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File: 28472294_2061197820831820_4772302023025695566_n.jpg - (69.84 KB, 960x956) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
71517 No.3497599


File: eccy_laughing.gif - (978.58 KB, 322x243) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

this is actually pretty laughable. Good job!




File: 0988bc057f73460216ec84ecae113901.jpg - (18.86 KB, 500x368) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




There is a nude pic of IK skinny dipping in his hottub that one of his ex-friends has been sharing around. I don't have a copy but if I get ahold of it I'll post it here.





essentially a camper trailer. He rents a house in Groveport Ohio which his landlord paid 30k for.



Anything David, I mean Insane Kanga..... I mean Connor tries to host turns out a disaster. I attended his bowling meets, but we didn't go because of him we went because it was something to do and ignored him. He was too busy banning 16 year olds that wouldn't get with him.Then he tries to retaliate and tell the 16 year old she's a 2/10. What does that make his girlfriend? A 1/100.


No neck, fat face, two moles that are almost perfectly across the street from each other, terrible looking tongue with a crease down the middle and looks like its ever been brushed, all wrapped up in a cheap diy car garage thing. All you need is a Confed flag and you'd be a certified southern hic.



> groveport

You mean Grovetucky



Yes, but the autists he prey's on come from even worse places, and think he has his shit together. They actually believe he can take care of them, and really since they are poor as hell, he kinda does with their bottom level expectations just having a roof is a luxury.


>>3498085 lol!
but does he have an iphone 8 or at least a $1000 phone.



>thinks $1000 for a phone is reasonable

>>3498111 paying less than 1/2 for the phone over a 2 year plan so mine got subsidied


Buying a $1000 phone for $500 is still $400 over what a reasonable phone for a person of your income would cost.

Here's a puzzle for you: if you want to eat a snickers bar, and you go to a store that has a "three for the price of two" offer, how much do you save?


Bonus for Cobalt if there are maggots in the choco bars.


No need to add insult to injury.

He already believes he's getting a $1000 phone on the cheap through a 2-year plan, when the company is simply shifting the cost of the phone to the cost of the plan and pretending that they're subsidizing it.

File: rejected-4-300.jpg - (26.18 KB, 435x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The funny thing is... I tend to buy cheap byop plans because I don't usually use my phone for much, mainly just a few useful apps, an mp3 player, and basic short calls and the occasional text. I'll upgrade my phone to last year's model every march(ish) whenall the phone companies put out their newest models, so I'm just a year behind.

Plus I tend to be rough with my phones, so I tend to buy "like new" so when my dog gets ahold of it, or I put it in the same pocket as my keys, I don't really give any shits. The thousand dollar phone of last year, rarely costs me more than $80. Then for insurance if that phone gets washed or eaten by my dog, I just get last year's last year phone out. Its not like they change all that much.

ITT: Consumer Whores


During the columbus Gallery Hop yesterday we all went to an after party afterward and made sure he and his girlfriend weren't invited. We mostly laughed about how he acted "important" and "told" everyone where to go like he was part of the event. He's just annoying.


I don't get it, he rents a $30k house with 2 other people and they won't pose with him in his hot-tub-time-machine?

There must be something seriously wrong this this guy.


>>3498245 to clarify to the two or three not in the know, that is the property value is $30k not the rent. The rent must be pennies and the roomates pay them for him since David doesn't work.


>>3498254 ha and even im doing shit, what a mothercunter.

File: fun.png - (10.67 KB, 550x290) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3498251 In Grove "Hilltop Neighbors, Dublin Taxes" Tucky, the rent probably isn't cheap. People WANT to be there for some reason. I can't figure it out.

Captcha: "fun"


fat comes to mind



Thank god for that. Seriously, I don't get he thinks anyone likes him.



if $300 a month for an entire house isn't cheap then I don't know what is.



should also point out that Hilltop is responsible for 89% of columbus crime statistics. One of the worst areas in all of Ohio. It's not a desirable area. Dublin taxes? In Groveport hahaha no, the taxes on his house are very very very low, it's public record and it isn't even his house. The landlord pays the taxes, he just pays the $300/month rent.

His girlfriend is basically retarded which is why she still lives with him and thinks he is great, she actually thinks him making around $1000 a month is a lot of money.


>>3498413 ha even i tend to make more than that lately its been $1400 or more but its climbing steadily.

must suck being older than me but nowhere to go.


