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>artists shouldn't take down their art! Art is for the enrichment of the world! Artists owning their art is evil! I have every right to see it and access the onion archive if they take it down

Fuck you, libtrash. You're entitled only when it suits you. If an artist hates it, they have every right to banish it. If a submission got shit traffic then it hurts no one to remove it and free web server space up. You pretend you want it when you can't have it to play pretend victim yet you shit on the people who make it. You deserve to go fuck yourself for shitting on the people who entertain you, acting like they are your slaves and acting offended when they take way things you didn't want to begin with and never bothered to acknowledge or save when you had years to do it.

Fuck the world's enrichment, if I can't get fame and money then fuck this "hobby". If I can't own it then I don't create it.



>if I can't get fame and money then fuck this "hobby".

no see you're supposed to get the money and throw it at the hobby to get fame. this is a fandom for the rich, not the talented, dummy.


bizarro leukemia strikes again



>entitlement = exclusive to libruls

8chan's rightist as fuck and aggressively defends the point that artists shouldn't delete or hide shit from anyone, particularly in being practically the birthplace of Charging to see & download art through Patreon is hated with a burning passion there, needless to say. Is this not entitlement all the same?

Don't inject politics into places where they don't belong.

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