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File: b2c1e943-8fb4-4561-a596-7f4510a0130b.png - (787.50 KB, 759x669) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
806396 No.3494870

10 days from public release, and already at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

(cautious pause)

Excuse me if I'm a tad skeptical. I love the MCU movies, and I really did have strong expectations for this one, but I'm still recovering from the Star Wars VIII Superhype train that misled me and so many others.

You know, the wave of highly trumpeted great reviews from loads of big sources that were seeing something we weren't. Oh, I dunno, $$$ signs, maybe. These same sources that were so certain of VIII's high marks that they doubled down while attacking naysayers. Only once it finally left movie theaters did some of these same people suddenly go "Actually, looking back, now that I think of it, eeehhhhh." That's the power of Disney for ya.

Even now on Rotten Tomatoes, The Last Jedi carries a score of 91% out from 360 reviews, while the Audience Score claims only 48% like it from a staggering 180,000+ review.

Critics can be bought. The People? Not so much.


It's because any negative reviews are now considered to be from trolls because MUH BLAQ HISTREH MUNTH


(-) for what will become a thread to scream about black people. Fuck OP and their thinly viled bait. Nigger nigger, etc.



The movie looks like one giant confusing clusterfuck.
Just look at the trailer, it goes from African hobo to James Bond movie to "meow I have clas imma scratch u" to "wtf is this knuckles guy saying?" to nignog tribes in space, like wtf is it even trying to be?? Also I hope it has subtitles, half of the cast can't even say "the" correctly...

And I hate every single black person shitting themselves over it. There have been more than enough other movies with black protagonists, I can only imagine what a fucking screaming jungle the cinemas will be when it comes out.
I can already see the "Shaniquas" scream shit every 5 seconds like "OH MAY GAW HE BAE GURRRLLLL" every time that main guy comes on the screen.


WSJ article quoted the studio as basically saying "this is a movie by, for, and about, black people. Because there's been too much white-bread superhero shit for too long." (Behind paywall, can't copy-pasta right now.)

Though to be fair, it does sound like a pretty cool movie. It's probably like the Wonder Woman movie: it's good enough to do just fine on its own, but it's getting diluted with all the **MUH EYE-DENT-EH-TEE!!*


They do everything they can to make the preview critics think well of the experience. And in this case nobody is going to risk getting called a racist by giving it a bad review. This is just how early reviews are now, they've learned to marketize them.

Also, last jedi was a great film, just bad for audiences. Too esoteric and an emotional downer for the popcorn masses, and too much for the starwars NEET fanbois to handle having their dumb fantheory expectations not come true. But it's about the best possible script that could have been made after Abram's trainwreck though.

captcha: goy


where can i torrent it to make my opinion of it?



People straight-up brigaded the voting on Episode VIII, dude. You can deny it all you want, but there were campaigns to do so all over the internet (4chan and Reddit had particularly vocal ones). Was it the greatest thing since sliced bread? No of course not. Did it have flaws? Absolutely. But it is not a "48%" movie. It's better than all three prequels and I think better in all the ways that count than The Force Awakens.



Yeah, no. Solidly disagree, and so does everyone I know. Many even say that VIII actually made the Prequels look good. A couple of diehards actually knocked Jar Jar down a peg on their most hated character list to make room for "Purple Haired Bitch" at #1, with several putting Rose at #3.

It's not about fan theories not coming true. Most fans don't give a shit about fan theories once they get a solid answer. Problem is, most questions aren't being answered well, and are leading to way more questions. Abrams may have screwed things up by wanting to do things his way, but guess what replacing him with another director who wants to do things his way does? Screws things up x3. Seems like most things Abrams at least set up were downright trashed in VIII in likely irrecoverable ways even if he gets the reins back in IX.

But nothing tops the Carrie Fisher cliffhanger. What the fuck are they going to do to explain Leia for IX? And it better be good, but I don't exactly hold faith for them to pull it off well, and you know why? Because they had not one, but two perfect opportunities for her sendoff in VIII. They could have let her rest in peace with Ackbar and the bridge crew (best option) instead of Space Jesus WTF. It could have been her instead of Holdo-er, Purple Haired Bitch with the awesome-but-bullshit hyperdrive kamikaze. They had almost an entire year from Fisher's death to the movie release to solve this with a bit of reshooting or some CGI, but now that they've confirmed that they won't CGI her into IX, they've got a big problem (that they rightfully deserve).

