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Hello furi,

A long time ago I watched some anime about three (or two?) neko/loli (or kemonomimi) characters that met a guy swimming in a river. They sort of force the guy to accept them to live with him in his house and they become increasingly infatuated with the guy, rivaling eachother for the guys attention and ofcourse a lot of lewd stuff. One of the nekos was a fox neko, one a bear (or raccoon?) and one a wolf neko.

I've tried looking everywhere to find this anime again, it sort of reminded me of the anime kodomo no jikan, but its a different anime revolving around neko girls. A dime and a dozen anime forums, google and everything else failed me.

Does this ring a bell for anyone here?


only know of a mango that would fit that description "Kemomimi Dai Sakusen" ?



ah, so i remembered it wrong, and that's probably why i couldnt find it.

thanks anon

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