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File: master_race.jpg - (46.12 KB, 550x594) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
47231 No.3512893

Name one valuable thing that would be lost if we exterminated every Rightist.

File: ying-yang-cats-t-shirt-textual-tees.png - (9.70 KB, 640x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3512893 Conflict.




A comforting sense of unwarranted superiority.


your economy and your food
see, I gave you a twofer, don't say I never did anything for you, faggot

File: IFeelBetterNow.gif - (2481.85 KB, 352x148) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Your beautiful posts


I'll live.
Hispanics are better at farming than Rightists. If we exterminate all the Rightists and import more Hispanic immigrants to replace them, we'll have even more food than we have now.
Only good post.


(PS Rightists will get to do plenty of farming and economic improvement after they get sent to the Gulags.)


Without sewers you'd literally be knee-deep in shit.



>Hispanics are better at farming than Rightists.

What's a Rightist?


Today on /furi/ Q&A....


Him gots dat fu-ree short on heem. Iz he ah fu-ree?


FUN FACT: There is no effective difference between pretending to be retarded and actually being retarded.


We'll have less-intellectual centrists manage the ditch digging and other hard labor, in exchange for fair wages, good healthcare and generous time off. You know, all that nightmarish commie shit that Fox News and dorky YouTube pundits warned you about.


(Protip: Most manual labor can currently be managed better by robots. We should replace human workers with robots and then continue to pay the human workers to do nothing.)


How does this make you feel?

File: shaddai.jpg - (59.71 KB, 670x377) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We should replace human workers with robots and then continue to pay the human workers to do nothing.

Wow, that's absolute genius. I can't see anyone disagreeing with that logic.

Why the hell did we even entertain Robespierre's baitthread here?

Cap: shad


Speaking of trash who wouldn't be missed by anyone.



Real rich, coming from the guy who so obviously, desperately wishes to be the guy whom all the people rounded up are led in a line to, and decides whether they live or die with a simple point of their finger.


No need to flatter me. Anybody would give you a thumbs down.

File: ISIS-executing-gay-man-Fallujah.jpg - (62.37 KB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Without the Right, muslims will come in and toss your HIV ass off of a grain elevator.


Without the right, Muslims terrorism wouldn't exist and Islam would be fading away into obscurity right now. The world would be a better place if all of you filth were tossed into a wood chipper.


Any/all freedoms.


Your freedumbs come from the left. Which has been too permissive, allowing filth on the right to spread and infect society.


A working, functional government ;)


Retarded joke; zero points. When the right gets control of the government you get Saudi Arabia.



But you exterminated them gulgags-chan. >>3512943 Hispanics are righty silly socialist ;)

Can't you just be the self-hating racist you truly are and say non-woke white people?


Rightist Hispanics can join you in the Gulag.

Just kidding, Gulags are for people. Rightists get a mass grave.



What about all those Asians that venerate tradition and honor their ancestors? Or those practicing Sharia loving, hadith following Islamists?

You're starting to sound dangerously Nazi, gulgags-kun, don't scare me!


What part of exterminating every Rightist are you too retarded to understand? This is why nothing of value would be lost if you all were eliminated. You're all really fucking dumb.

File: catlaugh.png - (100.68 KB, 255x255) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>>Without the right, Muslims won't act like muslims
>>Without the right, Islam would be fading away into obscurity right now after 600 years for no apparent reason
>>Without the right, Islam would be a religion of peace because Islam is not itself conservative

You are a deluded, special kind of stupid, aren't you?



>a religion is a species

Another fine example of Rightist worthlessness. Into the woodchipper it goes.


I keep forgetting that basic, rudimentary subtlety is too much for the right to manage. Let me be more blunt so that your empty retard brains can manage it.

All Islamic terrorism is right wing terrorism. All oppression in Islamic nations is also right wing oppression. All religious fundamentalism is right wing fundamentalism.

File: 1459483017885.jpg - (18.68 KB, 720x684) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>>Self hating
>>Denies reality
>>Disfunctional thoughts

Tranny detected.


How cute, the Rightist thinks that its views mean anything.

Not really though. There's nothing cute about anything a Rightist does. Your kind are all disgusting vermin, and seeing you around is about as cute as seeing a roach infestation.



Humor the cockroaches. What are you, race wise? What religion are you, what were your parents? What is your education level?

