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File: article-911.jpg - (47.59 KB, 700x466) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
48731 No.3518647

I'm tired of furry sites banning certain fetishes. I hope these sites that ban fetish art gets hacked.


What's with furry sites banning cub,but not snuff,vore or such? Isn't stuff like snuff worst? Snuff seems to be mostly killing people and such and seems very bad,yet cub is banned,instead of it.



To add. I hope you get arrested by the FBI for stating that.



Pedos pretend they're victims and equate themselves to homosexuals or minorities, when in fact they are just child rapists.

This is why Chris Hansen is still doing good work and no one with sense pays attention to these retards.


Then make your own cartoon animal porn site you fucking nigger-tier pleb.

Captcha: shithe, as in this thread is a huge pile of shithe.

File: DelectableBaggyAfricanclawedfrog-max-1mb.gif - (436.65 KB, 240x180) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I hear you, fuck those sites.

File: proving-impact-of-b2b-marketing.jpg - (216.71 KB, 770x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What I don't get about the cub thing is:

>Cub is illegal

Says who? The autistic admins and mods?

>People use it for child grooming

Citation needed.

>There's laws against it.

Then why are people whining and forming witch hunts, instead of notifying the authorities? Also, citation needed.

>You're a pedo

The only insult these moralfags know when it comes to cub artists/fans

>The cub community is very hostile

That's probably because they're sick of being ostracized and bullied by those asspies from fagaffinity.

>I don't want to use a blacklist

You're the problem, the blacklist is there for a reason.


Fuck Chris Hansen. ;-]


People who bash Chris Hansen are either his news rivals, pedos, or both.

File: tumblr_om8v13Wjit1srym3eo1_raw.png - (370.93 KB, 968x528) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

excluding cub/loli makes selling ad space a lot easier

nothing new here

File: d34115b993227f88b65294dd660efbb1.jpg - (92.34 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh I see, it has to something to do with ad revenue and not some bullshit imaginary law that those retard admins and mods cite.

So, cub is banned, yet gore/snuff porn is allowed, what a double standard, mate.


Any fetish that boils down to people hurting, maiming, or killing each other exposes that you are a disgusting broken human being. And no, it's not "just for fun man", "it's just drawings man". You may not do this shit IRL, but you are damaged on the inside, and need help.

There. I said it, now I can fuck off.


and violent videogames?

File: tumblr_ov2gdchU9W1wsd5pco6_250.gif - (300.11 KB, 177x187) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well in a way, we all need help because we jerk off to animal porn and that in it self is sick TBH. It's just that its bullshit that these sites ban cub
and they never have a legitimate reason for it except this "law"that everyone talks about. That's all fine and dandy, but my question is this: If there is a law against it, then why haven't you notified the authorities about these sites that allow cub?
Why do you moralfags from fagaffinity whine and bitch about cub instead of reporting it to law enforcement?

Violent video games cause shootings. Well isn't that a hell of a claim.
You can say, "Those are two completely different things." However, they are quite similar, because cub art and violent video games are a work of fantasy that depicts illegal activities. Now does playing violent video games like GTA make you a sick, and twisted individual? Well with this retarded logic that you moralfags have, it very well does, so lets ban M-Rated video games while we're at it. I mean fagaffinity allows gore/snuff, so how does that NOT make someone a serial killer? These are just two of the many debates that gets you nowhere, as a matter of fact most of these debates are old enough to vote and nothing has been resolved. I know you mentioned that in your post, but I'm just pointing out the obvious here. Sofurry banned cub back in May. Why is that? According to their post they said that it was due to a law, but they never cited the law in their journal and there's still cub art on there.

Now look at the sites that allow cub, like inkbunny. Inkbunny has been around since 2010 and nothing has happened to the site when it comes to cub art. That's probably because the admins and mods aren't
autistic retards that make up rules with bullshit excuses.
Cubcentral was a site that was online for 15 years and it never saw any legal troubles what so ever.
My main points are:

> The furry community as a whole is weird and frowned upon by normies.
> The cub debate is old enough to vote, yet nothing gets resolved.
>If you're so damn concerned about cub porn online, then why don't you notify the authorities?
> Cub bans are a double standard, because everyone else gets their toilet fetishes on just about every platform and some of these are just as bad.
> Cub bans are a slippery slope, you might as well get rid of fetish art in general, otherwise your bias is showing.
> Admins and mods are the dipshits that make up these rules.
>If cub is illegal, then how are these sites that allow that kind of thing

able to be around for as long as they have?


>>3519703 ikr. vore,torture,snuff,and such is allowed. yet cub is banned from fa. double standard much

File: roxikat tojyo.jpg - (70.20 KB, 484x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I totally agree with you Aufy!

I personally think cub art or lolicon or shotacon prevents sex crimes. Just look at Japan. There, loli/shota is common place and they have a low crime rate.

As long as it's all just pretend/drawings and isn't affecting real people, it shouldn't be a problem.

File: political compass meaning.jpg - (61.68 KB, 463x424) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3519857 Don't confuse 'low crime rate' with 'everyone is super repressed and this shit never gets reported because it's quietly accepted even by victims'

>>3519825 The difference is that in a lot of games this comes down to 'just cause'. Most* violet video games have characters attacking you so you're 'justified' in attacking back.

But when it comes to things like cub, snuff, torture and rape the victim is often innocent and helpless and violent action against them more sadistic than justified.

  • Some violent video games have you attacking 'innocents' .. those are the ones that get the most flack and controversy.

Vore is the most popular search term on FA and violence isn't exactly a taboo subject in western media. Good luck with your slow moving crusade. Eventually you'll be asking 'why don't they ban furry art from the internet, it's just beastiality.'
Wake up guys.



> Eventually you'll be asking 'why don't they ban furry art from the internet, it's just beastiality.'

mite b fun


>>3519875 That actually wasn't me.


furry is free insofar as if you're actually creative and interesting, you'll be so widely ignored that you can do whatever the hell you want without anyone ever noticing you. of course, that means it's only fun if you're good at having fun alone... otherwise it's a pay to play clique collection squatting the one possible location for an anthropomorphics fandom. moralism and political whining aen't some outside forces invading furry, they're just another stage of stupid furry interpersonal drama, because furry is 95% human ego, 4.9999% weird dicks and only trace amounts of anthropomorphics used as a framing device.

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