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File: backpage7n-1-web.jpg - (119.74 KB, 1200x737) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
122609 No.3502226

Seized by Feds, locations raided by FBI.

Guess Furries will have to find some other place to post their sex ads


keep in mind, sesta/fosta hasn't been signed yet, so this was some other investigation that was probably going on for years.

File: meanwhile_on_dark_web.jpg - (194.51 KB, 1279x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And here I am on the dark web doxing lulzcows on a secret wiki, and seeing ads for hitmen and credit card fraud on an anything-goes questions-and-answers site.

Oh, and the chans here, they're unlike anything you faggots have ever seen before.

Fucking clearweb n00bs.

>implying FOSTA is even intended for stuff like this

It's mostly to prevent victims of Trump's rapist friends from being able to talk, what with the whole clauses making it illegal for victims to tell their stories.

It's also to get a major part of TPP through, tacked on at the end despite being unrelated, to help major companies sue people who criticize them online.

I doubt Trump, with his addiction to hookers, wants to shut down prostitution. He's more focused on video game bans and gun bans.

File: billc-360x240.png - (150.12 KB, 360x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You are a fucking joke!
Epstein Lolita express regularly had Bill Clinton visiting.

Trump has been going after these scum since day one of his presidency and this is the year it all comes out.

File: reallytellemmore.jpg - (60.46 KB, 470x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Trump has been going after these scum
>Trump.. going for the scum he loves to hire for sex..
File: Islamic-rape-europ1.jpg - (845.58 KB, 1865x1211) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I love how people on the Left get consensual and non consensual sex confused.
Complain about a rape culture...then invite one in.


everybody is coming for Poland, their beautiful women, their magnificent wealth, their potatoes...



>I love how people on the Left get consensual and non consensual sex confused.

Please elaborate how my post magically meant that the left invites rape?

the GOP were protecting rapists, pedophiles and sexual assaulter (see Moore and others).

Also I dont think Clinton ever forced anyone for sex.
Difference is. Clinton had women on him.. Trump paid for while cheating his family.. thrice.


Well you ignore the many allegations made against Bill Clinton as well as those who died around him. I am sure many people in the GOP are guilty of evil acts. I sure as shit don't consider a political party a sacred religion free of evil. GET OVER YOURSELF!!


bill clinton was 20 years ago, try to be more relevant

vc: chodgeing
coincidentally youre a chode, dodging contemporary discussion


Here, have something more recent.

80% Of Central American Women, Girls Are Raped Crossing Into The U.S.

Immigrants raping immigrants.

File: fashy_coffee_feels.jpg - (20.02 KB, 379x469) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


There was more evidence in support of PIZZAGATE than in support of the accusations against Moore, you slimy kike.

File: laughing_zootopia.png - (192.81 KB, 600x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>my sides..
File: but_wait_theres_more.jpg - (33.62 KB, 299x384) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>died around..

You really believe that conspiracy?
I bet you also Obama for "ballooning" the debt.
When both Clinton and Obama ctually cut the deficit..
Clinton was in the green.. Bush Jr took it to shit, Obama cut it in half despite the huge recession.. and now Trump dumps the deficit to record levels.

Meanwhile at same time.. the GOP powered congress, fast forward the removal of the animal endangered list, the destruction of the EPA and Department of Education.. and other shit.

Can't wait for Trump to convert the USA into the full blown shithole. While he laughs his way to the bank..

I will laugh even harder when somehow the GOP and foxnews apologists/cultists somehow try to blame this on Obama or Hillary.

File: man-and-dog-skeleton-768x1024.jpg - (109.47 KB, 768x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Looks like you won't have to wait very long :)


We need more Antifa Supersoldiers to deal with worthless diseases like you.

File: antifabuttons.jpg - (98.58 KB, 473x716) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



Right is the correct choice, as per usual.


Good, then you won't mind if we bring in more of them to all of your little gatherings. :-)

File: tumblr_inline_p6ger2eOPh1ukoi7g_500.png - (505.59 KB, 500x715) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


> we
> Colon dash emote

Stop perpetuating antifa even exists. Even if antifa was actually a thing, they wouldn't play poker open faced, and wouldn't play on a shitty furry forum.