I'm genuinely curious.


Note that when you treat the Rght like the subhuman mongrels that they are, they rapidly run out of garbage to spew. This is how it's done, Liberal filth. If you cowards would bother to grow some testicles and deal with the right wing infestation in the correct way, you would have had the society you always wanted decades ago.

But as always, you're too fucking spineless, and it falls to the "evil Commies" to do your dirty work and take all the blame for "oppressing" the "poor innocent right".


Human. Unlike you, vermin.



Oh I already knew that, no one was denying your humanity. But c'mon? I mean, are you afraid or ashamed of those other factors?


I just hope society can help you life a fulfilling life with your limited cognitive abilities.

fundamentalist islam (or any religion) is right wing in nature


No they don't. All my freedoms come from the Constitution which lefties want to get rid of.

Aren't the left the ones who want to import more Muslims?

File: StringRefused.png - (3.18 KB, 442x55) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



You've got that mixed up. When you replace the jew with a ri​ghtist you're a n​аzi. The math here isn't all that hard.

File: StringRefusedAgain.png - (9.51 KB, 421x201) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
File: a40a50ecf293a94da6c87207e44bc34c.jpg - (1124.02 KB, 2800x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

fuck off anti fa-g


Only non-n​аzis are allowed to post the word n​аzi.



No, no, you got it backwards. Like how a non-black can't say N*gger without a bleep, but a black person can say nigger?

;) We know who the real authoritarians are.



>We know who the real authoritarians are.

The kids being held in detention centers by trump.



As opposed to letting them roam the streets like wild dogs?



>letting real authoritarians roam the streets like wild dogs?

it's just making america great again

captcha is kuck



I like you. You can come over and fuck my sister. (after I'm done with her.)


tbqh, I have no desire to fuck your dog


From the law that Bill Clinton?

That Obama didn't change except make little kiddie burritos?

Why didn't you care then?



She's had her uterus out, you wont have to worry about puppies.


Why are we putting?

Clauses on different lines?



Uterine prolaspe, eh? You must have big dick energy.


>>3513046 OH! well now he's okay......

A Muslim extremist who wants to murder people for not worshiping Allah?

Oh now ... that's fine...

Now... being a white guy... who's .... not exactly okay with white genocide... ya FUCK HIM! HOW DARE HE BE BORN WHITE AND NOT ASHAMED OF THAT! WHAT AN ASSHOLE!

But now that he's brown... it's okay! ^_^


I'm sorry, but there is no white genocide.

And since I know the same people that ascribe to this idea also tend to be holocaust deniers, where are all the bodies from the "white genocide"?

File: RickAndStuff.jpg - (15.72 KB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3513058 Yeah... there's no agenda to exterminate white people... NOPE... this thread didn't happen ... all the comments and posts and antiwhite rhetoric & all of people bragging about how whites are gonna a minority here soon... all a dream... right.... didn't happen.... very convincing...

Just like N-zi's... NOPE ... no jewish genocide happening here.... NOPE... NO siree... You can't find the bodies.... So I guess they're just not there...



>all white people are rіght-wіng fаscists

Thanks for your racist insight.



On African farms, faggot.



>On African farms, faggot.

Why are there white people in africa? Is it like reverse slavery?

File: GoodFamily.jpg - (27.46 KB, 435x189) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: SuckIt.jpg - (160.12 KB, 1509x497) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm getting a lot of "string refused" ... Kinna wonder what that's about.


only in this thread... Wonder what that's about...

File: makes you think.jpg - (127.98 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: 8e6a97b2e9fa86eab72a985d6484cf63.jpg - (149.47 KB, 800x564) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3513085 Hmm... If I were to guess, they've probably gone and added 'wh-te g-nocide' to the growing wordfilter list. But seriously, only in this thread? This was a /pol/ topic to begin with.
This is getting pretty scary...

>>3513074 So 3b, you can enjoy country music while separating the music from the cultural context. Is that safe?


White genocide. Nope, not blocked.


Because Africa man thinks food magically comes from boxes and cans?


How do you figure?


It's precious when they think they're people.

File: 49e23e7da5ed4853ba9df2a8ed1d2cd0813a8037e0da0808cca1fe22116e1575.jpg - (85.36 KB, 1080x1174) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


When the left gets control of the government, you get this.



>when the left gets control

pic and link unrelated?



