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File: 1585899565034.png (1.48 MB, 980x1075, Alone on a Friday Night.png)

79676571 No.3573188

Keep your social distance!

bae53eff No.3573198

File: 1585931877589.gif (2.36 MB, 302x552, frenchkiss.gif)

can't get covid from your dog

e4d99dbb No.3573209

File: 1585950716314.jpg (241.58 KB, 1131x1000, 3073739_CreamyGrapes_ryoku.jpg)

Can you get it from milking your cow?

aebab713 No.3573234

File: 1585967826627.jpg (303.06 KB, 995x1175, saharaHmnPOV.jpg)

d25c7f69 No.3573397

File: 1586214845850.jpg (44.05 KB, 648x486, OP_is_a_Faggot.jpg)

I'll grab your butt checks, and pull out my willy, strur your asshole like hot bowl of chili.

101889e2 No.3575247

File: 1588399083603.jpg (14.13 KB, 320x320, orbit.jpg)

0d21903d No.3575284

File: 1588471851855.png (96.73 KB, 720x275, ElfRatGag.png)

0c6c9e7f No.3575296

File: 1588481393404.jpg (176.2 KB, 960x540, Screen_Shot_2018_11_26_at_….jpg)

7ec8cbd3 No.3577072

File: 1590806836161.jpg (126.28 KB, 800x640, 664874107d4a05ea84532f5657….jpg)

8d442dda No.3582249

File: 1594797834145.jpg (261.76 KB, 1288x1490, 3072587_Chirmaya_ah-corona….jpg)

e4d99dbb No.3583538

File: 1596246456157.jpg (47.43 KB, 500x636, 0e8fcb16fdcffb1e19902ba03d….jpg)

5aa46b70 No.3583545

>tfw no sister to turn you into her sissy slut

why live?

b7e4f1a0 No.3583580

File: 1596305674807.jpg (205.55 KB, 775x1200, a05693606640.jpg)

Beware the sex-crazed zombie cicadas!

9d2ed6d5 No.3583581

File: 1596307119332.jpg (92.01 KB, 620x749, cicada-graph.jpg)

Zombie cicada fungus is cool.

75bc9648 No.3584103


To live in the ground for decades, crawling about in darkness, sucking on the roots of plants only to come out after 20 or 30 years to live about a week to ten days then die. Or the worst scenario, be swarmed by fire ants when you emerge.

132f0f33 No.3586417

File: 1598659951064.png (194.98 KB, 841x1075, 1506085685.tempestryder_na….png)

4ab8874f No.3588996

File: 1600461289444.jpg (262.25 KB, 1024x768, 1553097269003.jpg)

2ec38dde No.3589005

File: 1600464432753.jpeg (78.99 KB, 1104x1083, EaqNxVbXsAIDZRu.jpeg)

Has anyone been getting laid during the pandemic?

I'm up to 3 times since the pandemic. Delicious Coronaloads.

0fc5760a No.3589031

I havent been laid since 2013. Most people find the scars on my core a huge turn off.

0fc5760a No.3589034

Military stuff my back looks like the surface of the moon after a Trump Space Force bombardment, and my stomach and chest look like a fleshy grand canyon and I'm missing part of two ribs, and a few organs

27a08fa1 No.3589040

>my back looks like the surface of the moon
So you were running away from the battle when you got wounded.

0fc5760a No.3589054

File: 1600474980628.jpg (3.08 MB, 3096x2322, 20200918_202212.jpg)

Naw just melodramatic descriptions of backne. The front on the other hand… well got hit with radiation. I'd have preferred a quick gunshot.

0fc5760a No.3589056

That's my stomach, not my ass. That little peak of a scar off to the side was my ass for a while though.

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