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File: image.jpeg - (1378.82 KB, 3264x2448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1411907 No.3509211

How many of you here have some class and like opera?

>How many of you here have some class

pic unrelated?


I prefer Firefox.

Been to opera once. Somehow the singing made the text completely unintelligible (even though it was in my native language). I found it bland and boring. If anything, I prefer good classic theater with good professional actors on the scene.

File: gilbert-and-sullivan-2[1].jpg - (383.37 KB, 1024x884) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I enjoy comic opera.



Many operas are performed in churches for their acoustics.

File: much_cheese_very_grease.jpg - (255.55 KB, 825x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If I knew french I'm sure I'd be all over opera. I like musicals, and all musicals are, are just cheesey american opera.


I do.

File: Cleveland_Orchestra_CLV.jpg - (513.61 KB, 974x695) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I can't say I'm an opera fan in general, but there are some I seriously like. A lot of Wagner (blame Bugs Bunny cartoons). But the most amazing thing I've ever seen was the Cleveland Orchestra's production of The Cunning Little Vixen.

Take one of the classic, adult themed stories of furry literature - full of violence, sex, and serious emotion. Music by Leos Janacek, one of the top-ten composers of the 20th Century, Performed by one of the "Big Five" world-class orchestras in the U.S., give it " immersive, visually stunning...'' production with a panorama of 26 foot high digitally animated screens to the stage. They sold out every show. I went to see it, and felt a little mixed about the animated portion, but the music was breathtaking.

Last fall, they took it on tour to Europe - Paris, Hamburg, Linz, Vienna... Repeating an opera so soon is almost unheard of. Usually you have to wait years, even decades, but apparently it was so well loved that people demanded to see it again.

Here's a NY Times review:


Bah, was going to post up our modernized men in drag (with women too) version of Cosi fan Tutte for you homos but my goddamned Chromebook swallowed up Act I's video.

And the video I got last night fucking sucked because of OP pic related - my goddamned vantage point.

Well, if the audio is decent all the way through, I might just upload it to dropbox. We shall see. That's going to be a lot of listening.


I watched the whole of The Ring by Wagner, when it was on PBS.
I like a lot of the music, and they gave us subtitles so I could tell what the hell was going on.
Otherwise I've never liked opera.

LOVE classical music, (listening to Mozart as I type this,) but just don't like opera.

File: DianaDamrau.jpg - (69.74 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Diana Damrau does the penultimate version of The Magic Flute/Queen Of The Night aria:


Similarly, Maria Callas had one of the best versions of "Un bel di vedremo" ( from Madame Butterfly -
Incidentally, the character Eva from the "Magnetic Rose" segment of the anthology anime "Memories" was pretty clearly based on her, right down to using her version of the aria as a distress signal.
And my favorite aria has to be "Vesti la giubba" ( from Pagliacci, specifically the version performed by Pavarotti -
Though I've heard praise for Mario Lanza's rendition -

I've yet to actually see or hear a full opera be performed, though.


About a decade ago, watched an opera on PBS randomly with my uncle. Was an under the sea or oceanic theme, all the men sang in falsetto except for one - Poseidon himself.
No idea what it was called anymore.


Oh, and the relevant portion of "Magnetic Rose" -


Incidentally, WatchMojo did a top 10 list - - but they included "Phantom of the Opera" as an honorable mention, and plopped >>3509426 at #9, so your mileage may very on that one.


I enjoy musicals but not opera.
The Count of Monte Cristo.
Jekyll and Hyde.
Dr. Horrible's Sing along.
Matilda the Musical.


You might like operetta. It's opera lite - comedic themes, a middle ground between opera and musical.

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