>>pic and link unrelated?



google replacement migration sometime


Freedom of expression. But you wouldn't care as long as you're allowed to express your opinion.

Be carefull, at first you kill people group A, then some guys look at you and go "you look very A to us". See the french revolution for an example.

File: maximilien-robespierre-23-mins-1-like-and-ill-purge-the-26484158.png - (29.95 KB, 500x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


And now you know why I call ID:V6NtM38U "Robespierre".

File: 1006877_Joeyboy_footwiggle.gif - (766.47 KB, 479x414) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

C'mon be more creative. Think of the wordkill as an opportunity to expand your creativity and add more color to your vocabulary! :)

Only a Russian would be unable to do this, and you're not a Russian.





File: 1442162257007.gif - (790.77 KB, 340x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Those people ARE the right you dumbfuck.
Two sides of the same ultra-religious, oppressive, anti-freedom andti-humanity power and priviledge party. If it weren't for the LEFT you'd be throwing gays off buildings too. If it weren't for the RIGHT we wouldn't be involved in a 'my dick is bigger' contest between supporters of theocracy. All religions and their conservative protectors can get bent.

File: master_race-now-fixed.jpg - (105.23 KB, 550x594) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Then why did Democrats vote in a socialist muslim if they hated religion so much?

File: traffick.png - (283.58 KB, 541x489) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh, got one! Robots. Or any working machines for that matter. Cause that sort of thing is White Privilege and would be banned.

Hispanics are good for farming? Racist stereotyping! Can't support that!

And DNC blocking the bill that would stop this.

File: DhLNp9nU8AABbMa.jpg - (121.39 KB, 750x588) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Replace the flags with North Korea and recolor trumps hair you have Kim Jong Un XD

File: miscaptioned.png - (517.73 KB, 716x767) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Your womp-womp sounds especially hollow.


ITT: OP Can't do shit.

File: nes_644_whompem-retail-NESSpine.png - (789.44 KB, 800x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: IS-NOT-Impressed.jpg - (60.85 KB, 620x620) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3513750 What about their fucking parents?

Sorry I'm not moved by this... okay... Sorry not sorry... you drag your kid across the border, don't even attempt to go through any kind of due process & just sort 'a show up here expecting The American goverment to kiss your ass ... You're gonna get your ass in trouble & make things shittier for kids. This just as much the parents fault as it is ICE .

They're just pouring in because they know a lot of Americans are cuck pussy's and it's the new hip "in thing" right now to kowtow to anyone who isn't white.


Doesn't change the fact a human trafficking ring was operating out of the 'sanctuary city'. And Democrats seemed to be less concerned with that than with ICE presence.


The difference is that some religions ban gays, others kill them.
Remove the left and put the republicans religious extremists in charge, what will they do?

  • ban homosexuality
  • maybe treat homosexuals with drugs.

They can't kill homosexuals because of Jesus and his "whoever never sinned throw the first rock"

Set up a califate led by muslim extremists and tomorow gays will be executed. And it'll be 100% legit, their religion demands it.


You would have a population of shiftless, authoritarians who hate the family and would undermine everything good the West ever did. Which would bring their own ruin like the cancer they are.



Well looks like they made a typo. If they wanted that they'd have installed freedom FROM religion by banning them.

File: abort.gif - (4.50 KB, 326x119) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

that's not how you spell 'abort'.


mackaroni and chees






Of course, because ICE is gestapo.

Because ICE is NEVER right.

Because all brown people are innocent.

You know the name for such assumptions?


The big intolerant no-no your side allegedly fights against. You are essentially defending a bunch of bigots who stereotyped the ICE agents and acted on their false preconceptions. And by comparing ICE to gestapo you're doing just the same thing, fucking BIGOT.


I'd ask the Gestapo if they needed help, tbh.



>>Choosing to continue to work for an organization that has become a blunt instrument of oppression for a racist president, isn't something you are born with.

Neither is violating the borders of another country, dumbshit. ICE hunts illegals, including white illegals.

>>It is not racist as ICE is not a race, it is a job title.

Bigotry doesn't have to be associated with birth traits, read a fucking dictionary. Do you need a link ya fookin minger?

>>Trumpism does not represent white people.

It represents anyone that wants to put America first, instead of seeing America dismantled to be part of some European style Pan-American union.

