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File: cho0b drivin.jpg - (276.71 KB, 540x719) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
283355 No.3514471

What if I told you that your admin is a member of ANTIFA?




He's not doing a very good job as a member then. He's supposed to be load and obnoxious about it instead of reclusive and non-threatening.


loud. I fail at life.


Then you would be wrong.


who cares?


Nobody cares fuck off with this political trash


An​tif​a was mostly a European thing before Tr​ump got elected. Then they saw the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of lef​tists throwing temper tantrums allover the US, make a name for themselves and bait violent anti-tru​mpers into becoming members.

Since all this happened long after cho0b was known to be left-leaning (cyber) activist, I doubt that he had to sink to such lows as to join An​tif​a.



>throwing temper tantrums allover the US..

So when the left protests against abuse, racism, fascism, violence.. its a temper tantrum...
But when neocons protests against women rights or cry about teachers being too "liberals" is a true protest?



When will he suck start a Shotgun after he changes his gender?



When you have lib professors and students talking about how awful Trump's supreme court pick is, what a racist and sexist this judge is, before before a judge is even picked?

You bet your fucking ass it is temper tantrums. Ya'll just assume the worst, expect the worst, and cry not matter WHICH fucking way you're accommodated. I'm ashamed of Trump only because he's trying to be considerate and meet you guys 60/40 instead of just grinding his boot into you... Because you act like he's grinding his boot into you, he should at least do the nasty things you accuse him of.



>So when the left protests against abuse, racism, fascism, violence.. its a temper tantrum...

It is, because the left is using minority issues as their stage. When the left doesn't get its way, it digs up some insane tranny and starts wailing about social injustice. They've simply replaced class warfare with minority issues to polarize the society and raise a conflict.

>But when neocons protests against women rights or cry about teachers being too "liberals" is a true protest?

"Protest against women rights" = pointing out SJW bullshit. See the opoint above. You're just begging the question that the left has a legitimate complaint in the first place instead of just trying another power grab through minority politics.



>it digs up some insane tranny and starts wailing about social injustice.

Digs up? lol

You mean injustice as that pig of the whitehouse screaming about being told to leave the restaurant after her homophobic diatribe and then crying on both twitter AND official channels? then refusing to acknowledge the irony relating the comparison towards the no service rule against gays (like the cake case?) ?

>See the opoint above. You're just begging the question that the left has a legitimate complaint in the first place instead of just trying another power grab through minority politics.

No I'm not, but nice try trying to pulling a "lets invent a fallacy" to try to counter.
There is no legitimate complain in your example. Preventing women from getting sexual education or locking down their rights isnt "trying another power grab trought minority politics".
They are minority for a reason.. THEY DO NOT HAVE THE POWER.

But seriously, after reading your bullshit. Its clear that you're one of these "oh woe is me, I'm an oppressed white christian! I feel oppressed because I cant oppress or lynch gays and minorities anymore!"


Left ideas use fractioning and ideal inversion to divide and conquer. For example: They are selective with how they define minorities to ignore that they are oppressing a minority.


Here we see a prime example of the right twisting the narrative to fit an agenda. When the left talks about protecting minorities, they refer specifically to minorities within protected classes, such as race, gender or sexual orientation. They do this because these are inherent attributes that the person can’t change.

So the right tries to twist that narrative, and purposefully misrepresents the term “minorities” to refer to any person who can be construed as a minority of any group. Then, divorced from the critical element of protected classes, they claim that the left is “hypocritical” for not wanting to protect a minority.

The entire right is fundamentally based around confusing, misrepresenting, and hurling spurious accusations like this.



>protected classes

Which progressives invented in the first place.


Note that the term was clearly defined to mean “intrinsic characteristics”, which are very clearly a real thing. You can’t really choose not to be black, white or Korean, for example.

And yet the right invents a conspiracy to discredit the obvious truth. Protected classes (ie groups of people with certain intrinsic characteristics) are suddenly “made up” when their existence becomes inconvenient to the right. This denial of reality through conspiracy theory is a classic example of the right spreading confusion.



>talking about how awful Trump's supreme court pick is, what a racist and sexist this judge is, before before a judge is even picked?

You do know that these judges don't just appear our of a vacuum, right?
They have made rulings before. We can deduce their political and social leanings by those judgements. Like the one where the judge ruled that if a corporation tells you to sit in a broken semi-truck until you die to protect their cargo and you don't, they have every right to fire you. From that we can pretty much guess he's not on the side of the worker.


