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File: choo choo.png - (77.25 KB, 934x435) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
79103 No.3508860

Anyone ever notice how users will inevitably delete their profiles or hide everything after speaking out against SJWs? Why is that?


probably because sjws and the left in general are pretty crazy.


Why is the silent majority so silent?


because autists delete fucking everything if they think for a second they'll get yelled at for saying something they clearly had the temporary balls to post in the first place.

lolcows are lolcows, regardless of their politics.


Some will, after having some remorses, and that's a good thing. Unfortunately most of the fashy furs from altfurry /will/ keep thinking they are safe on InkBunny.
We tried to put some pressure on the Inkbunny staff but Laurence Parry does not wish to really answer despite the alt-right hates and bullies pedosexuals and cub artists.
Artists did complain a LOT about Inkbunny policies and some have left. (Positive) Not joking, as this is for a lot of nazis an alternative to FA (Not banning hatespeech or nazi symbolism which to me is worse than pedophilia) InkBunny will be very problematic in a close future and as an antifascist, we will have to hunt them down here, and especially the mods protecting them.

Because it isn't real? Republicans won due to the way votes are counted in the US, proportionally Hillary won. There is no such a thing as a silent majority.



Won with less than 1% which if you didn't know, fails to meet the definition of a majority. (in political science.) Simply winning isn't the same as having the majority. Less than 1% of the vote actually falls under the margin of error.

I'd also consider it to fall within how much double voting (people were caught and convicted doing this, on both sides) and the illegal immigrant and felon voting.


>>3508884 Won with less than 1% which if you didn't know, fails to meet the definition of a majority.

As alleged democrat you seem to be quite clueless about how democracy is supposed to work.

File: 1424029119970-3.png - (375.11 KB, 900x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>hatespeech or nazi symbolism which to me is worse than pedophilia

Words that hurt your feelings... worse than pedophilia?



>anyone who’s against SJW levels of insanity is a fascist

This is why Inkbunny mods don’t take you seriously, thankfully. Learn to block and use the blacklist like everyone else, snowflake


Hats off to the people helping silence the Rightwinger trash. You make the internet a better place!

File: Ririmaru___O.DdEG_jbUwAEZQfq.jpg - (171.04 KB, 1245x2039) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


very good, but not a perfect imitation of an antifascist. (You forgot the histrionics)



We are a republic not a democracy you dumb fuck



>We are a republic not a democracy you dumb fuck

why do americans spout this bizarre line
Sweden is a constitutional monarchy with democracy. So is Britain and Denmark. France is a Republic with democracy. Australia is a commonwealth with democracy and a Switzerland a confederation with democracy. There is no state on earth referred to as "The Democracy of [place]", there's a reason they specify "Democratic Republic" separately when they decide to include reference to democracy in their national title. You can have democratic republics, "democratic" republics, and democratic monarchies.

It's like saying "America is a country not a sovereign state"

File: 1432853837672.jpg - (69.48 KB, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

America is a continent.

File: hogwarts for douchebags.jpg - (90.36 KB, 960x777) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3508942 why do americans spout this bizarre line

The object is to distract someone away from their main point by focusing on nit-picky ass details and getting them to argue about that instead. Typical douchebaggy maneuver.


because people take the fact that America is a “””democracy””” to cry foul whenever elections don’t always favor candidates who win a plurality of votes, even though that’s decidedly not how the American system of government works

File: funny-tumblr-cats-53-5811f3c1bdcdd__700.jpg - (211.95 KB, 700x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is engineered by the Jews.


Hello bots?



>there's a reason they specify "Democratic Republic" separately when they decide to include reference to democracy in their national title.

The reason is that they're decidedly not democratic. See for exaple GDR (DDR) or all the other old soviet satellites. The only reason to mention it is to pretend it because in places that actually are democratic, the people don't find it necessary to keep pointing out the obvious.



