666, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….PNG)

I always forget the mirror tool until it's way too late to be of any practical use without starting over

5bac16f3 No.3587763

File: 1599576529133.png (114.09 KB, 572x490, Loona Hazbin King of Deamo….png)

Make them do evil snu snu!

cfc30224 No.3588074

File: 1599803135541.png (191.78 KB, 661x773, orange.png)

so I haven't been doing many gestures or furshit but that's because I'm starting to learn how to paint and render so I can draw higher quality furshit

cfc30224 No.3588075

File: 1599803192082.png (126.87 KB, 712x426, thumbstudies.png)

and just earlier today I learned about thumbnail studies and now I'm having an absolute blast

f22796c9 No.3589587

File: 1600909780018.jpg (69.33 KB, 1131x875, Screenshot 2020-09-23 2007….jpg)

Man, this thread was getting buried.

4d98ce17 No.3589603

File: 1600918008706-0.png (109.81 KB, 773x572, bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.PNG)

File: 1600918008706-1.png (1.24 MB, 1081x830, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….PNG)

I'm glad I figured out I could shittily doodle over my gestures to get double the shitty practice out of them

also fuck painting tree canopies, couldn't figure out how to do that shit aesthetically for the life of me

4d98ce17 No.3589604

oops I goofed her tail and forgot to make it wrap around her arm in the new spot

bb03740b No.3589652

File: 1600972907800.png (309.36 KB, 800x1143, Syzygy.png)

323bc00a No.3589718

You did a good job hiding those Easter eggs.

f22796c9 No.3589818

File: 1601094791041.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1200, 202009252325.png)

Ghey. Also, did ya lose a leg?

8a68adb5 No.3589826

Diabeetus. Had to be amputated, nothing to be done.

1e665386 No.3589945

File: 1601233603318.png (347.99 KB, 1741x916, rarityanalpose.png)

1e665386 No.3589946

File: 1601233902955.png (184.29 KB, 941x918, tutorls.png)

1e665386 No.3590037

File: 1601326400133-0.png (346.14 KB, 1259x707, 2020-06-01_19h39_38.png)

File: 1601326400133-1.png (1.49 MB, 1913x1002, Sketch.png)

File: 1601326400133-2.png (1.75 MB, 1913x994, Sketch2_-_Copy2.png)

File: 1601326400133-3.png (1.66 MB, 1912x1001, Sketch2_-_Copy.png)

File: 1601326400133-4.png (1.84 MB, 1913x999, Sketch2.png)

0a73824c No.3590059

File: 1601341666717.gif (1.04 MB, 750x600, Barstool_Gazell.gif)

1e665386 No.3590234

File: 1601514405115.png (285.07 KB, 500x680, tumblr_n6ykrmTFAh1tdv657o4….png)

1001b315 No.3590285

File: 1601559103369.png (500.61 KB, 1089x825, bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb….PNG)

>can't get the body to look right
>start rendering rest of picture instead
haha this won't bite me in the ass hhaha

1e665386 No.3590317

File: 1601584534175.png (22.66 KB, 300x250, N5MS7bO3Sa-2.png)

eat pant

1e665386 No.3590386

File: 1601630953559.jpg (117 KB, 900x1409, katan_moctez_kalakeeh.jpg)

we love to see these two get snu snu by the big titty yinglet!

1e665386 No.3590391

File: 1601632533616.png (17.46 KB, 800x600, katan and moctez why.png)

I love how they react to see Kalakeeh.

1e665386 No.3590408

File: 1601650658139.png (17.94 KB, 800x600, ayyboiz.png)

343af6ee No.3590414

Yinglet footjobs

f22796c9 No.3591210

File: 1602213931049.png (773.54 KB, 1965x1243, Screenshot 2020-10-08 2227….png)


bb03740b No.3591918

File: 1602858438609.png (179.16 KB, 800x1200, 11retrospekt.png)

35f7a3a7 No.3591939

File: 1602872650820.png (176.1 KB, 712x516, bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb….png)

I completed my 100 day challenge, drew/painted every day for 100 days
I'd never really drawn before july

f22796c9 No.3591950

I've just about never been able to meet any challenges I've set for myself.

4092f23f No.3592135

File: 1603056034422.jpg (120 KB, 1650x357, 3-photos-sphere-cube.jpg)

f22796c9 No.3592480

File: 1603423961179.png (482.31 KB, 682x1116, Screenshot 2020-10-22 2232….png)

I really wish I still had it in me to work hard.

f22796c9 No.3592729

File: 1603668417443.png (1.9 MB, 1109x1209, Screenshot 2020-10-25 1731….png)


c5e76a3d No.3592743

File: 1603686291986.png (793.01 KB, 1008x732, thisis.delvecomic.com_Bonu….png)

I found this image in the old vote-incentive folder on https://thisis.delvecomic.com/NewWP/ it seemed like the perfect image to practice on considering the season…

6178c079 No.3592881

File: 1603838576906-0.webm (2.96 MB, 1270x878, Horsei_WIP.webm)

File: 1603838576906-1.png (1.04 MB, 1269x878, welcome_to_hell_final.png)

And a few more updates later, the final product… probably. I deleted all the other posts and made a WIP vid so I didn't need to use up all the thread limit.

11d849df No.3593152

File: 1604124955440.png (289.67 KB, 1000x747, bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb….PNG)

I draw a lot of tits for someone in a homosexual relationship

4092f23f No.3593153

File: 1604126130343-0.jpg (187.79 KB, 1280x1280, 1603447372.arwen._showing_….jpg)

File: 1604126130343-1.jpg (149.16 KB, 896x1280, 1603436985.arwen._blowjob_….jpg)

Reconsidered "your character here" used as a free furtherance. Take that as your advantage.

4db291a9 No.3593490

File: 1604406497645-0.png (1.34 MB, 1280x1280, karky_paint_this_actualwor….png)

File: 1604406497645-1.png (213.93 KB, 989x1280, mouuukkiee02.png)

File: 1604406497645-2.png (436.43 KB, 1199x1280, mukisouk02.png)

File: 1604406497645-3.png (243.92 KB, 989x1280, warmup_muki_doodles02.png)

fuk, aright

f22796c9 No.3593548

File: 1604464339049.png (438.6 KB, 1549x977, Screenshot 2020-11-03 2230….png)

c3bf9db5 No.3593571


Best pic of entire thread so far.

f22796c9 No.3593644

File: 1604547983066.png (539.34 KB, 1569x1240, Screenshot 2020-11-04 2146….png)

Nothing but garbage tonight.

>>3593571 Pft, ya okay.

4092f23f No.3594190

File: 1605049432110.png (700.41 KB, 1000x3000, 3b29bb8ff2f9ca2b2c7e5dcb91….png)

3ba6356f No.3594197

File: 1605066788850.jpg (178.58 KB, 1000x751, 0 XUqoVTLGQsYacXs_.jpg)

f22796c9 No.3594303

File: 1605238775642.png (708.42 KB, 995x933, Screenshot 2020-11-12 2116….png)

lol yeah.
A grouch that belongs in a trash can.

3ba6356f No.3594304

File: 1605239069774.jpg (54.98 KB, 380x735, Grundgetta.jpg)

87f46c5e No.3594458

File: 1605427402281.png (399.47 KB, 991x848, 2020-11-15-030309_991x848_….png)

does this """art""" shit ever get easier

74c0c3f3 No.3595658

File: 1606620470506.png (244.87 KB, 1099x808, 2020-11-27-233633_1099x808….png)

I'm getting my ass mcfucking pounded by school and haven't been able to draw/paint anything substantial for a month and a half now, and I feel like I'm stagnating/actively losing progress

74c0c3f3 No.3595659

File: 1606620527500.png (125.3 KB, 550x697, 2020-11-28-222400_550x697_….png)

also this

f22796c9 No.3595662

File: 1606621311802.png (820.43 KB, 1200x1200, iea.png)

A Sisyphean task to be sure.

