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File: godwin.jpg - (38.69 KB, 720x638) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
39620 No.3512111

Godwin's Law author suspends Godwin's law in the face of Nazi Trump "Shitheads":


The left is obsessed with Nazis. They are obsessed with them to the point of resurrecting them as a point of discussion just so they'll have some big bad to point at and blame for all their problems/look good next to.

Pathetic, shameful, stupid and typical leftieshit. When Trump takes a second term it's going to be your fault, lefties. Might as well start owning it.



File: jump-shark.gif - (788.57 KB, 266x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Godwin sounds like a Nazi.

File: yougogirl.gif - (372.93 KB, 186x266) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



cry more


lol, baby's having a hissy. poor baby.


prefer you drop the pretense and just neck yourself already, you pathetic baby. Finish having your little meltdown about not getting your way and then tie yourself a nice noose.




Do not post any artwork from and/or
Jeremy Bernal. This is now a bannable offense.


rangeban and TORban just to really twist their knickers

captcha: exit

File: Bubonic_imomusi.jpg - (86.61 KB, 1024x1018) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Another law-abiding TOR citizen


I don't think Bernal even remembers lulz at this point


I don't think anyone but us remembers him at this point



>August 14, 2017

He lost his own THE GAME almost a year ago.
This is old news, nit picking, and irreverent


File: tumblr_inline_oedj9kgK0q1qhbg06_540.jpg - (42.01 KB, 540x273) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: nazi punch.jpg - (108.23 KB, 1140x830) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Aww-- widdle rightwing snowflakes all mad about the truth. Keep sucking on Trump's microdick, little impotent nazis. Being kicked out of restaurants is only the beginning for you nazis.



You know, your words might actually have some impact, if there were any real Nazis here.

Just who are you talking to? I've noticed that this is sort of something you fools tend to avoid specifying on.

File: 2135298_Hladilnick_ghostpupperchain.png - (674.67 KB, 1280x1088) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




>the antifa chad vs. the anime-nazi virgin

He's got a bad case of the Trump derangement syndrome.



>it's okay to punch people who raise their arms in a roman salute

You maniacs are heading straight for ruin.



Huh. It does seem that way, doesn't it? It's usually the other way around.

Just yesterday at work, I was explaining the concept of TDS to people. They understood all too well. This deranged, polarizing political mindset, weaponized by Hillary against a single focus, and left without guidance after the election to roam free.

Kinda like pitbulls running loose all over town, except they're chihuahuas and pomeranians. Actually, mostly chihuahuas.

File: Students_pledging_allegiance_to_the_American_flag_with_the_Bellamy_salute.jpg - (84.61 KB, 370x290) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Did you know the bellamy salute was actually used during the pledge of allegiance in the states, and the military salute until around the 20's-30's.


It's unacceptable not to punch you worthless cunts. ;-)

>b-b-but /pol/ told me that people who post frog maymays all day from mommy's basement were alpha males!
>that ID

Unsurprisingly retarded take, rightists are disconnected from reality

>did you know America has a long history of evil fascist shit?

nowai, more hot takes!



>you worthless cunts

Nice projection. This is a furry board not a Trump board. Your inane groupthink gig is about up. Try finding something worthwhile to do.



>Bellamy salute

Yes, and they ditched it only because of the Nazis. And the pledge of allegiance didn't contain "under God" until 1954 because commie scare.


Gee definitely-not-fash-guy, you sure are gettin' mad about nazi punching for someone who isn't a nazi!


You are a waste of time.


You know what's not a waste of time? Knocking a nazi's teeth out.




If you're genuinely not trying to cover for nazis, and I'm not even closed to conviced of that because you show every hallmark of a concern troll, consider the fact that nazis get more powerful if allowed to go around peddling their evil and intimidation uninhibited. Punching them mean there's a real risk of being nazi filth in public and drives them underground.

BTW they aren't allowed to speak anywhere because they rip apart the fabric of civilization when that happens, but feel free to whine now about the precious freeze peach.


