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286eb9d7 No.3573131

Hi bros
I need your help to find the 2 JUNGLEDYRET HUGO movies,
I tried to search for them, but all the links lead me to dead pages and links and torrents are also dead.

Can someone tell me where I can find them, or if someone has them you could be so kind to re-upload them.

I hope can help me.

9a6b1108 No.3573144


get them second hand straight at the source , in Denmark

Pay with Iban/BIC and ask seller to ship to you. pay the taxes at import.




think thats borh of them from same seller.

54c1ec53 No.3573163

File: 1585860982348.jpg (31.21 KB, 641x359, external2.jpg)


There seems to be a fair amount of content on youtube.


9f3cec86 No.3573181

File: 1585886815417.jpg (584.55 KB, 1792x1080, Rita is okay with a little….jpg)

Can you wait? They were shared in 1080p with me, I'll share in due time. Which may be soon.

286eb9d7 No.3573183

File: 1585888878172.gif (998.26 KB, 270x225, toon_1327361380097_Rita4.gif)

I would appreciate it so much if you could pass them, as I said before I have been looking for those movies for a long time but all the links are dead.

9f3cec86 No.3573567

Try it, now:

Decr. key: yR9Qi3teGT9sBEPPEWceJ2C_78O6cW7U3UvPXqlhkEM

286eb9d7 No.3573690


Thank you very much friend,
i will download it right now
I hope you can also put the 2nd movie too

you are my hero.

9f3cec86 No.3573702

Try to enjoy the first one for now. 2nd will come eventually.

And I'm not the hero, it's the danish anon who jumped through several hoops to buy the movie that the company made super complicated to simply buy.

286eb9d7 No.3573997

File: 1586894786457.gif (3.71 MB, 317x254, WholeRegularArcticwolf-siz….gif)

Yes, movies are very difficult to obtain legally.
And now that I saw the first movie I liked it a lot, despite the criticism it has, I think it has aged very well.

hope you can upload the 2nd soon
thanks for everything.

9f3cec86 No.3574011

File: 1586930564599.png (43.33 KB, 337x360, if biology wasn't an issue….png)

Elokuva numero kaksi:
the key would be l1R0CCHl9eyYis7R7NCbntqilCjAd5GtG6v4up1V334

d604e2fc No.3574022

holy crap a lulzian did something nice for other random strangers on the internet

how is this possible

baa7574d No.3574030

Why did you speak suomea in the beginning of your viesti?

9f3cec86 No.3574075

I dream of sometimes opia the kieli properly. That is probably grammatically incorrect.

9f3cec86 No.3574089

534a1dad No.3574193

File: 1587158501228.jpg (221.29 KB, 1800x1074, Jungledyret Hugo (1080p HD….jpg)

I forgot the last time I saw such awesome and fluid animation.

534a1dad No.3574195

File: 1587159534827.jpg (176.74 KB, 1800x1074, Jungledyret Hugo (1080p HD….jpg)

Gotta love old cartoons.

baa7574d No.3574202

Toivotan onnea vitusti. Ihailtavaa that someone is interested of tämä kieli.

286eb9d7 No.3574220

File: 1587184246666.jpg (198.83 KB, 1280x1024, jn-nxuvviglohh-ovltqwg-104….jpg)

once again, thank you very much for sharing.
I must say that I liked this sequel, even for the open ending
I understand that there is a 3rd movie but it is not the same animation
by chance won't you have that too?

thanks for giving me a good time with these movies, in these difficult times.

9f3cec86 No.3574225

The 3rd movie is pointless, and was only made because the first 2 made money. Nothing insulting to the intelligence, so no Last Jedi, but the plot being not really needed, combined to the team being forced to do CG because "that's what the kids are into", turns a harmless sequel into a harmless sequel that looks ugly. The storyboarder basically told people to not watch it (no, don't think I cared enough to save proof he said that, but good old 4chan did post it).

TL;DR of the story: set after the TV show that was also made 4 money (and is also not necessary), Hugo and Rita come back to Denmark EVEN THOUGH IT'S WINTER, some more people try to catch Hugo, in the end the pair ends up in a big nature preserve park think, the end. Oh, and they adopt an abandoned jungle creature, cuz a kids' movie even in Denmark isn't brave enough to openly state "WE CANNOT PROCREATE WOE IS US".

9f3cec86 No.3574227

File: 1587192718332.jpg (46.66 KB, 800x571, official_jungledyret_art_3….jpg)

9f3cec86 No.3574273

File: 1587234663650.jpg (115.14 KB, 1024x1434, official_jungledyret_art_6….jpg)

9f3cec86 No.3574276

File: 1587235386443.jpg (61.15 KB, 1024x731, Official_Jungledyret_Art_5….jpg)

I don't actually have the storyboards, since I don't care for the movie much, but trust me, they all look at good as this.

5742204d No.3574279

taht is strange, do they want to fuck ? its like they are horny or something

9f3cec86 No.3574288

They do, in fact, fuck (it is heavily implied, use your imagination). But what is more important is that YOU really need to fuck. Go do that.

d8a9fd7d No.3576522

how do I fuck ?

9f3cec86 No.3576526

Remember how to like other IRL people. That would be a decent start.

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