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File: Screenshot_20180801-031923_Gmail.jpg - (150.20 KB, 974x573) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
153800 No.3517299

Hello all.

Those of you of an administrative position in the business of operating a furry forum, meet, convention or other furry related business as I do; may want to take notice of this very serious situation regarding the recent ideological* purge.

I just discovered that IMVU, the parent company for Furaffinity, is now being sued for at least 1.5 million for its role in perpetuating the TORT of Defamation and Character Assassination against an entire class of furs.

Defamation which, as near as I can tell, initially began with an economic act of war against RMFC by way of a "petition to boycott RMFC unless it bans an entire group of furs known as furry raiders" including raiders that did help run RMFC for years.

This lawsuit does name some of the major players involved in these crimes against furs and our furry culture including Dragoneer, Deo and Dogpatch.

It appears that not only did FA become a party to the defamation against numerous furs by way of block lists and banning entire groups of furs; this may also involve contractual issues such as a breach of contract harming users who acted in good faith by maintaining their FA pages and placing their PROPERTY (journals, submissions and etcetera) in the care of this IMVU agency now being sued.

But also; potential civil crimes by way of banning furs from a business merely based on concepts or ideology such as their mere personal beliefs, religion, culture or politics which of course; are crimes against the many Constitutions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which are supposed to protect us from these types of discrimination.

This case is in it's early stages and the legal maneuvering has only just begun and I am of the opinion this probably needs to go to a higher law jurisdiction in light of the contractual and civil issues on an international level since this IMVU agency does conduct business world wide where international commercial law and UDHR does apply in these cases.

And of course; the FA sponsors may now be sponsoring-supporting harm against numerous furs on a grand scale including grand theft 'pirating' of all the properties of all the users who did not contractually agree to engage in criminal activities when they submitted their properties of their journals and images to FA then were harmed by way of Fraud on Contract that was amended without due process or agreement of all the parties to the contract in Blatant Violation of Contract Law as well as its own Terms Of Service of this IMVU agency.

For those who are interested in these things such as those who administrate forums or events involving our fellow furs; here is an interview with the party who did bring and file this lawsuit against IMVU and its subsidiary FurAffinty:

It is going to be VERY interesting to see how this plays out with regards to these potential crimes such as perpetuating defamation and character assassination by way of things such as block lists, bans, slander and libel that perpetuates the defamation somebody ELSE issued such as a petition, boycott or crusade of Deo Comrades on a forum that could potentially be held liable as a party to these crimes including the potential felony of false reporting of a crime by way of accusing others of a crime where none exists.

This is just business and it is NOT good business to be violating generally accepted business practices including a code of ethics regarding how all people shall be treated Equally and with Respect for all. And to NOT use the violence of intimidation to achieve a political goal such as "Conform to our political standards or be banned" which is a definition of terrorism.

I did not create this known history and legal action that does exist.
I am merely a messenger of this news regarding our furry culture.
My desire is that we do a better job of treating each other equally.

Kindest regards;


*ideological purge of Furaffinity-

Who and what is scorch?
A short bio of more recent facts-


First his wife cucks him, now this. Bwahaha.


Fucking millennials.


Oh, please. Go fuck yourself, Scorch. This is all you ever do: talk, and talk, and talk. Because you're nothing but talk. You've never had the fucking balls to do anything more.

File: f827c254b4eac823137aa358f4424781.png - (2926.50 KB, 1900x1216) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Do it

Do it all


I don't like FA and its moronic management butI don't see what ground they have, FA can kick whoever they want, it's their servers, it's not a democracy with free speech.


scorch is fucking based. But 1.5 Million $ sounds like a pretty tiny amount for a lawsuit in burgerstan. Can we please get it to 10 Million at least?




Sure they can ban whoever they want and censor content however they want. But when you go and defame someone, suddenly your right to do whatever you want ends. They called certain groups "hate groups". Now they're legally going to have to back that up with proof or get their shit kicked in.

File: 1194485996.mestrugo_sue-drinks2.jpg - (160.55 KB, 600x544) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

itt people defend SovCits




Oh shit, really? This should be fun. :3

File: 1380974__safe_artist-colon-coggler_artist-colon-frog&cog_artist-colon-gopherfrog_silver+spoon_blushing_chubbie_cute_silverbetes_simple+background_sol.png - (128.23 KB, 630x560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's fueled by your work, your art, your comments, and they treat you like shit., You are still the cuck here Anon! But why?

This is defamation and despite not being a fan I do support this person's initiative.

Celestial Speed to you, OP!

File: faf_retard.png - (45.19 KB, 999x187) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This should be an amusing era of FA.

>they called people who support the Nazi ideology a "hate group"

They ARE a hate group!



>art should be free, it's for the enrichment of the world

Fuck you. The world's not enough "art" floating around, if every artist collectively quit making drawings, stories, music, movies, TV shows, there would still be enough in existence we'd never run out.

