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File: furaffinity planned features list.png - (65.46 KB, 815x637) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
67036 No.3514628

Why do Furries still use FurAffinity?


It works and everyone else is using it. /thread


Furries are sheep and will flock to the website that is being used most, regardless of how shit it is. That being sad, the alternatives suck all in their own ways. Weasyl, despite being the most beautiful and technologically advanced furry website, is pretty much dead. Same with SoFurry. Inkbunny sucks because you will associate yourself with cub artists and other creepy folks.


other sites are amazing at fucking up the simplest of tasks
stop making the header follow me down the screen
stop making other UI elements follow me down the screen
don't fucking use infinite scroll rather than pagination, i want to view 100 pages and not have the thing crash and take me back to page 1 because apparently an IBM supercomputer doesn't have the RAM for your javascript nightmare
stop having websites display white pages if javascript is off
stop copying tumblr

deviantart and furaffinity perfected the basic UI layout of a gallery based image site decades ago but people are determined to reinfuck the wheel.

but that's not why furries keep using FA - god no, they're the kind of freaks who use Twitter for porn - furries do it because they're stupid and lazy, and also because of the good old network effect.


Same reason no one leaves eBay or Youtube- it's long-established and no one wants to rebuild a following elsewhere when no one else wants to leave it either.


I think many people would slowly migrate to another site if they didn't suffer from that technical crap. And the admins were sane, rational people.

File: 8e5f646f5d5890f13da9f1057b5071be8042fa477d33fe6fee445220f247d537_1.jpg - (61.70 KB, 533x820) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's ok to upload your stuff to FA as well, even if you disagree with their politics or administration.
As >>3514629 said, everyone uses it and it works well enough as a gallery.

I'll keep using it for this and that and maybe even start a gallery
(assuming I don't get permabanned for not being a cheerleader for 4ntifa hard enough or at least I have enough IP dynamicness to get away on other alts)

If everyone left it it'd be kinda nice but let's be real that's never gonna happen.

Inkbunny is pretty good tho. Always was. Cub shit aside, y'all can just filter it out or whatever.

File: 49448_hexxy_neer.jpg - (94.82 KB, 920x898) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

also Neer, I know you're reading this


That's not making you or your site look well, just cause those people around you are stuck up upper-middle-class snobs who agree with you the rest of the world doesn't.

Also need I remind you how many of my people were killed, deported or put in forced labor camps by the USSR? I hope I don't need to.



Isn't it lovely how fucking horrible twitter is for browsing porn

I seriously don't understand why some artists insist on using it, at least tumblr lets you view and save things easily even though it mangles filenames and quality


Why do people still use Facebook? Twitter? All of this shit knowing they are being enslaved, silenced, brainwashed and hate it?

Why do macfags, despite being raped by terrible quality and broken OS still buy macs and repeat it's the best brand despite the tremolo they can't hide at the sight of a vintage thinkpad on Gentoo outperforming their hardware?

Why people will spend hundreds into things they don't need, that will break, instead of saving money and buy something good?

Why do humans still watch TV despite knowing they are being lied to by the jew every second of it?
Why are they still voting for people who will treat them like shit, and make their life even more miserable?

Because it's in the psychology of a lot of people to be obedient and a need to feel normal, to use the same thing as everyone else does. even if it's bad.

File: full-size_infographic.png - (472.25 KB, 1024x2625) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>at least tumblr lets you view and save things easily

except when it doesn't. "safe mode" is on by default and you can't turn it off without logging in

>even though it mangles filenames and quality

only filenames, if you do it right

you're still right about twitter though

File: Dev_voxy.jpg - (76.69 KB, 739x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Twitter is easier to socialize on and find new artists through reblogs. Tumblr lacks the social part and has a horrible search engine (not that twitter is any better).


Fucking amen. I hate the Twitter-Only artists. It's horrible and I hate having to listen to people's politics when I just want to see their porn. Worse if they're a tranny, ugh.

File: star_bored_wallpaper__by_atariboy2600.jpg - (190.87 KB, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Reminds me of Atariboy's old Tiny Toons Star Wars parody.


Thank god for user scripts.

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