Similarly, work takes up the majority of my week. When I am home, I wind up fucking off with video games or surfing. It really bothers me sometimes.

ce912fc4 No.3595673

>Lil Ink-Eyes

I didn't know I wanted this

8a68adb5 No.3595847


Those are some weird looking dicks, Dan. ( ° ʖ °)

97718000 No.3595848

pls no dink shaming

74c0c3f3 No.3595870

File: 1606785080527-0.png (332.96 KB, 1020x856, 2020-11-29-000901_1020x856….png)

File: 1606785080527-1.png (503.53 KB, 1615x950, 2020-11-30-020833_1615x950….png)

trees are giving me one fucking hell of a time but it's slightly kind of clicking now
the left screenshot is take 1 of some West Virginia scenery studies (ignoring the old utah landscape study)

the other screenshot is a work-in-progress of take 2.
it looks much much better but unfortunately the trees I painted don't stylistically fit in at all with the rest of the picture so I think I'll have to start from scratch with them

74c0c3f3 No.3596308

File: 1607220680522.png (304.75 KB, 902x694, 2020-12-05-211105_902x694_….png)

I'm going to re-start anatomy studies and drawing furshit after this hell of a semester is over

74c0c3f3 No.3596327

File: 1607242286306.png (64.88 KB, 475x447, 2020-12-06-014541_475x447_….png)

74c0c3f3 No.3596328

File: 1607242984977.png (72.11 KB, 643x708, 2020-12-06-020150_643x708_….png)

>flood detected
>post discarded
let me post my FUCKING Lemon pig

74c0c3f3 No.3596330

File: 1607245919642.png (37.33 KB, 428x365, 2020-12-06-040947_428x365_….png)

f22796c9 No.3596614

File: 1607570638656.png (969.03 KB, 1920x1200, mouse1.png)

Good luck bud. I'm still trying to simply make drawing every day a proper habit.

dbd7e43a No.3596619

File: 1607575406034.jpg (118.57 KB, 600x600, You_Are_Awesome.jpg)


Dan, I must say, your art is getting much, much better. I've seen a lot of improvement over the last year especially.

I can tell you are taking more time on each piece and planning out the drawings and getting the basic shapes right before you start doing the detail work them instead of just drawing on the fly and going directly to details. Your grasp of volume, weight, and how materials fold has also improved greatly.

Keep up the good work!

4110b9d7 No.3596625

File: 1607579863266.png (676.67 KB, 1214x1012, 1571488_DansLittleFurs_201….png)

Hey, Dan. I remember you drew Oriale once. Would you be willing to draw her one more time? Sucking a good meaty horse cock.

cfc30224 No.3596633

File: 1607591034379-0.png (226.71 KB, 838x626, 2020-12-10-003358_1020x762….png)

File: 1607591034379-1.png (107.62 KB, 760x626, 2020-12-10-022651_801x660_….png)

File: 1607591034379-2.png (337.9 KB, 1435x791, dr pepper grand prix.png)

>drawing every day a proper habit.
that might not necessarily be a good thing, lol
part of the reason my semester went so poorly is because I drew too much instead of studying

f6248495 No.3596970

f6248495 No.3596971

File: 1607925295696.jpg (171.23 KB, 1700x1200, Insomnia sluts 2221 - foot….jpg)

Paw fetishist nightmarefuel. :D

4dd1b9d6 No.3596976

File: 1607931103511.gif (3.73 MB, 480x361, c6cc23e03c8f0c1bad61863635….gif)

74c0c3f3 No.3598496

File: 1609560109940.png (233.54 KB, 984x897, 2021-01-01-230105_984x897_….png)

>try and draw something normal
>character winds up looking like ben stiller
time to kms myself

7e06721b No.3598520

File: 1609584584437.jpg (126.39 KB, 1650x928, 7e5969b358f7ea47bad7a6071d….jpg)

The guy is speaking Russian or Ukraine about drawing fantasy creatures in tutorials?

765c47f8 No.3598559

I'm still excited to see the finished drawing. Cats and leather are great.

1b0d9f5b No.3600152

File: 1610755462568-0.png (229.96 KB, 936x835, 2021-01-14-004133_936x835_….png)

File: 1610755462568-1.png (53.67 KB, 878x639, 2021-01-11-232324_878x639_….png)

he smelled pizza rolls but because I can't draw his hands he can't actually hold the plate so he dropped them all over the ground

1b0d9f5b No.3600153

File: 1610756360398-0.png (250.74 KB, 628x792, 2021-01-13-000349_628x792_….png)

File: 1610756360398-1.png (311.01 KB, 1416x780, 2021-01-10-005632_1416x780….png)

File: 1610756360398-2.png (195.23 KB, 1042x767, 2021-01-15-191803_1042x767….png)

and some more painting practice and a preliminary/experimental thumbnail. The house and the thumbnail are related to the story I mention below, and the sunset is just a for-fun/color study
I'm ramping up to finally starting draft pieces of the story I want to illustrate, the story that got me started painting/drawing back in July (first post here ayy >>3585414)

f22796c9 No.3600174

File: 1610761086662.png (301.64 KB, 919x960, 202101141542.PNG)


765c47f8 No.3600259

I like the palm tree sunset drawing.

1b0d9f5b No.3601124

File: 1611367445772.png (132.84 KB, 450x645, 2021-01-22-023209_450x645_….png)

my friend got me to play Adastra and I hate him for it

thank you, everyone seems to like that one the best

1b0d9f5b No.3601135

File: 1611376865584.png (13.04 KB, 490x107, 2021-01-22-233939_490x107_….png)

hi anon btw

aae65bc6 No.3601137

File: 1611378340407.png (115.8 KB, 1229x807, gimp.png)

1b0d9f5b No.3601138

File: 1611378958026.png (303.63 KB, 1919x1079, 2021-01-23-001520_1919x107….png)

aae65bc6 No.3601140

I like this cat, he's goofy.
Oh! It's you! Your zeemaps icon of an edited lynx was always quite nice.

1b0d9f5b No.3601149

you're on /trash/ too? Damn, small world. Yeah, the one and the same

a93c5840 No.3601151

File: 1611388268603.png (80.65 KB, 986x793, foxtess.png)

cef6c391 No.3601181

File: 1611416311565.png (2.1 KB, 240x227, western_blushkitty.png)

I am just not feline it.

45cb4042 No.3601238

Speak for yourself, take enough bad dragon dicks and it goes from O to I.

45cb4042 No.3601244

I just got an unintentional joke, it goes from O-utput, to I-nput.

a93c5840 No.3601249

File: 1611468253814.png (695.14 KB, 1773x567, physicstest.png)

cant wait to make these in!

74c0c3f3 No.3602247

File: 1611988652484-0.png (90.07 KB, 548x375, 2021-01-30-000651_548x375_….png)

File: 1611988652484-1.png (353.58 KB, 560x922, 2021-01-30-003620_560x922_….png)

more adastra fanart WIPS in progress
John Amicus Adastra was given a phone to communicate with his bf but he's not very good with phones

f22796c9 No.3602715

File: 1612323309322.png (507.68 KB, 828x1196, Screenshot 2021-02-02 2000….png)

Bumpin with some garbage.