Whatever their solution is will almost surely disappoint, at least. It's not just incompetence, but damned disrespectful to Fisher, and that's a sentiment Mark Hamill would almost certainly share.

Hilariously, I'd imagine the people of Wakanda would look down upon so-called African-Americans with disdain. Hell, loads of Africans actually do.

Wakanda, from what it looks like, is the African nation wet dream in a PC world. Imagine an isolated nation on the continent, rich in not just minerals and resources, but a metal high in usefulness and value, and you're the only source to boot. Now imagine that White people didn't somehow invade and dominate this nation and steal all the good shit for themselves. Not only that, but that this nation learned, knew and utilized the true value of its resources to wholly enrich the land and architecture beyond even White People knowledge while still keeping a Neo Tribal fashion sense - MCU Tier. That's Wakanda at first look.

What is this, even.

You haven't been paying attention to my ID.



China has an insulated internet, even banned VPNs. Most, while educated in some English, do not speak or read it.

What's your fucking excuse for it bombing in China? Don't give me "DA ALT RIGHT" excuse. I will not accept "RUSSIAN ROBOTS!" either.



Further, what made it a 48% movie is really simple. You have Disney playing schizophrenic with who gets to direct.

You have one director doing his best to set up strings, breadcrumbs, lures.

Does your next director build off any of it? That Knights of Ren shit? The star map? The prophecy flashes? Nope! Wants to leave his own fingerprints all over it and throws every bit of that into a bonfire. Along with all Jedi lore. All Sith lore. And to top it off? Has Luke die completely counter to his legacy in the comics, books, games, and previous movies.

It's shit because it just terminated the relevance of the entire franchise here-to-date.



>TLJ better than prequels and force awakens

Turn your brain on. Rewatch it. Do not skip step 1.



Rewatching things is noted to make you like it more. This is why some people think rocky horror picture show is good.



Are you sure? Because I watched The Last Jedi 3 times, and just got more progressively pissed.


You typed a lot there, but unfortunately started it off by saying VII was worse than the prequels, so it kinda ruined the whole post from then on.

And what's your criticism here? There was one unlikable character that was written that way intentionally and that they didn't do a blatantly obvious meta Leia death? Honestly I find it rather refreshing that she did live, but yeah, now that Abrams is back in charge it'll probably be handled weakly.

It sounds like you just didn't like it because it didn't fulfill your fantheory expectations. So you're part of the later category. You probably would have hated Empire on release too, because it brought a new director in that screwed up Lucas' romantic space adventure story into some dark shit that made us ask more questions than it answered. But it's ok though, don't worry, we're bring Lucas back in for the 3rd one, that should go well.


>muh EU.

Ep 7 was more far more faithful to the message and lore of the Jedi than anything in the EU.



You entirely ignored the rest of my points. Care to try again? You can leave EU completely out of this. How about you justify going from J. J. Abrams to Rian Johnson?

How do you justify changing writers and utterly abandoning major plot points of the previous movie, let alone movies?

This is a failure of writing, and the director for last Jedi. Not a failure because of the actress, or because we're not ready for a female Jedi, but because teh writers are fan-fiction tier hacks as is the latest director.

I mean really, who the fuck is Rian Johnson? Best known for his art film wank and zero multi-million dollar blockbusters? He must have sucked some REALLY fucking nasty dick at Disney to get the job.


Black Panther is the hero that comes from cultural appropriated lifestyles, it is no different than what V for Vendetta is to white people. He defeats the oppression of his colleagues I assume? And makes a statement that people should be allowed to choose for themselves and something happens like the community comes forward to celebrate his bold heroism. This is textbook for superhero movies but I can assume there is a common core leiniancy to cater on the demographic, so maybe a gang sign everytime he pulls a vigilante mission affirmitve, like how spiderman uses his web almost every time he does anything.


