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File: Screenshot_20180622-132510.png - (1754.51 KB, 1440x2560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1796617 No.3511649

Secret cub artist looking like a snack 👀


He deleted it right after tho, to bad I swiped it.


Can someone give me the quick rundown on why this guy in particular, someone who drew a single picture of a clothed dog who is vaguely underaged-looking, rather than one of the tens of thousands of furry artists churning out hardcore pedo porn right out in the open, is still being hounded by autists months after the fact? I find this meme legitimately perplexing.

File: photo_2018-06-21_15-51-01.jpg - (93.11 KB, 634x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Because he is accessible, on twitter, and not letting them get to him.

I dunno, ask the IRA.



Why do all furry artists look like total douchebags?

File: Deka3iAW0AUlhZi.jpg - (117.89 KB, 915x1260) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3511656 Because you're a douchbag, and when a conversation on an imageboard is not going your way you look for the lowest hanging fruit to distract people with.





theory is he's on the outs with someone in the far-left fur camp and they're turning a personal vendetta into a personal army against him to fuck with him

of course, he's doing the correct thing and basically ignoring them, and this just makes them angrier and more likely to do something really stupid and funny


>>3511664 I posted him cause I wanna fuck his pale twinky butt and I like drama OK

File: images.jpeg - (8.97 KB, 178x283) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


that not that cubby, look like a fat midget


>>3511676 that's not the pic that caused the drama



what drawing was it then ?


>>3511678 this >>3509237



that is it a dog in underwear, with glasses and dirty socks. that is not cub look like a shot little guy that would sell you a used car


It's assumed that it is cub due to him posting it on an alt account. Context is king. Why do you think people banged the drums of outrage at Hatred, a game where you kill tons of people in a sea of games where you kill people? Because the people aren't "bad" and Naught I. Portant isn't justified in his murder spree.




"Alt account" that had only existed for an hour, contained only a dozen tweets that were mostly shitposting like "tay k is my fursona", and nobody knows if it tackle himself created the account in the first place and/or whether he was the only person using it.

Another post on the account was a screenshot from a mobile drawing app, implying the account was created on a phone while tackle was out partying. In such circumstances, it's entirely plausible that the account was created by someone else at the party and the commission piece was posted as a joke by someone pretending to have drawn it. That would explain why tackle retweeted it with a comment saying just "sick", which makes no fucking sense if he accidentally posted it on a wrong account of his.

The whole "context" for that picture was built with lies. It was definitely no alt account for posting cub porn. Unfortunately, whoever made the account deleted it immediately when the drama started stirring which left people's imaginations running wild, making them think there was more to the rumor than what there really was.


Somehow furry artists are kinda like voice actors. The magic is ruined when you see the man behind the magic.


He cannot draw faces well and his art infuriates me because of that.


because he was popular and created a meme character and uses twitter and furries are stupid



Weird, I feel the same way, ha ha!

captcha: puff (the magic is gone...)

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