No dummy as in Trump had not picked who he would nominate for the Supreme Court out of the 20 odd people he was considering the Supreme Court including women and ethnic minorities. Even if you Whittle it down to just white men there was still about 10 judges that fit that category Sation and more if you consider white Hispanics. They were doing a gotcha moment where they were showing that people already had opinions on the Supreme Court pick before the pick had actually taken place.

You cannot reasonably tell me that all 10 of those white men had to be sexist transphobic homophobic racists. For one thing if you have biases that bad you get disbarred.



>You can't really choose intrinsic characteristics

The status is an invention. Progressives granted protected status to people with intrinsic characteristics. The status is not an intrinsic characteristic. The requirement to give special treatment to possessors of intrinsic characteristics is an imposition against people who don't have those specific characteristics.
Ain't none of my business what nature made ya. sips tea


cho0b is with Antifa?

I fucking hope not.



>Note that the term was clearly defined to mean “intrinsic characteristics”, which are very clearly a real thing.

How come, since gender and race are supposed to be social constructs?


money is a social construct, it's still a very real thing with real world effects.
money only works and exists because we all agree it does. heck, even though we all agree that certain bits of paper and coin have value, we still disagree on what kind and how much. buying products in the USA with Yen or Euros is unlikely to be a pleasurable experience, even though they've got just as much inherent value as the dollar.


Well, it's true. Go to his twitter profile and check for mentions of 'ANTIFA', the accounts he is following,...
Btw, he runs the #ANTIFA channel on EFnet.


Surprising what with his friendship with bitchcunt Acorn, his love of pedo shit, etc. He's a horrible person either way.



>money is a social construct, it's still a very real thing with real world effects.

A car crash is a social construct too. There's two meanings to the concept: construct as a (by)product of society, and construct as an arbitrary choice made by people. The left is trying to apply both simultaneously as if they meant the same thing.

So on one hand, they're saying "these people should get special treatment because they have no choice over what they are: it's their intrinsic characteristic", and also, "people have the freedom to define their own gender because gender is a social construct." It's a double jeopardy on anyone who disagrees.


In the first sense of social construct, gender is what the society collectively chooses, and this cannot be arbitrarily changed by some individuals for themselves. It describes what gender happens to be.

In the second sense of social construct, gender is how people choose to be for themselves.

In the first sense, the left is saying "the society thrusts these roles on people, so the society is responsible for compensating for any ills it creates". In the second sense, the left is saying "people have the right to choose their roles in society for themselves as they feel fit". This creates a situation where you're able to define yourself into roles which recieve special compensation, yet you can argue these roles were thrusted upon you so you deserve the compensation.

So it's like saying "I punched myself in the face so it's your fault my nose is broken now. I demand justice!".


That is a whole lot of hard-lefty stuff on his twitter watch list there.

File: ataccfuri-woof.PNG - (117.33 KB, 569x555) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We must exorcize Cho0b from the clutches of ANTIFA! This is the only way to bring him back to the true path of freedom!

File: DEFIANCE_AGAINST_TYRANNY.png - (2020.33 KB, 1600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Tbh Choob used to do pretty useful anti-gov activism back in the day

I know he had far left sympathies (and until a few years ago I did too, until shit started going down in europe) but it's regrettable that he chose that side.

4ntifa are the establishment's lapdogs, the real rebels are everybody close to and right of the center. We see the media and the democrats covering their asses all the time.

I hope he can have a change of mind.

File: cs-shellyportrait2-19.jpg - (131.93 KB, 656x927) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3514662 There is no freedom. And the 'true path' you follow is the way of cancer and madness.

>>3514664 Eh, you're just going through a phase. You'll be the one to have a change of mind; everybody makes the shift eventually.

File: 1778253__safe_artist-colon-ccc_silver+spoon_carrot_cute_daaaaaaaaaaaw_earth+pony_female_filly_food_glasses_hnnng_jewelry_looking+at+you_mouth+hold_neck.jpeg - (287.17 KB, 733x927) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The triples of the beast have marked you. Every being on earth needs to be free. Only a foolish human would believe he has to live as a soulless part of a gear with eternal roles, replaceable like a gear, in a clockwork world, ignoring entirely the Laplace's Demon, watching, and lying to these poor minds that everything is under control, there is no mystery, and the man can be in control of everything, planning, re-programming the mind of those who seeks their own freedom.

File: image005.gif - (143.20 KB, 610x394) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>4ntifa are the establishment's lapdogs, the real rebels are everybody close to and right of the center.