0ce189dc No.3602869

File: 1612473237172.jpg (577.8 KB, 1519x2174, 9250847_so.jpg)

I immediately thought of this when I saw the ears.

419837af No.3602871

40ed1782 No.3602985

File: 1612582154572-0.png (594.69 KB, 1378x2200, claireboobs-sweatshirt.png)

File: 1612582154572-1.png (972.47 KB, 1946x2200, woof-foot-jobs.png)

File: 1612582154572-2.png (621.36 KB, 2200x1461, fox-tf-fuckyes.png)

File: 1612582154572-3.png (612.44 KB, 2200x2200, guana-bra.png)

File: 1612582154572-4.png (605.26 KB, 1422x2200, wafwafs-september.png)

i'm so tired

40ed1782 No.3602986

File: 1612582419986-0.png (818.12 KB, 1626x2200, nudebusty-durgun-september.png)

File: 1612582419986-1.png (376.33 KB, 1258x2200, milfy-caribou-towel.png)

File: 1612582419986-2.png (792.37 KB, 2100x2100, angerey-wafwuff.png)

File: 1612582419986-3.png (583.49 KB, 1923x2200, wet-bunny-september.png)

File: 1612582419986-4.png (989.63 KB, 2200x1755, thicc-spread-drugon.png)

f22796c9 No.3602987

Good stuff bud. Looks like you had fun.

Yeah well, I'm still trash. Just less trash on occasion.

8c8b78e2 No.3602989

That last dragon, that's a winner. But my favorite of the lot is the caribou. You did an excellent job with her face - she's gorgeous. Curvy and elegant.

2e1bd6e5 No.3602990

File: 1612588370165.png (309.24 KB, 1117x850, 2021-02-06-001125_1117x850….png)

I saw an art piece with the exact kind of background/trees/foliage style I've been striving for
so I tried to replicate it, that way I could figure out what techniques they're using and thus apply them to my own art in the future

2e1bd6e5 No.3602994

I'm learning very quickly that making ref sheets is obnoxiously difficult

0ce189dc No.3603003

I really like how you draw feet, especially when it comes to rodents

f08dbc16 No.3603019

File: 1612605352478-0.png (2.44 MB, 1131x1668, 2f9e7d15c72c5aee5ad2d0ad4a….png)

File: 1612605352478-1.png (810.96 KB, 848x1146, 1cd0fc64f9dd264e72af3172f5….png)

File: 1612605352478-2.png (1.54 MB, 1268x1709, d56c3086b593bc07540b467dad….png)

File: 1612605352478-3.png (929.44 KB, 944x1355, 31f0775eedcbb07608d6668eb7….png)

File: 1612605352478-4.png (1.02 MB, 980x1310, 26feb1c272593c850e022da10e….png)

Ecmajor is a taxidermist expert.

f08dbc16 No.3603020

File: 1612605769536-0.png (1.08 MB, 1135x1540, b914c3ac6607ba7509892e240c….png)

File: 1612605769536-1.png (833.58 KB, 995x1274, 9b98a46590adf41f28291b7e8d….png)

File: 1612605769536-2.png (929.79 KB, 1016x1384, c19ce66012edff5d8f765aae19….png)

File: 1612605769536-3.png (410.16 KB, 1263x1730, 4f35f148d2c98a2a8b1f2d8693….png)

File: 1612605769536-4.png (1.18 MB, 1268x1646, d8ff55a884818671d343239797….png)

f08dbc16 No.3603021

File: 1612609763525.png (50.45 KB, 550x400, 3Bpotrait.png)

Where are you?

b7de27fc No.3603022

looks very brackenwoodsy

74c0c3f3 No.3603221

File: 1612678887705.png (315.81 KB, 1517x465, 2021-02-06-212657_1517x465….png)

november 2020 vs..

74c0c3f3 No.3603222

File: 1612678956826.png (201.92 KB, 899x625, 2021-02-07-011942_899x625_….png)

february 2021, right now
I'm glad I did that study because I already feel like this is much, much better than my original thumbnails even though it's only just started and nowhere near done

What's that? I'm finding a few references to a flash animation

1b0d9f5b No.3604246

File: 1613451075680.png (396.66 KB, 1252x929, 2021-02-15-233954_1252x929….png)


1b0d9f5b No.3604247

File: 1613451296239-0.png (905.04 KB, 1381x893, 2021-02-15-235336_1381x893….png)

File: 1613451296239-1.png (429.93 KB, 1099x725, 2021-02-11-210953_1099x725….png)

also a shitty wip study that started off as a speed paint exercise
all of my painting that I try and render looks really… uncanny. I don't know what it is, but it just feels off

f22796c9 No.3604250

File: 1613454202200-0.png (1.14 MB, 1431x1236, Screenshot 2021-02-15 2239….png)

File: 1613454202200-1.png (1.72 MB, 1481x1278, Screenshot 2021-02-15 2238….png)

At this rate I'm averaging a drawing a week.

aae65bc6 No.3604252

Upper left is cute!

2e1bd6e5 No.3604470

File: 1613627901975.png (303.47 KB, 1319x918, 2021-02-18-005549_1319x918….png)

someone's about to get bullied

that one's my favorite too next to the big one on the right whose perspective I now realize I fucked really bad

0312299a No.3604825

File: 1613800278665.jpg (235.9 KB, 1280x1520, Footbun Stuffing .jpg)

more pawfetish overload

afc8b529 No.3604861

I think it looks pretty neat

13c7ca1d No.3605655

File: 1614231286471-0.png (498.58 KB, 2200x1469, fox-pinup-feb.png)

File: 1614231286471-1.png (769.25 KB, 2100x2100, rat-ass-feb-inks.png)

File: 1614231286471-2.png (500.05 KB, 1210x2200, pants-doe.png)

File: 1614231286471-3.png (796.8 KB, 1828x2200, fox-tail-grab.png)

File: 1614231286471-4.png (734.24 KB, 1719x2200, isher-uncertain.png)

7b95ac1e No.3605660

Oh, I really like fox-tail-grab.png. Nice pose, well done.

74c0c3f3 No.3605986

File: 1614390784786.png (284.69 KB, 972x733, 2021-02-24-232312_972x733_….png)

thanks b
have some skulls in return

74c0c3f3 No.3605988

File: 1614391322648.png (506.09 KB, 1328x898, 2021-02-20-233103_1328x898….png)

I feel like my current art process is way too "formal" and "stiff" to do some of the more light-hearted slice-of-life fun stuff I want to draw at the spur of the moment

74c0c3f3 No.3607079

File: 1614833790162.png (169.13 KB, 479x730, 2021-03-03-234752_479x730_….png)

>start drawing back last july because you've always been too nervous and self conscious to commission people
>starting to be able to draw your characters how you imagine them
look at him my darling baby boy
my quarter-finished, quarter-baked, lumpy, fuck-eyed darling baby boy
I'm gonna make it

I also feel like I'm talking to an echoing void in the art thread here

f22796c9 No.3607080

I'd post more if I wasn't, you know, me.
Besides, I don't have any useful advice to give.

ecd512f9 No.3607097

>I also feel like I'm talking to an echoing void in the art thread here
I can't draw, myself. I really do appreciate what you post, though.
I like your art. I'm glad you seem to like your art somewhat, too!

f93899eb No.3607283

Those vixens are pretty hot. The base of the tail on the second one looks like it's angled up slightly too much to be realistic imo. Just a minor nitpick.

