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File: conservatives_are_pedos.jpg - (137.68 KB, 1493x303) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
140981 No.3540908

Wheelchairchan /fur/ has finally done it- they've finally come out and made it clear that not only is the fandom pro-pedo but that pro-pedos lean right. This in the middle of them beginning to ban anyone who says anything nasty about pedos or anti-pedo whatsoever. Trump supporters are glad to flaunt their love of child fucking.

Is this a surprise to anyone? Pedophilia is a mental illness and so is leaning right. The two used to not get alone even only 10 years ago but lately the right has come to embrace children as sex objects. Why not? Conservatives hate America and put gawd above the people so why would they pretend to care about the safety of children? They aren't even bothering with their "the lubrulz endorse pedophilis & want it normalized" rants anymore, now they claim anyone who doesn't see kids as sex objects is an SJW. Like that's a bad thing? Fine, we're SJWs for not being mentally ill, I'll gladly accept that label.

This has a lot to do with Trump, a man who defends child molesters. Go watch that new Neverland documentary on how horrible Michael Jackson really was, it has a lot of indisputable facts. Then remember that Trump still actively defends that piece of shit, defended #roymoorechildmolester and thinks Kavanaugh trying to force himself on an underage girl is perfectly alright. Then go look up Jeff Epstein, another of his buddies.

Better to be an SJW than a pedo, and no matter how you REEEEEE or whine or defend it, loli/cub is pedo. Liking kids that way makes you a pedo, so stop the defense, you stupid assholes. Pedos need to hang.


Nah. Pedos are everywhere. Even as moderators. They'll even hand out bans on U18, and here, as rogue actions that other moderators will reverse. It's not even just on the left, I'm on the right and I have no tolerance for the self delusions and self-hypnosis shota, loli and cub go through. I just don't think you deserve to have anything done to you over it, because it is still just a drawing... but don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.

At the end of the day, cub, loli, and shota is about sexualizing distilled aspects of youthful bodies and youthful personalities and fetishizing them. Just like artificial sweetner is meant to appease your inner sugar addict without you stooping to sugar. Or meat substitutes emulating chicken. What loli, shota and cub amount to is guilt-free, diet childporn. Like that mushroom based chicken substitute, 95% of you who enjoy this stuff would enjoy the real thing too if you could get away with it and not harm someone.

No bump selected. Because these threads always turn into shitflings.

>leukemia thread

didnt read lol



leukemia thread

You know what's also a mental illness? Saying Trump's behind everything to the extent that you do. People didn't thank Obama this much.

Don't bump thread & (-).


Are you a tranny? Nobody should be this crazy.



ITT: pedos


Unhinged SJW finds connections between the right and everything that's bad under every rock and behind every bush.

Stop chasing shadows and take your meds.


Das rite, our new world order is almost at hand.
Soon our toddlercon beam will be ready and we'll turn the lefties into helpless cubs that can't even wipe their own butt, right before we sodomize your dirty little hole to the hilt and permanently stretch your cunny into our own personal gaping cum pits... you'll live a life trapped in our Lebensborn daycare.

File: image.png - (670.03 KB, 555x852) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Nice projection there, special snowflake. The right ardent the ones trying to turn underage boys into girls and taking them to fag parades where dicks are shoved i. Front of their faces constantly and then teaming up with nambla and other pedo degenerates.


Now you know why the PissTape will never be released.

File: Can+t+sue+someone+if+you+got+no+money+source+http+seijasstumblrcom+post+160276209726+trigger_b3f20d_6282658.jpg - (54.75 KB, 600x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Or you coulda made a new fucking thread instead of shitting up an unrealted thread. Yes we all know Kabs is a fucking kid diddler. But Kabs is also NOT JASON.

BUt oh well, you can keep crying on the only place you can.


The only place you can take a huge shit in the middle of the floor.

>it's all one person

Nothing says "I'm tired of the masses disagreeing with my bullshit but can't actually defend myself" harder than pretending all those voices are just one individual. It's easier to discredit lots of dissenters that way and we've seen that a lot with Trump supporters online who can't accept certain facts about dear leader.


Wow, that board seems a lot better run than this one. Thanks OP, I can finally leave this shitstain and go somewhere way more popular and sane.


Nice try kike but it's actually the Left who is pro-pedophilia.
You don't believe me? Google 'child sexual agency', trans kids, Magnus Hirschfeld Institute, drag kids, gay children cartoons, etc.

> it's the left
> it's the right

Fucking idiot wingnuts can you NOT see the greater trend past your own bubble?? Most of humanity has had a history of sexual contact with minors, and in the past we were NOT shy of documenting it. It's such an old story, ancient institutions like the catholic church get caught still doing it.