>>3498426 for example 3days collectingscrap and salvage and taking in empties and reselling salvage made as much as $148 off empties and a large box packed with dvds/cds and some psp games like monster hunter 2 copies and FFVII crisis core coulda made more than $35 off the box but that takes too much time so i offload to pwn shops. i still haven't collected scrap money yet so theres still that too in week 1. a whole %35+ portion of his earnings in a short week.



All that requires work. His SSI just requires us to work.


Cobalt: what you're doing is just stealing other peoples junk that was destined for collecting, sorting and recycling anyways - by actual paid workers.

Do you even pay taxes? Insurace? You're just a fucking leech.


>>3498460 your solution is to suck it up or stop wasting you bitter mongoloid.

File: 1520403588571.png - (1365.74 KB, 1684x1424) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3498559 the world would be a better place if he did. At least the underage girls would have less trauma.

File: mcjanitor.jpg - (56.65 KB, 749x499) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Cobalt helps keep the filth of a ghetto called Hamilton a tiny bit cleaner each day. What do you do?



>your solution is to suck it up or stop wasting you bitter mongoloid.

There are actual people with actual jobs in waste management doing your "job", instead of your cable-burning trash stealing bottle collecting meth-face.

If you want to rummage through trash for a living, you could, and pay your taxes and not be a leech on the society - but you don't have the IQ to fill out an IRS form or a job application.


from the thumb i thought he was cleaning the street on a segway,

File: electric-sweeper-in-Paris.jpg - (10.32 KB, 300x168) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




>Cobalt helps keep the filth of a ghetto called Hamilton a tiny bit cleaner each day.

Cobalt is the filth that keeps it a ghetto each day.

People like him are actually making it more difficult for sorting and recycling centers to make money, because they steal the "goodies" off the load and leave behind the worthless trash. That means the collection fees for residents go up to make up the difference.

The lowest of low position in life is when you have to steal other people's refuse, because you're too fucked up in the head to even pump gas for a regular wage.



There have been reports that 70-80% of the recyclable materials are dumped into landfills instead of being recycled.


Recyclable doesn't mean it should be recycled, because recycling often costs more than making a new one, and separating the waste to the point where it can be recycled uses up more energy than the recycling saves.

Most "recycling" is actually downcycling, like crushing glass bottles into road fillings because you can't re-make mixed glass waste into new bottles of sufficient quality. All the different types of glass are practically impossible to separate.

For example, only 10% of new PET soda bottles are recycled plastic, because the quality would suffer. The other 90% of the waste is made into packaging peanuts or other low value shit and finally just burned or buried in a landfill because there's nothing more than can be done with it - it's too mixed, broken down and soiled with other substances.



Hence why people should stop bitching about Cobalt picking trash and taking it to places where it can actually be re-sold and or re-used.


The litmus test of whether something should be recycled is whether someone's willing to pay you money to take it off your hands.

This valuable trash is part of the business between households and their waste collection company. The households own the waste, and hand it over to the company as part of the deal for carrying all their waste away. The company uses the value fraction of the waste stream to offset the cost of collection and separation and make some money. At no point is the waste actually without an owner - it's still private property and the dumpster divers are simply thieves.

Cobalt is stealing from these people, and people like him cause more pollution by improperly handling the separation such as burning the insulations off of old cables or ripping the metals out of electronic equipment and dumping the plastics and circuit boards in regular mixed waste dumpsters etc. etc.


It's not his to take

>and taking it to places where it can actually be re-sold and or re-used.

Like pawning off decades old video games for five bucks, only for them to end up in the landfill anyways because nobody's going to buy them and the pawn shop guy is just paying him out of pity.

The pawn shops buy the junk off of hobos because they can mark it up 1000% and if one idiot buys something, they've made their money back and can throw the rest in the skip.



>It's not his to take

The law has looked at it both ways and some courts will say that it is when dumped outside of the home in a pile of garbage but others will say that only the cops have the right to sift through someone else's discarded trash.

>Like pawning off decades old video games ...

Boy do you not know the value of old games and how much retro game collector's pay for them these days.


There's also scams where people pay hobos and other "scavengers" to pick up old computers, monitors, printers etc. sometimes even stealing them out of the actual recycling centers. Then they clean them up, wrap them in cling film and pretend to be charities sending refurbished computers to kids in the developed world, while actually shipping them just containers full of e-waste, either as a charity scam, or to smuggle the waste out of the country to places where it can be stripped down on the cheap without regard to environmental laws.