I know antifa is the hot new anonymoose that it's cool to tell your friends you're TOTALLY balls deep in, but please don't play that game here.


>>3502546 It's both... it's really both.


Well with past run-ins, my main concern has always been the noise. A persistent whine, like a prolonged, pitch-shifted fart.



>but please don't play that game here

yeah, you'll upset the racists in their safe space



No you little shit, you'll continue to feed their fucking thug narrative and give them the kinds of excuses that get judges to let them go free after murder because of thair perfectly reasonable defense from thugs excuse.

You ether don't think this shit through, or you thought it through entirely too much and are a bad actor.


Don't be a fuckin' fascist or a fascist sympathizer and you'll have nothing to worry about. Fascists deserve to get beat into a coma.



I agree. All socialists, from fascists, nazis, Marxists, all socialists need to be beaten into a coma.

Can we be friends?

File: fox_on_eggs-466710.jpg - (54.26 KB, 590x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Don't engage with ID:OviQvcSN they are a right wing shill.


Also, better don't get cancer and watch your hair style.


False flag:



That one too?


I'ma sympathize with fascists and there's nothing you're going to do about it, limpdick. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? Nothing, that's what, you impotent worm.


We'll just keep getting you vermin banned everywhere, shut down all your websites and boycott any organization that sides with you. It's working wonders to silence you filth. :-)

The firing squads will come later, of course. That's when the real fun will begin!


Woo, look at all that limpdickery. Here, hold my beer while I fuck your mother, limpdick.


Your insults are hollow. Our getting you cunts banned everywhere and shutting down your websites is real. Guess I have the last laugh as usual. :-)

File: brotherhood__unity__peace_by_emperorrus-d3n9dzp.jpg - (93.83 KB, 900x528) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Brotherhood. Unity. Peace.

File: sonnenrad_piper.jpg - (104.10 KB, 640x901) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>TFW; shitlibs threatening civil war.
>TFW; republicans, neocons, tradcons, libertarians, altright, and fascists have all the guns, and will come together to fight on the side of the Union.
>TFW, democrats will lose a second civil war, and it will happen in my lifetime.


>tfw you inbred white trash are destroying one another, Antifa are successfully deplatforming you, and the country is waking up to the fact that it's alright to physically assault your kind

It's a boner kind of feel.


Ah, yes, "anti"fa happy to stomp the untermenschen.

White Male is the new Jew.


"White male" is not a synonym for "Nazi", vermin. White male leftists are perfectly acceptable, decent people. Rightwingers of any sex or skintone are a disease infecting the human race.


define "rightwinger"


Rightwingers can be characterized as individuals that experience heightened levels of fear, particularly towards members of a perceived out-group or towards ideas that challenge the existing status quo. In an American context, rightwingers also exhibit traits such as conspiratorial or magical thinking, increased religiosity, bigotry, an authoritarian mindset, disdain for the poor and an irrational belief that America is a meritocracy despite all evidence to the contrary. This list is not comprehensive, other features may be applicable.


Anyone and everyone who doesn't buy into the leftist groupthink, or antifa's terrorism.

Literally everyone who doesn't swallow the bullshit of liberals is painted with the broad brush of "m-m-muh nazis".


Nah, if people call you a fucking Nazi it's generally because your a Nazi piece of shit.



Nazis are degenerate. Some white people are nazis, ergo some white people are degenerate.


if people keep calling you a nazi, you should probably think about why



>if people keep calling you a nazi, you should probably think about why

That logic works two ways.

If simply getting called a nazi means you are a fascist, doesn't that also imply the nazis were right when they were calling the jews vermin and parasites?

After all, if you get called a nasty name then that must mean there's something wrong with you.


nazis are wrong because they are nazis. qed


This but unironically.



Whats wrong with Nazis :\

captcha is goy tt


Nothing as long as you give them a nice hole through the head and put their supporters in the hospital.



>nazis are wrong because they are nazis. qed

So, anyone being called a nazi is a nazi, and nazis are always wrong.

