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File: 330px-RLeeErmeyCrop.jpeg - (44.17 KB, 330x551) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
45231 No.3503383
>Ermey knew Donald Trump Jr., and stated that he was confident that should Donald Trump become president, "our Second Amendment rights are solid as a rock".

Sucks that he went to the grave finding out that didn't hold up. But the gun ban will somehow MAGA so Trumpets will be all for it. "Daddy Trump knows what's best, uh, fuck me, daddy..."


just shut up. you're disgusting.


R.I.P. General Barnaky


Jesus, is nothing off limits to you for your agenda rants? Just using anything and everything, making shit up and mashing it together against a target? Even if you're not making it up, you never link to sources and don't even use names half the time, so who knows how credible you are.

Goddamnit Leukemia. It's like you're trying reaaaally hard to be 3B, but you're too narrow in scope, and far less competent at it. Either way, this shit baitthread is just more evidence that you're part of the /pol/ problem that needs to be weeded out.

File: a2719070128_10.jpg - (339.85 KB, 1024x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

he has a mental disorder. instead of getting it fixed he'd rather drag the world down with him.



I think you just defined a shockingly large proportion of this generation.

I mean, its not like we haven't always attracted that type of person here on Lulz, but they didn't generally use to be so.....political and hostile, y'know? All this crap has spread like a virus over time.

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