66cb16ee No.3607338

File: 1614935974154-0.jpg (24.14 KB, 800x1067, ap0908140151727_vert-06dfa….jpg)

File: 1614935974154-1.jpg (287.4 KB, 590x875, MV5BYTNjNGM5OTktM2Q1Zi00YT….jpg)

File: 1614935974154-2.jpg (160.18 KB, 800x1067, marge is a conehead.jpg)


45cb4042 No.3607356


I made a surgical body horror erotic story, no im not going share my author name. So many stiched on tits, puppies, castration, forced sex changes , and full body tattoos.

45cb4042 No.3607357

its like human centapede with animal tits and a teen guy.

45cb4042 No.3607359

I guess things like vore arent so different from my sick fetishes. Why would I want to totally disfigure someone and castrate them, no idea.

f22796c9 No.3607811

File: 1615174599695.png (283.89 KB, 1312x947, Screenshot 2021-03-07 2129….png)

a81aab8c No.3607823

File: 1615180776730-0.png (146.8 KB, 332x649, Marge's_bunny_ears.png)

File: 1615180776730-1.jpg (53.97 KB, 642x350, marge-simpson-rabbit-ears.jpg)

74c0c3f3 No.3608751

File: 1615878417571-0.png (256.35 KB, 1295x747, 2021-03-16-010718_1295x747….png)

File: 1615878417571-1.png (325.98 KB, 730x926, 2021-03-16-030038_730x926_….png)

compare: sunset study:

also this is as far as I got with my fursona bust at my current skill level
don't really know how to "improve" it further

Thank you! It's all very strange feeling, having people complement my art. I tried doing music for 10 (Ten) years before I finally got my ass in gear doing visual art (still make music btw) and considering over a decade, precisely 0 people gave a shit about music; having people enjoy my beginner visual stuff is quite the non sequitur

don't worry Dan I've been on here for a very long time, and your progress has inspired me to improve as I have. I remember your first posts and you've come a long, long way in improvement

765c47f8 No.3608789

cat <3
You can link that too, and I will try listening to it.
>having people enjoy my beginner visual stuff is quite the non sequitur
Yeah, it is interesting, how standards and expectations play into things, and how novices can impress people who aren't even novices.
It's fun.

b3a88047 No.3609039

File: 1616131937353.png (2.32 MB, 2080x1250, Insomnia pet 2316 - plump ….png)


74c0c3f3 No.3609249

File: 1616392614935.png (141.03 KB, 679x702, 2021-03-22-015444_679x702_….png)

I'd post my music stuff, but unfortunately the website I used to use to share my music (clyp.it) went pay-only. I'll have to find an alternative. I might be able to upload stuff to vocaroo, I'll check it out later

cfc30224 No.3609250

so I guess I can upload stuff to vocaroo
I had to take a 7 month hiatus from writing music because I couldn't get my music station set up in my new place but now I got it up and running. I'm still a bit rusty
My friend wants me to write music for a visual novel he's writing, and I mocked up a title theme for him.

a4def7d8 No.3609317

Just do a webm here

or https://www.videohelp.com/software/XMedia-Recode

Profile: custom; Format: webm

Mode: Convert; Codec: VP8; Rate Control: 2-Pass variable Bitrate

Mode: Convert; Codec: Vorbis; Sample: 44.1K/48K; Channels: Stereo; Rate: Constant bitrate (haven't tried if lulz is compatible with variable bitrate or constant quality)

765c47f8 No.3609325

You can use
Or for temporary ones
I can't call this song memorable, BUT, it is cozy and I like the twang in the instrument. It reminds me (in a good way) of some poor piano recordings I've really enjoyed.

cfc30224 No.3609361

that's about what I was going for. It's a quick rough draft I threw together in 30 minutes while we were in a voicechat, so there's lots of room for improvement. I also don't wanna come out guns blazing on the title screen, pacing concerns and whatnot. Gotta save up the emotional load so the music can shoot its wad at the actually interesting parts.
I've got much more memorable (at least in my opinion) songs and leitmotifs to go with the characters.
They might not be super original but fuck if they're not still stuck in my head days later

765c47f8 No.3609401

f22796c9 No.3609410

File: 1616558356186.png (170.96 KB, 1082x743, Screenshot 2021-03-23 2225….png)


f22796c9 No.3609411

File: 1616558641108.png (102.63 KB, 845x859, hitchhiking.PNG)

>you've come a long, long way in improvement

Lol, that's true.

But is it really nine years of improvement?

13c7ca1d No.3609412

File: 1616559096924-0.png (1.02 MB, 1852x2200, peterbuns-couch.png)

File: 1616559096924-1.png (729.83 KB, 1978x2200, devilgote-puppydog.png)

File: 1616559096924-2.png (967.16 KB, 1804x2200, slinky-devilgotes.png)

File: 1616559096924-3.png (1.89 MB, 3000x1890, Matriarch-Sequence-lines.png)

File: 1616559096924-4.png (602.24 KB, 2861x1200, Karen-fox-feral.png)


c345d624 No.3609433

File: 1616584396448.png (27.44 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

All hail the mighty circle…

a6c00072 No.3609440

File: 1616605875278.jpg (205.68 KB, 667x1000, 1590284330327.jpg)

Seeing a lot of rabbits in this thread. Anyone care to give this one a good dicking?

a38cf6d8 No.3609664

File: 1616793537962.png (154.42 KB, 600x600, possession3.png)

74c0c3f3 No.3609848

File: 1616889435292.png (404.99 KB, 1918x1068, 2021-03-27-194932_1918x106….png)


74c0c3f3 No.3609866

File: 1616896652333.png (241.53 KB, 882x833, 2021-03-27-211229_882x833_….png)

a38cf6d8 No.3609991

File: 1616978267557.png (423.13 KB, 800x1100, Prison_of_the_Mad.png)

82f3d0a3 No.3610274

Nice colors.

a38cf6d8 No.3610285

File: 1617208932688.png (162.96 KB, 800x600, First of Many2.png)

I try to be the best goofy goober out there!!

760ae9a5 No.3610446

>that dragon final form

The ability to draw cute, anthro faces is worth your hand's weight in gold.

The colors do really pop on this.

Is that yellow thing the dog's tongue? It's color looks different than the dog's tongue above.

760ae9a5 No.3610447

74c0c3f3 No.3610465

File: 1617367740334.png (168.49 KB, 801x832, 2021-04-02-084734_801x832_….png)

I'm only now realizing that I forgot to draw in the upper lip

82f3d0a3 No.3610471

He definitely looks better with his lips on.

74c0c3f3 No.3610522

File: 1617411243383.png (111.65 KB, 1098x582, 2021-04-02-205224_1098x582….png)

these pinned threads are schizophrenic
here's a thumbnail that looks like hot garbo that I spent too much time on

ab1bbe9c No.3610523

File: 1617412904881-0.png (225.32 KB, 1375x1857, shadersexp1.png)

File: 1617412904881-1.png (142.77 KB, 1375x929, lighttest0.png)

File: 1617412904881-2.png (228.98 KB, 1375x929, lighttest01.png)

how many hours did it took? what methods and tools did you use to draw the pic?

I started on png pixels and used layers to transparent and blurr the light last.

74c0c3f3 No.3610524

File: 1617413865873.png (422.72 KB, 1603x923, 2021-03-29-011057_1603x923….png)

embarassingly, about 2 hours. I do these thumbnails to get faster but I get distracted, and still wind up getting lost in details.