Alright. You're a nazi. Therefore you're wrong. Checkmate.


shit dog #debunked

File: 400.jpg - (30.98 KB, 600x336) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Aren't you kind of validating Nazis though by talking about them all the time? I mean I had thought we all already knew that Nazis were terrible. It's not something we need to be reminded of every few minutes. In the same way, we don't need to be constantly reminded that fire is hot.

It's almost as if you've been trained to fight Nazis in a time when there almost no Nazis to be found, so you simply fabricate Nazism whenever it suits you. I mean some people are who continually called Nazis are just going to keep saying NO ... I'm not a Nazi yo! But ... Some people who are repeatedly called Nazis, even if they weren't before are going adopt the label and actually go Full Nazi. So you're actually creating more Nazis.

Why would you do that? Stop making more Nazis!


This is what passes for clever political analysis on the right. Note the self congratulatory tone and mutual dicksucking.

File: Dr_Fox_(Unikitty).png - (117.24 KB, 476x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3502877 You do have to admit though, the left tend to throw that label around quite indiscriminately.

Having some conservative values shouldn't be grounds to call a person a Nazi.



>So you're actually creating more Nazis.

holy shit, I knew you were fucking stupid but you really took it to a whole new level


He's not wrong.

The left is making nazis out of everyone else to justify their own existence. Poorly.


The absolute state of the terrorist, fascist left.


Not everyone. Just trash who deserve it, like you and >>3502898



Typical GOP cultist response..

>literal nazis who call for supremacy of white people and the removal of minorities march with torches and weapons.
>the gop cultists claim they are just "protesting, exercising their right and demonize the left for causing the race war".. when almost all the violent protests have been from the right confronting minorities and attempting to cut down their hard fought rights.
>still insist the left is the ones causing all this shit.


>Just trash who deserve it

Who can conveniently be everyone whose opinion you don't like.
Leftists in a nutshell.



>no u

damn, got him!!! pwned!!!!


Actually it's everyone who's opinion is the same as a Nazi's opinion. The name for someone like that is "a Nazi".


And again it's you, who is defining what a Nazi's opinion is.
I know it is hard for people like you to recognize fallacies, since their whole life depends on them.


Nazis are very open about their opinions. There's no need to speculate about them. You're just trying to obfuscate so you don't have to admit that rightwingers are a bunch of fascist lunatics.

File: le_glowing_cianibber.jpg - (27.36 KB, 396x396) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Are your postings satire, or an attempt at CoIntelPro-style anger-trolling?


Speaking of living proof that rightwingers are Nazi trash that should be oppressed for the good of humanity.

>people don't know what "Nazi" means anymore

It was a specific group that mainly aimed to push the idea of white superiority, especially Germanic, while claiming the Jews caused all the problems.

So in short, if you want to kill Jews and think of the white race as supreme, yo are a Nazi, and you can't deny being a Nazi.


Are you SUUUURE you're in favor of moderation?

If you're absolutely certain you're in favor of moderation, please come to the IRC channel and state
"I am in favor of moderation."


Stop spamming this shit everywhere.

File: ok_to_be_white.png - (12.72 KB, 762x1079) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Interesting, but I still want to hear ID:V6NtM38U's definition...

I'll say this: out-group empathy is OK, but when combined with a complete lack of in-group empathy, it is a self-destructive trait. (See: self-hating whites)

There is nothing wrong with putting one's own in-group first.

I do not hate Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, or any other race. Still, my own people come first.

This is what the white identitarian movement is all about:

We have a right to exist.
We have a right to a positive racial identity.
We have a right to advocate for our own interests.
We feel no guilt for the actions of our ancestors.


It's not okay to be white trash, like you are. And white supremacists such as yourself have nothing to be proud of. Throughout history your kind have been nothing but an impediment upon the road of progress, and in other nations when your kind gain power you inevitably destroy the entire nation from inside. You are a parasitic whispering in the ears of the gentle worker and turning him against his own interests.

Luckily, you are no longer fooling anybody. We have you vile cunts on video spreading the same lies that you just spewed with one breath, and then vomiting your disgusting anti-human rhetoric when you think nobody is looking. Every single one of you are two-faced, fork-tongued filth.