>>3494870 Muh conspiracy!

Maybe it was a pretty good movie?


You know that Abrams has publicly stated that he had no long-term story direction for the franchise planned out, and was just writing a single movie with random speculation-driving 'breadcrumbs' thrown in that he left completely up in the wind to be solved later by whoever got the next paycheck, right? It's not like Disney ripped the franchise from him and gave it to some no name director and ruined a 10-year carefully planned story arch.

If you're gonna have that be your driving critique here then you should be angry at the Disney execs, not either director. They're just doing the single jobs they're getting paid for.

And how do I justify going from J. J. Abrams to Rian Johnson? I think Rian made a better and more interesting film. You're probably right though that if they wanted a more consistent product, they should have hired up Abrams to do all 3. I think that would have been a much safer and bigger commercial success for them. It would have also given us 3 exactly the same safe Abrams-styled Star Wars movies though.

Personally, I kinda like seeing each movie being done through the eyes of an individual director. It's actually how George originally wanted the Star Wars franchise to be, many entries in a long running serial story, each done by a new director with a unique perspective. Unfortunately though he ended up hating Empire and grew tired of Star Wars as a whole though, and just wanted a safe 3rd movie to fund his failed Skywalker ranch project.

I'd have liked each movie to have it's own direction, but that's all been sorta ruined now though that Abrams is back to do the 3rd, and Johnson is the sole director of the future trilogy. So seems we both sorta got what we didn't want.

File: marvel-blm-comic.jpg - (49.08 KB, 306x464) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Not really sure, but I'm assuming Black Panther will likely be an exception to most of this, considering that he's not really a superhero in the traditional sense that he's got powers or abilities and is doing it because it's the right thing to do.

He's doing it because he's actually King of Wakanda, and therefore, Black Panther by birthright and trial by combat. Although he fights for the good of the world when such major threats surface, his kingdom comes first and foremost, or at least one would assume.

Although historically he's been an on-and-off-and-on-again Avenger, several of his exploits don't make too much sense, a result of being written by Americans for Americans. There was at least one time where he went to the Southern USA to fight the K.K.K........becaaauuuse racism? Ok, but why would he care so much about racism in another country? Seemed like he'd literally be more at home fighting actual Apartheid in South Africa than bothering with a bunch of rednecks in white sheets.

A much more recent example was pic related - Black Panther with other black superheroes that included Luke Cage and Storm (rah rah) fightin' the power in Harlem with a strong BLM and anti-cop message that was more than a little racist. Needless to say, poor sales killed it after just 2 issues. Good riddance. Let Black Panther stay freed from calamity that is recent SJW Marvel writing. It was sheer narrow mindedness to group up all these random heroes to a revolutionary cause that they'd accept simply because they're Black. Panther's got a kingdom to run. Quite frankly, he's above this petty shit.

Only thing it got right was teaming him up with Storm. They'd been infatuated with each other since their teenage years and were actually married for about half a dozen years before the Civil War event tore them apart.



>but there were campaigns to do so all over the internet (4chan and Reddit had particularly vocal ones).

Congrats, you're a fucking moron. There were no such things, there were trolls and paid shills saying things like that, yes, but no, there was not. The movie is just BAD, and people stood up to Disney and told them so.



>Ep 7 was more far more faithful to the message and lore of the Jedi than anything in the EU.

Well that confirms it, you really are a gullible idiot.


You can tell who can't defend a movie when they attack the fans like this. Blaming "fan theories" and the EU is a pretry popular scape goat these days. That's what Disney is doing right now to cover their asses, and it's not working. But yes, blame people for expecting better, that's always smart.



>>You know that Abrams has publicly stated that he had no long-term story direction for the franchise planned out, and was just writing a single movie with random speculation-driving 'breadcrumbs' thrown in that he left completely up in the wind to be solved later by whoever got the next paycheck, right? It's not like Disney ripped the franchise from him and gave it to some no name director and ruined a 10-year carefully planned story arch.

Well duh, that is basically what I'm talking about. The issue is the next director sat down to a game of clue in progress and was like "Nah, no thanks fam" and threw the fucking table over, so he could play chess on the floor, because that was more his bag.

