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File: Dev Board Spam.png - (458.53 KB, 1891x1173) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
469538 No.3512871

So it would seem that a rather dedicated Ultros fan decided to spam the Dev board today, probably thinking no one would notice for a while. I mean, I don't give a shit about their identity or what this whole thing was about, but goddamn - it goes back at least 8 pages. Nearly making up half the Dev board's content.

Can we get some cleanup on the forgotten aisle? And who is it that's trying to do you under, Ultros?


I'm not exactly sure what I did to trigger their timbers, as I quite literally do nothing besides post art.

File: tumblr_pas828ETAG1sjq7tso1_540.gif - (129.71 KB, 540x495) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm not even sure what this is trying to say like... THat's a real nice property is he trying to say "Look at this loser, he doesn't couch surf like a REAL FURRY."

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