The fundamental difference is that a democracy allows the public much more direct control over laws, ordinances, or resolutions. A Republic, being a more representative government, has someone representing their constituents BUT this constituent is tempered life experiences.

Put more simply, it matters because mob rule is dumb. It's not the only dumb thing, but holy shit... you want to see the majority abuse the minority? LMAO.

If we were not a republic, if there were not individuals to appeal to emotionally and financially, we'd still be in the 1950s for social behaviors.


It's not how the British or Swedish systems work either. (Well, with Sweden it's interesting. If 40% vote for the SAP, 30% the Moderate party, 25% the centre party and 5% for the left-party, a Moderate-Centre coalition would take power [55% of the vote = roughly 55% of the seats] even though SAP won the plurality, and under the British or American systems this would - assuming equal geographic distribution - cause a big SAP win. So then you can argue about whether you want a group 40% unambiguously want, or a deal that has 55% of voters behind the component parties, but possibly even 0% wanting a deal between the two - like the unpopularity of Britain's Liberal Democrat-Conservative coalition.)

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste are considered flawed democracies (in contrast to outright authoritarian/dictatorial), if you want to have fun with it.

There is no difference, they're completely different categories. You could substitute each reference to "republic" in that post with "Constitutional Monarchy" and it would apply as well to the UK as to the US. What you're talking about is closest to representative versus direct democracy.



> If 40% vote for the SAP, 30% the Moderate party, 25% the centre party and 5% for the left-party, a Moderate-Centre coalition would take power [55% of the vote = roughly 55% of the seats]

In my understanding, the nordic parliaments work a bit differently. People vote, reps get the seats, and then they form coalitions within the parliament to form the government where individual represetatives vote according to or against their party line. It's possible to have a minority government if they votes go that way because everyone tries to kowtow to the minority party (e.g. the Swedish party is always in every government in the Finnish parliament, regardless, because everyone tries to gain their alliance against others), and then the proposal goes to the president/monarch for approval, who can then disband the government so the parliament may even be forced to vote accordingly because they can't get any other version through.



>pushing agendas
>hunting people down

You know, those nazifurs may do the dress as a fetish; but you antifascists are literally worse than Hitler.

Captcha: tug, as what you need to go back to doing to your dick in your basement.


That depends on whether you call the fifth columns around the world during the cold war antifascists or just communists.

They did start a lot of shit that lead to murdering millions more than Hitler ever did.

>Why is that?

They realized being a shithead wasn't a sustainable career choice?

you sound terribly concerned

File: 2ae13d8c3c687efc06ffa178272c8f82131520785f459a50845d2ab4684e4b15.png - (434.11 KB, 688x1181) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

norithics is a fucking retard but those balloon people man, unfff

File: Qwark wow.png - (245.08 KB, 501x426) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>we tried putting some pressure in InkBunny staff
>and as an antifascist

jesus christ how about you kill yourself you fucking ideologue lobbyist.

are you gonna do this for the rest of your life? gang up and bully anyone who doesn't obey your agenda while at the same time complaining when "the others" do it to "your side"? im so sick of you hypocrite leftist parrots. You can't even start your own revolution against the state without state support, the only thing you're good at is kicking trash cans you single-mother raised parasite.

File: xmen-leader-magneto.jpg - (118.00 KB, 1400x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The easily offended rule the world. I'm not eligible for scholarships or pell-grant now in my final semester at OU for my masters of electrical engineering because I drew a picture of Magneto dropping two middle fingers over a pile of dead and very obvious black/mexican/chinese babies as a "trigger" box for describing what upsets you during this "awareness day" thing they had going on.



>Still thinks its only about getting "offended".
>still tries to disguise hate agendas, reduction of rights to minorities and outright murder by claiming its just "words".

A bunch of douchecanoes claiming they are not douchecanoes by making a fallacy and claiming they are totally nice guys(tm) just pretending free of speech.