He should have used some of Abram's breadcrumbs just to make it cohesive. Honestly, they could have taken up that time used on Rose's little anti-capitalism tirade with a fight against the Knights of Ren. Or they could have said Snoke's elite guard was actually Knights of Ren, and then the audience could have been like "Oh, they're already dead then!" Or "Oh, maybe Kylo is all traitor now because Snoke stole Kylo's best buds." etc.

Maybe the star map could actually lead to some kind of a weapon, not Luke? Maybe there is a weapon with Luke? Some permutation of this could have come up to create a new miguffan situation for the classic lady in the lake setup. But that too was wasted.



>>Personally, I kinda like seeing each movie being done through the eyes of an individual director. It's actually how George originally wanted the Star Wars franchise to be, many entries in a long running serial story, each done by a new director with a unique perspective. Unfortunately though he ended up hating Empire and grew tired of Star Wars as a whole though, and just wanted a safe 3rd movie to fund his failed Skywalker ranch project.

The issue is, to do a folklore styled project like that... You have to follow a few sacred rules of community writing. Which includes "Don't light the fruit tree on fire that we all eat from."

We've wiped out the jedi history, jedi council, jedi masters. We have no sith lord. Kylo is becoming a generic baddie who is more the imperial than space knight.

Scrubbing the space mage out of starwars is just changing starwars into startrek. They need to be strengthening the palace intrigue that the force provides to the series, not erasing the entire "picture" except two dots, Kylo and Ray.

Abrams left us with a film that let the next writer write about Kylo and Ray, or the option to just write about Ray. Or even, could have written about the Knights of Ren. (Holy shit, can you imagine if THEY had killed Snoke, and they re-opened the ages past of having more than 2 sith? Talk about room to write in.)

What the last Jedi left us with is... Kylo and Ray. And that's what we're stuck with. That's WHO the story has to be about.

We can't even get into the rebellion politics, Fin, or Rose, because we'll be too busy seeing if force is going to be something besides an ass-pull now that all the jedi and sith teachings have been binned.


To add on to my last comment -- It has really just been in the EU when anyone did anything akin to a total reset of the sith / jedi lore. What with some later group rediscovering the culture and teachings. Well away from the movies. Well away from visibility of the average consumer.

They keep such things under wraps because it is so far away from the movie franchises, in past or future, that it never has any effect on the viability of the franchise movies... and such a hard start and stop point in the starwars timeline is difficult to write around. It creates a great filter on how much new characters in future timelines are allowed to know.

Oh, every trace of jedi and sith activity wiped out since the old republic? Guess everyone past this point has to play dumb to combat meditation or purple light sabers!


Because they were introduced to Star Wars later and the cultural differences.

Did you know that no pixar film got anything above 20 million in china until Coco made a monstrous popular hit?



Not valid; previous star wars movie by Abrams did much better in China and had a longer theater run.


And you are an American Asshole

File: katetron.png - (683.33 KB, 996x601) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This seems like a good place to drop this.


Roger Egbert gave Spawn a perfect score and it looked worse than other movies at the time. It was just rated highly because of a black protagonist.

Critics are social activists first and advertisers second. They weigh average movies highly if it fits their agenda.



File: [nsfw]Projected.jpg - (186.48 KB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'll give it a fair shot, regardless of the politicking around it...

once it comes out on torrrent on blueray >:3

Calm down, Patacu, what do you think this is Windows? You can't torrent it before it's out.



Spawn is an awesome movie. The fact that it isn't highly regarded today is just further evidence of the racism rampant in America.


It looks like crap now. Compare it with LA Confidential which was released at the same year.


I agree, Spawn was pretty good. After watching the rental DVD back then, I later didn't get why the ratings were so bad. I figured it's because of hardcore fans being disappointed for no reason (like they always are) and hate-voting it down.


No! Okay!

  1. You should be perma banned for making that statement on grounds of blatant racism, because you have no right to criticize the people of color community, after all the hardships and discrimination the endure.
  2. It has more to with white cops turning a blind eye to white crimes. People of color do not commit more crimes, they just are being unfairly discriminated against.