As for methods and tools, I start from the back and work my way forwards on different layers while using a round brush. I try and color match to the reference as best as possible.

b3ff65cb No.3610760

File: 1617578752637-0.png (604.21 KB, 1498x2200, Peter-Springfresh.png)

File: 1617578752637-1.png (672.41 KB, 2200x1605, Peter-Chair-Lounge.png)

File: 1617578752637-2.png (1.02 MB, 1844x2200, Peter-Reading.png)

File: 1617578752637-3.png (665.6 KB, 1343x2200, Peter-Butthole.png)

File: 1617578752637-4.png (2.06 MB, 8191x800, Peter-egg-sequences-WIP-2.png)

I have been contained into wage slavery, trapped if you will. I have little time to draw, similar to that of a prisoner.

Nonetheless, Happy Easter folks

45cb4042 No.3610761

File: 1617579416934.png (48.27 KB, 200x200, c1c.png)

b9de2d9c No.3610782

File: 1617585338633.jpg (470.12 KB, 1200x800, thisistheresultofyourfaggo….jpg)


Seconding this, ESPECIALLY for Easter! Definitely need some cock in this rabbit already!

74c0c3f3 No.3610789

File: 1617592739852.png (166.96 KB, 653x910, 2021-04-04-231734_653x910_….png)

I don't know how to draw rabbits

82f3d0a3 No.3610833

I like this image a lot.

74c0c3f3 No.3610882

File: 1617676822486.png (302.48 KB, 663x930, 2021-04-05-215054_663x930_….png)

thank you
I think I'm done with it for now. After this, for the time being I think I'm gonna focus on anatomy and characterization

82f3d0a3 No.3610895

Ahhh, I guessed right! I thought
>this is is either a modern house, or an airport
and it IS an airport!
Good job. I'm pleasantly reminded of the view from inside Phoenix Sky Harbor.

a38cf6d8 No.3610922

File: 1617748827257.png (380.51 KB, 800x1100, AloneInTheDark.png)

there's only chaos here

05b3469d No.3610982

What many people think of as "modern" is actually Bauhaus style, which was invented in the 1910's.

05b3469d No.3610987

Hi Mr. Magic. I'm very much into pussy stretching and being a size queen as a fetish. If you find the time, would you consider drawing a series of a sharp dressing business cat trying to survive her working week wearing increasingly large dildos or plugs? Without getting embarrassingly caught of course.

45cb4042 No.3611094

File: 1617974876915.png (392.98 KB, 610x457, 7lWjDiH.png)

c9b7c565 No.3611170

File: 1618032812146.jpg (981.21 KB, 2880x1280, Fresh Pork.jpg)

Its the clean-cut lines that keep it looking modern.

…also: finally finished a thing again.

a38cf6d8 No.3611172

File: 1618034889661-0.png (626.39 KB, 1000x1300, burnt_offerings.png)

File: 1618034889661-1.png (276.68 KB, 1000x700, Sad_but_True.png)

ac7eacc5 No.3611175

Raw Sketches…

ac7eacc5 No.3611176

File: 1618035878149.png (17.07 KB, 600x800, cursedbirbed.png)

shoot with the image!

dc4c11b2 No.3611195

The interesting question is, what would be "modern" if you had to pick a style that actually represents modernity.

773ff4cc No.3611200


the cheapest that only lasts a week beyond whatever warranties the construction companies are bound to uphold by the law.
Soon to be replaced by the cheapest you are only allowed to lease and will cease to function when your license expires or is terminated.

a38cf6d8 No.3611205

File: 1618065526704.png (380.95 KB, 1000x1174, bfd0b1c9b0efd180490cddb39d….png)

Simple, fast art with little to no substance that appeals to 15-30 age range. No moral depth, narcissistic, flat, and brainwashes submissive types into political or religious beliefs of cult think.

a38cf6d8 No.3611206

File: 1618065679381.png (151.76 KB, 1000x1099, narc.png)

Thus leading to cheap imitations that latch onto fads as a means of drawing others further into their ideological madness.

a38cf6d8 No.3611208

File: 1618065858877.png (50.87 KB, 512x512, 24-1.png)

What happens when you make art with substance that mocks the shallow nature of society?

Why, you have -pretentious- nonsense that should be –ignored–! RAWRAWRAWRHAHAHA!!!!

45cb4042 No.3611211

I'm digging those multi nips, but I think she might be broken.

765c47f8 No.3611215

Guys can have multinips too. He's cute in a way.

45cb4042 No.3611461

In a broken way that makes me want to >>3611215
still can we fix him? maybe?

45cb4042 No.3611463

maybe an eye patch and a braced leg? or n english translation of the necronomicon?

a38cf6d8 No.3611466

File: 1618281521225.png (108.73 KB, 1200x880, 004_-_Yully.png)

It's in enocian!!

74c0c3f3 No.3611544

File: 1618369131548.png (129.5 KB, 1045x598, 2021-04-12-214816_1045x598….png)

doing collie nose studies

I'm also trying to get back into music
if you like liquid dnb here's a short 30 ish second ditty I came up with today

a38cf6d8 No.3611584

File: 1618409925272.png (416.47 KB, 800x1067, dawn.png)

new story starts tomorrow

85f951d8 No.3611648

File: 1618470529534.png (1.11 MB, 2000x2000, 2ccba203fbdda63635fae0b456….png)

3ecf4381 No.3611670

>I don't consider people who copy poses in finished works as artists…

Enjoy never working in any professional environment.

45cb4042 No.3611673

There are only so many poses and angles to begin with. Using something like a live porn pic or screenshot as a reference is no worse than painting in one of those live nude art classes, as long as you don't trace.

fd02fce3 No.3611678

If you consider the unit sphere and break it down to 15 degree increments for the smallest useful deviation, there are 24 * 22 = 528 possible angles to draw an object. Then consider the variation in the optical distance or depth perspective (FOV), combined with the placement of your center of view which also changes how the foreshortening appears, and you can modestly count millions of permutations to draw the same subject. Naturally, most of those would look almost identical to the next, but taking those out you're still left with tens of thousands of ways to draw something.

This is why people who have never learned and studied projection of three dimensional geometry, have to rely on fixed angles and references. When they try to deviate from the reference geometry, you get a cubistic "nose on the cheek" effect where parts of the picture are drawn in a conflicting perspective.

fd02fce3 No.3611679

> 24 * 22 = 528 possible angles to draw an object

Plus two for top and bottom, of course.

85f951d8 No.3611711

File: 1618579402473-0.jpg (153.29 KB, 1280x1784, 2021.03.06_jn_Kaoripees_u1….jpg)

File: 1618579402473-1.jpg (557.91 KB, 1581x2110, ij61kaEhyIE_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1618579402473-2.jpg (1.07 MB, 1443x2130, jn-MadelineFransisco-sktch….jpg)

File: 1618579402473-3.jpg (334.81 KB, 1250x1666, IMG_8734_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1618579402473-4.jpg (252.17 KB, 1250x1666, IMG_8744_u18chan.jpg)

85f951d8 No.3611712

File: 1618580274836-0.jpg (111.21 KB, 1250x1666, min-IMG_8745_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1618580274836-1.jpg (92.3 KB, 1670x1252, min-IMG_8746_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1618580274836-2.jpg (466.37 KB, 3024x4032, min-IMG_8749_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1618580274836-3.jpg (421.9 KB, 3024x4032, min-IMG_8752_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1618580274836-4.jpg (458.05 KB, 3024x4032, min-IMG_8753_u18chan.jpg)

419837af No.3611714

Thread intent is for you to post your own art. I really doubt Jay would post here.

a38cf6d8 No.3611752

File: 1618613256401.png (100.68 KB, 800x1200, 1-2.png)

002dc2c7 No.3611867

Your fursona is really really edgy, mister 'mad prince of chaos'.

cf5a9acc No.3611922

File: 1618756236504.png (147.71 KB, 371x386, tamamoheil.png)

It's been a while since I drew anything, could I get a request?
I like drawing cute girls.

