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File: Come_West.jpg - (362.94 KB, 497x741) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
371654 No.3508547

From National Public Radio's review of Go West and See, by Maxim Loskutoff:

..."When you describe a man falling in love with a bear, it sounds like that could be mythic or allegorical, and this story does not read as allegory or myth, this story is visceral and dark, and when I read it I thought 'Okay... this book is going there' ".

An excerpt:

>> I suddenly realized I was erect. Confusion and shame roiled my gut. I had never thought to lie with a bear before, but once I began, I could not stop.... I imagined running into her great hairy arms. Licking her throat. Finding her tongue with mine, tasting apples. Tumbling back into the grass, her legs clamped around my buttocks, both of us sticky with apple juice...

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