>>3495250 I was talking to you btw! Just because you use a cute kitty doesn't not make your statement "okay".

File: niggers_and_monkies.jpg - (271.79 KB, 1372x632) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have enjoyed all the Marvel movies, even Ant-Man, which I thought was going to suck.(It didn't). I am sure the Black Panther movie will be awesome too, as long as I am not going to be browbeaten by SJW nig-nogs constantly bitching about whitey and how white people are infinite hitlers. I've really had my fill of liberal race baiting and entitled professional victims hammering about this shit.


If you don't wear skinny jeans and have some kind of rainbow hair, or are a disgusting hambeastwith sherbet colored hair, I would be amazed. Either that or the Omega male that wears plaid and has a beard and wears a little touk, even in the summer.

Niggers(not black people, there's a difference) deserve nothing but the scorn and derision they receive, and unfortunately fuck it up for the good black folks. When a black sheriff killed some white kid a while back, I don't seem to recall a white "chimp out" where white people, in retaliation for a white child being shot by a black cop, burned down their own town, looted and destroyed property and businesses...owned by other white people.

File: so_cute.png - (310.59 KB, 1000x724) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Would this be okay? I appreciate your thoughts, I certainly don’t wish to offend anyone.



You must be new here.



File: ti5ia3s.jpg - (68.53 KB, 620x784) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3495627 lol wut?



You are a stupid nigger and should be lynched like one.

File: C-SmTxxWAAEGCpx (1).jpg - (117.21 KB, 657x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3495627 Can you imagine it? Being around these people All day everyday? These people!
Blaring this kinda stuff out of loud speakers on the streets. Literal PC police pulling people over for feel infrastructions or some other shit? The censorship? Fucking gulags?

These are not cartoons this isn't some literary kafkian musing or Alan moore comic book. you can't put this one back on the shelf.



Just wait til "manspreading" and "rape with your eyes" will become crimes. Of course along with "mansplaining", making any attempts at defense a crime.

File: aDzDvYG_700b.jpg - (27.34 KB, 500x308) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.




which one of you is trying to post as a leftist again?

File: dc4685_62ce0f117b1b45d29a21cc1e5aeb654fmv2_d_2534_2317_s_2.png - (195.06 KB, 560x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You are satire and this board is too thick to pick up on it.

It is neither amusing nor productive.



from what i gathered, nick was interested, but they couldnt do adventure show because that would require continuity and plenty of different locations for the series.

in other words: it's gonna suck like every other nick shows. school setting? seriously? even TUFF Puppy had more variety.



they couldnt do adventure show because that would require continuity and plenty of different locations for the series.

That certainly didn't hurt Avatar any. I think there's more to it.


So when you're exposed to the true depth of just how whack you people come off it's "satire" ? I mean like 90% of these uberlibs posting on here sounds like satire. and that's being extremely generous. But looking at the news, you watch how they protest what they stand for it, how they think, how they talk, how easily triggered suuuperrrrr sensitive they are and you realize, dear God ... people actually think like this, this might actually be real. I mean hey maybe it is, maybe it isn't, I honestly don't know...but are you really gonna pull that card every time one of you makes an embarrassing typo or flakes the fuck out?

"Oh like no way man! That wasn't us! That was just some nazi fash pretending to be one of us.*"

Because that's how the left seem to operate right now. They'll royally fuck up and project blame on something or someone else. The lot of you with few exception seem like cartoonish caricatures who live in this delusional fantasy world of what you think the world "should be" and every bad thing that has ever happened in your life was caused by "the man".

Are you sure your lot just don't suck at shilling because when you've tried it here you're almost immediately called out. But like I said.... this whole "antifa" thing doesn't even seem real ... but it is.


>>3495698 I'm not really into politics but from my observation ... the white power types seemed to show up here around the same time as the antifa people.

I try to stay nuetral but as it stands in my book the left has gone totally nutters. I think you're just butt hurt having your coocoo for coco puffs movement compared to ingsoc.

I've had to stop associating with a lot of my old furry friends because all they can seem to talk about now is nazi this and fascism that and when I point out things that don't make since to me I become vilified and yelled at and called names.


