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File: FursuitBurningbyOdinWolf.png - (1609.59 KB, 1141x883) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1648223 No.3513641

Odin completely went bonkers.


oblig. "but was he inside?"

anyway, maybe the cumstains got too difficult to remove

>publicity stunt on youtube

Just another day.


The burned fursuit was made by Noble Wolf.

File: c784380ed1e8fc68b6cadb888be3c3da.jpg - (72.43 KB, 750x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I wish they hadn't added the starter fluid, if it had been completely dry it could have been a nice safety instruction video about keeping your fursuits the fuck away from fire unless you want to become a flaming faggot




[muffled screams]

>Would you burn your fursuit?

Ritually, every year. Less junk to keep in storage. More likes, views and subscribes.

File: 7795e4de-3553-4a83-89a4-0886285b6f1b.png - (834.28 KB, 588x626) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

From Odin's photos he looks sick and malnourished. Do you think he's possibly HIV positive?

File: beans.jpg - (10.22 KB, 362x139) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Mothers! Lock up your daughters!

File: laughingcunt.gif - (297.68 KB, 300x199) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What a faggot.
I'm gay but what a faggot...


B A N     S O Y

Not that I completely disagree, but it just occurred to me that no one is ever called malnourished when they have thick rolls of fat over their lack of muscles. As if calories = nourishment. Skinny and atrophied is still better than fat and atrophied. Fats are being let off too easy.

File: DhTl08vWsAA229L.jpg - (56.70 KB, 746x552) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Honest question here, Like... What's wrong with soy?

First of all.. I get Vegetarianism. That's dumb :V Humans need taurine from meat among other things. I also get soy pretending to be things like milk and meat. It's not.

But like, I like fried tofu in my chicken and rice soup, or I'll add soybeans among other beans to my steak chili and what not.

I can't find any peer reviewed study that claims soy products have any adverse effects on the body, chemical or otherwise.


rich privilege is being a furry tbh


In case you didn't watch the video, he burned it because it was old and useless and bad.

File: Unemplyed.jpg - (179.34 KB, 1288x725) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Nothing says I'm completely unaware of my white privilege like being nearly 50 years old, bi polar and addicted to a cartoon for little girls, filling my rapidly diminishing days by talking shit about my country, while simultaneously being protected from persecution by numerous Constitutional safeguards, and enjoying a variety of government assistance programs to compensate for my total lack of any useful talent, skills or abilities, from that very same country.


There were concerns that soy increases estrogen in men since it can mimic the hormone. However, studies haven't shownany connection between soy's phytoestrogens and development in males. So it's an unfounded concern and, in fact, soy can be beneficial in other ways.


That may be factually true, but it does not explain why soyboys are soyboys, and with the lack of an understanding, the label still holds even though it's origin is a myth. Estroguys doesn't have the same ring to it.


Is that what 3B is?


3b is a former ww2 draft dodger.

File: howmany.jpg - (89.42 KB, 800x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3514130 >>3514145 lol, do you guys age-up 3b every time he makes you cry, or is that his age in horse years?



I forget who it was on youtube, but four of your stereotypical soyboys actually got their testosterone tested. Every single one of them had less than half the testosterone they should for being skinny fit 20-30 year old men.



You've fallen for my trap card, faggot. because I recalled ALL ALONG!

FYI, if you're in your twenties, your testosterone should be 400+

All the self hating white soyboys on the stage lost their shit to a no-beard having asian trap who could possibly have a great boy pussy / neg-hole. Congrats on castrating yourselves.



I like that's the route you took, I guess the whole "Faux News" angle wouldn't work because Buzzfeed is a libtard darling. Right?


Also, lol at the science denial. DATA I DO NOT LIKE IS RETARDED!


I love that you went in that direction.

Science shows no causative link between soybean intake and low testosterone. Oops! You played yourself as usual!



Funny, when I google "Soy male health study" and "Consequences of soy intake" I find actual studies linking it to various problems including enlarged prostate, and a different balance of dihydrogen testosterone vs regularly testosterone.

And of course, HuffPo and WaPo defending soyboys with "Five myths we still believe about soy!"

Nah, I'mma trust over soyboy central. And you know... the whole video evidence I've shown.