It's only recently that we've become obsessed with pointing it out, rightfully when it's abusive.

>pedophiles everywhere

It's been this way for years only they're more open about it now. Considering Dragoneer, Toumal, the Inkbunny staff are all pedos and how furry art sites only ban cub because they were forced to, anyone who points out the furry fandom is a pedo haven isn't wrong.

It is a recognized mental disorder.

File: 1432493205429.png - (97.79 KB, 466x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh hey I made that bottom post

Why is it that SJW are so anti cub? I feel like it's just their way to get their foot in the door when it comes to eroding our right to free speech.


I don't know any examples of anyone with political beliefs who are pro unless they're over 40 and are actually involved in non-civilian poltics

File: Pipe.jpg - (33.52 KB, 378x264) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Pro is a strong word, but anyone who believes in freedom of speech can't in good conscious call for the banning of drawings simply because it's gross

This would highlight major hypocrisy, plus slippery slope may be a fallacy but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

File: chrome_2019-02-26_08-20-10.png - (46.19 KB, 2008x394) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yo what's your twitter? Cause this is some unbridled autism

Are you that dude(ette?) that drew yourself kicking zaush out of the fandom lmao



I'm sure Leukemia would definitely draw (and more/worse) if they actually had any artistic skills.

The way I saw it, it mostly seemed like SJWs were actually originally pro-pedo but maybe only because one of them got called out on it and just also happened to be Trans (see Sarah Butts/Nyberg), and their online masses will flock to and defend virtually anything one of them is accused of. They tried to justify it as "defying societal norms and refusing to conform" and "another minority brutally oppressed by society", trying to sweep it in to their blanket generalization rhetoric of trolls being trolls, and their usual language against such.

Didn't take long for those morons to quickly learn how being so open on the issue was a huge mistake, but they were coordinated enough to simultaneously shut up about it and do nothing about Nyberg at the same time, so she/he/they/it/fuckall got away with admitting their pedo status on multiple occasions.

But Milo Yiannopoulos starts sounding soft on pedophilia, and suddenly the Left are SUPER vocal against it. In fact, they quickly start pointing at the Right, blaming them for the whole thing. As if sexual deviancy and tendencies have anything to do with politics.


it's great that you continue to expand and retcon what sjws are to fit what ever it is at the moment that makes your retard brain screech



An SJW is and can be many things. What they rarely are however.............are Right :p


No one has retconned anything, it's not that being anti cub makes you a SJW, it's that anti-cubbers are overwhelmingly SJW.

Like "Trans rights are human rights, nazi scum fuck off" in twitter bio your quintessential sjw



>anyone who believes in freedom of speech can't in good conscious call for the banning of drawings simply because it's gross

There is no contradiction between free speech and shutting out certain people from a private forum - in the exact same sense as there is no contradiction to forcibly evict some lunatic who keeps shouting "Penis penis penis!" out of your back yard. It's up to the owner of the yard, or forum, what speech and expressions are tolerated.

You're free to go post your cub art in public to whomever wants to see it - what people forget is that imageboards, forums, etc. are private media that merely let the public visit them. They're not your personal soap boxes to preach for man-boy love.


Who said anything about forcing private websites and such to allow cub?


you're confusing the first amendment and free speech in general. censorship in a private forum is still censorship.


Private property rights must be upheld... except when it's a private forum banning pedos. You see, based Milo and various other redpilled youtube freedom fighters came out as being soft on pedos, which upset le SJWs, and because SJWs hate pedos, it's clear that the rational™ skeptic® position must be to take up the exact opposite position to them and support pedos. That might be bad optics however, so best do disguise it as "legitimate concerns about muh free speech" and asking deep philosophical questions like "what if the child consents tho?", or the old standby, "it was just big meme to trigger the libs kek, now leave me and my lolis alone".

>spend years screaming "liberals are trying to normalize pedophilia and harm children"
>suddenly switch to "anyone who doesn't support pedophilia is an anti-white SJW liberal that hates free speech!"

Sorry pedos but in this case the SJWs are correct.

Oh wait, /pol/ is always wrong, I forgot for a second.



>fuh-fuh-fuh-fuck the law, my feelings are hurt whenever I can't get my way!
File: 18abff85e5d20088de2430b2d3f42b0b.png - (124.55 KB, 399x369) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>slippery slope is a fallacy, but it happens

Then it's not a fallacy, is it?



>If it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid.

