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File: 1590066349641.png (201.26 KB, 768x768, durr.png)

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No fluff edition.

Ask for feedback, or don't. Make requests, or just post your drawings. This is like 5 years old but it's all I had on my PC
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bae2b504 No.3616279

like a superflash?

34752fa4 No.3616281

File: 1622732192114.png (716.42 KB, 1477x741, compressed flash.png)

Here ya go.

cfc30224 No.3616292

File: 1622738958100-0.png (589.15 KB, 1328x600, oct.png)

File: 1622738958100-1.png (560.25 KB, 1050x636, now.png)

compare: my first ever attempt at a forest study from last October, to a current study WIP

736f7418 No.3616312

File: 1622752322613.jpg (46.53 KB, 447x712, af42f741c15d7f44681f884b30….jpg)

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File: 1622763715734-0.png (538.26 KB, 1000x653, Onychodontia.PNG.png)

File: 1622763715734-1.png (2.68 MB, 3100x2048, 23obv7syoqo61.png)

File: 1622763715734-2.jpg (313.5 KB, 1920x1080, sketchy-dood-cryptodonts-r….jpg)

Good, all it needs is some animals!

9696adf7 No.3616355

File: 1622787761866-0.png (899.97 KB, 2200x1908, ratto-side.png)

File: 1622787761866-1.png (591.22 KB, 864x2400, devilgote-pinup.png)

File: 1622787761866-2.png (803.09 KB, 2804x900, redacted-uniporn-late-marc….png)

File: 1622787761866-3.png (913.15 KB, 2413x1200, vulpine-stuff-june.png)

File: 1622787761866-4.png (687.79 KB, 2100x2100, earbow-scav.png)


I like this idea and if I were not forever chained within the realm of wageslavery, I would draw it tomorrow

12b33bf8 No.3616382

As they say - what's the rush, the world's already made.

12b33bf8 No.3616383

>gets enough grace

Grace is by definition unmerited. It can't be earned or bought, and its only source is the will of God.

20ad8859 No.3616393

File: 1622831020860.png (119.92 KB, 800x400, header-sitelogo.png)

Nah, it can be stolen and reshaped.
If the light allows for evil to corrupt it's image then the light is actually evil.
Just like how YHVH is a lazy, selfish narcissist who damns those who disobey His will.
If he was truly good then He wouldn't have made a tree that gives mortals knowledge of what He is. It was a trap that led to new gods being formed over time. He wants that chaos because He is the real trickster!
But then what is the real source, I wonder? Doesn't matter cuz it'll belong to me in the end…

12b33bf8 No.3616401

No it can't, because grace is literally God's will to call you to him. Attempting to "steal" grace, you're just pretending to hear God without actually getting the message because it's not directed to you.

The difference is that those who don't receive God's grace cannot even perceive God, so "stealing grace" is like madness where you're worshipping some chip of paint on a wall, or a drug induced hallucination, a hypnosis or sleepwalking where you're ranting and raving to things that don't exist.

12b33bf8 No.3616402

>He wouldn't have made a tree that gives mortals knowledge of what He is.

That never happened.

Your story involves a quixotic quest to gather "grace" which cannot be taken, earned or stolen, which only exists in the mind of the character. Likewise, when they've gathered "enough", they succumb to a madness where they think the world has changed according to their will - but really they're just hallucinating.

20ad8859 No.3616439

File: 1622844800649.png (434.05 KB, 800x1200, 1-20.png)

>last update: December 2020

20ad8859 No.3616441

File: 1622845339549.jpg (16.62 KB, 480x269, Vanity.jpg)

Q: How do you defeat a deity?
A: You turn their believers against them.

Q: Does the light belong to (insert deity)?
A: No, because anyone can become a deity with enough belief.

bae2b504 No.3616452

he made the tree so he could have gay sex with a snake in it

74c0c3f3 No.3616549

File: 1622958051268.png (203.18 KB, 794x902, 2021-06-06-013849_794x902_….png)

trying to put all of my energy and spare skill points into figures now that I can kind of do landscapes
I'm still a long ways off

20ad8859 No.3616593

File: 1623020061825.png (601.32 KB, 800x1200, 1-21.png)

90b4edaa No.3616647

why is everything sepia tho

20ad8859 No.3616665

To represent $atan's power I used a parchment palette.

The other reason is that my values were getting confusing and I need to practice.
I learned a lot about contrast by using monochrome.

581a7a94 No.3616683

Satan has NO power.
Evil people, however, believing that he does, do his will.

90b4edaa No.3616713

when dont u draw on sepia photos

58fdceb9 No.3616721

52d202d3 No.3616744

File: 1623161657104.png (31.8 KB, 1000x1000, e235fad7b0a9da6597a1fcb4a2….png)

I'm gonna be sick…

20ad8859 No.3616765

File: 1623184951819.png (716.14 KB, 800x1200, 1-22.png)

Anything can have power if you believe.
If people believe in (school of thought that encompasses some form of generic evil god) and act upon those beliefs, then it has power.

