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3072 No.3514037

How people generally "leave" FA, which is the wrong way to do it

>post whiny "no one loves me" journal expecting users will magically beg them to stay, which won't happen
>post more "people don't care"journals begging for asspats which they don't get and only generates hatred on places like this
>deletes everything, cries in another journal, disable account, no one minds because they can go to the onion archive to get your deleted works, but really, no one will because no one likes you anyway
>comes back 3 months later and reups everything
>repeat in 6 months

How you should do this

>no journals, because noone fucking cares if you leave. You're not popufur so you're easily replaced, and the majority probably fucking hates you already for some reason or you wouldn't be leaving. NO JOURNALS. Not even an edited profile
>replace every submission with this, it's FA's default image when their server can't find an image, morons will just think FA is being its typical broken self and it fucks up the onion copy
>change your password to something you will forget, change your registered email to something you will forget, do not let the browser store either, in fact purge your login info from the browser
>delete your personal copies of everything, never upload it again, no one cares if you do this
>let the 3 people who will notice just assume you died or something

Most people who "leave" the fandom want attention, not to actually leave. You're gonna leave, LEAVE and make sure it's forever. Only popufurs matter in this fandom and we're probably to the point where you have no chance of becoming one if you aren't already.


Who are you talking to?


I've noticed that these are frequently the same people that only will talk to you if you're cool/interesting/popular/an artist. Guess what, those people will get sick of you when the novelty wears off, and then you will have no one because you alienated everyone else.

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