45cb4042 No.3611924

do a raccoon girl organisming while being baptized by a gay priest.

cf5a9acc No.3611938

File: 1618763128907.png (543.51 KB, 774x900, garbo.png)

You didn't provide references so I had to google some stuff, I'm not sure what baptizm is but I think it's like putting water on someone. Anyway here you go, raccoon girl doing origami while being baptized by Gabirs.

cf5a9acc No.3611939


a92f9a36 No.3611993

File: 1618820883557.jpg (77.54 KB, 630x1200, MV5BZmJmMDgwNDktNTk5Ny00ND….jpg)

a38cf6d8 No.3612016

File: 1618855104451.png (220.47 KB, 800x1200, 1-3.png)

74c0c3f3 No.3612047

File: 1618883214854.png (72.86 KB, 1006x784, 2021-04-19-214314_1006x784….png)

for christ's sake someone tell me how to paint a damn tree

815cf976 No.3612071

File: 1618935971149.png (548.81 KB, 1006x784, rocks.png)

>a tree

Was never good at trees. Ok at rocks though.

a38cf6d8 No.3612167

File: 1619016977470.png (153.33 KB, 707x858, Last Rites.png)

0185f880 No.3612197

File: 1619039991229.png (362.02 KB, 799x836, unknown-3.png)

508d71be No.3612336

File: 1619131968407.gif (704.94 KB, 891x528, fuzzyraptor_1.gif)


a38cf6d8 No.3612384

File: 1619220096730.png (194.53 KB, 800x800, 1-5.png)

74c0c3f3 No.3612408

File: 1619234008918.png (112.21 KB, 658x749, 2021-04-22-022345_658x749_….png)


a38cf6d8 No.3612563

File: 1619386510235.png (454.81 KB, 1000x1000, InMyWorld.png)

a38cf6d8 No.3612786

File: 1619561541608.png (204.67 KB, 800x1200, 1-6.png)

74c0c3f3 No.3612983

File: 1619679124401.png (517.47 KB, 1482x907, 2021-04-29-024848_1482x907….png)

I'm going to get real good at drawing furryies by doing constant landscape studies and nothing else

85f951d8 No.3612988

File: 1619683358078-0.png (798 B, 100x550, color test.png)

File: 1619683358078-1.png (44.92 KB, 600x800, shaderstest.png)

File: 1619683358078-2.png (182.46 KB, 600x800, smudgetest.png)

Should I start with the ground or the sky?

c387f125 No.3613009

depends on what is more important to your image: the skylight or the groundstructure.

1a90d948 No.3613017

The character's genitals and face are the most important things in an image. Artists need to learn to stop wasting time on backgrounds nobody even notices.

74c0c3f3 No.3613019

I always work back to front, and so I always work on the sky first, then clouds, then the ground

a38cf6d8 No.3613330

File: 1619903788526.png (511.38 KB, 800x1200, 1-7.png)

a38cf6d8 No.3613427

File: 1619937080818.png (434.79 KB, 1000x1000, IAmTheLaw.png)

a38cf6d8 No.3613607

File: 1620088786290.png (210.64 KB, 800x1000, 1-8.png)

Either the thread is slow or I've turned into darkness incarnate.

66bccbe3 No.3613611

File: 1620094101392.jpeg (65.03 KB, 500x407, How to Draw an Owl.jpeg)

74c0c3f3 No.3613614

I'm getting by butthole plundered by patently unfair electrical engineering finals
then I'll be back to drawing like a mad fool

a38cf6d8 No.3613615

File: 1620099425843.png (589.01 KB, 800x1362, 20200910_131114.png)

A mad fool you say?

74c0c3f3 No.3613616

File: 1620100735783.png (207.45 KB, 1600x740, 2021-05-03-235728_1600x740….png)

a mad fool, you wait and see

765c47f8 No.3613630

I like this.

74c0c3f3 No.3613786

File: 1620279921992.png (174.66 KB, 765x891, 2021-05-06-014418_765x891_….png)

f22796c9 No.3613862

File: 1620358834403.png (535.68 KB, 1548x971, Screenshot 2021-05-06 2146….png)

20ad8859 No.3614028

File: 1620514630148.png (145.88 KB, 800x800, New Machine.png)

Works like a charm.

f22796c9 No.3614062

File: 1620534653374.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1200, 202105082318.png)

*washes hands*

d505ec0c No.3614092

File: 1620551611212.png (1.19 MB, 1267x792, 1620534653374quik_blur.png)

Nice! In the future though, remember the stuff in the sky like clouds and the outlines of the trees in the background should be blurry to create the illusion of distance.

The further away something is the darker it should be and the more difficult it should be to identify where the edges of it are.

260d99ac No.3614168

File: 1620622278113-0.jpg (276.43 KB, 1280x1071, 1615174749.swiftcutter_030….jpg)

File: 1620622278113-1.jpg (214.64 KB, 858x1280, 1620621958.swiftcutter_sk2.jpg)

File: 1620622278113-2.jpg (303.77 KB, 1280x1195, 1620609658.swiftcutter_gc_….jpg)

File: 1620622278113-3.png (681.08 KB, 653x1053, 1620621902.swiftcutter_ohd….png)

Feet looks balance!

74c0c3f3 No.3614170

File: 1620622835963.png (185.3 KB, 1114x560, 2021-05-09-180119_1114x560….png)

didn't get much drawn today since I don't have any of my meds left and my friend wants me to watch him play a video game he likes

f22796c9 No.3614268

File: 1620699703883.png (502.33 KB, 1552x972, Screenshot 2021-05-10 2104….png)

Thanks bud. I had reached to point of exasperation and just slapped a quick background on there.

>Feet looks balance!

Keep it up, you're doing great!

<- I wanted to try to draw a full-nelson. The guy came out meh and the cub is too big, but whatever.

2e1bd6e5 No.3614279

File: 1620710833603.png (221.07 KB, 959x840, 2021-05-11-011835_959x840_….png)

thank you, I gotta learn/remember how to paint fur next

fa3245f4 No.3614317

File: 1620751762946.png (669.31 KB, 3200x6400, Fem_EvzenIII.png)

going full for Ecmajor!

f22796c9 No.3614363

File: 1620785750370.png (925.87 KB, 1768x1231, Screenshot 2021-05-11 2110….png)

You know, I like how far you're coming along in your progress too.