Would have worked 20-30 years ago. Buncha sellouts, its not even the same show anymore. Shoulda crowd sourced it. Or just comic'd it.


This but unironically.

File: panther.png - (1611.10 KB, 723x752) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>SJWs: bawww why isn't there a superhero movie featuring black protagonist PoC are being oppressed and marginalized!! (While ignoring all past movies with black superheroes)
>Disney: Oh okay, here you go. -Black Panther in cinemas near you!!-
>SJWs: bawww why isn't the focus of movie on lesbian guards LGBTQ+++ people are being oppressed and marginalized!!!

There is simply no way to satisfy some people.



>There is simply no way to satisfy some people.

That's the point. You think they want you to fix it?

The whole question is not about fixing what's wrong with society according to anyone, but about changing who runs the society, so you can't satisfy the SJW - they will find something to bitch about, to claim that the status quo is horribly evil since you're not letting them on the throne. Bitching about some movie is just part of the larger narrative and criticism against the established order of society.

File: Ghostbusters-2-Female-Sequel-Production-Sony.jpg - (55.62 KB, 600x315) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I'm starting to think that the key against the SJW menace in society is to start speaking up in louder droves against it. Yes, they'll immediately try to shame and shun us, but its working because they've got the media's ear and bias. Its -their- voices that get heard because they won't shut up, and media and products waste billions upon billions trying to make them happy, usually to no avail. Oftentimes they wouldn't have bought said thing anyways, so catering to them is almost completely fruitless even if it shuts them up, while also alienating the customer base.

It's a Lose/Lose situation.

(really really hope this sequel got axed after the backlash)


Well, as they say, a fool who persists in his folly becomes wise. People can persist in madness for as long as they don't actually try to implement it.

So one way to stop the folly is to speed it up. If you want to claim the earth is flat, very well, let's go have a look down the edge!


Didn't take long for one of the leading far right nutjob "news" outlets to shit all over the movie.



The movie is barely a 6/10, and I'm being generous here.
Very predictable "plot twists", a "story" that's all over the place, mediocre acting, overly used CGI where there's none needed, etc...
And seriously, there was barely any chemistry between all these actors, it felt like they just threw all these strangersl in a room, yelled "action!!", and let them do their lines. It's like they picked the wrong actors for many roles, many of these actors come from B-series/movies (some even never herd of) and it shows.
For me it was an OK movie, but one of my least favorite Marvel ones. I probably won't see it again and it'll go on my list of forgettable movies together with stuff like 2015 Fantastic Four, 2014 Godzilla, Avatar (both The Smurfs version and Airbender), etc...


Before you go off the looney victim edge more, look at THIS review:

EXTREMELY FAVORABLE and Breitbart is considered about as far right as it gets!
What say you now?



Because it was a scam to get uppity, stupid niggers and their Uncle Ted self hating white people into a movie.

The villain is an evil nigger that hates white people, whereas Black Panther loves all races and teaches him a lesson.

So people thinking they were going to go see a "We Wuz Kangs" movie, just got educated.

File: tumblr_mhcvroo5Uz1qcmw6lo1_400.gif - (1846.07 KB, 282x257) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>3496105 Simply put, just give the LGBT crowd a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show. If they still whine, ban them.

Problem solved for all.



Exactly! Let's see how far this SJW shitshow lasts when it hits the Great Wall of China.


the movie ain't made by black people, fam


Stop breaking page width you dork.
Try to keep your NIGGERS in a reasonable width

File: 2b794c25c9380341e9ed83220914fc2b[1].jpg - (124.77 KB, 766x391) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Always nice to play the victim.




/pol/ is a containment board.

Leaving containment and shitposting on every other board is not "redpilling society", it's pissing everyone off.

It's obvious when someone is from /pol/, they can not hide their true nature. They misuse "cuckolding" to mean "liking things". They whine about non-whites even though most of them are brown-haired mongrels, they whine about women, they can't help but whine about this shit 2/47.