You hate Communists because Communists obliterate your pathetic little fantasies about "race". We tear down the very concept of race, and instead identify the true dividing lines between people: those of class. And when it comes to class, suddenly your kind are at a critical disadvantage. White supremacists support the bourgeoisie oppressors, as long as they're white, and crush the hard working proletariat, as long as they're black. The white supremacist sneers behind your back and images himself your master.

This is why you filth must be eliminated. Not merely sent to the gulag to try to rehabilitate you, but sent to the wall to put away a problem. You are an evil blight upon the world. And only Communists have the courage to solve that problem.


Oh, it's Gulag Boy again.
Will be funny when you end up there yourself,
it's kind of inevitable.


White trash makes up a very small minority of white people overall. Thankfully.

Gulag man, in point of fact. And do try to keep up, I clearly stated that this Nazi fuckhole >>3503427 gets the wall, not the gulag.


White leftists don't hate themselves. They hate you specifically.



You hate Communists because Communists obliterate

FTFY. Communists are big on obliteration, not creation.


They're certainly big on obliterating Nazis and creating successful space programs.

File: Laika_Lost_Dog_Poster.jpg - (31.74 KB, 580x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Oh please. Russia would have been fucked 3 times over if Hitler had waited until Spring to send his troops in. Winter alone handed Stalin victory in the form of invaders being reduced to bitter, starved icicles. By the time they rolled into Berlin, the job was pretty much done.

And don't even start with their space programs. How many failures and catastrophes did they endure and cover up compared to how many successes they had? That's not even counting the atrocities committed all in the name of shortcutting shit. There wasn't even a plan or system in place to recover poor Laika. It was a suicide mission from the start.

If these are the sort of acceptable losses, oversights, and sacrifices that you'd readily attribute to some "successful" program, it's little wonder that Communism is so widely hated.


Yes, I'm sure you, random imageboard dweeb, know better than every other military leader that tried and failed to invade Russia. If only they all had you on their side everything would have turned out differently.

Do you know who did manage to invade Russia and liberate it from the Czar? The Communists.

Also I don't give a shit about losing a dog as part of the Soviet space program. Dogs are expendable compared with exploring space.

File: advo.jpg - (40.57 KB, 300x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


> Believes in don't invade Russia in winter

Thank you for demonstrating the value of your input, I now know I can discard any future input you have.


>>3503458 >>3503461


(Googles "don't invade Russia in winter")
(quickly brings up some correctional PSAs)

Huh. Oh, right. So Germany DID invade in Spring, but got stretched too thin and made the mistake of not retreating before the Winter season set in. You're really gonna dismiss me on that alone? Sure, it was the people fiercely resisting the invading forces by enacting literal Scorched Earth policies on their farms and land, supply routes being stretched and cut off, and being surrounded and held in until Winter on top of everything else broke them down. But because I thought before that Winter was the #1 cause, my input is worthless.

At least a history snob would have corrected me and told me how. Granted, me figuring out the truth before you could say it doesn't make you look much better.


And then there's this.........Communists invaded Russia? What, no. Communism is the ideal that spread throughout. It simply caught on with enough people that they took action in their homeland. Which equates to...Russians...invading Russia? My, isn't that a noteworthy feat. Must be easy to invade something when you're already there.



>he thinks that the rights of existing that whites claim...equates to the right to put others down, kill them, strip their rights and then get violent when they refuse to bend down to the white man's will.
>Also thinks that if everyone is equal, it somehow will put whites down.
>in reality whites just demand to be on top like they always been brainwashed to be.


>England was about to collapse, Russia enters the scene and takes the brunt of the biggest block of Nazi military units. As others smaller units are drown out of Egypt, Africa, Turkey, etc..
>Nazis depend entirely on getting oil from Russia to maintain their machine, they failed..
>Insist it was luck and that the US forces did everything.


File: DYjJm6CW4AASN6t.jpg - (119.22 KB, 1024x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Mud, not winter. Of which Germany had the technology to traverse but chose not to deploy treaded vehicles.
It's not a matter of being a history snob or anything.