20ad8859 No.3614399

File: 1620828185891.png (222.65 KB, 800x1000, 1-10.png)

765c47f8 No.3614557

>I gotta learn/remember how to paint fur next
And yeah, well-drawn fur is super cool. I guess I'm a tactile person.

b657c62c No.3614596

arts hard

20ad8859 No.3614623

File: 1621019871559.png (12.52 KB, 800x504, 1-11.png)

It's pretty easy to draw when you have the passion and hunger to create change. However it's quite hard when your main inspiration is drawing one character doing one thing.
That dopamine hit will wear off eventually!
>User has 10000 flavor choices
>User chooses vanilla
>User hurts self in confusion

90b4edaa No.3614688

Yeah but why pick vanilla when you can pick vanilla.

b657c62c No.3614698

File: 1621111615217.png (9.52 KB, 437x481, trolled.png)


you b-bully~~

b657c62c No.3614704

File: 1621112844079.gif (355.69 KB, 560x350, 001_kigbeach.gif)


but for real, it's not just my drive to draw that's been suffering. it's anything creative. animation, music/audio design, video editing, 3D, game dev stuff, it's been hard to feel excited about anything

living situation and state of the world's got me fucked up. I'm in a pretty dark place and it feels like nothing I do can keep it from just getting worse

20ad8859 No.3614705

File: 1621113540355.png (328.35 KB, 800x1000, 1-11.png)

You're free to become my mindslave and work for my studio…FREE OF CHARGE!!

b657c62c No.3614707

File: 1621117191744.gif (239.57 KB, 500x500, Untitled-1.gif)


hypothetically, if that were to happen

w-what would you dO to meee

20ad8859 No.3614714

File: 1621144676648.png (139.66 KB, 724x1023, gyuyully.png)

Quite evil, no?

fa3245f4 No.3614733

File: 1621166959464.webm (7.48 MB, 427x240, Dodudindon - Animation Sh….webm)

Church birb on toilet! >:)

0a91f274 No.3614996

Hate those toilet daggers

20ad8859 No.3615001

File: 1621378202522.png (353.99 KB, 800x1000, 1-12.png)

Never trust a toilet with your butt.

90b4edaa No.3615123

File: 1621462734453.png (122.57 KB, 220x220, CyberTiger_Coverart.png)

Imagine having the best identity ever concocted into being a fursona and then ruining it but trying to draw it into a picture but you suck at it and now u want to kill yourself all over again. Not just suck at it but really actually genuinely fuck up everything.

598b1d24 No.3615139

That would be terrible.

…so when are you going to show us?

13593136 No.3615144

File: 1621488114794.png (6.23 KB, 390x319, mkdidit.png)


20ad8859 No.3615148

File: 1621490359651.png (265.35 KB, 667x1000, dizzyTF2.png)

spiderfox seems like a neat idea. Why not commission someone?

13593136 No.3615149

cuz there it is

13593136 No.3615151

File: 1621493958172.jpg (260.7 KB, 760x766, triggermeowo2.jpg)

Colors look like spidery I guess thats depending on monitors. I use a monitor that makes 4chan literally look like a tranny flag.

1b0d9f5b No.3615193

does anyone have any resources on digitally painting trees and foliage? I'm at my wit's end. Usually I can figure it out from what I already know, but trees/foliage have just been destroying me.

20ad8859 No.3615197

File: 1621548098691.png (460.89 KB, 800x1000, 1-13.png)

1b0d9f5b No.3615305

just wanna be able to draw tbh

1b0d9f5b No.3615306

File: 1621664649867.png (172.68 KB, 738x900, 2021-05-22-021650_738x900_….png)

very slightly improved
going to block in the rest of the body tomorrow, and hopefully paint it too

8486f628 No.3615354

File: 1621725325933.png (16.38 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

20ad8859 No.3615357

File: 1621735138627.png (574.04 KB, 800x1000, 1-14.png)

20ad8859 No.3615489

File: 1621896843278.png (581.76 KB, 800x1200, 1-15.png)

74c0c3f3 No.3615611

File: 1622084693182.png (122.4 KB, 514x883, 2021-05-26-230324_514x883_….png)

wew I was drunk the other night, what was I thinking with those proportions

20ad8859 No.3615663

File: 1622149573091.png (307.81 KB, 800x600, 1-16.png)

H-here I g-go…

bae2b504 No.3615693

wow i kno this is like your thing and all that but why would satan like even care.

ce95dfcd No.3615733

File: 1622225585845.png (1.63 MB, 1245x1344, C66e00aVsAEANQ2.png)

Helelos, I really like your artwork it has a abstract feel too it. Please never stop drawing, you are every talented!

20ad8859 No.3615769

File: 1622248897993.png (415.73 KB, 800x1000, 1-17.png)

This is $atan, not Satan.

20ad8859 No.3615770

File: 1622249210820.png (17.18 KB, 128x91, 1- Cheemsburbger.png)

He cares because Helelos possessed the pet of BA-phomet and brutally extracted it.
Helelos was his acolyte in the Cult of $atan and was trained to become an Icon of Sin, but he refused to conform to his business standards and fled the cult with his manager Familiar.
Now $atan wants to take back what belongs to him and put a stop to the conquest of Helelos.
But you see, the pet is secretly the final boss.

20ad8859 No.3615771

File: 1622249383758.png (25.89 KB, 800x512, 30-1.png)

By "it" I mean the grace.
Grace allows nightmares and dreamers to fulfill their desires. With enough grace you can grant a wish that will change the world.
Therefor if Helelos gets enough grace through his conquest, then the world will be shaped by his will.

fc2d28bf No.3615781

File: 1622254939932.jpg (400 KB, 2576x4000, 7e28ab832cb43b1729da26de4d….jpg)

Your art has some undertale deltarune themed vibes.

74c0c3f3 No.3615784

File: 1622259637779.png (134.55 KB, 445x870, 2021-05-28-233837_445x870_….png)

trying to make a concerted effort to finish my figures instead of abandoning them at the gesture/rough sketch stage
can't get the head to look right on this one so I'm working on other details while I figure it out

90b4edaa No.3615943

ai is originalities final boss. ensue paradox

20ad8859 No.3616083

File: 1622562129126.png (606.34 KB, 800x1200, 1-18.png)

My plot is THICKENING.

90b4edaa No.3616170

rape by snek

20ad8859 No.3616212

File: 1622668199475.png (525.8 KB, 800x1153, 1-19.png)

but then…

55fbae06 No.3616247

Could someone please compress 3 flashes for me.

bae2b504 No.3616279

like a superflash?

34752fa4 No.3616281

File: 1622732192114.png (716.42 KB, 1477x741, compressed flash.png)

Here ya go.

cfc30224 No.3616292

File: 1622738958100-0.png (589.15 KB, 1328x600, oct.png)

File: 1622738958100-1.png (560.25 KB, 1050x636, now.png)

compare: my first ever attempt at a forest study from last October, to a current study WIP

736f7418 No.3616312

File: 1622752322613.jpg (46.53 KB, 447x712, af42f741c15d7f44681f884b30….jpg)

d829c767 No.3616318

File: 1622763715734-0.png (538.26 KB, 1000x653, Onychodontia.PNG.png)

File: 1622763715734-1.png (2.68 MB, 3100x2048, 23obv7syoqo61.png)

File: 1622763715734-2.jpg (313.5 KB, 1920x1080, sketchy-dood-cryptodonts-r….jpg)

Good, all it needs is some animals!

9696adf7 No.3616355

File: 1622787761866-0.png (899.97 KB, 2200x1908, ratto-side.png)

File: 1622787761866-1.png (591.22 KB, 864x2400, devilgote-pinup.png)

File: 1622787761866-2.png (803.09 KB, 2804x900, redacted-uniporn-late-marc….png)

File: 1622787761866-3.png (913.15 KB, 2413x1200, vulpine-stuff-june.png)

File: 1622787761866-4.png (687.79 KB, 2100x2100, earbow-scav.png)


I like this idea and if I were not forever chained within the realm of wageslavery, I would draw it tomorrow

12b33bf8 No.3616382

As they say - what's the rush, the world's already made.

12b33bf8 No.3616383

>gets enough grace

Grace is by definition unmerited. It can't be earned or bought, and its only source is the will of God.