They point to a few news articles and claim it proves fully what they claim, yet any news article about white violence is just "overblown Jewish media hype, that was just a lone wolf not the entire race" etc. The are often in denial that their president is a Jew that fully supports Israel and that his close ally Putin is also Jewish. When they do acknowledge it it's "well dur the Muslims are our enemy, Israel is a great ally" or "he's just siding with Israel to piss off Muslims" when in reality Hitler LOVED Islam, if these people were really Hitler fanboys they'd know that.

/pol/ has no power or influence. They are always wrong, they are only "right" by pure chance the way a broken clock is right twice a day. They wish really hard for shit then act like they made it happen if they somehow get their way, yet their way always goes to shit- see Drumpf being a total Jewish failure just like how he was a failure at so many businesses, too bad he can't file chapter 7 on the US the way he's done on his business ventures. I thought Jews were supposed to be smart and good with money? I love how it's come out he cheated on his wife and they defend it while they practically wanted to have a war crimes tribunal when Zoe Quinn dumped her ex.

Fuck you, /pol/. You're not getting a "day of the rope" to wipe out your enemies, not soon or in the future. You're going to be on the receiving end and it won't be a rope-


Shows that you know nothing about Business.
Trump MADE money off those bankruptcies, came out like a fat cat.
That's pretty smart, in my book.
Don't believe me, look it up.



This is true. He's figured out how to make bank off of what otherwise looks like failure. How many people have endured business failures like he has while still looking filthy stinking rich?

It's probably best that it's not well known how he manages to pull it off. Could you imagine how many greedy fucks would be crashing businesses into the ground just to line up their own pockets? Unemployment would take to the skies.

Trump's great at what he does in business. He just also happens to be one of the worst kind of businessmen.


Donald Trump: "Yeah I am basically a giant sociopathic scumbag"
Americans: "Trump for President! Make America Great Again! You are our idol and model now and forever!"

true story



Smart? perhaps, good lawyers? more probably
he probably lobbied himself to get these loopholes to work in his favour.

Doesnt matter if its smart or wrong, shows the system is fucked and billionaires can abuse it at their pleasure (like worldcom and enron)


The Hillary version:

Hillary Clinton: "Yeah I am basically a giant sociopathic scumbag who sold Americas Uranium, got a rapist off by throwing a 13yr old girl under the bus, harassed women because my husband raped them and they spoke out, caused people to die in Benghazi because I didn't care, I stole millions from the relief aid to Haiti, and I care more for illegals than you Americans and you should vote for me because I have a vagina!!"

Liberals: "Hillary for President! Refugees welcome! Were With Her!!! You are our idol and model we don't care about your crimes and will support you now and forever!"



Don't forget making the primaries a banana republic style mockery of democracy.


US is bankrupt.
Maybe trump can magically turn that around also? =) Then you'd all praise him.


Black pplz is powered by magical unobtainium.

File: tumblr_m43iu8TXhC1rptk5lo1_1280.jpg - (223.47 KB, 764x1354) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


The king of bankrupts, fixing a bankrupted country for personal gain and ruin all shareholders?

You so funny!

File: make_america_great_again.jpeg - (9.18 KB, 229x220) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>US is bankrupt.




All of the above?



>b-b-b-but hillary

hahaha fuck off you broke brain bitch

File: russians-are-under-my-bed.jpg - (13.24 KB, 250x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ooops, forgot that part. Thanks!

Still shilling for queen Hillary I see. Will you libtards ever learn that your messiah is so dirty, that she lost TWICE? She lost to Obama AND Trump! Now off you go, go scream at the sky or something. And don't forget to ask your parents to check under your bed for Russians before you cry yourself to sleep over her loss.


dude, you seriously need to get over hillary.


Actually, she lost three times (the Russian investigation backfired).


The Russians are real, Kabitch. Just admit your kike had to cheat to get in.

Putin deserves assassination. He's a horrible person.

File: NachoPresident.jpg - (37.46 KB, 383x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Trump is YOUR President. Just accept it already. Trump2020



>robble robble liberals robble robble


You just imitated 99% of all foxnew commenters.. all they do is complain about "liberals" even when all the shit they complain about were introduced or set by GOP.



>robble robble Russians robble robble

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