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77405 No.3513753

I feel bad for Billy Mitchell. He's another successful white male who has had his life ruined by liberal dishonesty. I haven't seen one verifiable shred of proof to back up the claims of cheating.


Even if he didn't cheat, he didn't follow the rules. If you're going to hold a record for a game, it has to be the original game.

>I will ignore all the proof that's been presented because I disagree with it

OP forgot to invoke "white genocide" because of the man's skin color.

>He's another successful

what success?


He's a fucking white male!

File: 1150355297201.gif - (125.57 KB, 700x526) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I don't really care much about high score record holding, but I'm sure to the people who competed legitimately in that scene, this whole scenario had left them sore for many, many years and were glad to finally see TG forced to take action against a bad actor who seemed insulated because he helped boost their popularity/visibility in years prior.

Like, some of his scores were validated by Todd Rogers, who just so happened to be another cheater. In my mind, recent softball publicity with these two probably kept the wound fresh for some people.

I'm trying to put it in perspective thanks to OP's extra spicy take, seeing as how it's a mirror image of poor oppressed 'victims' in an area where I actually pay attention and give a shit. Some people are protected by institutional authority in their little pond for years, and you don't always catch them dead-to-rights on unethical behavior. They'll often slip out of it and are defended in all kinds of ways, given free publicity, etc. Despite having a huge swath of scorched earth in their wake. Really makes ya think. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


Billy Mitchell himself doesn't matter in the long run, it's more about the corruption and bullshit surrounding Twin Galaxies.

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