It's a matter of you speaking from a supposed position of well researched knowledge when it shows you've not even gone past the basic steps of research.

If the pretext of your assertions are based on bad Mandela Effect riddled misconceptions, how can you expect your assertions to even stand?

Just don't be lazy man, that's all.
It wasn't Winter that stopped the reich. It wasn't mud, it wasn't (entirely) poor planning, The largest factor in the reich's failure to seize Russia was Russia's fanatical ability to lead them on, and burn their own fucking cities to the ground and lead them back further.

At that moment, Russia was a united force, more comparable to a fanatical cult then a functioning civilization. Not bickering among themselves. Turns out being united in purpose makes a great military strategy overall.


Yeah, except the entire successful push of Germans was through winter. Then spring came, frozen soil thawed, their vehicles sunk in mud and with roads unusable (and railways dismantled by retreating Russians) supply lines were cut.

And there goes your strategy genius.


germans were dumb and wore tank tops and stringers to russia. if they were smart and listened to their moms they would have worn warm coats, brought plenty of chicken noodle soup and easily won ww2.


you idiots, germany never had a chance against those tesla coils.


they could have rolled over russian but those sjws took their free speech


You. You I like. No gulag for you comrade.

File: IMG_0444.JPG - (66.58 KB, 410x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: The_red_guy_in_DHMIS_4.png - (635.41 KB, 893x484) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Say something we don't like? Hey! There's no more constitution anymore, so, let's just throw people into a slave labor camp

wow... what an amazing platform...


Oh look, the Oxygen Thief is back on the board again today!!

File: unimpressed_by_sonsofelrond-d65i3rw.jpg - (78.30 KB, 684x419) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


okay this ... again... uhm... it can be both...BELIEVE ME... it is literally both but more so the button on the right.

The guy who attacked me, Echo? We tussled for like maybe 30 seconds tops? ... then he fucking ran away. I almost felt gypped. I haven't been in many fights... but this almost didn't even feel like an actual fight to me.
I am not some muscley tough guy or some paragon of manhood by any measure. But you can tell when you fight them they have this delusional fantasy that fighting with people is simply them doing all the hitting while you just ... let them hit you. But... that's not how a fight works.

But we've seen this in time and time again with these people, they just can not take being hit back. Check out this video

About 3 minutes into this video they start getting violent and at about one minute later they all just sort of back down. And this a MOB of them versus like 1 maybe 2 of Proud boys? A mob vs 2 people and what happens? FUCKING NOTHING.

In this case, the men stand back and let the women do the fighting (which is huge wimpy cuck move btw) and when the women DO INEVITABLY get hit back they act all indignant and cry.

I mean... it's fucking pathetic. I mean I agree these people ARE DANGEROUS and DO represent a very clear and present danger to the constitution, that should be taken seriously... they're not exactly skilled fighters.

File: come-at-me-bro.jpg - (60.12 KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Gulag "Man" he says...
"We're only fighting Nazi's" he says...

We've all seen how Antifa "fights" bro. No one is impressed except you and your delusional "Comrades".

You are a threat to the constitution of the United States of America. You are a threat to independent thought, You are a threat to the free world in general.



Aufy thinks antifa is real and dangerous.
That should tell you how real and dangerous they are.



To recap:

Things that Aufism thinks are real:

+Freddie Fazbear
+The ability to divide by zero
+Suicide threats on lulz

Things that Aufism thinks aren't real:


File: Gandalf-the-Grey.jpg - (45.80 KB, 900x407) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3503799 Oh you don't have to my word for it...
just look around you.

>>3503800 I never said I didn't think Nazi were real.


>>3503800 Also, I don't know if Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was ever real or not... I state that clearly on my site.

File: real_freddy_fazbears_pizza.jpg - (143.12 KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



What next? Sites where artists whore themselves out drawing pron?

File: Warsaw1.jpg - (81.08 KB, 800x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I bought the URL.

I actually first heard about Fnaf from here. I'd seen the adverts on FA but it didn't register as significant until I saw it here.

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