You want more? Artists need payment and ownership. Don't want to pay or let them own it? They don't have to make it if they don't want to.

That's how the world really works, get used to it.



>I don't see what ground they have

I'd personally laugh the defamation shit out of court if I were a judge. Furries talk so much shit that the entirety of the fandom would get sued and broke.

On the other hand, the contractual stuff/copyright I would put to trial. Fun thing is that a contract cannot overrule law. The ending or termination of a contract where objects of copyright are of concern should in theory mean that the site has no further legal right to host or redistribute the uploader's art, the whole "in perpetuity" contract clause be damned. Copyright holder should maintain full control of copyright in all circumstances.


Good luck trying to prevent people from downloading images off of the internet fag



>Artists need payment and ownership.

No they don't. If you're already paid for it, it's no longer yours. Copyright is double dipping for extra cash you didn't work for.

File: party vulpix.jpg - (32.78 KB, 343x424) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm gonna get drunk tonight (`・ω・´)

Sean Piche you made your ☭BED☭ now lie in it.

Defamation has nothing to do with SovCits. FA defamed people by implying certain people/groups are hate groups and refused them service based on those criteria, which is a damage to the reputation of said people/groups and now it's going to court, simple.
TL;DR if lеftists keep calling people nаzis, one day they may be slammed with a defamation lawsuit. And that's GOOD. So, do your research before you say shit about people :>


if everyone who made art for money or bought art fucked off, leaving behind only enthusiasts willing to put in time and effort then the fandom would be an immeasurably better place to socialise, with an immeasurably larger focus on animal-people rather than on individual personalities.



>If you're already paid for it, it's no longer yours.

Doctrine of first sale on art does not apply unless the contract specifies so or the work of art in question deals with a character that you own/have trademark upon/copyright upon. This is probably one of the very few things that can break any sort of commission.

File: New Credentials.jpg - (501.70 KB, 1019x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



File: 216563.jpg - (448.50 KB, 1579x842) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

whoa there marx and engels


I'm not posting to FA :P

File: trinity-fate62_3.jpg - (245.11 KB, 2048x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Isn't it a bit too early to be getting drunk?



>Before I even begin, here are my biases. My political position is Centrist*

Thanks for telling us all that you're a liar to begin with.


>The involvement of one SovCit nutjob is irrelevant to the core of the lawsuit.

Uh, he IS the core of the lawlsuit.



>Your lot
>You have to dehumanize me

I love it when hypocrites get angry.

Anyway, you aren't a centrist or a left-libertarian. The only "left" social issues you back are self-serving ones. This is why I call you a liar.

>How does him being a SovCit tie into the lawsuit? Care to explain?

I don't have time to explain sovcit shit to you, largely because it's irrelevant to this exchange, but let's clear things up.

You: (SovCit nutjob) is irrelevant to the lawsuit.
Me: he is the person that filed the lawsuit.
You: What does him being a SovCit have to do with the lawsuit?
Me: ?__?

So watching the legal drama unfold, IMVU has already fucked up by being unable to respond to/reply/file specific things in a timely manner.

I wonder if IMVU bought FA's incompetent legal representation as well when they bought FA?


Is this a class action lawsuit? Because I want in! :D I like money.



>it's irrelevant to this exchange

It's irrelevant to the lawsuit too.


RMFC was cancer.

RMFC was threatened by lefty cancer. (deo)

The new crowd running DenFur is cancer.

OP is also cancer. (as are all "soverign citizens")

This entire thread gave me ligma (and cancer)



How? They're both owned by Best Buy. Only way they'll get into financial distress is if the furfags in the investorship at BestBuy decide the IMVU/FA boat has sunk.


This lawsuit will get tossed out. It's baseless bullshit from an assmad racist. No, you wanna take Dragoneer down, compile all the Zaush/ferality stuff and send it to every media outlet. Take him down for something he actually did.


This is why work for hire should apply to all paid art jobs, period. Artists don't need to keep ownership of work they were paid to draw, and if they wish to do so they can lose customers. On second thought, let them die homeless for being so greedy.


Know the character Basehead from Black Dynamite? I think it means someone is a fucking moron comparable to being on serious drugs, but mainly in pro-/pol/ viewpoints


sovereign citizens are the most retarded autists to ever grow from cumloads. if we're lucky the judge will tell the bailiff to shoot Scorch and then Dragoneer.


>>3517605 Interestingly, I had a twatter user (now deleted) messing with a friend's video, stating that it depicted Dragoneer and indicating it in a very hostile way. Nothing I did would convince this person otherwise, so I had to issue a takedown on it. Twitter complied, the person screamed that I was a fake account, then vanished.

I have to wonder, since this person was also tweeting to some alt-right fur group, if it was related to the problems at FA.


When exactly did that happen? I'm still finding plenty of results for that on FA.

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