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File: DglaBFbXUAMBnY7.jpeg - (87.25 KB, 487x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
89341 No.3512196

What does bondage gear in public have to do with gay pride parades?


I dunno what do tits have to do with football?


>>3512196 Because it's weird gay sex stuff....

I don't understand how even that's even a question for you.



That's exactly where they belong. Gay pride parades are for complete degenerates.


The original gay constitution wanted to remove age of consent laws. NAMBLA, I'm sure, had a part in that until the movement

Homosexuality is not an "alternative sexuality". It is a paraphilia no matter how many people get bullied into saying otherwise.

I guess my point is that homosexuality was always about fetishism.

File: 54bf0f453bbdb.jpeg - (35.10 KB, 349x420) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Gay constitution



I have nothing against gays and support them... but I never plan to go to these things... I can't stomach it.


You're missing out on the penis shaped corndogs!


Essentially it's "I'm being a new-fag and nobody can stop me" of sexuality. I'd say heterosexuality had it's fucked up period during the victorian era and during the edo period.

On the other issue talked about in the topic, yeah, the whole "Born this way" movement was propagandizing. The religious had their own propagandists who had the message out there that being gay was a poor life choice because you'd never have the wealth of emotional experience that is biological kids, and higher risk of death to STDs.

The "Born this way" is a wonderful counter to "It's a poor life choice" but they're both propaganda.

I'm more of a mind that Kinsey was right. Everyone's on a scale of hetero or homo. The only mistake people make with that is treating 1 or 5 as if it's the "Straight" or "Gay" purity point. I think if you're a 1 or a 5, you're the type to get disgusted by sex acts and gentallia and border on phobic.

I'm over 30. Seeing a dick doesn't repulse me anymore. Seeing a dick also doesn't do anything for me.

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