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File: 1579017029858.png (243.71 KB, 1000x539, shewolf.png)

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Can we have a pretty wolfess thread?
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08be75ba No.3584469

File: 1597104611842.png (1.24 MB, 2756x2067, f503cf79ba19420bb4b95a9c58….png)

Wolves are just retarded, angry canine republicans.

452e3f57 No.3584470

File: 1597105202486.png (589.33 KB, 1432x1825, 836fd6dbee9adbb05fe97c36f0….png)

Thick wolf gonna getcha.

452e3f57 No.3584471

File: 1597105228349.png (1.39 MB, 3750x2400, 4daae2af74ad2a587ab9832508….png)

e361cede No.3584479

posts yet another coyote.

liberal tears,get out of my thread with your 3b politics. shooooh

8d8722f5 No.3584491

File: 1597133212873.png (1.29 MB, 798x1100, 050263162db2627514f779d143….png)

8d8722f5 No.3584492

File: 1597133384684.png (4.56 MB, 4628x3410, 5d5d02481c75a0a7158ab23a32….png)

aec6f652 No.3584561

>>3584492 a hellhound is fine too

c8aa0f32 No.3584606

File: 1597258772965-0.jpg (44.58 KB, 667x1280, EfCRvIEXgAAL_7C.jpg)

File: 1597258772965-1.jpg (457.69 KB, 2039x1170, EduVXrJVAAAHVyN.jpg)

e5f363d8 No.3584663


c8aa0f32 No.3584680

Wetchop, resident in 4chan/trash/hmoaf

0817baf8 No.3584918

File: 1597520993672.png (2.37 MB, 2000x1720, 1595518127.marjani_flatrat….png)

0817baf8 No.3584919

File: 1597521064416.png (1.4 MB, 1212x1900, e6ae83eb3a5adc857d7ba83674….png)

e361cede No.3584988

thats a fox but it is sexy and permissible

cf0528fa No.3585000

File: 1597553504256.png (1.16 MB, 1280x942, 1515579570.hioshiru_2_smal….png)

She's actually a lynx-husky hybrid (note the ear tuft). I can see how you got fox from her facial markings and slit pupils though. Glad she's accepted into the pack.

e361cede No.3585078

nigger, I started this thread, it is not your thread. now go be an asshole elsewhere, thanks.

283df021 No.3585269

File: 1597833061387.png (497.1 KB, 699x640, umad.png)


6116e5f2 No.3585364

>now go be an asshole elsewhere

you first

99834062 No.3585398

File: 1597962555465.jpg (61.48 KB, 813x1100, 1517225439632.jpg)

it's still not your thread. is reading comprehension not your strong suit?

6116e5f2 No.3585401

>reading comprehension
I'm someone else. Try to keep up, retard.

99834062 No.3585405

you're still complaining, asshole. now go away.

6116e5f2 No.3585407

e361cede No.3585429

that's all you can come up….are you 8yo???? fuckin loser

6116e5f2 No.3585431

14687b21 No.3585574

File: 1598079438448.jpg (169.67 KB, 1823x1367, Ef50bpBWsAA_tnp.jpg)

14687b21 No.3585575

File: 1598079463766.png (2.04 MB, 1400x2273, 1597981774.truegrave9_kier….png)

648086ab No.3585589

File: 1598092864719-0.jpg (4.56 MB, 2732x4096, _DSC1002_R_u18chan.jpg)

648086ab No.3585590

File: 1598093271654-0.jpg (4.6 MB, 2732x4096, _DSC0978_R_u18chan.jpg)

ae4460af No.3585773

File: 1598253916338.jpg (62.83 KB, 1024x576, comfy.jpg)

63be21e7 No.3585784

:( Lucky bastards. Wish we lived in that time line.

614aa8a7 No.3585828

File: 1598317626589.jpg (67.89 KB, 659x589, WolfSammy_laughing_wolfess.jpg)

Which timeline would that be? The one where nothing bad happened that day, or the one where there are local wolfgirls?

6116e5f2 No.3585831

File: 1598318271352.jpg (239.33 KB, 811x1200, legoshe.jpg)

99834062 No.3586044

dat filename

6116e5f2 No.3586058

File: 1598475192643.jpg (110.58 KB, 626x910, 1598279536874.jpg)

uwu, won't you have a drink with me, senpai?

99834062 No.3586404

File: 1598653964279.png (732.3 KB, 1072x825, 0b8d26ab24c094167bfecff88b….png)

e361cede No.3586761

File: 1598784244456.jpg (436.72 KB, 541x800, 1598783103893.jpg)

93a73cac No.3587871

File: 1599679699606.png (3.24 MB, 1839x2000, 1599094141.marblesoda_cerv….png)

Deshi basara!

0b8b1578 No.3588133

File: 1599857256375.jpg (173.13 KB, 1024x1280, 1598838194.fenrir-lunaris_….jpg)

833f9b9a No.3588183

File: 1599887553789.jpg (797.02 KB, 937x1402, zV3-6CCR2VI.jpg)

833f9b9a No.3588227

File: 1599895921007.jpg (991.26 KB, 1375x2000, 1596561511.duo_segway-slut….jpg)

833f9b9a No.3588229

File: 1599896194150.jpg (379.34 KB, 867x1219, a83750ab6c30f7ce347a13bfd9….jpg)

5dbb58b2 No.3588281

File: 1599948990137.jpg (362.91 KB, 1024x1520, IF_LULZ_WERE_DOGS.jpg)

I miss those days. 3B hasn't changed though.

5dbb58b2 No.3588283

File: 1599949054222.gif (43.11 KB, 362x187, 0009_21c.gif)

>this whole thread

63078083 No.3588285

File: 1599950033751.jpg (251.71 KB, 919x1086, upside-down dog pussy Nata….jpg)

One would think that with all the reference material on the internet that dog pussies would be impossible to mess up.

5dbb58b2 No.3588288

File: 1599956050903.png (357.72 KB, 694x665, Cease_7145e5_7895332.png)


You'd still fuck it, don't lie.

08be75ba No.3588296

Not going to lie. If the one on the right could talk and pass the harkness test. Would bone.

e361cede No.3588332

File: 1600001316069.jpg (147.41 KB, 1200x1200, D57tThgUYAEjbsG.jpg)

this dogina is clearly upside down.

c81a4dec No.3588337

File: 1600006235181.jpg (66.48 KB, 800x533, 1599973072310.jpg)


yeah here's a correct one for reference

a6008bc8 No.3588680

File: 1600244213634.png (2.41 MB, 1600x2106, 1600012935.truegrave9_marl….png)

7e760532 No.3588888

File: 1600381929654.jpg (68.47 KB, 904x1280, 1546051654.swedishkitsune_….jpg)

06a24d8b No.3588954

File: 1600429540073.jpg (2.07 MB, 2783x4316, Lykrons_bitch.jpg)

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