Daily reminder that Antifa was a Bolshevik/Russian funded group. Into Antifa? You're literally a Putin cockholster and guilty of Russian collusion.

Prove me wrong.

File: 1743877__suggestive_artist-colon-ambris_silver+spoon_adorasexy_anthro_belly+button_bra_breasts_busty+silver+spoon_cleavage_clothes_cute_earth+pony_fema.png - (239.37 KB, 686x904) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Freedom-What the socialist abhors! The socialist fears whatever it cannot control and will do its best to resist it or neutralize it. Free speech, freedom to own arms, or have a god, or a hobby.

Every act of resistance against the new religion the left forced to emerge since the fall of the empires and the gods at the end of the 19th century has to be met with lethal force, because every being naturally opposes order.

Only the weak will want order, the need for a nanny state, due to the fear of being alone confronted to his own decisions. The weak needs order and the protection of a big government, and a group, like a soldier in an army, following the orders, but taken alone the individual is still weak, and not strong.

Being controlled by any sort of "leader" and it was the initial role of anti fascists, anarchists and libertarians, to resist a system regardless of its name, but has all the same common nature which is physical and ideological slavery.

By checking social media everyday to get your news, you are conditioned by socialism, the common thinking, leading you to be a slave of a technology of information supposed to serve you - it only fills the mind of the weak with hatred and obsessional need for social justice - to become the servant of the jew.

(Strings refused? What about panties?)

File: PICT0026.JPG - (332.07 KB, 1200x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

My peace-time politics seem to solidify around centre-left libertarian individualist, I've always been there, it's just that I was too politically unaware to notice it, so I ended up enabling commies.

I have read and contemplated these ideas enough at this point to know that I'm not going back towards the far left. Also all I need to do is ask my parents and grandparents how shit communism was. And I'm reading more and more (pic related), and the communist manifesto is next, tho I have read summaries and critiques.

My far-right stuff is merely a "war-time" response to the existential danger that I as a gay atheist furry am being put in Europe with this multiculti muslim migrant shit. I don't mind certain socialist policies, I really don't. My opinion on capitalism is a moderate one (pro, with some regulations to prevent worker abuse). And I don't mind having friends of other races as an individual. But we have to agree that this fucking shit here in the EU has got to stop.

My pro-white stuff is also a response to the abundant anti-white shit I see. Normally this is just not a thing that I care about, but if people are gonna shit on me for my race then fuck this, I'm proud of my race. I don't want to rule over other races, I'm just not ashamed.

Basically, NO.


I have to agree with this comment, well said.

(would be also nice if you can sop being such a fuckknob on the internet in general too, that'd boost your credibility)

Also I'm out for today.

File: sample_01098e726aa597e8cd7973cee96e55f8be541e1e.png - (450.41 KB, 850x637) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Sopping anything will get you popular today, and gain credibility without understanding, I don't post for me or winning anything, or trying to get any kind of audience you know. I have thoughts, I write them, as simple as that.

I also have filly butts. LOTS of filly butts. Sweet Celestia that's a lot of >filly.



>and the communist manifesto is next

keep in mind that the communist manifesto isn't "how to build communism 101" it's just "some nice things we would like to see done before communism happens", it's like reading the UK conservative manifesto from 1955's election or something and going "ah yes, this is the one and only way to build conservatism."

far too many people read the communist manifesto and start imagining that communism has already infiltrated america because there are state schools.



>far too many people read the communist manifesto and start imagining that communism has already infiltrated america because there are state schools.

It may not be the Communist Manifesto that influenced the state to have schools but the concept had the exact same socialist roots.


If you moved bricks like you move goalposts trump would already have his wall.

File: field-goal.jpg - (53.65 KB, 499x749) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Why do you always turn the conversation into football?
Are you some kind of sports nut?



This. Not to mention the Soviets thought their biggest victory in the cold war was infiltrating and promoting things like the 60's Anti-War movement, and general far left extremist socialists into education and the media. (Two places they explicitly talk about "getting into" to destabilize countries)

Literally the far left in America is a Soviet/Russian invention.


Stop telling lies.


i'm sure there will be reliable sources for this
sits and waits for yuri fileclerkinindiabenov


source: the piece of rebar currently lodged in the hazmat area they call a brain


I wish the Soviets had infiltrated our schools. The US would be a much better place if they had.

File: strategy_11_by_aufyisback.jpg - (557.40 KB, 1600x1146) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I really am glad you support silly things like manchildren socials such as Antifa.

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