>Organised crime has moved into the recycling industry - a development that has become clear over the past few months after a series of raids to enforce the EU's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive .
>"It's a really ugly picture of what's happening on a massive scale," said Ted Smith, a noted US environmental activist who has been giving evidence to the US Senate on the issue. "Around 50-80% of all of the material collected in the US is making its way abroad and significant amounts from the UK and Europe."

Thanks to dumpster divers like Cobalt who sell their pickings to anyone willing to pay, who are often criminals instead of reputable recycling organizations.



>Boy do you not know the value of old games and how much retro game collector's pay for them these days.

What collectors pay for shit hasn't got anything to do with recycling value, and tenth rate video games don't have any collectors value. The reason why they are in the bin are because the owner couldn't get rid of them on ebay.

File: bobby.jpg - (329.00 KB, 1080x1920) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Bobby aka Squnq aka Libretto Taur aka Taur Mom aka Lot's Wife used to make a killing picking up scrap computers and refurbishing and overclocking them to re-sell on eBay.


Been there, done that. The most common customer is some guy from Nigeria or Bangladesh who tries to haggle you for 50% off from $75. Nobody else touches the junk, and it usually ends back in the bin in a few months anyways.

If you find a legal Windows 7/8 license, you can get some money out of a machine. Otherwise it's not worth the effort because companies and schools practically hand out computers these days.


>>3498637 you do realize i sell legally to one scrap yard.


Yeah, and which scrap yard would that be?

The "Totally legal recycler bros totally legal scrapyard, won't send your junk to Africa, honest!"

The real scrapyards don't often take stuff off of hobos because it's just as easily stolen and they can get into shit for turning stolen cables, computer parts, etc. into money.


Besides, there's nothing legal about it since you're not reporting your income to the IRS, and most likely neither does the scrap yard because they don't have to write you a receipt.

Some particular guy or guys in there pays you in cash, sell the material onwards without putting it through the bookkeeping, and pocket the difference. Sound about correct?



It sounds like you speak from experience of wheeling and dealing yourself. ;)

File: da2142e2c6903aad15efc2d3cded0066298bce51_1_600x779.jpg - (212.51 KB, 600x779) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

IK wishes he was born a Jew, but he is nothing but a filthy gentile in their eyes.



Throw the jew down the well (repeat line)
So my country can be free (repeat line)
You must grab him by his horns (repeat line)
Then we have a big party (repeat line)

If you see the Jew coming
You must be carefull of his teeth
You must grab him by his money
And I tell you what to do


>>3498646 i get invoice reciepts dude.



>It sounds like you speak from experience of wheeling and dealing yourself. ;)

I've done loads of shitty things - that's why I know they're shit and why they shouldn't be done. People like Cobalt just aren't intelligent enough to realize what they're actually doing, how they're bringing their communities down even as they play the victim and pretend they're the ones being put down, or pretend they're being "street smart" and "sticking it up to the man" while playing right to the pockets of the criminals.

Fools are enemies to themselves, because they think they're being wise and congratulate themselves for doing a good job while the bad consequences haven't yet hit home. When they do feel the consequences, when their life continues to be a sliding pile of shit despite their best efforts to be "smart", they blame someone else and continue doing stupid shit.



Okay what would you put down as a plan for Cobalt if you were his Life Skills Coach?



>i get invoice reciepts dude.

>Invoices and receipts both document transactions -- but an invoice indicates an amount that's due, while a receipt indicates an amount that was paid.
>An invoice is a bill, or a request for payment, for a sale. It lists goods or services provided by the seller to the customer, along with prices, credits, discounts, taxes and total due.

So you mean to say, you take your shit to them and they bill you for taking it?

If you take the money as cash, whatever piece of paper they give you doesn't matter shit though, because they can just print some random document off of a laptop and never book anything in the actual inventory, or put only some of the stuff in and swipe the rest.


Stop smoking weed and meth.
Save as much money as possible.
Get out of the streets, rent a proper apartment.
Apply for a real job.
Go to a cognitive therapist/psychiatrist to get his head straight.

File: thumbs-up.jpg - (8.51 KB, 220x229) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



>>3498677 invoice is also the receipt i collect from a onsite machine, everythings recorded. all metals etc.


Also, most electronics and appliances already have recycling fees paid in the price, so the consumers could return them to recycling centers free of charge and get them processed properly. The recycling center is compensated for dealing with potentially hazardous wastes by this recycling fee, so that shit would get recycled even if it's not immediately profitable to do so.