File: tollerance_trhough_memes.jpg - (9.22 KB, 271x186) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You are too drunk to make words, but I think we can all agree that Magneto needs to be the face of the new resistance against forced "tolerance."


oh, and you're completely free of hate?

you hate the rights, you hate pedophiles, you probably hate your parents too even though you don't let it come to your conscious instead stowing it away in your subsconscious until they die and you can be "free" of hate.

you hypocrites need more mental help than any child molester or murderer, because you'd enable all of those if it suited your agenda, like you did in the UK.


Who ever said that? I am full of hatred. I just shrug and don't act on it.

Unlike anti-fa, I'm just going to make a disgruntled cartoon rather than burn a person's house down. I can understand the frustration though, its very hard to argue with a cartoon.

File: Heath-Ledger-Joker-Return-Future-Plans-Batman-Movies.jpg - (35.30 KB, 600x316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You're delusional.





>The easily offended rule the world.


File: f7FdEdG.jpg - (9.57 KB, 260x194) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




Nah, he's right.

For just wanting to stop Nazi, it sure seems like they're barrel bombing anyone on the right given the opportunity.

>waaaaaaaah I want to be oppressed so bad


Come now, we both know that only one political wing glorifies the status of being a victim. I mean literally, that's the post modernist view, that everything is power games between tribes and virtue lays with the minority, always.


On further thought, what really makes it funny is post modernism might be right. The left can pretend it's the victim and that all her people have no power... but they own the education, they own the media, they own comedy.

So post-modernism would say the gross overreach of the left and the excesses of the party, like screwing Bernie Sanders over, is all due to the fact that they're the majority now. The democrats are no longer virtuous because they're the majority cultural power.



> anyone on the right given the opportunity.

Not just on the right. On the alt-right!¹

¹ alt-right, according to them, is:

  • nazis
  • christians
  • conservatives
  • centrists
  • jews
  • moderate leftists
  • bernouts
  • all of GOP including the president
  • everyone who doesn't agree with them.

Just think about the whole etiquette of politics. Even mildest suggestion, a slip of the tongue, a wrong joke creates a political scandal. And if you use a swearword, or call someone names?


From the people who brought you "everyone is an sjw" comes...



But that literally doesn't happen. Anti-SJWs are even liberals / classical liberals themselves. They specifically mean progressives when they say SJWs.

When progressives say fascist, they mean EVERYONE who wants people to keep guns. They mean EVERYONE who thinks prison isn't just reform, but punitive justice. They mean everyone who has a problem with any form or funding for abortion. They mean anyone who thinks market capitalism is better than socialism.

Let's be real. More people get called fascist then people get called SJW. Also, SJWs even tried to co-opt and embrace the label. I can't think of many people in the center or the right that was like "Yeah! I'm a proud nazi!" No dumbfuck, they called themselves alt-right instead.



Just had an interesting discussion. They posted a thread about a 'drama' - gaming journalist posts news about the new Fallout, gamers 'shoot the messenger'. Link to the thread where gamers get angry at the guy - 'cause of his past misdeeds as journalist. The liberal cronies have lulz in their thread about the 'drama'.

I post a link to Deepfreeze, saying "Well, to be honest, the messenger is kinda douchebag. Not that he did anything wrong this time."

Apparently they don't like me linking to DeepFreeze. Downvotes rain, and comments are condescending about the 'gamergate site'. And when I ask to check - sources are linked directly from the article, the site goes to extra lengths to remain objective and the readers are encouraged to use own judgment - jumping through mental hoops to avoid it begins. It's literally one page article with a bunch of links to tweets, archived articles etc that prove the point, but they manage to fill three pages with replies how this would be a waste of time, how they don't want the GG shit, and all kinds of excuses - essentially shooting the messenger, and so vehemently defending their not reading the article that there it's literally sad, to see how much they fear their opinion might be swayed.

The irony. The hypocrisy. The bigotry.
It's sad.



>Made by a clueless moron or an altright clown.

Sure Jan!