Faulty logic can still sometimes return the correct answer. It's still stupid, you just got lucky.

File: fuck the allies.jpg - (10.04 KB, 252x227) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

pro, anti, left, right, white, black, liar, whatever.

This world sucks and you either learn how to adapt to it, do everything you can and attempt to stop the machine (IE OP and every 'Revolutionary") or you take the third way out like the little bitch you really are.



>censorship in a private forum is still censorship


Are you suggesting censorship is somehow inherently evil?


Slippery slope isn't a fallacy when you can show that the slope exists.

It is a fallacy when you simply assert that one thing leads to another without showing why.


no. just pointing out that there is in fact a contradiction.


>>3541060 Social justice warriors will take up any cause to pat themselves on the back.

vc: how



> just pointing out that there is in fact a contradiction.

Which is?

Supporting free speech and censorship in a private forum aren't in contradiction - on the contrary, it belongs to the freedom of speech of the owner of the medium to censor the content, because the content represents their expression.

It's just like how a newspaper editor gets to choose which articles are printed in their newspaper and which aren't. By choosing to print one and not the other, they are also practicing censorship, but this is their freedom of speech to present whatever opinion they like in a media they own. They are not required to publish any article sent in by anyone - they get to choose - and in this exact same way the owners and moderators of forums and boards get to choose what messages and opinions should remain - without contradicting free speech.

Censorship only becomes a question of free speech when there is a top down concerted and categorical effort by the state, or by some other party, to suppress and marginalize certain people and certain opinions from all media. Kinda like how China is blocking websites by the great firewall - that is censorship that infringes on free speech, whereas banning pedophiles from proselytizing on an imageboard isn't.


Huh, so -why- aren't we all over there yet? What is so great about this shithole? Even at a first glance 8chan is way, way better than this pisspot.

File: 15089557865c701e2c098a9.png - (253.02 KB, 800x952) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Do you honestly feel this was a relevant enough contribution to a thread 6 pages down 8 days old?
Also the answer is because they actually moderate their board and 70% of ya'll'd get bannu


As fucked as lulz is, one of the best things that bring me back to this wayward cesspit: freedom of speech

or as close as one could get these days on the internet.



Free enough that the only guy who got banned for breaking the one rule we have, got let back in.......twice. We all know what a mistake that was.

File: changolia.jpg - (18.77 KB, 481x484) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


You've not been to NNTPchan, Changolia, or TorChan on the dark web, have you?

Also the claim that this place is for free speech is a load of shit; it is in illusion of free speech, because bans are not publicly announced.

Several of my exit nodes are banned, and one got banned (and all my posts from that node deleted) when I quoted an article from The Daily Stormer. This has happened to me several times for similar posts.

File: nyberg_supporter_00001.jpg - (82.89 KB, 800x765) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Most SJW types and other moral-panic leftists are guilt-laden kiddiefiddlers.

And the left makes excuses and exceptions for them because they share their politics. See: SRHBUTTS, aka Sarah Nyberg, birth name Nick Nyberg.



>Several of my exit nodes are banned, and one got banned (and all my posts from that node deleted) when I quoted an article from The Daily Stormer. This has happened to me several times for similar posts.

Thank God for small favors.

File: 41087ffe9ecf3d1a.png - (948.74 KB, 981x1597) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm left as fuck, I don't even think it should be legal to own property. Most my friends are similar. And we jackin it to cub/shota/loli all day and night.

I don't think it's something that falls down political lines as much as you believe



>by some other party, to suppress and marginalize certain people and certain opinions from all media

If you're the last medium for a particular brand of speech and you receive social/political pressure (keep in mind no formal policy/rule/law is needed for the chilling of speech) to kick them out, is that not censorship then? Otherwise you're appealing to the continuum fallacy. If no one is ever responsible for the ever chilling of speech then censorship is illusory, which is an absurd conclusion. If that last medium is responsible for censorship then it would follow that all all kinds of speech are guaranteed a forum, which is also absurd.

>whereas banning pedophiles from proselytizing on an imageboard isn't.
>They're not your personal soap boxes to preach for man-boy love.

Your mischaracterization of facts (lying) clearly indicate that you cannot be a rational, objective person on this subject.


The distinction is whether you are a curator where you select the content to be shown or an open platform where all content is allowed. If you are a curator, you are liable for the content you display, if you are an open platform, that liability remains with the content creator.

A lot of the social media "platforms" like to legally argue that they are platforms and not liable for the content, but then they go and curate their content too. They want to eat their cake and have it too.

Anyway, the point is if you promote yourself as an open platform, anything you remove counts as censorship.

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