So scroungers like Cobalt stealing the stuff off of people and selling it to random scrap dealers are basically stealing that money. Especially for electronics, the scrapper likes to melt it down and dissolve it for gold and silver, and not give a fuck about things like leaded glass in old CRT/Plasma screens or bromine in the plastic parts which would actually cost something to get rid of. That gets buried by some friend of a friend of a friend who owns a landscaping business and might need some cheap landfill for a new golf course.

That's why the waste management companies that normally do the collecting have deals with reputable recycling companies who don't just deal with random people off the street. They're required by law to make sure the waste ends up where it's supposed to be, instead of getting stuffed in containers to Indonesia where local children pluck transistors off the boards over a campfire and straighten the legs to re-sell them on the Chinese market.


No, you don't fucking get it. Invoice is the piece of paper that the company gives you to say how much money you owe them. If you write them a bill of the stuff you sold them, that's you giving them an invoice.

You get a receipt from a machine that weighs the scrap metal you bring them, indicating how much they paid you for. Often this is just a scale slip, and someone has to enter the data into the actual inventory at the end of the day.

The problem for scrappers is that many people steal phone lines, railroad tracks, peoples iron fences, mailboxes, anything copper, aluminium and steel they can wrench off an beat up unrecognizable, and the scrappers can get scrutinized by the police for accepting stolen metals because it's a huge problem especially in ghetto areas, so they don't like to deal with hobos and street "collectors" because they're always bringing them someone's doorknob to make an extra buck.

That's why the only places that regularily deal with scroungers tend to be those affiliated with criminals, who put the stuff past the books and sell it on the down low. Sometimes just individual workers in a larger company do it.

File: pamperchu.jpg - (10.29 KB, 232x217) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


The people are often too lazy to take things to the proper recycling depots and would rather throw everything to the curb. This is how people like Cobalt and Pamperchu make extra money.


Even if you throw it on the curb, it gets picked up by the city sanitation department and ends up where it belongs, unless people steal it first.



The city workers will only pick it up if it's properly bagged, bundled, tied and tagged or in the appropriate disposal bin, else they just leave things.


Also, when people like Cobalt scrounge for scrap they take things like old computers and pull the boards off, and then throw the empty cases and plastics back on the curb or drop them in some random dumpster because they're not worth anything.

You get $1.65 a pound for old motherboards, and up to $6 a pound for memory chips, but only 5 cents per pound for the steel case. If you return the entire computer, you get about 15 cents a pound, so it's not worth hauling all that shit in your shopping cart.

Likewise, stripped copper wire gets you $2.70 a pound, while insulated wire gets you 30 cents a pound. So again, steal some wires, pull the insulation off and throw the plastic over the fence, who cares where. Alternatively, burn the wire, throw it in a tub with some drain cleaner to get it shiny again, and then sell it. Whichever way is easier.



>else they just leave things.

Then that's them not doing their jobs. Of course they pick the bins first, but they have to keep the streets clean in general and whatever's not nailed down or obviously not trash is going eventually.



I've seen broken furniture, old paint tins, children's past toys and more sitting along the curb for months because not even the city would take them. >.<


That's because you live in a ghetto where the city doesn't get much tax revenue because there's only people on social security, or thieves like Cobalt who don't pay their taxes - so they basically don't care.



You said it for me.

When a person lives in a place where 30k gets a 1500sqft house, their landlord isn't paying enough in property taxes to justify it.


I just found this gem.


Don't be like poorfag IK and sit in a rental hottub.

Be more like gemfag Khyber, and go to the Hotel Del Coronado at the end of the month for a spa vacation on the beach. ^^



Well that would require money. Something IK doesn't have.

His half brained blonde female roommate cannot afford to support him that far so he's trying to find replacements.



Khyber does That? Sounds nice.

File: stuff.jpg - (1099.50 KB, 4160x2340) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


When you can work stone and metal, money practically falls into your lap.



Pretty stones

File: dr-snuggles-and-the-magical-multi-colored-diamond.jpg - (18.59 KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: dark-web-drug-bust.jpg - (51.54 KB, 582x399) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3499235 these were the drugs used to produce this episode.



What did I just watch o.o


I'm surprised nobody has added to his kiwi farms in a while Or commented to bump it.

File: GlowtubePeriodicTablePink.jpg - (917.45 KB, 3840x2160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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