That music is shit.

File: 7b3d1267163f1ed83f326a0f62b6093c.png - (1034.98 KB, 1200x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Holy shit that was awful

>Nazis waaaaah
>Liberals waaaaah

this is the issue with a two party system. both are full of morons who constantly project their own views while rejecting the views of the other side.


It's funny how thinking President Obama was a closet communist super-secret muslim was treated as conspiracy theory bunk that it was... But the same people are humoring this idea that somehow the Nazi party survived the end of WWII in any kind of a state where it would be a threat again.

If frankfurt marxists are bunk conspiracy, so is this nazi fascist fantasy ya'll keep having. No one wants a nazi revival more than ya'll because you don't have the political fortitude to actually stick out the American political system and win via representation.


The funny thing about you is that I can never tell whether you're doing a retarded attempt at playing mind games, or whether you actually believe the retarded shit that you say.

It's laughably moronic either way. Even on the right, which is filled with blithering idiots, most people aren't dim enough to assume that leftists are talking about a conspiracy theory when they call a nazi a nazi.


So apparently there is Deo porn floating around, like RL pictures. I heard her asshole is really dark colored and... broken.

Can someone post pictures?



You act as if the conspiracy nuts on the right believe their bullshit any differently from how you believe yours. It's the same logic, same pathways, same reasoning, same fucking corkboard, red string, thumbtacked Polaroid bullshit.

You guys call Ben Shapiro a Nazi on the regular, go fuck yourself.

File: 2017-12-22.jpg - (575.10 KB, 1200x357) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hoo boy!



>those guys waving swastika flags and doing nazi salutes are nazis

I'm starting to think rightists really are retarded



Yeah, I mean, those particular 14 guys are Nazis. Doesn't mean you should assault them or anyone else.


Do you know one of the biggest reasons we tell you leftist chucklefucks not to punch Nazis?

Because you end up galvanizing sympathy for the fucking bastards when you do that. You massive shitcocks. Do you even fucking think about a damn thing you do or do you just operate purely on muh feels?

You want to get rid of the Nazis, you debate them and expose to audiences how faulty their reasoning is, making them into intellectual laughingstocks. Jesus fuckin' Christ on a cracker. Stop being stupid.


Irrelevant. If you engage them in a shouting match instead of even trying to debate, you lose anyways because you effectively agree that their tactics are valid.

That's the problem with the Popperian "intolerance of intolerance" argument, If the tolerant people have the right to shut up their opposition, then the opposition simply percieves this as a license to do the same thing back, and then the loudest strongest assholes win.

Fight fire with fire and you just burn down the house faster.


And that's the problem with the current crop of leftists. The education system failed to equip them with reasoning and debate skills. They can't actually debate. So they can't defeat the proto-nazis. So they're left to brute force. And worse than that, they can't properly identify who their enemies are, so they have to assume that anyone who disagrees with them is a nazi. Absolutely worthless!





"Man, lets respect those guys who want to kill everyone who they dont like because X Reasons.. what could go wrong!"

Inaction caused Nazism to rise.

SO FUCK OFF you retard.


"Inaction caused Nazism to rise."

actually you're a liar. what caused hitler to get into power was how germany was treated after WW1.


This man knows what's up. Debate only works if both sides are honest actors, and nazi vermin are not. Why do you think nazis always humiliate euphoric alt-lite neckbeard types in debates?

It's because they don't care about truth, don't value preservation of life as a core principle, don't believe in equality as a general principle, and don't mind disingenuously pretending to hold a particular view when it's convenient to do so.

Trying to debate scum like that only benefits them. The correct response is to fucking beat them into hiding before they start murdering people.