Burden of proof is on you, sweetcheeks.


Getting back to the original claim... Someone said being a soyboy was associated with eating soy. Specifically, not solely an impact on testosterone but a range of behaviors and attributes that come with being a skinny latte drinking hipster faggot.

Testosterone levels aside, there is studies that bare this out.

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center did a study with 3 groups of monkeys and used soy milk as protein for one of the three groups. The soy group, and only the soy group, exhibited a lot more displays of both submission and aggression. They were more stressed by social interaction, and had the most alone time out of the control and the other test group. This voluntary self exile and manic behavior reminds me of Trump derangement syndrome.

"Journal of Andrology" included one study on rats, finding that a molecule present in most soy products, daidzein, causes softer erections. Testosterone levels in total were not impacted, but there was more dihydrogen testosterone which upsets the balance. There was also more estrogen. Penis size was unaffected.

Harvard University did a cross-sectional study. Their publication to the "Human Reproduction" journal found that there was a reduction in sperm count that was considered statistically significant and outside the margin of error.

If I had soft erections, problems knocking up my girlfriend before her black bull did, and essentially a bipolar disorder in a soy milk carton, I'd be a mad little pinko too.



It's imageboard culture dumbshit. I know you're a young newfag and all but faggot doesn't mean faggot among faggots.



Here. See? You're 6 years late. Faggot.

File: 0fd2d47d-ec2f-44a6-94a5-c622cc5285f2.jpg - (76.80 KB, 1280x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

i wonder if soy makes your balls fat and swollen the way roids make them shrink
this could be the new bulk/cut paradigm

File: cattlegrazing.jpg - (14.36 KB, 259x194) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


If you enjoy drinking cow's milk, you might as well go and eat a clover salad because that's what cows are being fed these days and clovers are high in estrogen.

Can milk increase estrogen levels?
Cow's Milk. Dairy cows naturally produce estrogens that are transferred to their milk. Drinking large quantities of cow's milk may significantly increase your estrogen levels. These hormones in milk have the potential to increase your risk of prostate cancer and reduce fertility, according to Davaasambuu.


Know what has way the fuck more estrogen than soy? Fucking beer. Guess only effeminate low testosterone libtards get beer now, sorry insecure trash on the right!


I just named studies, including the facilitating universities, and you're going to come back at me with fucking rational wiki. Lmao.

Yes, because people that worry about the appropriate level of non-threatening mouth gape and who want to snap instead of clap contribute so much to society.

I don't drink udder pus. I'm allergic. If I want calcium I'll get it from card, non-iceberg lettuce, and mustard greens.
Beer is for losers, sitcomm dads, and cartoon characters. As it is, beer companies are making commercials pandering to feminism and the no-borders crowd, so fuck ya'll.


imageboard culture is the gayest thing in the world.


Damn right. There's nothing wrong with being gay.


Every "pro-soy" study I've ever read has said that YES, it does lower your testosterone, but not to a degree the researches have deemed significant.

It has a very minuscule effect, but an effect none the lest. The more you consume and the less testosterone you naturally produce, the more pronounced the effect will be. Not enough for a burly muscle-man to become an effeminate twink after drinking a soy latte, but enough for an elderly man living off of soy milk to grow tits.



The biggest blowhard when it comes to soy is Alex Jones, who just HAPPENS to sell "testosterone boosters," and other supplement bullshit, in addition to seeing "globalists" under his bed.
"Soyboy" is a stupid insult straight off a 3rd-grade playground.


I'm thrilled that we can't fix these people in any easy way. Violent suppression of the right is so much more enjoyable. What an incredible loss if we could just feed them soybeans and miss out on the simple joy of shipping sobbing white trash off to Siberia.


dope more irrelevant V6N spam, that's what i come here for


Put a bullet through your mouth, then you won't see me anymore. I promise nobody will miss you.


There's not likely to be any soy bullet cause of soyboyism. It's just handy as a descriptor of an adult male who is not a man. An unnatural freak with undesirable traits. Is there any way to treat these people? Can they be made whole? Maybe they need more beef and pork and less tofu.


Treat them with class consciousness, fill them with righteous hatred of the conservative disease, and teach them the joys of beating the shit out of vermin like you. And then they will be made whole.

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