>Let's be real.

okay, you're really retarded


No, this isn't really true at all. Pol does not call everyone an SJW outside of their own kind. They call them normies.

You should actually know something about chan culture before you spout bullshit. Normies go home.


Cause inevitably they piss off one of their friends, or one of their friend's friends, who demands they 'correct' themselves, and then start feeling like they're not part of the community and don't feel like they can be themselves, which is the draw of the fandom in the first place. But that's no problem as it's always for the best to get out of this toxic fuckfest full of losers and mental patients constantly pulling creators into their toxic sludge for pittances. All anyone really cares about is the jerkoff potential and once you offend them they lose it.

Also if this is an actual thing why is alex spastic still tarding forward for the fourth reich?


I'd post examples, bur you'd react exactly like people in >>3509441 so it's a wasted effort. First a sarcastic denial, then refusing to check sources provided, then moving the goalposts and a finale of sarcastic 'I don'r care.'

You're scum, and once proven you are scum you proceed to give proofs of being comfortable as scum.



>condescending about the 'gamergate site'

lol the site that put people on a list for criticizing gamergate definitely totally isn't a gamergate site.



>He still thinks gamergate was a harrasment campaign against women

Cmon now, we're all friends here. No one here actually still believes that, do they? Like, does anyone think The Matrix sequels were awesome?

File: pedobait.png - (54.68 KB, 188x245) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>hasn't read the site he's condemning

typical frothing at the mouth libtard

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. An entire generation of grievance-mongers that flock to social sciences that endlessly jerk each other off in a competition to see who is most righteous.

You're not interested in the plight of the minorities anymore than the right is. It's called slacktivism for a reason. Your hashtags and calls to action are just an opportunity to collect a speaking fee. Because, again, you have no marketable skills. You're not helping anyone by endlessly calling out. In fact, you may once again be unwittingly mobilizing a voting majority to re-elect Trump. So I guess you should ask yourself, how does that make you feel?



Are you saying you voted for Trump because of an online nerd slapfight over video games?


yes, I have lost control of my own consciousness and can only act upon the judgement of my peers





Nah, it puts people on a list for things like... being judges of contests and doing things like saying "We're given three games to play, but we're totes allowed to vote for some fourth game outside of our lane just because we feel like it." And "This pay-to-enter game jam... we give the prize to the devs we feel need the money, rather than the best game... because the guy making the best game is going to be successful anyway, lulz."


"I gave this game a bad review because the creator is a stinky poop face conservative :_:"


"I gave this game a good review, or positive coverage, because the game dev donates to my patron."


if gamergate was a harassment campaign it would've been less abhorrent
the most cringeworthy event of the decade


Reminder that retards on /pol/ voted for a moronic reality TV clown because Anita Sarkeesian triggered them into apoplexia by criticizing video games.

That's "criticizing" in the academic sense, not in the informal sense. Which makes it even more pathetic.


TIL half of the USA is /pol/
no wonder leftards are shitting themselves since 2016


Technically only about 25% of the 75% eligible to vote did so, because only half the people turned out to vote in the first place, so roughly 19% of America is /pol/

But hey. That's democracy for you. Being passive and indecisive means the idiots win by default.


The post didn't imply that.
No wonder Rightwingers are retarded, they can't parse simple sentences.



No, it was in a very academic sense. I'm surprise how easily you're taken in by Jack Thompson with a vagina. I mean, what harm could she possibly be doing by trumping up a new moral panic?

Thanks for giving republicans more credibility when they want to bait and switch video games for gun violence after a mass shooting though.



Not at all. But if you did lose to an online nerd slapfight on video games how could you possibly win on real issues.



What would you or her know about academics?

Taking women and gender studies doesn't make you an academic, it makes you an unrepentant asshole with nothing to fall back on. Her critiquing style is cherry picking some examples and ignoring anything that competes with her ideas. It's very social justice lite due to how little substance there is in her arguments, which makes her supporters look all the more vapid for holding her up as some kind of scholar.

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