20ad8859 No.3616393

File: 1622831020860.png (119.92 KB, 800x400, header-sitelogo.png)

Nah, it can be stolen and reshaped.
If the light allows for evil to corrupt it's image then the light is actually evil.
Just like how YHVH is a lazy, selfish narcissist who damns those who disobey His will.
If he was truly good then He wouldn't have made a tree that gives mortals knowledge of what He is. It was a trap that led to new gods being formed over time. He wants that chaos because He is the real trickster!
But then what is the real source, I wonder? Doesn't matter cuz it'll belong to me in the end…

12b33bf8 No.3616401

No it can't, because grace is literally God's will to call you to him. Attempting to "steal" grace, you're just pretending to hear God without actually getting the message because it's not directed to you.

The difference is that those who don't receive God's grace cannot even perceive God, so "stealing grace" is like madness where you're worshipping some chip of paint on a wall, or a drug induced hallucination, a hypnosis or sleepwalking where you're ranting and raving to things that don't exist.

12b33bf8 No.3616402

>He wouldn't have made a tree that gives mortals knowledge of what He is.

That never happened.

Your story involves a quixotic quest to gather "grace" which cannot be taken, earned or stolen, which only exists in the mind of the character. Likewise, when they've gathered "enough", they succumb to a madness where they think the world has changed according to their will - but really they're just hallucinating.

20ad8859 No.3616439

File: 1622844800649.png (434.05 KB, 800x1200, 1-20.png)

>last update: December 2020

20ad8859 No.3616441

File: 1622845339549.jpg (16.62 KB, 480x269, Vanity.jpg)

Q: How do you defeat a deity?
A: You turn their believers against them.

Q: Does the light belong to (insert deity)?
A: No, because anyone can become a deity with enough belief.

bae2b504 No.3616452

he made the tree so he could have gay sex with a snake in it

74c0c3f3 No.3616549

File: 1622958051268.png (203.18 KB, 794x902, 2021-06-06-013849_794x902_….png)

trying to put all of my energy and spare skill points into figures now that I can kind of do landscapes
I'm still a long ways off

20ad8859 No.3616593

File: 1623020061825.png (601.32 KB, 800x1200, 1-21.png)

90b4edaa No.3616647

why is everything sepia tho

20ad8859 No.3616665

To represent $atan's power I used a parchment palette.

The other reason is that my values were getting confusing and I need to practice.
I learned a lot about contrast by using monochrome.

581a7a94 No.3616683

Satan has NO power.
Evil people, however, believing that he does, do his will.

90b4edaa No.3616713

when dont u draw on sepia photos

58fdceb9 No.3616721

52d202d3 No.3616744

File: 1623161657104.png (31.8 KB, 1000x1000, e235fad7b0a9da6597a1fcb4a2….png)

I'm gonna be sick…

20ad8859 No.3616765

File: 1623184951819.png (716.14 KB, 800x1200, 1-22.png)

Anything can have power if you believe.
If people believe in (school of thought that encompasses some form of generic evil god) and act upon those beliefs, then it has power.

Just like how a myriad of people have suffered died in the pursuit of religious control. Just like how the catholic church has sold children into sex slavery and tortured/raped them to death. And still do.

Just close your heart and walk away…


eb459e55 No.3616771

My life feels unreal. Like I'm floating in empty space. Full of hegelian dialectics. Hi Satan

20ad8859 No.3616772

You shouldn't take those drugs to have fun.
It's much more fun hanging out with people who love you for who you are!

609fb771 No.3616773

File: 1623196568473.png (567.89 KB, 459x600, E0P0n93XMAc0-Hq2.png)

Satan, the true father of Jesus Christ

The best of those people are dead, literally, so I await your power of resurrection. Would you make a deal with the devil to resurrect your friends? I'm toying with the idea. Some of those dudes were smart, world intellectual level. You want a loyal pack in a world of liars? Rise one from the grave >:3

20ad8859 No.3616784

Flesh rots in the end, but dreams are eternal.
Resurrect their dreams and they will live again!

2f8e6287 No.3616807

Those 4 cartoony Heleli. I like those. That's a fun style.

90b4edaa No.3616815

Who hurt you

20ad8859 No.3616861


74c0c3f3 No.3616879

File: 1623310898313.png (640.94 KB, 987x756, 2021-06-10-033854_987x756_….png)

I took an assload of screenshots while watching A Fistful of Dollars and now I'm doing studies of them
I'm getting better at foliage but I still don't really have a good grasp on it at all. This is still a WIP but it's plain as day that the foliage is the weakest point of the picure so far (until I start working on the figure lol)

bc94686b No.3616890

File: 1623337518355.png (1.8 MB, 2560x1440, e69.png)

managed to squeeze it out on 6/9, got too tired to do proper shading but I'm happy with it

20ad8859 No.3616951

File: 1623375512770.png (723.1 KB, 800x1200, 1-23.png)

so anyways

6037fa7c No.3616953

I downvoted that image on e621. Just because you're on here shilling for that woke bastardization of a once decent furry art archive. Fuck you.

45cb4042 No.3616954

How can you still vote? I've been banned for ages thanks to milcore.

45cb4042 No.3616955

you upvote a pic she thinks is "creepy" and you instantly get banned, an upvote is a creepy comment, I don't get it. Why not just ban the picture and be done with it.

bc94686b No.3616957

wow a downvote, how absolutely devastating. I'm sorry you're angry about an image board, but I happen to have designed this little guy and am quite proud of him and your words don't make him any less appealing.

45cb4042 No.3616959

wait so you're upvoting your own material.

Someone call Micore, we have a maverick here.

bc94686b No.3616962

Where have I said I've done such unnecessary things? As if such metric matters, it was just a punny smut pic done for a punny day, no need to read so much into it.

cb46f8e2 No.3616975

File: 1623404996136-0.jpg (196.67 KB, 1440x1235, 194297775_311973937238151_….jpg)

File: 1623404996136-1.jpg (169.26 KB, 1080x1920, 196889843_4146744052051208….jpg)

afc8b529 No.3617056

Nice to see you around. I'll be honest, I was never that fond of Hexerade, but it has grown on me.

20ad8859 No.3617094

File: 1623530460739.png (937.49 KB, 800x1200, 1-24.png)

0c7d8558 No.3617167

File: 1623586711231.png (489.77 KB, 1104x692, colortests.png)

0c7d8558 No.3617174

File: 1623588848058-0.png (129.06 KB, 1014x700, colortests22.png)

File: 1623588848058-1.png (280.14 KB, 1862x976, colortest3.png)

Color experiment in progress.

cfc30224 No.3617197

I stumbled on Bucci's channel last week and already his stuff has given my painting a real boost. Can't say I 100% understand/jive with the random colors he puts down, but it works and his stuff is giving me results

though some of it also looks like he has deuteranopia

20ad8859 No.3617317

File: 1623710148070.png (477.16 KB, 800x1200, 1-25.png)

>Made character in 2006

but what does this mean

151b700b No.3617441

File: 1623801566259.png (277.15 KB, 930x684, teeheeartz.png)

151b700b No.3617458

File: 1623811322082.png (254.85 KB, 1360x833, medibangseemstable.png)

Medibang has some desirable tools compared to paint.net. I'm still using it.

151b700b No.3617471

File: 1623820660354.png (285.63 KB, 1267x816, betterthanpaintdotnet.png)

I cant believe im only using a mouse, with it!

20ad8859 No.3617537

File: 1623880241196.png (761.17 KB, 800x1200, 1-26.png)

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