Just like how a myriad of people have suffered died in the pursuit of religious control. Just like how the catholic church has sold children into sex slavery and tortured/raped them to death. And still do.

Just close your heart and walk away…


eb459e55 No.3616771

My life feels unreal. Like I'm floating in empty space. Full of hegelian dialectics. Hi Satan

20ad8859 No.3616772

You shouldn't take those drugs to have fun.
It's much more fun hanging out with people who love you for who you are!

609fb771 No.3616773

File: 1623196568473.png (567.89 KB, 459x600, E0P0n93XMAc0-Hq2.png)

Satan, the true father of Jesus Christ

The best of those people are dead, literally, so I await your power of resurrection. Would you make a deal with the devil to resurrect your friends? I'm toying with the idea. Some of those dudes were smart, world intellectual level. You want a loyal pack in a world of liars? Rise one from the grave >:3

20ad8859 No.3616784

Flesh rots in the end, but dreams are eternal.
Resurrect their dreams and they will live again!

2f8e6287 No.3616807

Those 4 cartoony Heleli. I like those. That's a fun style.

90b4edaa No.3616815

Who hurt you

20ad8859 No.3616861


74c0c3f3 No.3616879

File: 1623310898313.png (640.94 KB, 987x756, 2021-06-10-033854_987x756_….png)

I took an assload of screenshots while watching A Fistful of Dollars and now I'm doing studies of them
I'm getting better at foliage but I still don't really have a good grasp on it at all. This is still a WIP but it's plain as day that the foliage is the weakest point of the picure so far (until I start working on the figure lol)

bc94686b No.3616890

File: 1623337518355.png (1.8 MB, 2560x1440, e69.png)

managed to squeeze it out on 6/9, got too tired to do proper shading but I'm happy with it

20ad8859 No.3616951

File: 1623375512770.png (723.1 KB, 800x1200, 1-23.png)

so anyways

6037fa7c No.3616953

I downvoted that image on e621. Just because you're on here shilling for that woke bastardization of a once decent furry art archive. Fuck you.

45cb4042 No.3616954

How can you still vote? I've been banned for ages thanks to milcore.

45cb4042 No.3616955

you upvote a pic she thinks is "creepy" and you instantly get banned, an upvote is a creepy comment, I don't get it. Why not just ban the picture and be done with it.

bc94686b No.3616957

wow a downvote, how absolutely devastating. I'm sorry you're angry about an image board, but I happen to have designed this little guy and am quite proud of him and your words don't make him any less appealing.

45cb4042 No.3616959

wait so you're upvoting your own material.

Someone call Micore, we have a maverick here.

bc94686b No.3616962

Where have I said I've done such unnecessary things? As if such metric matters, it was just a punny smut pic done for a punny day, no need to read so much into it.

cb46f8e2 No.3616975

File: 1623404996136-0.jpg (196.67 KB, 1440x1235, 194297775_311973937238151_….jpg)

File: 1623404996136-1.jpg (169.26 KB, 1080x1920, 196889843_4146744052051208….jpg)

afc8b529 No.3617056

Nice to see you around. I'll be honest, I was never that fond of Hexerade, but it has grown on me.

20ad8859 No.3617094

File: 1623530460739.png (937.49 KB, 800x1200, 1-24.png)

0c7d8558 No.3617167

File: 1623586711231.png (489.77 KB, 1104x692, colortests.png)

0c7d8558 No.3617174

File: 1623588848058-0.png (129.06 KB, 1014x700, colortests22.png)

File: 1623588848058-1.png (280.14 KB, 1862x976, colortest3.png)

Color experiment in progress.

cfc30224 No.3617197

I stumbled on Bucci's channel last week and already his stuff has given my painting a real boost. Can't say I 100% understand/jive with the random colors he puts down, but it works and his stuff is giving me results

though some of it also looks like he has deuteranopia

20ad8859 No.3617317

File: 1623710148070.png (477.16 KB, 800x1200, 1-25.png)

>Made character in 2006

but what does this mean

151b700b No.3617441

File: 1623801566259.png (277.15 KB, 930x684, teeheeartz.png)

151b700b No.3617458

File: 1623811322082.png (254.85 KB, 1360x833, medibangseemstable.png)

Medibang has some desirable tools compared to paint.net. I'm still using it.

151b700b No.3617471

File: 1623820660354.png (285.63 KB, 1267x816, betterthanpaintdotnet.png)

I cant believe im only using a mouse, with it!

20ad8859 No.3617537

File: 1623880241196.png (761.17 KB, 800x1200, 1-26.png)

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