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File: samy.jpg - (28.93 KB, 697x389) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
29626 No.3494142
>criminal domestic behavior
>proven ties or organized crime throughout Europe
>immigrant here of questionable legality, probably only married batshit insane woman to gain citizenship

And who has every attempt to deport this particular violent immigrant been shot down?

>Israeli Jew

Drumpf's favored people. Nice to see his immigration policy excludes anyone from a country he really serves, while claiming anyone of specific countries or skin colors is automatically a criminal without individual screening.

Drumpf is a fucking bigot who lets criminals like this run free here because of muh feels. I wouldn't be surprised if he bans Gordon Ramsay form US soil for "picking on poor Samy the Jew" or outright accuses Ramsay of anti-semitism.

Bear in mind that Amy is such a fucking unhinged psycho that not even the SJWs would side with her or believe a word she says, but Drumpf is a special kind of senile old retarded and a good servant of Israel. #miga

>inb4 "cancer"

yes, Trump probably does have a brain tumor and Israel has gone from "nation built from the survivors of oppression" to "cancer". They're a powerhouse that does whatever they wish and screams "you hate Jews, you Nazi, 6 million of us died!" whenever their bullshit receives ANY critique., including behavior that's similar to what Nazis would do. It's no wonder so many Jews not living there despise them. Samy Bouzaglo is typical of an Israeli and so is Trump.


Wow, you sure are upset.


Libshit Political Thread #97654892018

File: f1793797f011a277a499f4efe33e354c.jpg - (35.58 KB, 500x354) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You deserve Trump. Americans 100% deserve Trump. And whoever this guy is.

File: Cray Bitch.jpg - (151.21 KB, 2000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Gonna be frank. No one, not even Gordon Ramsay deserved Samy and his bitch.

This is a case of what appears to be a short tempered European gangster who married up with a stupid bimbo for US citizenship and for whatever reason, started a restaurant with terrible practices. It's almost certainly for money laundering since Samy's incredibly tight-fisted on the whole operation, but their problem is that they're both wholly incompetent at it. It's mob movie parody comedy bad. The fact that its completely real easily made this the top Kitchen Nightmares episode.

ID:I6MX+2xH and I disagree on almost everything, and Trump can't really be blamed for this - that episode aired almost 5 years ago, and the deportation rumors are at least a few years old - but one thing's easy to see. He's pure scum and he can take his airhead wife wherever he goes. Problem is, several countries don't want him, and Israel probably flat out said no. Dude's got some wierd protection. Shady as fuck.

File: 2a67f85c28356696b35ee64cca8add90.jpg - (435.02 KB, 1606x2271) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This reads just like your average /pol/ post...

...until you get to the "Drumpf is a fucking bigot" part.


I ate there after the show aired. It was a weird experience but okay food. Maybe he has criminal ties but you wouldn't invite a fucking TV show to your restaurant if it was for money laundering purposes. Wife is insane, he probably keeps her around to fuck and provide whatever she desires, even a restaurant.

File: main-qimg-2f206362841de478b89a2e8e806ec4a1-c.jpg - (27.15 KB, 602x358) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What ya expect when a pro-kike end up as the US prez?
And all the whities are all played like a fiddle.

File: ROFL_DOG.jpg - (58.17 KB, 500x397) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



In fairness, his wife was definitely the one with a hate-boner for the "Haters", and he was probably just trying to get her to finally shut up about it.
Here's the full episode, because some of their behavior needs to be seen to be believed -

File: 702a6c9b-5580-4083-9607-6529b8bd9e35.png - (23.84 KB, 680x251) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


What's to say that there's any logic to be had to this pair?

Why invite Gordon Ramsay at all if you think everything you're doing is fine and you're not the slightest bit open to criticism or change? Free publicity, plain and simple.

These shameless people wanted national television promotion by a world famous chef and got way more then they bargained for. They'd probably never even seen Kitchen Nightmares to get what it's really about. In fact, I bet the whole episode was Amy's idea. "Hey, there's this show where a famous chef visits people's restaurants! Let's get them to come here so I can show the world how good my cooking is!" And Samy, only half paying attention, was probably like, "Yes, yes, good idea, lets do it." They're too thickheaded to realize what terrible people they really are, so its possible that they might not even realize that this was probably the biggest mistake of their lives.

Underpaying staff? Withholding tips? Ludicrous wait times on food? Undercooked and unfinished food? The most unprofessional behavior (cursing in front of/at customers is just the beginning)? Demanding payment for goods (food) not yet received? Constantly being a threat to customers? Preventing them from leaving in a threatening manner? Chasing off a customer with a knife? And those are just from the links short vid links I posted in >>3494177 .

Easy to see why Samy "runs" a business - he'd never hold down a job for long with that temper. Well, maybe extortion or money collecting. He'd be right at home on The Sopranos. But I think the Feds have had an eye on him for some time, so he can't get away with being openly "mobsterly" with his activities. Take note with the second link I posted, where Amy starts calling the cops on a customer (who did nothing wrong by comparison), and Samy's quick to shut her down with "No, don't call the cops!" Now, sure, that might have been simply because Gordon Ramsay was coming, but more likely that Samy's still got something to hide. For one, if they caught you with their cell phone taking pictures beyond a selfie with Samy, they'd toss you out.

The yelp reviews after the Summer of 2015 (when they closed down) are fakes from people who just wanna say they ate there, but the rest before make for some interesting, even entertaining reads. They sorta make it sound like Samy's a pretty ok long as you don't complain about the food or diss the service. Seems that most agree that they at least got the desserts right and well.



And on that final note, I forgot to add - the last bit about them doing at least desserts well only fueled speculation that they didn't actually make their desserts and that they were store-bought.

And now they run a catering business. Hmm.




Why don't you lock down this thread for politics?


There is no jewish influence in this thread.


There is no need for liberal politics now is there?



Speculation? The cakes WERE bought elsewhere.

The real topic here is "Drumpf claims one group are criminals because he hates them while ignoring an actual immigrant with a criminal past" and potentially doing so because he blows Israel, where the man is from. Not that Obama tossed him out either despite the notoriety and the verified criminal ties.


I should point out that there were more than a few pieces of shit on the show that were about as bad, only Amy and Israeli Samy were more willing to throw tantrums and gain attention.

Joe from Mill Street Bistro was as much an asshole, hated his employees and cheated his employees. The couple that bought Zeke's after the owner died upped their noses at everything Gordon did, promptly closed and sold the restaurant, because the donated renovations made it worth selling for a premium.

The old cunt who owned Flamangos pretended to hate Gordon's food, told the customers on reopening the food was shit and undid everything he changed, go figure they went out of business.

The 2-part burger restaurant, that couple were horrible people who stole their son's money, pretend-hated better food, didn't pay employees and really asked for a punch in the throat.

The UK show also had its fair share of twats who got what they asked for. The very first one tried to sue Gordon and lost, and one of them was such a snotty bitch she closed shop and became a hooker.


I don't care for liberal politics.

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