>agrees about honest acting
>proceeds to strawman the fuck out of his personal boogeyman




That works on genuine nazis who are a minority. Majority of current "neo-nazis" actually don't give a shit about the ideology and are there just to troll the leftists. Debating them is a hopeless endeavor because they will happily apply any fallacy, drag you down on technicalities, question obvious truth demanding sources, and expertly apply techniques of maximum annoyance. They aren't in it for the idea, many of them actually dislike the nazi ideology, but they like making people angry even more - they do it for teh lulz.

I believe in that case a fist to the stomach is a correct solution. Not to the face, that leaves marks.

Unfortunately antifa tend to be even more stupid and >>3512382 is goddamn right, they will attack everyone, even moderates who could be swayed otherwise. That way the trolls win big.



As another poster pointed out Hitler was able to use the heavy-handed restrictions against Germany's economy and Military as a way to pry upon people's victim complex and allowed Hitler to take power. All his early speeches focused on the Jews as much as they focused on the rest of the western world, and the massive war reparations demand for World War 1 which the German people saw as impossible to pay down. When people feel like they're under impossible debt and they blame government, the response is revolt against their government.

Tangentially the failure of the democratic party this last election cycle will probably be the reason why the Democratic party goes hard in the direction of progressive socialism, this is the natural revolt after the establishment has failed you.



They can revolt all they want. They need non-White voters to get their Sanders-approved socdem firebrands into congress, and now that the supreme court will hyper-charge voter suppression and corporate money in elections, they will never win.

The progressives/leftists can mock Clinton and her supporters all they want, but they are just as fucked. The gilded age is on its way and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.


The left need merely win a single election and then nut up. We can pack the supreme court with leftists, overturn all the relevant rightist garbage, and then when the scum come sobbing about "injustice" we may direct their complaints toward our new supreme court. Followed by the fucking Gulag.



I strongly doubt it and here's why -- The left had multiple SCOTUS judges that lean left, who wanted to retire safely under Hillary Clinton, and see themselves replaced by her appointments.

They now desperately have to try not to let old age kill them for the duration of Trump's presidency. Come 2020, or 2024, our next Democrat president will exhaust their best justices just replacing those who now desperately need to retire at this point.

The Republican senate can still play games with the appointments, too, so some of these prize pony justices can get rejected.

Then finally add in the fact that Trump is replacing dying/dead/retired judges with conservatives right now. This means that conservative seats are the least likely to come open in 2020 or 2024.

One election isn't enough to take back the court. It's going to take two. Or a freak accident that wipes out the SCOTUS.


I'm sure Gulag-chan is looking forward to the freak accidents.



Pack the courts. Increase SCOTUS to 11 or 13 when you have a D pres and 50 senators (the filibuster is gone) Make it obligatory to support the idea to run as a democrat. Not that difficult.


There will never be another Democrat President. Most people don't want to live in Crazy Town.



>>"Make it obligatory to support the idea to run as a democrat"

Sounds fascist.



Leftists that want to live in Gilead and do nothing about it can make their own party I guess. If you don't want to pack the courts, you shouldn't be allowed in the DNC.



You're literally advocating fascism tho. You're also displaying your lack of knowledge about the SCOTUS nomination process.

Seats have to come free to pack them. Seats from conservatives, to flip to democrat, are unlikely to come free in the next 15 years.



Nah just add seats. Then there are empty seats. Nine seats isn't in the Yankee Qur'an



Adding seats would increase the time required to come to a ruling. The judge spent a lot of time talking to each other before they cast votes, and write their assenting or dissenting opinions.



Also, adding more seats would require a new amendment. That requires holding the Senate. As I said, this will take more than just a single presidency.

The amendment was passed in 1992 for freaking personal pay raises. Good luck getting them to get off their ass for monkeying with the courts.



Lmao. All just character assassination vitriol and no substance. Yawn. Ya'll used up those words. They're meaningless now.


The dems invite rapists and traitoirs, kill personal freedoms, and want to imprison everyone who doesn't like them. Oh, and also they treat every sign facet of civilizational progress as example of racism.

Did you know that according to dems, math is racist?



Dems are the stupid

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