>>Stop acting like Trump represents all white people.
>>Trump only represents lunatics.

Calling 50% of the country, including 22% of blacks lunatics. Hold on, I'm getting a statistic through my ear piece. What's that Jim? Mental illness isn't that common?

Sorry 3B, you're a partisan hack.



> Mexico will arrest or shoot you if you cross their border illegally.

Yeah sure, we're not America.
Cops in Mex prefer to get the money to allow the inmigrants in.


Yet Trump and the Republicans are insanely focused on Mexicans like they are the Jews of Nazi Germany.
Its called dehumanization. and Raicst American douchebags have been doing this for more than a decade.
Including claiming that any latin american immigrant is "mexican" by default.

What Trump and Co have been doing in the border and against latinos is the bis per bis step by step of the Nazi Germany before exterminating Jews.

Hell, they are now going to already naturalized citizens. Of course, unless you're not related to Trump (example, how fast the Mar A Lago foreign workers got their work Visas, or how Trump's wife got her citizenship on false pretenses)



Canadians aren't fighting to come here. We have one land border besides Canada. Who the fuck else would border enforcement and illegal entry apply to?

Visa overstays don't even qualify as illegal entry. Can you live in fucking reality please?

File: stump-the-trump-with-your-mind.jpg - (52.50 KB, 297x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The DNC is anti-democratic. It needs to go away.


I love how the most active threads here are all polshit


Are you guys still feeding this troll?

Mods just ban V6NtM38U's ISP already and be done with it


who else will own the rightwrongers if he's gone



The only reason you believe this is because what it means for you if you're wrong.

Stop for a minute and look at that again. 22% of blacks LITERALLY support the man, Donald Trump, DIRECTLY. Not voting numbers. The man. Directly.

Engage with that and try again.

You'd like to think he's simply a protest vote, and for some, he was, but no... a lot of people actually support him, who he is, directly. A lot of people support him ABOVE and at the cost of the republican core demographic.

3B, it's so much worse than you think. :)


Also, I noticed you're ignoring a salient point again. >>3513874 too hard for you to rebut? I bet that whole "When presented with proof you're wrong, you dig your heels in and become more extremest" psychological effect just kicked in hard for you yesterday.


What surprises me is, the more I see Trump dealing with Putin and other leaders, the more it seems like Trump wants to Destroy America (firts destroying the balance of economy, and now making every single country do a trade war).


Except they lynched blacks and killed homos

You must not be very well versed in history. Christians did that.


What I wanna know is
why no one talks about him being pedo scum on this board



>they lynched blacks and killed homos

Vigilante justice is common outside of the western countries. Do you care about that? If you don't, then you're just dog whistling against Christians. Scum.

Nobody believes it.


They should probably start.


What are you going to do if they don't, ese?


You literally can’t ban me you worthless cunt. Thanks for demonstrating how the right isn’t actually in favor of free speech by the way, you scum continue to reinforce the fact that it’s okay to just silence the lot of you.



You seem to be mixing up singulars with plurals. Sorry sweetcheeks, regardless of what that other faggot wants, I don't support banning you any more than I support them banning pedos.

Ya'll are both free to make asses out of yourselves, I need something to point and laugh at anyway.

>cuntservatives banning those who hurt their feelings like crazy wile pretending they're into free speech

Typical. Wheelchairchan /fur/ was permabanning anyone who insulted Trump, and calling them "retarded" for making factual statements about the asshole. They did it under the guise of "our no politics rule" yet let pro-traitor slide. It only stopped when users began pointing this shit out and calling the staff on it.

>his real family name is "string refused"

Goes for this place too, but I know ch00b has always been a problematic fuck.


4chan /toy/ will ban you global from all boards for anti-Trump as well while letting pro slide. Jin Saotome, a man who openly shits on Mr Rogers, is their janitor.


Miserable rats have an entire list of banned words on this board that aren't to be typed because it's too offensive for the kulak vermin infesting this trashheap. Because it's very important that we respect the precious free speech as long as you're not challenging the chantard status quo.



>be you
>post your social engineering tactics on the forum you're trying to social engineer

Did you get lost on the way to your thread?


Simply remind people that they should, cholo

File: 212.png - (380.52 KB, 5000x5000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3514034 >>3514035

>leukemia gets banned wherever it spreads
>everyone else is the problem

Delete Post []